Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Shiborito in the Bag, part 2

"Oh," Eunice's eyes lit up.  "Why don't we try out that new vac-bed?"

"Oh yes."  Erica ran a tongue over her bee-stung lips.  "What a good idea."

"Vac-bed?" Cohen queried.

"Go and get Esther to fetch it down," Erica said.  "Then we can see what Mr Cohen thinks."

Eunice went away and returned with another statuesque, voluptuous beauty.  Cohen's eyes boggled.  He was starting to wonder if he'd stepped through the door and somehow been teleported to Silicone Valley on the other side of the world.  Where else would he see so many busty beauties other than on the set of an expensive porn film?

The new girl, Esther, was pale-skinned almost to the point of alabaster.  She had blue eyes, long silky platinum-blonde hair and a shy smile.  She and Eunice were carrying some kind of long metal frame with glossy black latex stretched between it.  Eunice also carried a squat little vacuum cleaner in her other hand.  Intrigued, he watched as they laid the framework out on the floor and attached the black rubber hose that ran out from the bottom corner to the squat little vacuum cleaner.

"Strip off and in you get," Erica said to Cohen.

"Uh?"  He stared at her blankly.

Eunice lifted up a black sheet.  Cohen saw that the item they'd brought down looked like a sleeping bag made out of black latex and stretched across a metal frame.

"You want me to get in there?" he asked.  "Is it safe?"

He didn't want to get suffocated by accident.

"We're using the open face for your first time," Eunice said.  She put her arm through a circular opening in the top sheet.

"Oh, okay."

The three women watched Cohen undress with amused smiles.  Cohen knew he might not be the tallest man in the world, but he hadn't done too badly when they'd been handing out dicks.  The women noticed too.  Erica moistened her lips and Eunice nodded approvingly as he dropped his underpants to his ankles and kicked them away.  He got down and lay between the sheets.  The rubber felt soft and stretchy against his skin.  Eunice pulled the top sheet over him, lining up the hole with his face.  She fastened the sides.

"What's this supposed to achieve," Cohen asked.

The weirdness gave him pleasant little goose bumps, but he failed to see what was special about getting inside a rubber bag.

"It's about ceding control," Erica said.  "Once all the air is sucked out you won't be able to move.  You'll be completely helpless and under our control."

"Ah, that's what the woman said I should do, the one who recommended I visit here.  She said my anxiety stemmed from trust issues and that was causing me to pile too much work on myself.  She said I needed to learn to delegate.  It's tough.  You can't rely on employees nowadays.  It's the kids.  They spend all their time on their iPads and smartphones.  I have to do their work to make sure it gets done.  And then I get stressed out."

Erica crouched down next to him and pushed the opening down.  The rubber stretched around the sides of his face and formed a tight seal.  She brought her face closer, almost as though she was shaping up to plant those full sensual lips on his in a kiss, then pulled away at the last moment.

Tease, Cohen thought.

"The normal top sheet is closed off and only has a little breathing hose for the mouth.  Some people get a thrill from being blind and helpless, knowing their air could be cut off at any moment."

"But not so good with someone that suffers with anxiety," Cohen said.

"We did take that into account," Erica said.

"So I get the training wheels," he said.  It felt like he was staring out through a rubber porthole.

"This model is quite popular with our other clients," Erica said.

"Gives us much better access for when they want us to smother them with our asses," Eunice said.  She turned and pinched the cheek of quite possibly the finest bottom Cohen had ever seen in the flesh.

"Is there a model with another hole, lower down?"  Cohen motioned with his eyes to his crotch.

"That one costs extra," Erica said.

That meant it was possible then, Cohen thought.  He might enquire just how much when arranging his next session.

Eunice flicked the switch on the vacuum cleaner and the motor started up with a whine.  All over his body Cohen felt the supple surface of the latex sheets brush against and wrap around his skin.  He shifted into a more comfortable position as the air was drawn out of the bag and the warm sheets moulded tightly to the contours of his body.  The rubber was so tight it formed a second skin pressing all across his body.  It felt a little unusual—but not really the kind of thing that would have him jizzing in his pants like it probably did for some fetishists.

With Cohen firmly constrained, Erica turned a valve on the bottom of the bed and Eunice disconnected the hose from the vacuum cleaner.

"How does that feel?" Erica asked.

"Like I've been shrink-wrapped," Cohen said, which was more or less the truth.

He wriggled experimentally.  The rubber gave a little, but not much.

"A quite effective form of restraint, would you agree?" Erica said.

He wriggled harder.  The soft latex had formed a second skin encasing him.

"I'm not going anywhere anytime soon," he said.

"That would be the point.  Anxious?"

"A little," Cohen said.  "But I'm guessing that's also the point—to enable me to get over it."

Erica and Eunice gripped each side of the vac-bed and tilted it up to vertical.  Immobilized, Cohen watched them through the face hole as they lifted him up off the floor and attached the frame to hooks hanging down from the ceiling.

"I feel like Han Solo encased in carbonite," Cohen said.

The other girls said nothing.

"Not Star Wars fans then," Cohen said.

Apparently not.  The girls didn't say anything as they stepped back to admire their work.

"What now?" Cohen asked.

"We've tied you up..." Erica started.

"...now we tease you," Eunice finished.


  1. And then eat you, this guy is so done for.

  2. Lets not be negative, I'm sure there's still a 10% chance that he will survive this encounter and walk out of this like a happier man.

  3. Hehe, if I was totally hang up on the guy surviving the ordeal, I would not be reading succubus fiction :-D Great stuff as usual.