Saturday, May 02, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 39

Succubi, Succubi Everywhere!

This is part 39 of my Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough, which began back here.  If you're a succubus fan and one of your criticisms of Paradox so far has been too many weird fuckin' monster girls, you're going to really enjoy this segment.  Maybe.

We're on the way back from Sphinx's pyramid with what is hopefully a cure for the errant Queen Sara.  Off to the throne room we go.  The guards try to insist only Luka can go forward, but they're not exactly competent and it's easy to shove past and enter the throne room.

Now all we have to do is to talk Sara into drinking this little vial of blood…

Yeah, that was never going to happen.  At least we've made her go full monster, I suppose.

Why fight, Sara?  I have a big room in my personal pocket castle just for fun stuff.  And sausage.  Plenty of sausage.

Um, yes.  Tempted.  Very tempted.

Resist, Luka, resist.

There's no point succumbing here anyway.  Wait until we get her back to the castle.  If she's anything like MGQ: Chapter 3 succubus Sara she'll have like a billion request moves.

Beating her gives us the opening to force-feed her Sphinx's blood.  She's just starting to come back to her senses when a guard rushes in to tell us the Luddite village is under attack by the three succubus sisters.

What, more succubus action?  Hubba hubba.

The old Sara returns as she rushes off to get changed into armour.  Actually, we probably want succubus Sara to be honest.  Plucky swordmaiden Sara was a bit useless in the fighting department if we're being brutally honest.

Thirty minutes before we get there, the succubus trio arrive at Luddite village.  The villagers claim they're under the protection of the Goddess.  Somehow I don't think that's going to help them much.

Some guards bravely rush in.

Yeeps!  Redshirts obviously don't get the benefits of tasteful fadeouts before being turned to dried-up husks.  Morrigan evidently doesn't believe in the virtues of foreplay.

Astaroth says she's kinder.

She grabs the nearest dude and moments later he's on the ground naked and she's on top of him, big boobs swaying away.  We even get animated pixel sex in the main RPG exploration/navigation screen, which I wasn't expecting to be honest.

Lilith also wants in.

Which means more animated pixel sex as she gets on top and even bigger boobs start swaying around.  To say I'm looking forward to seeing what Lilith's Bad End scenes are like would be an understatement.  I also have a horrible feeling we won't be seeing any until chapter two.

Hmm.  Hate to say this, dears, but this looks a terribly inefficient way to massacre a village.  I don't think succubi are exactly suited to this task – just give us a few days or so while we bonk every single man to death one-by-one.

Ah, that's why they have Morrigan.  Vicious little bitch, isn't she.

She bamfs around the screen and huskifies all the hapless observers.  It looks like she's frying them with lightning, but the sound effect is the same coming sound effect the game uses whenever Luka loses.  For some reason my imagination creates an image of her magic causing her victim's cum and energy to burst out of their cock and balls in a devastating cumplosion.  And because my imagination has already pictured it, that means you poor bastards will probably be reading about it in a story someday.

Luka and crew arrive in time to watch Astaroth and Lilith finish their 'meals'.  Sex with super-hawt sex demons is indeed hazardous to the health.

It looks like we're going to be fighting Astaroth.  Before it all kicks off Morrigan lets slip something she shouldn't.  Not that it matters.  My machine translator gets as far as 'chaos-ization' and gives up.

Astaroth is a proper boss fight.  She has an annoying mass-seduce attack that results in the entire party piling on Luka in a mass orgy.  And then her temptation attack.

Don't stick your dick in there, Luka.  Goddammit!

Her Bad End is death by tits as she wraps them round our hard-on.  Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, urk…. [fade to black].

This is where I take a slight pause to try and work out how to level up characters and re-organise the party.  There are so many choices in the game, it's easy to get lost.  It's something I might look at in more detail in a subsequent playthrough (likely when the game is fully translated).  For now I don't think I can go into more detail and keep to this daily schedule.  There is a lot to play around with in Paradox.

I've been using both imps (Rami and Remi) for most of the game.  This is where they really shine as they are resistant to both wind and pleasure attacks.  The rematch takes a while as Astaroth has a lot of HP.  For some reason she doesn't use the mass-seduce attack and I ignore her temptation move and carry straight on to the victory scene where she looks pissed off at being beaten.

She's not properly beaten.  They never are.  But she's not in the mood to escalate her power to murder Luka right now.

In an odd twist she reveals she's acting to save the world.

You what?  I'm sure all these dead dudes lying around might have a different opinion on that.

Astaroth reveals it's all part of Alice's mother's master plan, which she neglected to inform Alice of.  Astaroth seems unhealthily keen on a rematch versus Alice at some point.  Now I'm confused.  I thought the Lilith sisters were one of the Big Bads and now it sounds like they're pawns of an even Bigger Bad (Good?).

Astaroth departs to leave Sara to look tearfully at all the dead bodies.  Back in Sabasa she makes the decision to abdicate the throne so she can follow Luka and fix whatever mess the world is in.  It might also be something to do with the fact she now has the freedom to run around twatting things with a bloody big sword.

There's no time to rest, though.  A guard rushes in with another problem.  This time it's the Witch Hunt village.  More on that tomorrow.


  1. Desert Eagle02/05/2015, 13:58

    Before the massacre began, one of them mentioned that in "true history", the Anti-Machina group was never formed and Ludditte was never founded. They used that as their justification for killing everybody, in the sense: "Since you were never supposed to exist, nobody cares if we kill you." Yeah, I don't agree with that.

