Monday, May 04, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 41

Witch Hunt Village (The Choice)

Welcome to part 41 of my Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough.  The first part of this insanity can be found back here.

Currently we're off to Witch Hunt Village to play peacemaker in demon civil war.  It's not the easiest place to get to as we have to circle around the edge of the mountain range to the north.

The northern deserts have slightly different monsters.  Crocodile girls and cobra girls from Sphinx's pyramid become regular encounters.

Once we get off the sands it's time to see some brand new monster girls.  Big Spider.

Big nope.

Her temptation attack is to wrap our dick in sticky silk.

Then it's nope and even more nope as she climbs on Luka's back and a tube comes out of her abdomen for intensive sperm sucking.

The artwork didn't hit the spot for me at all with this one.  Her head is a weird size, her expressions odd and the colouration makes it look like she has a beard.  Nope, nope, nopity nope (and I even quite like arachnes).

Because it is such a long way around the mountains I decide to leave off the temptation attacks until I reach the village.

At the village someone in witchy gear meets us and tells us there are no problems.  Lily is the feudal lord and everything is in hand.

Both Sara and Alice, who have various ruling claims to this area, acknowledge they have to get to the bottom of what's going on.

We run into one of the villagers.

Yep, nothing to see here.  Nothing at all…

Her wormy arms are a power gifted to her by Lily.  The village used to burn witches and the men used to treat the women abominably.  Lily put a stop to this and everyone loves her.  There isn't a male character in the village that isn't either an old dude or young boy.  This is not suspicious in the slightest…

The battle-fucker also has a witchy look to her.  A little too manic.

She does have variations in her artwork, which is a change.  To be honest, I think the battle-fucker thing has been one addition to Paradox that hasn't really seemed necessary.  This might have something to do with my irrational hatred of the sound of a saxophone.

Lily greets us at the entrance of her mansion and takes us to one side to give her story.

Yep, they massacred all the dudes.  But they deserved it, honest.

Hmm, if you say so, Lily.

She asks us if we'll help her to put down the resistance by taking out opposition leader, Lucia.

We don't have to make the decision now.  We decide not to and after leaving the mansion a representative of the other side asks us to come along and hear their side of the story.  The opposition is hiding in a house on top of the hill in the upper north-east corner of the village.

A previously-locked door is now open and Lucia can be found in the basement.

I didn't remember Lucia being so endowed in the chest department in the original series.  That might have been because I was too busy trying to stop her gobbling up Luka with her giant grub arm last time around.

In the previous series Lily was a mad alchemist/sorceress that took over the village as revenge for how she'd been treated by the village.  Lucia was one of her 'experiments' and got her revenge by gobbling Lily up.

This time around Lucia was Lily's primary research assistant.  This civil war has kicked off over a difference in ideology.  Lily wants to spread her cure out across the world to care of the evil menz everywhere.  Lucia thinks that will end up in the power being abused and twisted so that it's a tool for the strong to oppress the weak.

Okay, so it looks like we're getting another choice between characters.  As with Alice and Ilias at the beginning I guess it's a case of picking whichever one we want in the party.

I'll sleep on it and make the choice tomorrow.


  1. Desert Eagle04/05/2015, 13:21

    Do you want my two cents on this? I went through this part of the game too, and made a decision.

    I should note several things. First, Lily isn't looking to go out to take care of evil men, at least not directly. She wants to travel the world to look for abused and mistreated girls and give them power so that they can save themselves. There was a little girl in Luddite village who, quite creepily, wrote repeteadly "die" on a piece of paper. That kind of girls. What happens when they get power... Well, it could go either way.

    Second, the girls in Witch Hunt/Magister/Whatever village seemed to be SERIOUSLY abused. So abused that girls didn't generally live past 20 years. That's pretty cruel treatment!

    And so, we should also note what Lucia wants to do: She doesn't want the power to spread, in fear that it would become a tool of oppression. But if it stays in Witch Hunt Village, it won't be used to save anybody.

    So yeah. In case you haven't guessed yet, I chose Lily. Ultimately, I didn't make the choice based on the pros of choosing her but simply because I liked her better than Lucia. If you choose Lucia, you cannot recruit Lily anymore, and vice versa. This is the same kind of decision as choosing between Alice and Ilias.

    1. Desert Eagle04/05/2015, 13:24

      Oh yeah. On a side note, "Sandwiched by Spiders" is now on my wishlist. :>

    2. Actually if you do a newgame + you can have both (but for alice and Ilias are really exclusive)

  2. *spoilers for request scenes*

    I have played a bit with Toro Toro's "you have everyone in the castle, even those who would be mutually exclusive" save, and through it discovered that Lucia will kill Luka in her low affection sex scene. Why, (beyond her killing Luka in her scene in the original trilogy) I don't know (I wasn't using a translator or anything). Lily on the other hand, won't kill Luka in any of her request scenes. This has made me inclined towards choosing Lily when Paradox eventually gets translated.

