Monday, December 14, 2015

A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar, part 5

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Devin was disturbed from his morose ponderings by a knock at his door.  He opened it and blanched as he recognised the blonde girl with the tight jumper who was not a blonde girl in a tight jumper standing in the doorway.  There was no trace of the devil about her here.  She looked up at Devin with big brown eyes.

“Don’t be afraid” she said.  “Please hear me out.”

Devin knew he shouldn’t.  As Carny had told him, he lacked the defences to survive in their world.  He should shut the door now.

Devin didn’t.  Instead his gaze lingered over her sensually plump pink lips.  And lower, down to where her tight white jumper clung to and emphasised the considerable curves of her chest.

“I came here to apologise for earlier,” she said.

Devin knew he should really shut the door.  Instead his gaze was drawn in by those moist pink lips until they filled his world.

“Cacodoughovorax can be so boorish.  It’s not his fault.  It’s a trait of wrath daemons in general.  He saw your hair and jacket and came to the wrong conclusion.”

Devin watched her sensual lips move up and down.  He wanted to feel their softness against his.

“I can see now you’re a more sensitive soul.”

Lulled by her soft words, Devin’s head dipped lower and closer.

“Can I come in?” she asked.

She pursed those exquisite lips and blew a small cloud of perfumed smoke in Devin’s face.  Before he could react he’d already inhaled it.  A pleasant fog rose in his head and wrapped up his thoughts in tentacles of silk gauze.

Devin was supposed to say, “No,” and close the door.  Instead he said, “Yes,” and let the succubus into his bedroom.

The blonde in the tight jumper shut the door behind her and smiled coyly at him.  Devin’s gaze was drawn to her chest—the way the fabric was stretched taut over her ample bosom.

“I’m Boobella,” she said.  "Most people call me Boo."

“Devin,” Devin replied.  Automatically.  Everything felt smothered in a lush haze.

He kept looking at the curves of her chest.  An itch had awaken inside him.  He wanted to put his hand on those spherical swells and squeeze.  He wanted to feel their softness and weight.  It was an unnatural urge.  Unnatural in how difficult it was to hold at bay.

Boo’s hands strayed down to the bottom of her jumper.  She twirled the stretchy nylon around a finger.

“You’ve been looking at these all night,” she said.  “Would you like to see them uncovered?”

Devin nodded.  His mouth was dry.  He felt the blood pounding past his ears.

Boo started to raise her jumper.  She did it slow and teasing.  Devin saw she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.  First revealed was the flat expanse of her belly.  Then the bottom of her jumper climbed higher, exposing the dainty pink dimple of her navel.  Then higher still as it started to climb the round peaks of her boobs.  She reached a point just below her nipples and paused.

“Boop,” she said, flipping up the bottom fold of her jumper to flash Devin a momentary glimpse of her nipples.

Devin’s pulse quickened.  He felt a swelling hardness rise in his underwear.

Staring directly into Devin’s eyes, Boo slid her jumper up, up and up until she’d smoothly pulled it over her head.  She discarded it and stood before Devin, her big bouncy breasts completely exposed to him.

Boo pushed out her chest and gave her boobs a little jiggle.  “Would you like to touch?”

Devin’s hands jerked forwards.  Fingers splayed like talons, he clutched the ripe pink flesh of her tits.  Her silky-smooth skin dimpled underneath his fingers and he felt them sink into soft flesh.  His eyes had marvelled at the perfection of her curves, now his fingers marvelled at their weight and feel.

Boo drew closer.  Devin’s head dipped lower... lower...

And then he was diving down into the inviting pink valley of her cleavage.  He buried his face between her soft tits.  Her scent, fragrant and creamy, intoxicated him.

Part of him stood back and watched on as if he was a passenger in another person’s body.  What was he doing?  He was pawing her tits and slathering over her cleavage like a lecherous creep.

The message didn’t get through.  Devin lifted his head high enough to take a breath and then dived straight back in.  He twisted his head as he nuzzled her smooth, elastic skin.  Boo placed her hands on either side of her boobs and then squeezed them around Devin’s head like soft fleshy pillows.

“Let’s fuck,” she said in breathy whisper.

Seems like a splendid ide... wait!  To be continued...


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    1. Campier name for a campier succubus ;)

  2. man i want more of her now

  3. Poor guy thought he could have a brush with the supernatural and live to tell the tale.

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  5. Well, I suppose it's still a better way to go out by being fucked to death by a sex demon with a silly name, than being smashed to a pulp by a wrath demon with an elaborate name...

  6. I love your works and a big fan, but I've got to ask, will you still continue the Succubus Summoning series in Literotica?