    I really hope the succubus sisters will become recruitable in the future though. :>

    1. It's not "nobody cares if we kill you", but "it doesn't matter". A fine, but important difference, which I can't explain without spoiling the ending.

    2. Well at least they have a justification beyond being hungry, that's more than I expected from them.

      It's such a shame that some of the hottest monster girls in the game are also (at present) the most amoral towards humans.

    3. In an odd way, killing the town might actually slow down the "spreading darkness" that keeps getting brought up by various characters...
      I do belive they're honest about wanting to save the world. It's just that they're incredibly ruthless, and, well, uncaring about humans.

  2. "If she's anything like MGQ: Chapter 3 succubus Sara she'll have like a billion request moves."
    Two. Blowjob and cowgirl. Both in her princess clothes.
    Also, she's just human, and stays human through chapter 1. ALL MY RAGE! (Which isn't a lot of rage. I'm a pretty calm person.)

    "Luka and crew arrive in time to watch Astaroth and Lilith finish their 'meals'."
    Minor correction: Luka and crew arrive, so Astaroth and Lilith decide to stop eating and finish their prey. They could have gone on for even more hours, or they could have ended it in a second. They just like to take their time.

    "Before it all kicks off Morrigan lets slip something she shouldn't. Not that it matters. My machine translator gets as far as 'chaos-ization' and gives up."
    "In an odd twist she reveals she's acting to save the world.

    You what? I'm sure all these dead dudes lying around might have a different opinion on that."
    Eh. Saving the world does not mean saving everyone in it. This is what I meant by "Everyone tries to save the world, but people have different ideas how to do so". So far, I'm guessing there are at least 3, possibly 4 groups trying to save it, and 1 or 2 trying to destroy it. They are *all* at odds with each other.

    1. Is there any explanation for Sara? After all the blood was supposed to complete her transformation right? Or maybe it just balanced it, to give her time to slowly go full succubus.

      I can understand though why the game wouldn't want to give us access to succubus Sara at full strength though, given she is above various Queen class monsters in the original game.

    2. There is no reason. No explanation in-game, and not even a metagame-reason. Why not? Because "slowly getting accustomed to her power" and "not giving the player access to her full power from the start" would *both* be better accomplished using race levels.
      Make her a level 1 Yoma, like Alice is at the start of the game. Add in Imp, for all those "succubus-pussy" refferences we're getting (they even kept that in in her cowgirl scene).

      That's actually what I'm doing whenever I play, by the way - editing the game to make her a level 1 Yoma and level 1 Imp. That allows her to *level up* into powerful monsters, without giving her instant access to devastating abilities.

      Really, the only reason I could see for making her human would be a plot reason, but said plot reason has never been brought up.

    3. Desert Eagle02/05/2015, 15:08

      Hmm... I don't get a "yoma" feeling from Sara. I can't really agree on her being one, despite being a descendant of Sphinx. "Imp" and "Succubus" would be fine, maybe with some unique character-specific powers added.

      That said, I do agree that Sara should be able to tap into her bloodline power. She already went over the edge and became a monster. When are they gonna add that?

    4. You later meet a "Devil Fighter" who looks like a succubus with a sword. She's a Yoma. In fact, she's a pure Yoma, without any other races.

      Alice mentions that powerfull demons have high libidos. That's not Succubus-specific. Also, more than a few non-succubus monsters extract energy through sex.

      Really, I see nothing that would go against her being a Yoma.

  3. Desert Eagle03/05/2015, 09:29

    Oh? Devil Fighter is a yoma? I never really tried her in my team so never knew that.

    Okay, I guess she could be one umpteenth yoma. I guess it would make more sense than succubus, considering Sphinx isn't a succubus. Or, perhaps what makes a monster succubus is more complicated than that. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    1. ...How would you define Yoma? The "definition" we get in-game by the Yoma in Ilias' Temple is "High-Ranked monster with great intelect and magical powers, who generally look similar to humans", and the only "official" Yoma in-game are Alice (natively a half-snake, but in MGQ, she could look human at will), the Genie (again, can look human at will), and the Devil Fighter (looks human, always). The Sphinx is most definitely a Yoma, too. Alice the 17th can be presumed to be a Yoma, too, and she has the humanoid form we've seen and a lamia form like her mother.

      And in MGQ, Alice mentiones that she, too, needs semen to survive. She ate semen "harvested" by other monsters while she was brought up. And in Tamamo's "post-end bad end", you end up "feeding" her adult form which was starved from having been sealed so long... through sex. Tamamo might or might not be a Yoma, but it just shows again that "feeding on semen" isn't a Succubus-only thing.

      (Nanabi isn't a Yoma, for that matter. Nor have we ever seen Nanabi in a human form, but maybe that's just omitted because they saw no need for that.)

      The only thing odd would be that Yoma don't "natively" learn Pleasure Techniques, but then, Sara was awakened by an outside influence (Elf Queen in the original, the Succubus Sisters here), so she picked up some of their traits.
      And let's not forget that, while she already looks pretty human, she can take a "proper" human form at will.

      She herself is definitely part Yoma, the Imp/Succubus parts are outside influence.

  4. For people who want all the friends, male or female, you can talk to Samon who's to the right of the throne after Sara joins your group officially. He will join up as well if you let him. He hangs out upstairs with robopope in your pocket castle.