Thursday, June 25, 2015

Update on Okasare Kenny

It's going on hold.  Sorry about that.

This is only temporary.  It's being returned to its original place in the queue.  After seeing how well the Let's Play of Monmusu Quest: Paradox did for the blog numbers I got a little over-excited and jumped the queue on something I already had a very good plan for.  I'm going back to that original plan.  Next year I'm intending to put Okasare Kenny out as a monthly serial on Amazon (and others) spread over the year.  First of all I need to instil confidence that I can keep to a monthly schedule.  This is what the Sandwiched by series was intended to be (before I got sidetracked).

Currently I'm working on finishing up some projects that should have been completed in the first half of the year - the print version of A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day and other tales, the next instalments of Sandwiched by ("Sandwiched by Scyllas", "Sandwiched by Succubi"), and a long-awaited conclusion to the Succubus Summoning 201 arc.  Once these are done I'll have a more cleanish slate and can get back to Okasare Kenny and a novel idea featuring Nicole I've been tinkering with.

Because of the change in plans I'll be pulling the Okasare Kenny chapters posted on Lit and StoriesOnline.  The ones I posted here I'll leave here.

A live-written (sort of) novel posted daily on the blog in daily instalments is something I want to do at some point.  I did enjoy the bits I did on Okasare Kenny before realising I was neglecting other projects that should have been finished off sooner.

As a writer, metaphorically showing your underpants in public is a little embarrassing.  In future I'll try to rein in my excitement until a project is actually complete/near-complete.  As per my usual penance for screwing up I'll raid the short story stockpile and dig up something juicy to post for your reading pleasure - look out for it Monday.


  1. Desert Eagle25/06/2015, 14:42

    "Sandwiched by Scyllas" sounds interesting! :)

    I liked "Sandwiched by Arachnes". One thing I'd like to say about it; I would have run after the silver-haired one. I just love silver hair. ^_^

  2. You're coming across like a bit of a choad on this one, MEH. This doesn't seem like the right path to keeping those numbers healthy.

    1. I know :( It's been a sucky six months with a lot of wrong turns. Trying to fix things and the first obvious fix is to queue up the project ideas rather than try and do six at the same time.

  3. Take heart, it doesn't take long for scheduling missteps to fade in the memory, but your posted work will remain.

    Is Cerulean Circles going to be part of SS201?

    1. Yes. And "A Night at McHooligans". Both are fairly important to understanding the main plot.

  4. Is there any possibility of you finishing the rest of Okasare Kenny 2 with Asphya? I understand switching to the monthly serial, sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do. It just seems a shame to leave the Asphya story half-finished.

    Still loving your work though. "Sandwiched By" series is doing great so far!