Monday, December 28, 2015

A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar, part 7

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A devil was on top of him.

His dick was inside her.

Devin moved to throw her off.  Boo chuckled and slammed her ass down.  She had him pinned at the hips and elbows.

“Don’t you like this?”  She wriggled her ass, rubbing the folds of her vagina around his cock.

“Get off!”

He struggled beneath her and tried to throw her off to no avail.

“Too late now,” Boo smiled.  “Your prick is in my hungry wet cunt.”

Her vagina clenched tightly around him.  He heard a disgusting wet slurping sound.  The walls of her vagina undulated against him like a mouth sucking liquid up a straw.  His thrashing grew weaker.  Boo rode his bucking form with serene calm.  Devin felt like his limbs were filling up with molten lead.  It was harder and harder to move them.  She was draining his strength, he realised, drawing it up out of him with her vagina.

“Mmm, better,” Boo murmured as Devin’s struggles ceased.

She resumed bouncing up and down on Devin’s shaft.  The hot flesh of her sex rippled unnaturally around his cock.  It didn’t matter how horrified he was by what she was, the expert ministrations of her vagina kept his cock full of blood and throbbing.

“You made my dear Caco look foolish,” Boo said.  “That’s a bad mistake for a human to make.”

She came down all the way on Devin and the thick, fleshy walls of her vagina clenched and tugged.  Her inner walls fluttered against him, threatening to drive him mad with the pleasure.  Boo sat astride him with her arms folded beneath her big breasts and revelled in the superiority her body had over him.

“I think I’d have broken the glamour even if Cacodoughovorax hadn’t asked me to,” she said.  “It’s so much more fun when they try to fight.”

She resumed riding him with lithe bounces.  The stroking sensations of her wet pussy dragged him up maddening peaks of pleasure.

“Mmm, you can’t hold back much longer.  I can feel it.”

Her ass came down and wriggled.  Her pussy squeezed.  This time he felt it in every fibre of his being.  He bucked and writhed beneath her like a fish caught on a line.

“Let it go,” Boo breathed.  “Fill my hungry wet cunt.”

Devin couldn’t hold out any longer, couldn’t resist the pulsing ministrations of her vagina.  He screwed his eyes shut and gasped as his cock throbbed and released a thick rope of semen into her.  At the other end of that rope was Devin.  Boo grabbed it and began to reel him in with wet rhythmic squeezes of her sex.

She reached down to caress the side of Devin’s cheek.

“I’ll be slow and gentle,” she said.  Her other hand grasped and squeezed one of her swollen tits.  “I’ll make it last all night before I finally suck you dry.”

Devin felt a euphoric glow in the aftermath of climaxing, but he also felt like he was burning up with it.  And he hadn’t finished climaxing.  Boo’s pussy continued to squeeze and coax more semen from his throbbing cock.  She really was sucking out all his fluids.

“I thought Carny said you weren’t to go after me,” Devin wheezed.

Boo pouted her lips and blew him a kiss.  Her vagina similarly bunched up around his cock and sucked another big load of semen—life—out of his body.

“Carnivrillarofax told Cacodoughovorax not to go after you.  He’s a daemon of Wrath.  I’m a daemon of Lust.  We belong to different dominions of hell.  Carnivrillarofax has no hold on me.”

“No, but I do.”

The voice came out of the corner of the room.  Devin looked over and saw there was another devil woman in the room.  She was casually sitting in his chair and watching them.

Okay, so I lied last week.  We're not done yet.  To be continued...


  1. Nice work, hydra. Always a pleasure to read. Have you tried the text based HRPG Corruption of Champions? I played through it a week ago and really got a kick out of it.

    1. Corruption of Champions has some nice scenarios. A lot of it doesn't do a great deal for me (being raped up the ass by doggies, um, no ta!), but they're trying to hit every weird fetish imaginable, so I can't fault them for that.

    2. True enough. Honestly, I didn't find most of those (a result of not clicking any option that might lead there) but I think that it's a pretty good work. I thought that it would be something akin to what you do (minus the fetishes) as both your writings and CoC revolve around creating universes with laws that are slightly different, people to inhabit them, and saying "Action!"

      Really a fan of the whole "Multiple dimensions subsisting of confluences with the demonic demiplanes" concept! Really gives a good thematic reference point for your writings and the presence of demons with or without that of magic. Please keep this writing coming; it's a lot more to me than just text-porn.

  2. Another player in the game, who made their drastic entrance now. Will it be a succubus we know or another new character and will she save Devin or doom him to his fate. Can't wait to see who this new comer is that does have say over boo.

    1. More than likely, Carny suspected that Boo wouldn't be willing to let this go and contacted a friend of his to prepare for this little mess. The only question is, is this a succubus we're familiar with, and if so who?

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  4. Interesting. The question is whether Devin is now saved or even more screwed than before. Great story!

  5. I wonder who the newcomer is? It's almost the new year hydra, how are the rest of your stories coming?

  6. I like this but yeah to echo the guy above, when is Succubus Summoning going to be updated? You always have this thing where you tell us you're getting back on it again. And them again. And then again. And so on.

    How long do we wait for Succubus Summoning 212?

    1. Dunno, unfortunately. I'm still trying to unlock the bit that's locked up. I want to get it done as until I get that out of the way I don't feel as though I can throw myself into some new novel ideas (one with Nicole) that I really want to get written.

    2. Hope you get the inspiration, time, and ideas this new year :D I'm a fan of your work since the very first story I read that you wrote.

      Can't wait for the next part.

  7. My money is on it being Nyte!

  8. Well I do hope we get a nice long description of Nyte... I mean the new succubus :D also I hope he doesn't get saved in the end :D another wicked story!

  9. you should check out some of the monster girl doujins to find some inspiration. One of the better artists are called ahobaka.

    Here's some of his latest works

    there are also some other amazing artists, aomizuan is another (though not really doing monster girl stuff). some of the tags to look for is monster girl, mindbreak and ahegao, if you want to search around for other similar artists.

    1. Already aware of ahobaka's work. They draw some deliciously dark and evil monster girls :)