Saturday, May 09, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 46

Scale Thief Corps (Scales, Tails and Sloppy Blowjobs)

This my playthrough of hentai monster girl game Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  If you want to start at the beginning, go back here.

Today we'll be doing the second quest strand from the last town (of chapter one), Saloon.  This also completes the quest strands (for chapter one) of a couple of our party members.

Saloon has some renown for creating kick-ass crystal weapons and armour.  Unfortunately, the blacksmith won't make any for us until we fetch some raw crystal from the mines south of the town.  Double unfortunately, the mines are overrun by a guild of lizard girl thieves – the Scale Thief Corps.

Time for Luka to stick a sheriff's star on his chest and go sort them out then.

The Scale Thief Corps are a little more organised than most RPG bandit guilds.  A pair of lizard thief guards attack us the moment we enter the caves.

They're an annoying fight as they have a scorch breath attack that can paralyse the whole party.  They also have a fire breath attack.  I maybe should have left Vanilla at home for this section given the number of times she goes up in flames.

There are two types of lizard thieves.  A thief-y one (Liru).

And a swordy one (Len).

Other than some returning l'il onis, all the monster girls in this section (including the boss we'll get to later) are drawn by SlapStickStrike.  It's good to see them added to the MGQ team as they've been putting out some very good monster girl doujins over the past year.

After recruiting both Liru and Len (Or Rilu and Ren) I was surprised to see they were lower level than the monster girls from Gnome's ruins, implying I should have done this section before contracting gnome.  That was until I realised just how vulnerable the lizard thieves are to pleasure attacks.

Remi goes from party healer to chief rapist of lizard girls.  And she started out such an innocent little imp.

Back in the castle the lizard thieves only have one request move each.  Liru comes across as quite experienced.

"You want to be squeezed by me?"


"Sure you do, kid.  It's great eroticism."


In the middle chest down on the second floor of the mines we find the agricultural stone.

This is item required for Vanilla's sidequest.  Returning the stone to the item shop in Witch Hunt Village adds dark and holy stones to Vanilla's store in the castle.  It also triggers an achievement, so I think this is the last upgrade that can be done to Vanilla's store in chapter one.

At first I couldn't find either the crystal or the boss of the mines.  Turns out I missed a turn off somewhere.  She's down on the 2nd BF level and sitting on a throne surrounded by treasures.  It's not possible to grab the crystal without first confronting her.

Her temptation move seems to be offering a footjob.

Sorry love, I'm not the type that gets turned on by scaly paws stamping on my junk.  Gel her, Remi!

After the fight she allows us to take the crystal but initially refuses to join the party.  If you speak to her afterwards she changes her mind.  I think this is conditional on recruiting the other two lizard thieves first as both join in on the conversation (they don't have to be in the party for this to happen).  They talk her into joining.  It's for selfish reasons – the lizard thief boss thinks this will be a great opportunity to expand the influence of the Scale Thief Corps.  They just want to visit new places and nick new stuff.

Sonya, as ever the conscience of the party, asks if we really want to take a bunch of thieving lizards with us.  Luka says he must change their ways.

Um yeah, right.

So much for changing their ways.  (That's Miranda's request scene – probably also her Bad End scene as well, although I didn't check)

Picking up the crystal unlocks a few things in Saloon.

First off the blacksmith will make crystal weapons and armour for us.  The weapons are good, but the armour is mostly disappointing as job/race restrictions mean most of my party can't wear it anyway.

Secondly, the blacksmith is also the battlefucker of Saloon.  Giving her the crystal unlocks the option to fuck pointlessly stare at close-up parts of the same artwork while some annoying music plays in the background.

Finally, this is another upgrade for Papi's weapon and armour shop in the Pocket Castle.  Include her in the party, select the talk dialogue option and she'll ask the blacksmith to teach her how to make crystal gear.  The blacksmith requires an item.  Once again I've already picked it up somewhere on my travels.  I think I found it in one of the chests in the hills to the west of Saloon.

And that's it for today.  Tomorrow we descend back into Tartarus.


  1. Desert Eagle09/05/2015, 13:42

    Remi = the innocent imp? :D

    The things you discover when you have Lily in your team. :P

    By the way, have you taken a look at the notice board lately? I think there might be a new request.

    1. Desert Eagle10/05/2015, 07:33

      Yes. The notice board in the pocket castle, next to the imps. It glitters.

      Girls occasionally leave requests there.

    2. I think it looks more like a scroll. But yah, it has the typical "Here's something to interact with"-glitter, and is between the imps and the door to the castle courtyard.

  2. "The weapons are good, but the armour is mostly disappointing as job/race restrictions mean most of my party can't wear it anyway."
    It's only race restriction. For monsters, race defines what they can wear. For humans, it depends on the person.

    Fun fact: Once Luka turns angel, he can cross-dress, because he can wear skimpy angel clothes...

    1. Note: *Armor* is only depending on race/person. Weapons are depending on personal traits, jobs and races.

    2. Although, in some cases, traits can affect what armour can be worn. At the very least, Barnny's (the pink haired bunny girl) trait allows her to wear clothes, gi's, dresses and skimpy stuff on the body slot, and hats and bucklers, all of this is stuff a beast race can't usually use. (incidentally, this makes me her one of my favourite beast race party members, as she can get better defensive stats than the others.)

  3. Cant beleive the lp is almost over

    1. At least it should get a cool climax.

      I mean, the end of part 1 is a bit cheesy, but definitely cool.

  4. Say, remember Corruption of Champions?
    [You mean that weird sexual text-game where you can do pretty much anything you want? What about it?]
    Well, as it turns out, it actually makes several references to things (One of them being saved by the Blue TF2 team from a minotaur at level 1), and one of those things happens to be Monster Girl Quest.
    [... How so?]
    Basically, while you're exploring the desert, you come across a burning library-
    [Like the library from San Illia; that's one]
    where a purple naga (Because the term "lamia" can't be used, apparently) with a flower in her hair-
    [Alice XVI; that's two]
    says "Hora hora" while cooking a potato on a stick (which is actually a wizard's staff), and then leaves it behind.
    [... and that's it?]
    Yeah, pretty much. She leaves, you take the wizard's staff she left behind, and she's never seen again.
    [... that may be one of the greatest, and most disappointing references ever.]
    Yeah, imagine if you actually fought her, and YOU could be the dominant one for a change (Or, at the very least, not a whiner).

    1. Eh. Making Alice anything but an endgame-level enemy would be underselling her - she's the Demon Lord, after all. Since it's a one-time event, which can trigger pretty early, makes it very unlikly that you'd be strong enough to defeat her.

      Without cheating, that is. And I always cheat.

    2. Pretty sure the encounter is silly mode only (the TF2 one is) and non-combat.

    3. Pretty sure the encounter is silly mode only (the TF2 one is) and non-combat.

    4. Pretty sure the encounter is silly mode only (the TF2 one is) and non-combat.

    5. It is a non-combat encounter, sure. Jalen /suggested to make it a combat encounter/. That alone makes it pretty clear that it isn't one yet.

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