Monday, May 18, 2015

Okasare Kenny 0-2: Celestrico

0-2: Celestrico

"I take it you are on a quest to slay the demon queen."

"I am?"

"Why else would you be carrying that?"

The girl with the blue hair nodded down at Ken's left hand.  He looked down and realised his hand was wrapped around the hilt of a sword.  The blade shone like polished silver.  The weight and balance was perfect for his hand, and yet it still felt out of place—a foreign object grafted onto the end of his arm.

Ken looked down at the rest of his body and saw he was wearing a light tunic cinched at the waist by a plain brown leather belt.  On his feet were a pair of open-toed sandals.

No wonder he felt cold.

"This doesn't feel right," Ken said.

His outfit seemed a little queer… archaic.  It was the kind of dress only worn by someone in an old-fashioned swords'n'sandals movie.  Was he in cosplay as well?

"Yep, it is rather stupid," the girl in blue said.  "Every so often the frightened citizens of the human lands nominate a brave adventurer and send them on a quest to rid the world of the malevolent demon queen."

"That sounds dumb," Ken said.  "Why send a single person?  Why not send an army?"

The girl in blue shrugged.  "Beats me.  It must be some silly prophecy or something like that."

Ken looked doubtfully at the sword in his left hand.  Did he even know how to wield it?

"I don't think I would have agreed to this," he said.

"No-one said they had to be a smart brave adventurer," she said.

She glanced away.

"Actually, that might be a disqualifying attribute," she said to herself.

Ken looked doubtfully at his sword and then at the girl with blue hair and horns.  She did look sort of demonish.  She had horns.  She had wings.  She even had a slender blue tail with a spade-like tip.

Her tail kept attracting his gaze and unsettling him.  It took a while to click why.  The tail was doing something no inert piece of cosplay should be able to do—it was moving of its own volition.

If her tail was real, then it meant those horns, wings and bright red eyes likely weren't costume either.  And if they weren't costume then it meant this situation was even more fucked up and weird than it first appeared, as there was a real, actual demon girl sitting in front of him.

And if she was a real, actual demon girl and he was on a quest to slay the demon queen...

"Um, are we supposed to fight or something?" Ken asked.

The demon girl rolled her eyes.

"Pulease.  Do I look like a fighter to you?"

She had a point there.  She did not look like a fighter.  Given the amount of flesh her costume was displaying, another profession did spring to mind.  Ken pushed that thought to one side out of politeness.  That didn't stop his imagination throwing together various explicit images.  He was a young, healthy man after all, and—demonic features aside—the girl with the blue hair was seriously fucking hot.

"I am Celestrico," the girl in blue said.  "I am to be your guide on this holy mission."

A down stroke of her wings floated her up off the rock on a gentle puff of air.  She gracefully landed on the path before Ken and gave him a little bow.

Ken blanched.  Definitely not human.  Not human in the slightest.

to be continued...

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  1. Blue with red eyes. Does Celestrico have other names and other forms?