Monday, June 01, 2015

Okasare Kenny 1-6: Sulpa

Back to daily and also back with the explicit descriptions of succubus fucking.  Usual warnings apply.

1-6: Sulpa

"Let's fuck," she whispered.

Ken smiled and nodded.  That sounded like the most splendid idea of all.

Sulpa sat up and straddled him.  She reached under her to grab his cock and position it between her legs.  She stared at Ken as the pliable folds of her vagina parted around the swollen tip of Ken's erection and she slowly eased herself down around him.   He felt her moist heat brush down his shaft and the soft flesh gently squeeze him.

Yes, totally splendid, Ken thought.

Sulpa positioned herself to get comfortable and then her hips started to smoothly move up and down as she commenced fucking.  He watched his penis slide in and out of her pussy as she rose up and down on top of him.  He revelled in the sensation of her silken vagina enveloping his manhood and brushing up and down the shaft.  She was tight and extremely wet.  Her fluid movements generated just enough friction to build an erotic charge in Ken's loins.

And suction.  He felt it pull on him with each of her upstrokes.  It was as if her vagina couldn't bear to let even a millimetre of his manhood escape her.

"Mmm, yes," Sulpa sighed.

Ken moaned with her.

The mattress was soft and deep enough for both of their bodies to sink into it, but also had enough spring to aid the motions of their fucking.  Ken tensed his thighs and buttocks and thrust back, lifting her up and driving his cock deeper into the warm interior of her vagina.

Sulpa pinned him to the bed and speeded up to a faster rhythm.  Up, down, her body crashed into his and sent ripples of pleasure through his flesh.

"Oh, that feels so good," Ken sighed.

He understood why her clients came all the way out here.  And if that had been his original intention, past-Ken was a smart chappie.

Sulpa's pendulous breasts swung back and forth with her movements.  Little dewdrops of perspiration blossomed on her smooth, dusky skin.  With each stroke her sensual lips bunched up in a lush pout and she exhaled a fervid sigh.  Throughout it all her intense dark eyes remained fixed on his.

Whatever past-Ken had been, he'd picked up some experience in the bedroom.  Current-Ken was grateful he'd been bequeathed some staying power.  Sulpa was so hot, her pussy so tight, her movements so skilled it was taking all of his will to keep from coming too soon.

It helped that Sulpa was helping him.  Every time Ken thought he couldn't hold it in any longer she changed pace and rhythm.  Each change was like a short breather.  It brought him back from the brink, but only temporarily as Sulpa started up again and lifted his arousal even higher.  He stopped trying to thrust up with her.  Instead he lay back and luxuriated in the motions of her body.  She had the experience and what she was doing—all her little hip wiggles and changes of angle—felt incredible.

He smiled up at her and told her so, "You're incredible."

Sulpa rose up almost all the way off him.  Then she came down in one smooth motion that gobbled up the whole length of his shaft.  His swollen tip encountered a squishy obstruction at the back of her vagina.  Her body bore down on him and pushed the tip of his cock through the fleshy aperture and into a chamber filled with warm viscous fluid.

"Mmm.  Got you."  Sulpa smiled down at him.

She clenched.  Her pussy contracted around his cock and gripped it like a soft, fleshy vice.  The strange chamber at the end of her pussy wrapped tightly around the whole of Ken's bulbous glans, tight enough it was almost as though the two organs had merged into one.  He felt an odd sensation—like her vagina was not just sucking on his cock but the whole of his body.

"You shouldn't believe what a succubus tells you," Sulpa said.  "We're delightfully deceitful creatures."

to be continued...


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    1. What are you talking about that is exactly what we hoped for :D

    2. Oh yeah it is....