Monday, June 29, 2015

Shiborito in the Bag, part 1

I had to put Okasare Kenny on hold while I sorted some things out as I mentioned last week.  I know some readers weren't too happy with this.  I wasn't either, but I realised I'd spread myself too thin and needed to focus on finishing off the things that had been hanging around for far longer (like Succubus Summoning 201!).  While I straighten out some behind-scenes stuff here's a new story to tide you over until I get some new Sandwiched by shorts out.  It's from my stockpile of already-complete stories waiting for the next collection in case some of you are worried I've lurched off in another direction or whether this one will be left incomplete.

Some of these characters might be familiar...

Shiborito in the Bag

The door was set in an alcove about halfway down a grubby little back alley.  Paul Cohen supposed these places needed to be discreet.  Even so, he was glad it was early in the afternoon and a bright sun—a rare sight for much of this overcast and rainy summer—was high up in the sky.  He wouldn't have relished the prospect of walking down here after the sun went down.

The door was answered by a statuesque blonde and Cohen resisted the strong urge to let his jaw fall open like a trapdoor.  He couldn't resist staring at her bosom.  It was hard to miss.  She was over six foot; he barely made five-and-a-half.  That put her chest right in his eyeline and it was certainly eye-catching.

As big as your head, Cohen thought.

Her boobs were wrapped in extremely tight black latex.  The material was glossy and stretched taut by her considerable chest.  There was nothing covering her midriff and below the waist she was wearing nothing more than glossy black panties and fishnet stockings.

Cohen guessed that meant he had the right place then.

"I'm Paul, Paul Cohen," he said.  "I think we spoke on the phone."

"So we did," the girl who advertised as Mistress Erica said.

Cohen was surprised at how good-looking she was.  Her body was obviously amazing, but a lot of girls of her stature tended to look a little too masculine.  Too rough.  Her body was so amazing that, by rights, her face shouldn't match.  Why else would she be here?  But no, Cohen was wrong on that.  She had the heart-shaped face and delicate features of a real beauty.  Her size was the only thing not feminine about her.  Everything else was front-cover glamour model.  Maybe it was her size that held her back.  She was tall enough to be a catwalk model but was far too curvaceous.  They preferred beanpoles.  Their loss.

"Come in," Mistress Erica said.  Her glossy red lips turned up at the corners in a sultry smile.

Cohen got to admire more of her figure as he crossed the threshold and followed her down a bland corridor.  Her outfit hid hardly anything and Cohen's heart rate quickened as he looked at the enticing swell of her ass.  She looked like the over-glamorised street hooker of film fantasy, but she was right here—in the flesh—before him.

"Um, I've never done this before," Cohen confessed as Erica led him deeper into her parlour.

Mistress Erica looked back at him and smiled.  "That's no problem at all."

"I have problems with anxiety," Cohen continued.  "I get stressed out really easily.  Too easily.  A friend suggested a session with you might help."

"They did," Erica said.

"Yes," Cohen said.  "They said I had problems delegating and trusting others.  They thought it would be good for me to cede control to someone else in a controlled situation."

"Mmm," Erica said.

She led him through a door and into what he assumed was her dungeon.  It looked more Fitness First than medieval.  There were benches, stocks and other unorthodox-looking equipment, but they looked modern and had plenty of padding.  There was even a wide, low bed covered in shiny black material over by the far wall.  Cohen looked around and saw an impressive array of tools on the walls and in stands, ranging from the expected whips and canes to more esoteric instruments Cohen wasn't sure he wanted to know the use of.

"Um, I'm not really into the pain side of this," he said.

"No?" Erica said.  She sounded disappointed.

"I don't want to go that far," he said.  "I don't mind putting you in control for a session but I don't want to get hurt or be forced to do anything really disgusting."

"Hmm."  Erica put a finger to her full lips and pondered.  Cohen noticed she had a false nail that was jet-black in colour and tapered to a long point like a talon.

They were interrupted by the door at the far end of the room opening and another girl walking in.  Like Erica she was statuesque and amply stocked in the bosom department.  As with Erica, her eye-catching bosom stretched her shiny rubber top almost to bursting.  As with Erica, Cohen wondered what someone with such an attractive face and sexy body was doing working in a place like this.  He wondered if they were related.  They looked similar apart from the newcomer being a brunette rather than a blonde like Erica.

"Oh Eunice," Erica said.  "I wonder if you can help Mr Cohen here.  He's come in for a session, but he's new to all this and a little apprehensive."

Cohen nodded.  "I don't want to be hurt," he said.

"We could start him on a little light bondage," Eunice suggested.  "Maybe some tie and tease."

That didn't sound so bad, Cohen thought.

"Oh," Eunice's eyes lit up.  "Why don't we try out that new vac-bed?"

to be continued tomorrow...


  1. He's going to die, whenever it's those two involved. They always leave with the MC soul, no doubt about it.

    If he was smart he would get the hell out of there.

  2. Awesome!!! I love where this is going!

  3. Paul Cohen? I don't suppose that's a reference to the mathematician.

    1. Nope, I had to look up who he was I'm ashamed to admit. My background is more biology & computer science. The harder maths is a little scary :)

      You're right that the name is a reference to someone - Larry Cohen, cult horror director/screenwriter. I usually bury references to films/books/bands I like in how I name characters (apart from the succubi - I use a different naming convention for them).

  4. What previous story are these characters from? Seem familiar but just can't put a name to the story