Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 42

Lily's House of Fun (Ah, Fuck! Pot!)

Welcome to part 42 of my Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough (for part one, go here).  Last off we were left with a choice – Lily or Lucia.  Mad sorceress/alchemist crazy or... uh, mad sorceress/alchemist crazy.

For this playthrough, and having no real clue as to the various benefits and drawbacks of either, I decided to side with Lucia.  She sounded slightly more reasonable than Lily.  I was also basing it on what I knew of the characters in the original series, not that that's relevant as both characters are slightly different to their MGQ counterparts.

Also, Lucia has the bigger tits.

Caveman snark aside, I doubt there's a correct answer here.  TTR loves playing around with shades of grey (no, not those Shades of Gray!).  It will be interesting to see if this choice has later repercussions in further chapters.

It also gives the game a little bit of replayability (Ha, like there isn't already with a 100+ roster of characters!).  This time up I picked Alice and Lucia.  When the English translation comes out I'll run with Ilias and Lily.

After we inform Lily we're here to punch her lights out, she sensibly uses her magic to chuck us out of the front door of her mansion.  It then becomes a conventional dungeon location.

In one of the rooms to the left I notice two chests.  One of them is suspiciously placed.  Obviously a mimic.  Now let's take a look in these pots first...

Oops.  I should have been more concerned about the pots.

Honey Pot is an upgraded mimic.  She has a similar suite of attacks – the one difference being a lash-all tentacle attack instead of mimic's devour attack.  As with mimic, she's designed to be way harder than the party the first time she's encountered.

And she is.  Luka can go toe to toe and his anti-ghost heroism attack in particular does a lot of damage.  The rest of the party (particularly the back line crippled with Bondage Rope) can't.  And...

At least she's not as predatory as mimic.  Her Bad End is to soak Luka in her ecstasy honey and squeeze out his seed forever.  Those are usually considered the better MGQ Bad Ends.

Ah, fuck! Pot! indeed.

A quick jog back to the mansion, some more exploration and...

Ah, fuck! Pot!

Okay, that's enough pot fucking.  The Honey Pots are a bit too hard for the current party.  I think we'll leave off checking any pots for treasure until we've levelled up the rest of the party a bit.

Monster girl encounters are the same as encountered in Lily's mansion in the previous series.  So we get the weird'n'wonderful iron maidens ( \m/ ) and suck vores.

Despite their unusual appearance, the suck vores are female.  TTR had to add a scene to the original MGQ showing a girl transforming into one just to show that.  I've also been told they're adorably cute when you recruit them, but as of writing this I haven't managed to recruit one to verify this.  Even with 100 affection and a 2x Recruit Chance ability on Luka thanks to the Demon Trainer job they're (and this is true for pretty much all the monster girls in Lily's mansion) still coy.

The new monster girl is one that was previewed on TTR's site previous to Paradox coming out.  I'd forgotten she was coming up to be honest.  Both me and machine translator make a hash of trying to figure out what her name is, so I'm just going to go with Bitey Scylla for now.

She is disconcertingly toothy.  In her Bad End she advises Luka to stay quiet and not struggle otherwise things might get bitey.

Hmm, sit back and let her suck all your man juice out, or struggle and get bitten in places we'd rather not imagine teeth being near, ever.  Talk about Hobson's Choice (or not, I'm getting my metaphors wrong – the correct one I meant is Morton's Fork.  Or is it Sophie's Choice.  Yeah, let's quit while I'm behind and move on.  And not think about teeth.)

The worm villager also shows up, but she appears to be a fairly rare encounter.

There are some steps leading downstairs, but trying to go down them results in the party being teleported to the first floor instead.  There's a crystal-ball-shaped item in a chest on the first floor here

that Alice informs us will be able to break the magic on the steps down.

The steps take us down into Lily's dungeon.  Her mind is clearly not in a good place.

We find her in her study at the end of short corridor.  She says she acts for the oppressed and that we can still change our minds.  I consider it, mainly because I know Lucia's area is the tower to the south of the village and I'm not sure if beating Lily here locks it away from the player for good.  I've got a previous save anyway, so it's time for a battle.

Hmm, Lily, don't you think this is a little forceful for a temptation attack.

Near the end she makes another plea for us to change our minds.  She mentions how Lucia has been her assistant ever since she was a small girl.  The game gives three option and to be honest, machine translation doesn't make any of them that clear.  I go with the second option, which results in a fight to the end.

Afterwards Lily acknowledges her defeat, but rather than her join the party as has happened with every fight so far, the game ominously tells us Lily has lost her mind.  As suspected, we can recruit either Lily or Lucia but not both unless in NG+ or hacking the game.

Going back to Lucia she tells us Lily had become obsessed with the voices of the oppressed and it had driven her mad.  Then her portrait changes to something a little more sinister and she says something I didn't catch but causes Luka to give the "............." response.

Oops, did we fuck up after all.

My worries about Lucia's area being locked out should the player side with her turn out to be unfounded.  Paradox as a whole has been very careful to make sure every area can be returned to by the player.  On beating Lily, Lucia's tower in the south opens up.  We'll have a nose around there tomorrow.


