Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Okasare Kenny 1-8: Sulpa

So who's messing with poor Kenny's head more - Celestrico or Sulpa?  Time for the last part of Chapter 1.

1-8: Sulpa

"So this is your kinky speciality?" he said.  "A sex game where you use your succubus powers to subdue your client and pretend to drain their life.  Right?"

He said it more in hope than anything.  He didn't have anything else—Sulpa's vagina had rendered him completely helpless beneath her.

Sulpa's eyes twinkled mischievously.  She caressed his cheek.  "No.  This is not pretend.  My demon pussy really is going to suck out all your life."

So much for that then.

"Whatever happened to good business sense?" he asked.

Sulpa smiled.  "There are always more foolhardy adventurers."

And so much for sensible logic.

Sulpa inhaled.  Her vagina inhaled.  It didn't matter Ken had come only moments before.  His cock was rock-hard within her snug sheath and his arousal was being tugged higher and higher.

"There was one thing I didn't lie about," Sulpa said.  "The feeding process is extremely pleasurable for my victims."

She inhaled again and the fleshy walls of her vagina pulsed and fluttered around his erection.  It felt like many dextrous fingers stroking up and down his shaft.

"If my clients could come back, I'm sure they would," Sulpa said.

She clutched her big boobs and moaned in pleasure as she rode Ken's squirming form.  Within her pussy the membrane wrapped around Ken's glans pulsed like the bell of a jellyfish.

"Mmm, yes," Sulpa sighed.  "I promised you big, fat, juicy orgasms."

The stretchy membrane at the back of her vagina stretched taut across the swollen tip of his cock.  Her whole body inhaled.

Ken grunted and shuddered as she sucked one of those big, fat, juicy orgasms out of him.  He spurted another massive load of cum into the tight clasp of her pussy.  Again that membrane greedily drank up every drop of his issue.  The nimbus around Sulpa's horns changed to a soft white glow.  As Ken bucked and pumped his semen up into her, the veins inside her translucent horns throbbed white.

"So nice," Sulpa murmured.

She hadn't lied about it being pleasurable.  Ken felt satisfied like he'd never before been satisfied—either through great sex or epic porn-fuelled masturbation sessions.

"There's no need to be afraid," Sulpa said.  "This is what it feels like—one big, fat, juicy orgasm after another."

Ken disagreed.  There was plenty of need to be afraid when it was his life slowly being drained away.

Sulpa's soft pussy throbbed and squeezed.  The whole of Ken's still-hard erection felt warm and pleasantly tingly.  Another flex, another suck, and Ken was coming again.  His thoughts were whited out by the pleasurable throbs of ejaculation as he released his semen—and more of his life—deep inside her.

Sulpa cooed with pleasure.  She pursed her fulsome lips and exhaled a little plume of white smoke.  Her horns had filled with so much white they were opaque and milky-white in colour.

"Mmm.  One big, fat, juicy orgasm after another," she sighed.  Her eyes were also filling up—becoming cloudy-white in colour.

Her pussy flexed... squeezed.  Another orgasm erupted from Ken.  It felt like it had been dragged up from his toes.

Fuck, this was happening.  Really happening.  He was going to die here.  That couldn't be right.  Wasn't he supposed to be the chosen hero?  He couldn't fall to the first boss like this.

Sulpa fell forward on top of him.  Her body covered Ken like a warm blanket.  She wrapped her arms around him and her lips found his.  She lost him in another dreamy kiss.  The cushioned walls of her vagina continued to throb around his over-sensitised cock.  Slow this time.  Slow and sensuous.  When the orgasm came it bubbled up out of him like gas escaping a deep ocean vent.  When it burst on the surface, pleasure washed all through his body.  Washed everything else away.

Another bubble welled up.  And another.  And another.

Ken was lost in a dreamlike cocoon of bliss.  Uncomfortable niggling sensations of his skin starting to pull tight against his bones and his internal organs beginning to crinkle up couldn't penetrate.  There was only Sulpa and her warm body on top of his, her soft lips against his, her softer vagina gently sucking on his erection...

Another big bubble welled up and burst with a blissful plop.

Mercifully, Ken had already drifted away into pleasant oblivion when his organs started to fail.

Goddammit Horror-Head!  I leave you alone for five minutes and you go and off my protagonist.  This is supposed to be a full novel, not one of my short stories.  We do not let our sexy succubi eat the main guy in a full novel.  That's just... grrr!

Oh well, next up: Okasare Kenny Someone Else: Asphya


  1. I had assumed we would see Kenny prevail or get a resume from last checkpoint so this was pleasantly surprising

    Enjoyed this chapter a lot, look forward to seeing the next boss :-)

  2. You bastard!! (You killed Kenny!!!)

  3. Guess we get to see different protagonist all go in to get offed by the sexy monstrosities

  4. That is an awesome twist!! Hope the next guy sees what is left of Kenny before continues on! Another amazing story Hydra!

  5. And that's why you desensitize your hero first by letting him slice up (non-sexy) slimes, wolfes and other random monsters, before you send him against a boss monster.

  6. So not that I don't like this, but are we ever going to get the rest of Succubus Summoning?

    1. Yes. I started this because I was trying to bash through something that had got locked up and wasn't going anywhere. Taking the pressure off should unblock things, I'm hoping. I still want to get Succubus Summoning 201, the ebook, out before the end of the year.

    2. Sounds great ^_^ but really that was quite a lovely destruction of a cliche hero. Of course since he is 'Kenny' you could always bring him back again, and again...and again. Of course you already have your other character is this video game universe so why not have him come along next?

  7. Aww. I was starting to like Kenny. He was so down-to-earth and believable. I live these twists and you're a great author. Time to see what the next guy does