Friday, January 29, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Pink Cushionblob

Name:  Pink Cushionblob
Type:  Slime
Habitat:  Caves (Temperate, Damp).

The pink cushionblob has the form of a naked buxom girl with bright and slightly translucent pink skin lying on what looks like a large round waterbed mattress of the same colour.  This is a type of slime girl that possesses so much additional mass it accumulates beneath them to form a large cushion or pillow.  Their semi-liquid internal body is contained within an elastic membrane.  Floating freely within the internal body is a core composed of darker, opaque material.

They are intelligent and possess a friendly disposition.  At first they were thought to be a benign variety of hindig.  As with most hindigs, they derive sustenance from human sexual fluids and initially they seemed content to trade sexual services for small amounts of seminal fluid extracted from willing partners.  Now we know cushionblobs will sometimes drain a human to death and should be considered dangerous.

Attack Strategy:
The pink cushionblob asks men (and sometimes women) to join them on their bed and the men (and sometimes women) join them on their bed.  Why the men (and sometimes women) do this, we don't know.  Even with repeated warnings and foreknowledge of the risks, the men (and sometimes women) still do it.  This makes me believe there may be additional factors in play other than sheer stupidity and desire to win a Darwin Award.

Once she has them on her bed, the cushionblob gives her prey an erotic body-to-body massage many have reported to be both thoroughly relaxing and highly arousing.  If her prey is male, the cushionblob engulfs their penis and stimulates them to multiple orgasms.  If female, the cushionblob extrudes part of her body into the prey's vagina and absorbs the vaginal secretions produced during climax.  This is not fatal unless the cushionblob brings her core into contact with her prey's sexual organs.  Contact with the core triggers a state of lethal hyper-arousal where the prey continues to climax helplessly until death occurs through loss of fluids.

(Should I mention the part where the cushionblob sucks out and absorbs the victim's soul?  Would anyone believe me?)

I'd like to say, "Don't join her on her bed you blithering idiots," but people still do.

Maintaining discipline is important.  At first the cushionblobs let people go to return to camp and spread stories about how good being with a cushionblob was.  The curious would then seek the cushionblobs out to experience it for themselves.  I'm convinced this was a deliberate and predetermined strategy.

Unlike other slime girls such as the blue specimen, HA-001, being studied back on Earth, pink cushionblobs are less protean in form and abilities.  The external skin can be punctured and enough damage will result in the cushionblob being unable to hold their liquid body together.  However, they are capable of rapidly closing and healing any wounds to their outer layer.  Destroying the central core is a proven way of killing them for certain.  Extreme cold is also effective, as are desiccating agents.

Threat Level:
Why do they keep joining her on her bed...?


There must be a pheromone or mind control element we're missing here.  Our personnel are succumbing too frequently to the cushionblob's temptations, even the forewarned and wary ones.




  3. Yeah am curious if you are going to do an LP of the new, technically not but more or less still is, violated hero game

  4. I'll probably do an LP of the new VH. I never really got into the whole Kancolle machine/ship girl thing the new VH seems to be tapping into, but I imagine the bad ends will be as hilariously OTT as normal

  5. Can you do a humanoid monster girl next?