Friday, April 01, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Jelloid Squeezeball

Name:  Jelloid Squeezeball
Type:  Slime (Artificial?)
Habitat:  Underground Caverns

Looks like a statue of a naked buxom woman sculpted out of transparent blue material sitting on a ball of blue jelly approximately large enough to contain two adults.

Despite being composed of blue jelly-like material, the jelloid squeezeball doesn't appear to share the same plasticity of form observed in other slime girls.

Attack Strategy:
They are largely immobile and pretend to be inanimate sculptures.  When touched the jelloid wakes up and lets out a cry that both wakes up nearby jelloids and scrambles the sense of balance of every human within earshot.

The jelloid catches any human that falls onto her and draws them into her ball of jelly.  The wall softens when she is absorbing her prey and then returns to a composition similar to tough rubber once they are inside, trapping them within her.

As with other H-space indigenous organisms, the jelloid is able to hijack human physiology and trigger a massive overproduction of seminal fluid.  We're currently not sure how they do this.  One theory is a toxin secreted by the jelly that is absorbed through the skin.  The jelloid then uses her female form to stimulate her captive to sexual climax over and over, draining all their bodily fluids in the process.  These fluids are stored in a reservoir chamber at the base of the globe.

Earplugs negate most of the jelloid's disorienting cry.  As the jelloids are largely immobile, not getting into physical contact—or better still, not getting close enough for physical contact—is the best course of action.

While jelloids share some properties with slime girls, not having the same level of plasticity opens up weapon use previously considered ineffective for this class of organism.  Low calibre bullets are still ineffective, as there are no vital organs that can be targeted and the puncture wounds are quickly healed.  However, bladed weapons such as axes or machetes should work as the jelly is relatively soft and the jelloid appears to have a much slower rate of regeneration.

Threat Level:
Low.  (unless you're a goddamn idiot that can't keep your hands of her titties)

Of more concern is what the jelloid is.  Based on descriptions and observations they seem less a naturally-occurring organism and more a carefully-engineered trap.  But for who, and for what purpose?  There are disturbing implications here of a greater intelligence within H-space that we have yet to encounter.


  1. ohh hint that there maybe a force at work behind H-space other than 'wild life' hope there is more.

  2. Your human protagonists could easily nullify the vast majority of the threat from H space merely by using female soldiers. Why are they so stupid they don't think of this?

    1. It wouldn't work. There are incubi/demons just as adept at giving the women sexy Bad Ends. (and most of the succubi aren't too fussed about which gender they're mind-controlling either).

      I haven't made a good job of making this apparent mainly because I'm only focusing on a certain type of erotica - which is sexy monster girl/succubus on male action. While I'll only allude to it occasionally (the penishroom story/profile), other combinations (incubus-on-female, incubus-on-male) are just as common in the setting.

    2. Civildeviation03/04/2016, 08:45

      Been wondering, what is the timeline for all these bad ends, is this the initial invasion of H-space? Is there any chance of the humans wising up from reports getting back--even a little? At this point, I am surprised they aren't sending in eunucks and asexuals.