Sunday, June 07, 2015

Okasare Kenny 2-4: Asphya

It's time for the boss to put in an appearance...

2-4: Asphya

Celestrico paused.  She cocked her head.  Her eyes widened in alarm.

"Gas trap!  Hold your breath, now!"

A vent opened up in the wall and squirted a jet of pink gas into the tunnel.  Both of them were surrounded by a thick cloud.  Thankfully, Celestrico's warning had given Ken enough time to take a deep breath and hold it.  He waited for the cloud to dissipate.  Celestrico flapped her wings to clear the cloud and it didn't take long for the tunnel to clear.

"What was that?" he asked.

"A defence mechanism," Celestrico explained.  "The gas is a potent mixture of aphrodisiacs and pheromones."

Was that all? Ken thought.  From her reaction he'd thought it was deadly poison gas.

"If you'd inhaled any you'd most likely be on the floor now, wanking yourself into a stupor.  Or trying to fuck me," she added with obvious distaste.

"Thanks.  Spare my feelings, why don't you," Ken said sarcastically.  "I take it the mighty hero on a quest to slay the demon queen isn't a turn-on for you."

"Sorry, you're not my type," Celestrico said.

Friend-zoned! a little voice chimed in Ken's head.

Typical.  The one devil girl that didn't appear to want to suck out all his life... and he wasn't her type.  If this was a wet dream, it was a particularly inept one.

Celestrico's tail whirled around while she cleared the last wisps of gas tickling around their ankles.

"Seems a bit of a weaksauce defence mechanism," Ken said.  "I'd have thought there were easier ways to incapacitate an intruder than making them wank themselves into a stupor."

Celestrico shrugged.  "Get too aroused and the Latex Womb absorbs you," she said.

Ken glanced suspiciously at the glossy black walls surrounding them.  Okay, no more ogling Celestrico's ass he thought.

They advanced further down the tunnel.

"Don't try to take the fight to Asphya."  Celestrico continued with her battle advice.  "You won't catch her and you'll only tire yourself out.  Let her come to you.  When she does, don't try and hit her with heavy attacks.  She'll just dodge them.  Use quick attacks—short jabs of your sword.  You won't hit her, but they won't use up too much stamina.  Make her do the running around.  Wear her out.  That way you'll be victorious."

Celestrico stopped.  The tunnel opened out ahead of them into a big, latex-walled cavern.

"It's through there," she said.  "Good luck."

This is it then, Ken thought.  He gripped his sword and marched forwards.  He could do this.  He was the chosen hero.  He'd already taken down Sulpa the succubus.

He walked out into the cavern.  The air here was warm and very humid.  Mist pooled around his ankles like dry ice.  The floor beneath him was still as springy as if he was walking across a bouncy castle.

Fighting on this is going to be fun, he thought.

So where was Asphya?

It didn't take long for his question to be answered.  An orifice in the far wall opened up and a squirming black figure gave vent to a long, ecstatic moan as it was excreted out onto the floor of the cavern.  The figure uncurled into the shape of a woman covered from head to toe in glossy black latex.  The rubber was stretched tight over her body like a second skin.  The only way Ken could tell she was in fact female was through the two bulges at her chest.  As with Celestrico and Sulpa, Asphya was endowed with a large pair of breasts.

He couldn't see her face.  It was covered in an equally glossy black gas mask.  Wild blue eyes stared out behind thick glass eye windows.  A short length of rubber hose hung down from the bottom of the mask.  Ken was disturbed to notice that it resembled a gas mask without exactly being a gas mask.  There was something disconcertingly organic about it, and he couldn't see where the mask ended and her catsuit—if it was a catsuit and not her skin—began.

Other mighty heroes got to battle against massive dragons and evil sorcerers.  Ken had to fight a fetish pin-up in a gas mask and latex catsuit.

He supposed he shouldn't be surprised.  He was inside a giant rubber vagina after all.

Asphya crouched down on all fours.  Challenge flashed in her blue eyes.  She charged.

to be continued...


  1. Place your bets! Place your bets!

    Will it be a physical attack, or a sexual one?

  2. Desert Eagle07/06/2015, 18:47

    I wonder what IS Celestrico's type? :P

    By the way, have you seen this manga series?

    A boy meets a demonic lamia woman deep in the woods at night ("Marilith" might be a more accurate term). It's a very good story.

  3. Seriously hope smell remains involved, it's one of my biggest turn ons and when you use it, you do it exquisitely.


    But really, you've been on a fun geek stuck in hentai game tangent for a while and it's good stuff. Of course, mixed in with all the usual goodies, I got the Sandwiched between Slimes book, and the end was adorable!

    I admit though, still looking for someone to play with Nyte's toesies~ Lovely legs and feet in her sleek boots!

    Keep at it Hydra~

    1. By adorable do you mean it had a happy, possibly even romantic ending between the man and the slimes?

    2. Nah, it was just really cute they way they ate him alive.

    3. I loved the way you phrased that

  5. Interesting stories as always M.E Hydra. Its been quite sometime now since my last visit.

    For those interested in another monster girl related title you might want to check Demon Angel Sakura Vol. 3 :

    1. is it femdom?

    2. CivilDeviation17/06/2015, 03:28

      It's a bit like repure-aria, just without all the castlevania-like exploration and story-depth aspects and instead has better animations and vore scenes. Oh and it is in English.

    3. Looks promising from what I saw of the demo. It's not just a boss game now. They've added lesser monster girls, all with their own Bad End scenes if they grab the protagonist. Given that one of the scenes requires the protagonist to be farted out of the butthole of a giant fairy to be blown across a chasm says everything that needs to be said about this game :D

    4. I might pick this up when its out might pick up the second if I like the demo, the first doesn't seem all that great