    Feel free to ignore this as a deciding factor, or have a save for each path so you can compare the scenes.

  3. Two for Lily. Predictably, I've already gone for Lucia. :)

    Their characters are a little different from their MGQ counterparts. I suspect there's no right or wrong choice here as both are a little unhinged. It will be interesting to see if TTR makes more of it in subsequent chapters.

    1. True enough that there isn't supposed to be a "right answer", and I suppose you'll explain your reasoning for choosing Lucia in the next update. I just found it strange that Lucia would kill Luka in her request scene, considering her apparent differences in Paradox.

    2. As Stephen mentions, both are rather unhinged.

      And essentially, this is a variation on the gun control question - Should a few people have a clear advantage in power, or should this potentially dangerous power be spread around in the hope that this evens it out?

      Except that in MGQ, all this Worm Summoner power does is make humans even with monsters, most of whom are born with these kind of powers. It's not that much of a game changer. And it can easily be used for tools or to protect people (Countless tentacles? Sounds useful), as opposed to guns which can just be used to injure or kill people at a distance, and thus can only protect by harming the other guy first.

      So, even if someone is clear on the gun control debate, this here is far more even.

      I choose Lily (...well, I cheated so I got both, but I went the Lily route), partially because, as Stephen mentions, Lucia kills Luka. Lily mentions (if you defeat Lucia) that Lucia grew afraid of power (not sure if it was her own or power in general). My guess is that she knows she can't be trusted with power (see her killing Luka), and thus assumes no one else can, either.

      I've also heard reports that NewGamePlus does not de-recruit Lily or Lucia, so that might allow people to recruit both.

    3. (If I could see a way to edit my previous reply I would have just done that) Hopefully the reason you chose Lucia wasn't just because she had the bigger tits and sluttier outfit.

    4. Sounds like a perfect reason for me.

  4. On the matter of perspective. Why the hell do the legs of this spiderthing on Luca's penis look just as big as the ones in the rapescene on Luca's body?

    1. Art fail probably. They do tend to play very fast and loose with sizes in these games.

  5. ... Watch this:
    Anyways, thanks for giving such a great commentary on this series. It really IS like Pokemon, given that there are different versions that let you use different monsters; It's like you're playing PokeMonmusu Quest: Alice Version and decided to take the Maenad Fossil over the Rydia Fossil (Yeah, I'm a hard-core fan of FFIV).

    1. Haha, the meme video is harsh but fair. My conclusion on Paradox so far is that it's a better game, but worse sex game.

  6. What kills me is that the monster they previewed was the Eater. A chimera made of tongues and teeth that bites off your balls, vores, digests, and then unbirthd you: Queen Harpy Tier... ESPECIALLY considering that you talked about it earlier!
    The bit with the mods and Ecstacy's NG+ was also pretty funny. The most most meta interview I've ever seen... and it was AWESOME (Shame I won't see Erubetie, though... unless that part was just a joke.)

    1. You meet a fake Tama[m/n?]o, but the other knights are mentioned at best.

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  8. "There isn't a male character in the village that isn't either an old dude or young boy."
    I *think* there's this one adult, reasonably-aged male. I think it was in one of the shops. He had, apparently, tried to help the woman even before they came to power, and as a result, they spared him.

    "Yep, they massacred all the dudes. But they deserved it, honest."
    As Dessert - I mean, Desert Eagle said, there was a vast discrepancy in life expectancy. The number was 20 years, but I seem to remember reading that Woman's life expectancy was 20 years *less than a man's*, which is still gruesome (natural life expectancy of women is actually higher than that of men), but not on the "they die soon after reaching adulthood"-level.

    That being said, remember Suck Vore?
    In MGQ, they were mindless victims turned into semen extraction monsters - I think defeating them turned them back into humans, or something?
    In Paradox, they're *adorable*. They're still concious and can turn into humans at will, but they're shy and hide in their Suck Vore shape.

  9. Gotta admit I would probably choose Lily too. Not that Lucia seems evil in this but I always liked Lily's design more and having her be a hero (albeit a dark hero/anti hero) is pretty attractive. Massacring the source of suffering is rather extreme but a lot more understandable than some of the things monsters in the game do.

  10. Monster-Girl Lover05/05/2015, 00:14

    Fun thing here. With NG+ mode, you can take Lucia AND Lily by going through two playthroughs, and TTR even thought to include special dialogue for them when you bring them to the boss fights or talk with them in the castle, it's kinda funny. Still waiting on 1.11 before we'll merge our current translation bits, but by then hopefully we'll have all skills translated and I'll be moving on to items.

    1. Desert Eagle05/05/2015, 00:39

      I wonder how that works? Originally, I took the Lily route. If I choose Lucia route on NG+, does the game story change to reflect that?