Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Okasare Kenny 1-7: Sulpa

Welcome to Okasare Kenny, one author's foolhardy attempt to live-write a novel and post it on his blog, daily (sort of).  The first part can be found here.  Last up our hero found himself in a very precarious (but sexy) predicament.

1-7: Sulpa

"You shouldn't believe what a succubus tells you," Sulpa said.  "We're delightfully deceitful creatures."

Ken's surprise at this sudden turn of events was overtaken by a more pressing biological function.  Sulpa's pussy throbbed around his cock and his arousal—already hovering just below the brink—finally bubbled over.  Ken grunted and his body bucked involuntarily as a powerful orgasm surged through him.  Sulpa rode his body like a wave.  Her vagina remained as tight a hold on his erection as a vacuum tube.  Ken's cock swelled within the cushioned grip of her pussy and deposited a massive load of semen into her smothering flesh.

"Mmm, delicious," Sulpa sighed.

Whatever membrane enfolded the tip of her cock greedily absorbed his cum right down to the last drop.

It absorbed something else as well.

Was absorbing.

It had come out with his ejaculation and continued to flow out of his penis like air from a punctured balloon.  Ken felt like he was deflating in the same way.

"Can you feel my delectable little pussy draining all your strength," Sulpa teased.

The soft fleshy walls of her vagina squeezed and throbbed around him.  The sinfully slippery membrane at the end continued to draw his strength out through his cock.  Her translucent horns were picked out in the darkness with a faint red nimbus.  The same red glow travelled up inside them in pulsing veins.

Ken realised too late what Celestrico had meant when she'd told him it wasn't Sulpa's normal mouth he should fear.

What insanity had possessed him to make him think going to bed with Sulpa was a good idea?  His head was still fogged with it even now.  At the back of his mind a soothing voice kept telling him to ignore what was happening, to not worry, to lie back and enjoy it.

He had to shake it off.

Sulpa's soft pussy clenched tighter around him and she moaned in pleasure as Ken weakened beneath her.

Had to shake her off.

At least she hadn't vamped up or hulked out into a more monstrous form.  She was still just a slip of a whore with big boobs.  All he had to do was throw her off.  Lift up his body and...

...he couldn't.  It felt like his upper body had doubled in weight and kept growing heavier.

He tried to buck her off, to put up his arms and shove her off.  Sulpa smiled at his feeble efforts.  She rode him like a broken horse.  All the time her vagina kept a deathgrip on his cock and continued to suck.

"Mmm, I'm sucking all the fight right out of you," Sulpa sighed.  "Soon you won't be able to resist at all."

Ken glimpsed his sword lying over on the edge of the bed where he'd discarded it.  If only he could reach it...


Too far.

He reached for the sword, his palm open as if straining to will it—Jedi-style—into his hand.  Celestrico said he had hidden powers.  He could hope.  Right?

Sulpa noticed.  "I think we'll take any magic power, just in case.  I don't want any surprises."

Her vagina gave a strange shudder and squirmed against his trapped cock.  Ken felt an even stranger feeling inside him.  It tumbled up his shaft and was released as a little puff inside her.

The nimbus around her horns changed to blue.  It was not there very long.  Sulpa's eyes widened in surprise.

"Oh.  That’s not much," she said.  "I expected more from a champion."

She placed a hand on his chest and let her fingers twirl through his hairs.

"If I'd known you were this weak I'd have saved us a lot of time and simply charmed you into submission downstairs.  I suppose it makes for a more interesting game this way."

Ken's body felt like it had been replaced with sacks of wet sand.  He couldn't even lift his head up off the mattress.

"So this is your kinky speciality?" he said.  "A sex game where you use your succubus powers to subdue your client and pretend to drain their life.  Right?"

He said it more in hope than anything.  He didn't have anything else—Sulpa's vagina had rendered him completely helpless beneath her.

Sulpa's eyes twinkled mischievously.

Phew, that's a relief.  It was looking like this was going to be a very short novel at one point.  To be continued...


  1. Oh-oh, is it possible that a sexy bad end is in our champion's future? Sulpa is hot as hell... literally. You show him girl! :)

  2. A bad end is a good end!

  3. Let's hope he did not forget to save the game at some point :)