Monday, December 21, 2015

A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar, part 6

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“Let’s fuck,” she said in breathy whisper.

That sounded like a brilliant idea to Devin.  His thoughts were still fuddled by fog, only now it felt like the steam given out by a hot bath, or the condensation left on the window of a car as two lovers got it on inside.

The next few moments were a haze as both removed the rest of their clothes.  Devin was driven back to his bed, Boo kissing him all the way.  Then he was lying naked on top of his bed with Boo lying naked on top of him.  She covered him like a warm duvet as she rained hot kisses down on his neck and face.  She was hot, really hot in the physical sense.  That heat was sinking down into him.  He was heating up... heating up until it felt like steam was boiling off him.

“This is how succubi apologise,” Boo murmured.  “We do it with our bodies.”

Boo’s sensual lips found his and worked against them.  Her tongue squeezed through and entangled with his.  It felt like she was breathing fire into him.

His cock twitched and flexed against the warm body lying on top of it.  It wanted more.  It wanted to be inside her rather than pressed up against her.

Boo wanted it too.  “Time to put your delicious big cock in my hungry wet cunt,” she breathed.

She sat up and straddled Devin.  No longer pinned down, his cock sprang to attention.  Boo stared down at it.  Her soft brown eyes were suddenly dark and hungry.  She wrapped warm hands around Devin’s shaft and twisted up and down in silky-smooth strokes.

“Do you want to be eaten up by my hungry wet cunt?”

Did he?

He must do as his head was nodding up and down.

Boo rose up above him.  Heat cascaded down from her gaping vagina and tickled his sensitised skin.  Foggily he thought something wasn’t quite right with her sex—the lips too thick and fleshy; the interior too red; the whole thing too hungry.  And then those thick and fleshy lips were wrapping around the swollen head of his cock and she was descending down on him.  His cock was completely enveloped in moist flesh and his worries smothered with it.  Hot flesh packed around his cock, as soft—if not softer—than the boobs his face had been wedged between earlier.

Boo gave out a low, satisfied moan as her sex engulfed his full length.  Devin moaned with her.  She was so tight and hot inside.

“Oh yes, now lie back and enjoy it while my hungry wet cunt milks out all your cum.”

That seemed like a very good idea to Devin as well.

In the mirror at the back of the room he watched Boo’s sweet ass rise up and down as she began fucking him in earnest.  Her labia puffed wide with each downstroke as she swallowed up Devin’s erection.  She was so tight inside, yet silky-smooth enough for his erection to slide back and forth with just enough friction to stroke his arousal higher and higher.

Devin watched the perfect curves of her breasts sway and bob with the motions of her body.  He reached up to clutch and squeeze them.  Boo squeezed him back as the cushioned walls of her sex contracted against his cock.

Boo put her hands over his and pressed them into the soft pillows of her tits.  “Mmm, I could leave you in this blissful trance while I drain all your life, but Cacodoughovorax wanted you to be fully aware during your final moments.”

She took his hands away from her bobbing breasts and pinned them to the mattress.  Still with her hips moving up and down on Devin, she folded her upper body over his.  At first he thought she was going to kiss him.  Instead she lightly blew in his face.

The fog cleared.

Devin looked up into the face of a demon.  It was the same blonde girl he’d admired from afar in the university bar, but some of her features had changed.  Her eyes were red and shone as if alight.  Devil horns poked up through her blonde hair.  The bone structure of her face had subtly altered—the angles had become sharper.  Still beautiful, but clearly unearthly.

A devil was on top of him.

His dick was inside her.

Oh Boo, couldn't you have been one of the nice ones.  Oh well, to be concluded...


  1. so it was a set up so she can drain him

  2. "Did he? He must do..."

    1. It is "do" (Did he [want to]) but the phrasing is a little awkward. I'll see if I can clean that up for the Lit/ebook version without making it too stilted.

    2. Why not "He had to, as his head [...]"?

      Anyway, "must do" can't be right, since it's the wrong tense.

    3. How about:

      "Did he?

      He must, as his head was nodding up and down."

  3. Hey Hydra checkout this game.

  4. Ah, yes. It's better when they are aware of what is going to happen but cannot do anything about it... you show him, girl!

  5. Damn it was a set up all along well that sucks and Carny can't save him this time.