Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 43

Lucia's Tower (Introducing Edwina Fleshlight-Fingers)

We're at part 43 of my Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough.  If you're fresh here and don't know what the fuss is about, I'd suggest starting here.

Last up we had a choice between two mad sorceresses/alchemists and went with the one with the bigger tits, Lucia.  As people have pointed out, this was probably not the correct choice given her tendency to feed you to her giant grub pet if you ask for a bit of nookie back at the castle.

The tits are a lie.

The grub is the truth.

Oh well, at least we've resolved the little civil war down in this grubby (sorry!) little corner of the world to both Sara and Alice's satisfaction.  Alice thinks it's time to go and contract the second of the elemental spirits (rather embarrassingly, I still haven't figured out how to use Sylph correctly so far).  Sonya also lets us know that the town further north, Saloon, makes some strong crystal weapons that will be handy when it comes to exploring the third Tartarus pit.

Before then there is another location we haven't visited yet – Lucia's tower.

The tower is to the south of Witch Hunt Village.  As the war is over, Lucia's forces – a succubus nurse, cute l'il oni and slime girl with very big hands – are happily supping tea to the left of the entrance.

Normally that would be that, but Paradox as a game is very careful to make sure there are no Lost Forevers.  Rather than force the player to do enough finangling between Lily and Lucia so that they have an option to recruit both sides' forces, it takes the pure gameplay decision of just opening up her tower afterwards and treating it as a generic dungeon.

The tower is a bit of a maze with plenty of loot stashed in chests (and no fucking pots!).  There's no story part to be done here as we've already recruited Lucia, but there are three new monster girls to add to Luka's Harem (as well as further chances to recruit the Worm Villager and Iron Maiden if you haven't already got them).

The first is another out-of-sequence returner, the succubus nurse from chapter three.

She's the first to put the highly dubious incontinent state on characters.  She had quite a variety of artwork in MGQ: Chapter 3 if I remember correctly, which will probably mean a lot of different request moves in the castle.  Unfortunately, one of those probably features her using that giant syringe as a suction pump.  It will be good to have a trained nurse doctor in the castle… maybe.

Then there are two new brand new monster girls.  First up there's the spunky little oni.

In keeping with her mythological heritage she's one of many club specialists that can be utilised.  Her temptation move is quite sweet as well.

"Let's have sex!" makes for a refreshing change over "I'm going to swallow you and flood you in digestive juices."

The other is a specialised slime girl/automata cross with sex toys for fingers.

Edwina Fleshlight-Fingers was made to harvest sperm from either willing or unwilling donors.  Because of her protean nature she can change the shape of her fingers to match her 'partners's' specifications exactly.  Every sperm bank should have one.

Her Bad End has her give us a comprehensive milking with her squishy fingers.

Lucia might be the badder girl, but her forces seem a little more pleasant and less toothy than Lily's.

Let the Lily vs. Lucia debate rage on.

There's not much story in this section as we already cleaned that up going through Lily's mansion.  I suppose I could have been more thorough and used a side save to check out the alternate pathway, but to be honest I'm only barely keeping on schedule and the game is grindy enough as it is.

Hmm, an earlier finish does give me the perfect opportunity to plug my books again.  Check them out if you like reading about bad girls giving out sexy bad ends.  And only some of them eat people, honest.

Tomorrow its time to return to the desert in search of Gnome.


  1. "Alice thinks it's time to go and contract the second of the elemental spirits (rather embarrassingly, I still haven't figured out how to use Sylph correctly so far)."
    It's simple. There's a special skill (as in, a skill under the "special" menu), called "Sylph"... but untranslated, and I can't be assed to look up the kana.
    Using it starts a magic-based wind attack, and raises Luka's evasion.

    1. Also...
      "(and no fucking pots!)"
      Although it's a minor non-sequitur, this does remind me...
      I gave my Mimic the merchant job. Because I thought the idea that my "treasurer" was a living treasure chest was hilarious.

    2. So you got a treasure master who eats the thiefs trying to steal your treasure? What work dedication

  2. "Lucia might be the badder girl, but her forces seem a little more pleasant and less toothy than Lily's."
    Yeah, that would also be an understandable reason for trusting Lucia over Lily. And of course, I didn't know about that, all I really knew was that Lucia would kill you in her request scene, Lily wouldn't, that's really all I knew at the time, and that leads to quite the Bias.

