Thursday, April 21, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Great Fog Puffer

PFC Stewart Peter Bate was playing cards with PFC Ben Millard when FOB Helmuth fell.

They heard muffled shouts and cries first.  Then the unmistakable retort of gunfire.  The noises swelled and spread out as though they were coming from all over the base.  A junior officer banged the door open.

"Grab your weapons, we're under attack!" he barked in a near-breathless rush before running on to the next door.

"What the fuck!" Millard said.

"Under attack?  From who?" Bate said.

There was no one out here.  Okay sure, there were the hindigs, and they could be dangerous, but they didn't have any kind of civilization.  They didn't have the wherewithal to assemble an army.  At least that's what the scientists said.

Bate and Millard picked up their rifles and ran out into the corridor.

"Watch out for the pink fog!" a Special Forces guy built like a Mack truck yelled at them as he barreled past.  He had a gas mask in his hand and was trying to slip it over his mouth and nose.

"Hoare!  Millard!  Get over here!"

Bate turned the other way to see Squad Sergeant Ward waving them on to the exit.

"They're breaking through the south-west perimeter," he yelled at them before charging outside.


Bate rushed out into total chaos.  There was smoke everywhere.  It was thick and pink in color.  The enemy, whoever they were, had deployed smoke grenades to cover their advance.  Bate's visibility wasn't more than a few feet.

"You see anything?" he called out to Millard.  SGT Ward was nowhere in sight.

"Nope, nothing.  Wait... what the fuck?"

Bate saw it too, but he couldn't be sure what he was seeing was real.  A naked woman towered above the drifts of pink smoke.  She was huge—seven feet tall at least, maybe more.  Physically she was built like an Amazon warrior of myth, with tits the size of basketballs.  Her size wasn't the only thing that marked her out as not human.  Her pale skin had a pink tinge, but it was an artificial hue of pink rather than natural flesh tones.  Her eyes were blood-red in color and instead of hair she had a cascade of fleshy tendrils the same color as her skin.

A hindig, the alien inhabitants of H-space.  Some of the more hostile ones were thought to be responsible for the occasional disappearance, but no one had thought they were capable of mounting a serious assault on one of the forward operating bases.

While the top half of her looked as though it had come from the furtive wet dreams of a horny pre-adolescent, the bottom half was pure nightmare fuel.  The smoke cleared enough to reveal her lower body was long and bloated.  It resembled a slug or giant fleshy grub.  Even worse, Bate saw her bulk was being dragged across the floor by a line of otherwise normal-looking human arms.  They rippled like the legs of a centipede and it was the juxtaposition of familiar human limbs attached to an alien body and being used in alien ways that made her appearance all the more disturbing.

Damn waste of a nice pair of tiddies, Bate thought.  He and Millard took aim, pressed the trigger...

...and nothing happened.

Fuck, he'd heard about this.  The physics of H-space were out of whack.  Electronics didn't work.  Sometimes even basic machinery failed to work and guns failed to fire.  He listened and realized he couldn't hear any sounds of gunfire at all.

This was bad.  Really bad.

The vast slug-like lower body of the hindig swelled up as she sucked in air through an orifice positioned where the vagina would be on a human woman.  She gave a low erotic moan, like a woman climaxing, and her lower body contracted back down to its original size as she whooshed out billowing pink clouds from her vagina.  She swung her hips in a lazy arc like she was dousing her surroundings with a flamethrower.

Wind tickled through Bate's hair and his vision was filled with thick billowing pink smoke.  The cloud enveloped him and he couldn't see a thing.

He knew he had to get inside, find another weapon—a fire ax, anything—to defend himself.  The problem was he had no idea where the entrance to the pre-fab sections of the base were.  He'd gotten himself turned around and lost in the pink fog.  He picked a direction and prayed it would take him back inside.

At the same time a powerful cramp in his groin doubled him over.  He remembered the Special Forces guy warning them about the pink fog.  Fuck, was it poison gas?

The fog cleared, but Bate wasn't sure his mind had.  He found himself witnessing a weird, nightmarish scene.  Two men were fucking on the ground.  Their eyes were bulging and veins stood out on their neck.  Both men grunted as the man on top forcibly drove his cock into the ass of the other.  The man on the bottom had a hand around his cock and was furiously jerking off.  Bate recognized the man on top as the sergeant.  But that couldn't be right.  The sergeant wasn't gay.  He had a wife waiting for him back home and she was fucking hot to boot.

Standing around them and watching was a group of red-skinned she-devils.  More hindigs.  Their gorgeous long-legged beauty was diminished by their red skin and the presence of horns, bat wings and slender black tails with arrow-point tips.  They were practically naked and wielded vicious-looking whips.  One turned her head in Bate's direction and he quickly ducked back into one of the thick pink clouds.

Hallucination.  That's what it had to be.  There was a hallucinogen in the fog and it was making him trip out and hallucinate demons.

He doubled up as another painful spasm racked his crotch.  It felt all tangled up and too tight down there.  He stumbled forwards and he fell onto his hands.

