Monday, January 11, 2016

A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar, part 9

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"Mmm, you know, I've just thought of something you can do."  She closed the door and gave Devin a smile filled with predatory lust.  "We can do."

Devin's heartrate kicked up in his chest.  The demon wasn't leaving.

"How much did you spunk into that little trollop's cunt?" Nÿte asked.

She took a step towards the bed.  A step nearer to Devin.

"Um," Devin said.  "I don't know."

Nÿte gestured with her hands and said something so alien his ears failed to pick it up at all.  Darkness expanded out of the walls, floor and ceiling.

What's this? Devin thought.  The walls were closing in on him, literally.  It looked like someone had fixed black rubber air mattresses to the walls and was pumping them up with air.  They looked solid enough, but he watched one bulge outwards in between his shelves.  Rather than displacing his books and miniatures and knocking them onto the floor, the encroaching wall flowed around and swallowed them up as though it was a film of oil.  The same thing happened with the bed underneath Devin, although the intangibility only seemed to apply to the furniture.  The rising floor felt solid enough beneath Devin and carried him up with it.  It felt similar to lying on an inflatable rubber mattress, only the surface felt warmer, softer and smoother.

The walls, floors and ceiling stopped expanding when the room had shrunk to maybe a third of its original size.  All of Devin's furniture had been absorbed.  He lay on the floor of a rubber cube with dimpled black walls.  Nÿte was crouched over in the far corner with her knees apart.

"Instant sex dungeon," Devin remarked.

"So you like the sound of that?" Nÿte asked.


Devin decided he should be very careful about what he said next.  While the look of dommes in sexy black leather or PVC was a massive turn-on for him, he was less enthused about the S part in BDSM.  Getting beaten sounded painful no matter how sexy the woman doing the beating looked.  And he really didn't want to think about the level of hurt a demon dominatrix could inflict.

"The sex part more than the dungeon part," he said.

"Oh good, so you do want me to fuck you," Nÿte said.  She unzipped her crotch and her sex gaped hungrily.  "How splendid."

And then she was on top of him, her luscious black lips smooching his neck, his face, his lips.  She reached down and wrapped a hand around Devin's cock.  Her touch felt like pure, delicious sin and blood raced down until Devin's manhood was rock-hard and throbbing.

How did they do it? Devin thought.  How did they make you feel like they were the one thing you wanted more than anything else in the world, even after you knew the pleasures would likely kill you?

Then Nÿte steered him into her warm, wet sex and all other thoughts were blown away.  It was less like sliding into a moist fleshy tunnel and more like plunging into a tub of warm soft putty... putty that was alive and in motion.  Her sex squeezed up all around Devin's erection and formed lapping tongues to wriggle up and down his shaft.  It bunched up around the base of his shaft in a muscular ring and sucked.  And...

...well it started to get hazy at that point.  Everything blurred into one overwhelming tide of sexual euphoria.  Nÿte lay upon him, her big tits pressed against his chest, and sucked and kissed him up into some kind of sexual nirvana.

He thought he had nothing left.  He thought Boo had drained all the cum out of his balls.

Nÿte found more.

Her sex packed tightly around him, tugged and pumped an orgasm right out of him.  Not just one either.  The first hadn't even subsided when her sex pulsed and Devin was shuddering in the throes of another climax.

It felt... unbelievable.

Black spots danced before Devin's eyes.  His breath came out in short gasps, as though he'd just finished a sprint.  His heart fluttered uncertainly against his ribcage.

Nÿte put a hand on his chest and frowned.

"Tsk, that little trollop took more out of you than I thought.  As much as I enjoy this position, it doesn't give me the requisite margin of control required for these circumstances."

Proving her point, she shifted slightly on his lap and even this small movement was enough to trigger another eruption from Devin's overworked body.  It no longer felt like he'd just finished a sprint, now he felt like he'd just run a mile.

"Mmm, yes.  This is a clearly an unsuitable position," Nÿte said.

Her sex pulled back from Devin's cock and she got off him.  Devin was pleased to note he had just enough dignity to not mewl like a toddler whose toys had been taken away as his erection left the soft, fleshy clasp of her vagina.  Goddamn succubi.  He wanted her even though he knew a couple more orgasms like the one's he'd just experienced would end him for good.  Is this what it was like to be an addict?

Nÿte crouched next to him and frowned.  "Maybe fucking you was not such a good idea.  It's piqued my appetite and those little squirts were nowhere near enough to sate my hunger.  Hmm, are there any students around here you don't particularly like?"

to be concluded...  (for real this time)


  1. Hm for Nyte what position gives her the most control?

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  3. Thanks for continuing the story. Always fun to see the impression Nÿte has on people.

    Carny sure seemed (extra) nice in this story; Nÿte, too, for that matter. Next thing we know Inari will be sending them around to give relaxing massages.

    In all seriousness, I appreciate the variety. Characters without dimension are boring.

  4. Been seeing more short stories with succubus summoning characters in them. Are you planning a SS short stories anthology ebook at some point?

    1. I normally slide them into my regular anthologies. A collection of Succubus Summoning shorts might be a neat thing to put together. I need to get the 201 arc/ebook out of the way first.

  5. He now came inside a TWO succubi and still has his soul to spare. I officially proclaim Devin the luckiest bastard on Earth! :D

    1. And what about this guy, I forgot his name, who used to work at a fast food shop and now is the playthi... err, I mean master of an entire succubus harem?

    2. Phil's mostly Verde's master,since she was the only one he technically summoned. He tends to be Rosa's plaything, although she's technically acknowledged him as a master. As for nurse honey or Nyte, he's a possible taste snack at a future date.

  6. Do we get the last part today? Plssssssss