  1. Desert Eagle05/05/2015, 14:05

    That scylla monster with teeth has been bothering me for ages. What on earth does its name mean? The romaji form is: u-u-su-to-re-ru.

    After doing a lot of googling, I finally found out what she is. She is a type of vampire from Bulgaria: ustrel. Apparently, they're the spirits of unbaptized babies who died on a saturday, and who feed on the blood of cattle. Doesn't seem to go for humans, at least not primarily.

    I can sleep a bit easier now with that mystery solved.

    1. Good find! That's definitely an obscure one.

  2. Well, I can understand why you would think Lucia is more sane that Lily based on the original MGQ versions, since Lucia did seem more repentant than Lily in the end (and you could talk to her in the epilogue chapter and said things that made sense there). And did you put that comment about "And Lucia has a bigger tits" there because of my comment yesterday? either way, it was funny. Besides, I doubt that you knew about the whole "Lucia kills Luka in her low affection request scene, Lily doesn't kill Luka at all" thing when you actually made the choice, and without that knowledge, the prior experince from MGQ would easily lead to a bias to thinking that Lucia is the "better" choice. But yeah, I doubt there is supposed to be a "right" choice. (my knowledge come mainly from others, as I haven't done a playthrough of Paradox myself, so I have no idea what either of them say exactly in the game).

    1. Yikes, sorry for the un-paragraphed rambling there.

    2. Oddly, I'd already written the 'bigger tits' paragraph when I saw your comment yesterday. Made me chuckle. Guilty as charged :)

      Lucia killing Luka in low affection request scenes isn't too much of a surprise. Lucia was vore-y in the original series and Paradox is re-using the material it has, so her scenes would inevitably follow the Predation or Predation? options all the other vore monster girls. (Her tongue scene also being fatal was a slight surprise - guess she's a little unhinged).

    3. Yeah, the fact she had a vore scene that's lethal I understand, but plot-wise (or whatever) it seems like strong evidence she isn't morally superior in any way to Lily, since Lily won't kill Luka. Still, I've repeated that enough times that I'm sure everyone is tired of me saying it.

      So, since you have a vague amount of translation for it, what does she say in her lethal request scenes, I'm mainly looking for a reason she would kill Luka after he helped her, other than being kinda crazy I mean. I understand if your machine translation doesn't really help with that.

    4. Oh! and out of idle curiosity, who is your favourite girl so far? feel free to have several based on different criteria, such as most usefull as a party member, sexiest body and/or sex scenes, one you could most easily see you yourself shacking up with, etc.

    5. "So, since you have a vague amount of translation for it, what does she say in her lethal request scenes"
      I didn't feel like looking it up right now (maybe MEH will elaborate), but the only part I remember was that in her greeting test she tells you she's busy, and in the non-lethal scene, she tells you that you still shouldn't bother her while she's busy. So, it seems to be a punishment for pestering her while she's focused on something else.

    6. Yeah, that seems more than a little extreme.

  3. LOL Many-Eyed Hydra you sure are funny with your puns lol

    A Fuck Pots who would have though of that XD. Although i am wondering how it feel to be in that honey, it must sticky as hell at least you get fucked forever instead of being digested.

    1. Desert Eagle05/05/2015, 17:44

      Don't forget tentacles. :P

      Speaking of Honey Pots, if you want to defeat one, you have to play defensive game for the first few turns. Inflict silence on her to seal her instant death magic; If she tries to cast Death while silenced, she wastes a move. Also inflict blind on her. Most of her attacks, including the stunning scream, will miss if she's blinded.

    2. I suspect that if MEH (what an unfortunate abbreviation...) manage to recruit her, she'll come nicely leveld in advance?

    3. I've noticed the "honey" monster girls use in various media tends to act more like, thick, sweet-smelling/tasting water than actual nectar or honey. This makes sense when one considers how we associate terms like "honeypot" with a female's love juices rather than actual honey (which would not be all that fun on one's privates).

    4. This is also a game where people come when bathed in digestive acid. I think it's safe to say certain MGQ fluids and substances are not the same as our Earth equivalents! :D

    5. Well, that, or it's men are wired differently in the brain. Or something like that.

    6. I think mostly, it's that every darn thing is an aphrodisiac.
      Which is funny, because in RL, aphrodisiacs are mostly placebo with at best some supportive effects.

  4. I hope this game has as many (if not more) files than the original MGQ.

    1. Do you mean save files?
      You have 99 save slots.

  5. "I've also been told they're adorably cute when you recruit them"
    You know these characters that are to shy to speak, so they hide behind things (for example, their own hair)?
    Suck Vore is to shy to speak, so she hides behind her tentacles. Her usual portrait doesn't show a face. The portrait that *does* show her face is taken from the half-transformed Suck Vore picture of MGQ - there, she was panicked because she suddenly transformed, here, she just looks panicked because she's shy and doesn't like to be seen.
    When Luka talks to her in the castle, the response is, at first, an "........", followed by her (shy) face and her asking "What is it?"

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