Sunday, May 31, 2015

Okasare Kenny 1-5: Sulpa

The posting schedule is still a little erratic, but I'm trying to get on top of it.  Also, Sulpa has finally grown tired of playing with her food, so the usual NSFW and Don't-be-here-if-you're-younger-than-18 warnings apply.

1-5: Sulpa

"Wait!  Did you just say you were a succubus?  As in sex demon vampire thing succubus?"

"Yes," Sulpa said.  "Isn't it obvious?"

She pointed to the horns on top of her head.  She partially extended her gossamer bat wings.  She even grabbed her tail and waggled the tip in Ken's direction."

"Those are real?"

"Yes," Sulpa said.  "What did you think they were?"

"I thought I was seeing things," Ken said.  "Because of what Celestrico did to me."

Assuming Celestrico had done anything to him.  He had made an accord with his brain that he was going to treat everything that looked obviously weird as not there until his head cleared up.  That had fallen down around his feet.

"So this—all I'm seeing—is real?"

"Yes," Sulpa answered.  She seemed both bemused and amused.

Ken sprang backwards and reached for the sword at his belt.  His feet tangled in a cushion on the floor and he lost balance, nearly tipping over.

Sulpa arched an eyebrow.  "What are you doing?"

"You're a succubus—a sex demon vampire thing."


"You're going to suck all my energy out."

Ken managed to unsheathe his sword and waved it defensively in front of him.  Celestrico was right.  Fuck, she was right.

Sulpa didn't vamp out and attempt to fang him in the throat.  She watched his antics with puzzled amusement.

"Succubi do absorb some of their partner's energies during sexual intercourse, but we don't have to take it all," she said.  "And it wouldn't be good business in my line of work.  If I ate my clients I'd quickly run out of clients."

The tip of Ken's sword wavered but didn't drop.

"You look a little on-edge," Sulpa said.  "Why don't I leave you alone to rest and get your head back in order.  We can always have a good long fuck in the morning when you're feeling better."

"So you're just a prostitute that also happens to be a succubus?" Ken asked.

"It's a good arrangement," Sulpa said with a sultry smile.  "My food comes to me and pays for the pleasure of being fed upon."

Ken felt like an idiot.  Again.

She wasn't going to attack him.  She was just a pretty little hooker.

A pretty little hooker with wings and horns, but still a pretty little hooker.

He lowered his sword.

"My head is completely fucked up," he said.  "I keep seeing images of another world, one where everything's more advanced and there's no magic or demons.  It feels so real as well.  Like I'm from there originally.  Is that possible?"

"Celestrico really scrambled your brains," Sulpa said sympathetically.

"I just can't remember," he snarled in frustration.

Sulpa glided up to him.  Her warm hands slipped beneath his tunic and caressed his chest.

"You've had a rough day," she cooed.  "Let the soft touch of a woman soothe you."

She pressed her body against his.  Her perfume—spicy and exotic—bloomed around him in a cloud.

"A nice relaxing fuck with a mistress of pleasure is exactly what you need," Sulpa breathed in his ear.

That sounded like a bloody good idea to Ken.


"This feeding, does it hurt?"

Amusement glimmered in Sulpa's dark eyes.  "It's extremely pleasurable," she said.  "My clients wouldn't be so eager to come back if it wasn't."

She tilted her fulsome lips up to his ear.

"I suck big, fat, juicy orgasms out of their cocks until they're writhing helplessly with pleasure."

Ken's heart fluttered before finding a new, faster pace.  Blood surged to his crotch.

"And if you don't believe me...  You're bigger than me.  Stronger.  More muscular."

Her lithe body squirmed in his arms.  Her hands found and gently squeezed his biceps.

"I'm sure a big strong hero like you would have no problems throwing a tiny little whore like me off you if you thought she'd drank enough."

Yes, that was right.  He could always stop her if it started to look dangerous.

He let her help him undo his belt and then remove his silly swords'n'sandal-wear.  Her hands and soft lips roamed all over his exposed flesh.  She pressed closer and he felt the little nubs of her nipples rub against his chest.  They left little streamers of pleasure in their wake.  Her lips wrapped around his nipple and he felt a blissful jolt as her lapping tongue tickled it.  Her hand found his erection and gently slithered up and down the shaft.

She looked up at him with dark, hungry eyes.  "Let's go to bed."

That also sounded like a really splendid idea.

He let her manoeuvre him around towards the bed.  The back of his legs came up against the mattress and he let himself fall backwards into its soft clasp.

And it was soft.  Soft and extremely comfortable.  He slithered further back until his whole body rested in the centre of the massive bed.  Sulpa came with him, on top and raining soft kisses down on him all the way.  Her hand continued to gently stroke his erection.

Her lips moved up his body until they finally found his mouth.  She lay on top of him and they shared a dreamy kiss.

Dimly, Ken realised his left hand was still wrapped around something.  He let go of it so he could put his arms around Sulpa and lose himself totally in the kiss.

She broke it off and what seemed a blissful eternity.  She stared down at him with her big, dark eyes.  They were like whirlpools.  They pulled him in and drowned him.

"Let's fuck," she whispered.

And let's pause it there because I am evil personified.  This time it will definitely continue tomorrow as I got carried away and wrote so much for part 1-5 I ended up splitting it into two parts.



  2. As the dearly departed Sir Terry said, half the joy is in the anticipation :-)

    Enjoying where you've taken us so far and very much looking forward to finding out how the general setup of this world works