    And I agree that the Oni girl looks far more pleasant than some of (well a lot of) the other girls, who, as you say, use digestive juices and stuff.

    1. Oni Girl is awesome.
      She's like Goblin Girl, except that all that annoying childishness is removed and replaced by mere cheerful playfullness.
      I don't mind loli bodies, but I *do* mind loli minds. They're annoying.

      Also, she reminds me of the ...doujin? manga? "Prankster Onis" by Ahobaka.

  3. Desert Eagle06/05/2015, 19:03

    Edwina Fleshlight-Fingers. That would make a VERY interesting movie.

  4. You know, as time goes on, I have to wonder something: Will Black Alice ever be expanded upon in the later chapters? I mean, Illias was given a chance, and she was the Kefka Palazzo of this series for a while. I mean, she'll always have the yan in her personality, but does she necessarily have to be a yangire? I'm hoping for her to at least be yandere. Heck, if what you said about her reviving her grandmother and daughter is true, then maybe we'd be able to learn more about her past and stuff. There's already a theory going on that she and Heinrich were possibly an item (There has to be SOME reason why she hates the spirits so much), so her past is already something of great interest... unless TTR just decides to do what Katy Cook did for Chrysalis and just say "Nope, she was always evil, with a touch of history." or something. No skin off my back if that's true, she's still an entertaining character either way.

    1. Desert Eagle06/05/2015, 19:58

      Actually, there was an incident between Black Alice and humans, and that incident supposedly turned her evil. It was hinted at in the MGQ trilogy but it was never fully explored. I don't think all hope for her is lost yet. (Excluding the game design that all monster girls are recruitable).

    2. Alice the 9th is Black Alice *younger sister*, not her daughter. Also, the two apparently didn't get along, and Black Alice is amused that the necromancy-doll version of her younger sister is so docile.

      Given that Cassandra from the original MGQ was said to stem from a branch of the Monster Lord family makes it likely that "more than one child" wasn't uncommon.

      Beside, Alice the 16th already confirmed that the title of Monster Lord isn't actually inherited, - it's won in a battle royale, it's just that her family always wins because they're just that powerful. But apparently, it occassionaly doesn't go to the decendant(s), but another branch.

      Also, relevant to the Heinrich x Black Alice shipping is
      1) Lilith and Lilim in the Succubus Village of the original MGQ apparently mentioned that Heinrich "killed all of Black Alice's Love", or something along those lines...
      2) Alice the 16th mentiones that the rules for Monster Lord Marriages are in place so that the Black Alice disaster doesn't repeat...
      3) There's an official Paradox pic somewhere that looks like Heinrich and Black Alice hugging.

    3. Huh... I expected to be wrong, but... not QUITE like this. Well, at least that explains how Black Alice looks nothing like a lamia, (Or a lamia pretending to be a human).
      Now I only have two questions: 1. Is Luka going to be a hetare throughout the game again? I wouldn't know since I've never played it. 2. ... I'm sure all of us have wondered this, but who is Alice's father? I know she said that the fathers are normally just stock that's never heard from again, but it's something to think about.
      Now GO, FANFICTION WRITERS! WRITE YOUR SHIPS OF LUKAXBLACK ALICE! The yandere archetype must live on, IT MUST!!!

    4. One of Black Alice's forms does seem to have a lamia as a base, but as for your second question, while we are told that Alice knows nothing about her father in particular (beyond that she doubts her mother killed him), the ending of MGQ3 does indicate that a number of the past monster lords retired and sealed themselves into human form in order to live out the remainder of their lives with men they loved.

      That is it was a loophole in the rules to make it so they could marry men weaker than them. It also explains why there have been so many monster lords in a mere thousand years despite only a few of them having been killed (i.e. they stepped down and married long before their lifespan as powerful monsters would have ended, presumably as soon as the next Monster Lord was ready to assume power).

  5. Black Alice has a very Moe charm

  6. Yeah, she's like a crazier, not-as-hot version of Kurumi Tokisaki (By far the most kawaii yandere ever... no offense, Katsura Kotonoha, but you're only the most beautiful yandere ever.

    Oh, you... oh, I really am just a head in a box... heh)!

  7. The Oni's so cute. SO MOE \(//∇//)/