Saturday, June 06, 2015

Okasare Kenny 2-3: Asphya

Asphya 2-3

There was no mistaking what he was seeing.  Ken was looking at a ginormous vagina made out of shiny black rubber.

"You've got to be fucking shitting me!"

"What's wrong?" Celestrico asked.

"What... that!"  He pointed at the oversized modern art sculpture waiting at the end of the path.

"What about it?"

"Oh come on.  There's no way that's natural or belongs there."

"Of course not.  It's demonic in origin," Celestrico said.

"It's... it's..."

Ken couldn't find the words.  It was a giant vagina made out of rubber and embedded in the side of a cliff face.  That shit was just totally wrong.

"The demonic has that effect on the human mind," Celestrico said sagely.

This was too fucked up, Ken thought.  This couldn't be real.  He must be dreaming.  Yes, that had to be it.  He hadn't gotten laid or jerked off for so long his subconscious mind was flooding his dreams with pervy imagery.

Celestrico had continued on a little way ahead of him.  She turned back.  "Stop ogling the giant pussy.  We have a womb to purify."

Ken pinched himself.

That didn't do anything so he had no other option but to follow Celestrico.

The air grew thicker and warmer as they approached the cave—Ken refused to think of it as a pussy—entrance.  The surface was unmistakably inflated black rubber.  Running his hand across it confirmed it was exactly as it appeared.  For the Latex Womb latex did in fact appear to mean latex.

The puffed up edges of the entrance slowly dilated as if breathing.  A faint sigh, barely audible, emanated from the depths.

"Is it alive?" he asked.

"Not in any sense you'd understand," Celestrico answered.

Which wasn't really an answer at all, when Ken thought about it.  Oh well.  More demon-y weirdness, he guessed.

They clambered up onto a low ridge that gave slightly beneath their weight.  It felt very much like stepping on a giant rubber inflatable to Ken.  They passed between the vertical lips of the cave entrance.  A long, rubber-walled tunnel stretched ahead of them.  The walls and floor were dimpled.  It reminded Ken of inflatable mattresses.  It even felt like he was walking on top of an inflatable mattress.

This was all too fucked up to be any kind of reality, Ken thought.  Too artificial.  The walls reminded him of backdrops he'd seen in fetish photoshoots.  Could he be on the set of a particularly sadistic reality TV show?  Nah, not even the most sociopathic of TV execs would be allowed to wipe the memory of contestants.


He felt a faint breeze on his face.  The airflow carried the scent of musky sweat and rubber, and was thick like a jungle stew.  The rubber walls were so dripping with condensation they appeared to be perspiring.

Celestrico and Ken walked further down the tunnel.  Their way was lit up by strange bladders in the ceiling filled with phosphorescent gel.  Ken heard strange hissing and wheezing sounds all around him, like air passing through great bellows.  The walls moved in and out as if breathing.

"The womb isn't far," Celestrico said.  "But before we can destroy it we have to defeat its guardian—Asphya.  At least with Asphya we won't have the same problem you had with Sulpa."

She looked reproachfully at Ken.

 "It's not my fault you sounded less plausible than her," Ken complained.

"Too busy staring at her tits more like," Celestrico sniped.

"You keep bringing Sulpa's tits up.  Is it because you're jealous they're bigger than yours," Ken sniped back.

Celestrico clouted him around the ear.

"Stay focused, Kenny!" she ordered.  "Sulpa is done.  Asphya is our objective now."

"It's Ken," Ken corrected.

Celestrico ignored him.  "First the good news—Asphya isn't very strong.  If you can get hold of her, you will overpower her.

"Now the bad—getting hold of her will be very difficult.  She's very quick and agile.

"Her favourite strategy—and turn on—is to run her opponent out of breath.  She'll use her speed and agility to get within your range and then dodge out before you can hit her.  She'll try to provoke you into swinging wildly at her until you run out of stamina.

"Don't do this.  Don't chase after her.  Don't—"

Celestrico paused.  She cocked her head.  Her eyes widened in alarm.

"Gas trap!  Hold your breath, now!"

Traps.  Ooo, how exciting.  To be continued...


  1. Desert Eagle06/06/2015, 15:34

    "...not even the most sociopathic of TV execs would be allowed to wipe the memory of contestants."

    I bet Japan would allow it. :P

    1. The first thought that came to my mind too :D

  2. This is hot.