Thursday, January 14, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Sleeping Beauty Mimic

Name:  Sleeping Beauty Mimic
Type:  Mimic (like the RPG creatures that disguise themselves as chests)
Habitat:  Ruins.  Anywhere we are.

Takes the form of a highly attractive woman lying naked on a big bed.  Both the bed and woman are the same organism.  It is unknown how they get about or what form they take while out in the wild.  Some have been encountered in abandoned ruins, others have somehow managed to infiltrate our camps.  They trap and squeeze the fluids out of any men foolish enough to climb on top of them.

Attack Strategy:
None as such.  They lie in wait for potential prey to climb up on the bed.  People do this either to check the naked woman is okay or, in some cases, take advantage of her sexually.  The mimic can make parts of her body extremely adhesive.  Once prey is stuck in place, the rest of the mimic folds up around them.  If the captured victim is male, the mimic milks them and absorbs the resulting ejaculate.  They are very adept at this and can bring most males to multiple climaxes in a very short period of time.

If this was all, the mimics would be very popular amongst the ground staff and we'd see a line of horny young men queuing up to take a turn on the mimic's 'bed'.  Unfortunately, once a captive can produce no more semen, the mimic will keep squeezing their body until they're crushed in order to drink the fluids that leak out of the mangled remains.  This is as gruesomely unpleasant as it sounds.

The mimic's outer surface is tough and resistant to bullets and cutting.  If attacked it will curl up in a defensive ball.  Fire and caustic chemicals are effective.

However, this is all rather unnecessary.  The mimic has no additional alluring agents and poses no threat to a forewarned and wary soldier.  Just don't get on the damn bed.

Threat Level:

Seriously, just don't get on the damn bed.  Don't be a Darwin Award winner.


  1. Hmm, I think blogspot might be swallowing comments again as I got an email notification of a comment that doesn't appear to be here.

    Anyway, to answer anon's question:

    "But one thing I was thinking about, that always bothers me with monster girl vore: If they're gonna eat their victim whole anyway, why do they bother to milk them first? (Aside from the obvious answer that it wouldn't be a porn story otherwise.)"

    You'll see this referenced by the character writing the profiles. Not answering now, but it's linked to what H-space is.

  2. Sounds like it becomes very painful after theybsuck out all your cum. I hope the squeezing is quick?

    1. They get crushed fairly quickly.

      It's not a guarantee, though. I wanted to push the horror angle for the bestiary, so the stories will often be showcasing the most sadistic examples. A mimic that empties her catch's balls and then releases them in order to catch them again later for a fresh milking is also plausible.