The fog partially cleared to reveal one of the great fog puffers right in front of him.  She stared down at him with a cruel smile on her sensual, full lips.  He saw how her female torso merged into the soft mass of flesh that made up her lower body.  Despite not having legs, she still possessed a vagina in the same place it would have been on a normal human woman, although it was considerably larger, even taking into account her greater size.  Her labia swelled back and forth as if her sex was breathing.

Hallucination.  Everything was a hallucination.

The hindig rubbed her hands on either side of her oversized pussy.  Her lower body swelled and then her vagina puffed out a thick cloud that enveloped Bate.

He doubled up with a pained grunt.  Too tight.  It was too tight down there.

A second languid puff of perfumed fog and Bate felt like his blood had been replaced by lava.

He had to relieve the constricted feeling in his crotch.  He squirmed in the dirt and tore down his pants and underpants, freeing his cock from the fabric that was strangling it.  Oh God, look at how it bulged, Bate thought.  The head was red and angry with swollen blood.

Bate was gripped by an overwhelming horniness.  His cock looked like it might burst at any moment.  He had to jerk one out.  He wrapped a hand around his swollen erection and tugged.  It wasn't enough.  He wanted—needed—to be buried in soft wet pussy.

"Aw, you look like you're struggling.  Would you like me to help you attain release?"

A melodious voice floated down to Bate and he looked up to see the hindig's face looking down at him between the hemispheres of her massive boobs.  He saw her gaping pussy.  The moist pink tunnel, pulsing with slow rhythmic contractions, expanded to fill his view until nothing else remained.

His cock ached with the desire to be sheathed in her flesh.  Only that would ease the pain he felt.  He looked up at her with imploring eyes.

She reached down and gathered him up into her embrace.  Her arms wrapped around his back and wedged his head between her massive tits.  Her lower hands gripped his ankles and pulled him close to her lower body.  She was soft down there, soft and yielding.  Bate's painfully throbbing erection was swallowed up in her oversized pussy.  The soft, padded walls contracted right down until he felt gentle pressure all around his member.  He gasped into her cleavage.  Yes, this was the relief he craved.

"You've built up too much pressure," the hindig cooed sympathetically.  "You need to let it out.  I'll help."

Her fleshy lower body swelled.  A gentle tugging sensation rippled up his shaft.  Oh yes, Bate thought.  His hips moved back and forth as her great pussy sucked on him.

"Release all that tension.  Breathe it out into me," she whispered.

Her body rose and fell like a great lung.  Each 'breath' sent fleshy pleasures rippling up and down his shaft.  Yes, Bate thought.  He was close... so close.

"Let it out.  Let me breathe it in."

She swelled.  Her pussy contracted around the base of his cock and a soft ring of smothering pressure climbed up his shaft.  Bate's whole body tensed in her embrace.  He moaned into her cleavage.  His cock swelled and he felt an indescribable wave of ecstasy as he pressed up against her and shot his load deep inside her.

And kept shooting.   Her soft, pulsing lower body gently milked out his ejaculate until his balls were fully drained.

"Now let me breathe into you," she said softly while stroking a hand through the stubble on the back of his head.

Her pussy squeezed down on his erection.  The swelling motion of her body reversed direction and Bate felt a weird but pleasant sensation—a strange tingling warmth as if she was blowing into him.  The warm breeze flowed down the inside of his cock and then billowed up inside his body.  It felt like he was being kissed on the inside by thousands of tiny luscious lips.

"Take my breath and now give me yours."

Her fleshy lower body sloshed and shifted.  Blowing became sucking and Bate was trembling helplessly as another orgasm burst from him.

Her great soft body, little more than a vast bag of corrupted air, squeezed again.  She filled him up and then washed part of the substance of his spirit out of him as she inhaled.  Bate was too caught up in another shuddering orgasm to notice.  All the heaviness and darkness was being drawn from him to leave behind nothing but air and light.

The great fog puffer's gases were having a strange effect on his form.  They made his body soft, pliant and elastic.  She breathed deeper.  Bate swelled up with her gases and then emptied more of himself into her as she inhaled.  Her groans of sensual bliss joined Bate's.

It was time to finish it.  She gave a mighty exhalation and Bate swelled up like a balloon as she filled him with her corrupted fog.  The last of him came free with a muffled little gasp.  She inhaled and breathed Bate in.  Only his empty skin remained.  It fluttered against her until she drew it within her as if it was a piece of popped bubblegum.

She paused momentarily and shuddered with a satisfied sigh.  Then she crawled up to the main building of the base.  She filled the doorway with her lower body and exhaled.  Her pink fog billowed through the corridors and rooms and overwhelmed all it came into contact with.  Overcome by pleasure, the last pockets of resistance dropped to the floor and were unable to resist as the succubi came to carry them off.

FOB Helmuth fell.

"It's as we thought.  They are not random fauna.  They have structure, hierarchy, and organization.  And now they are at war with us, with weapons and strategy we've never encountered before and are poorly equipped to counter."

"What now, sir?"

"Command won't listen, there are vested interests at stake.  All we can do is keep cataloguing and hope someone comes around to realizing the foolhardiness of this campaign.  Before it's too late..."


  1. For the people that like their monster girls monstrous. ;)

    (There are some more vanilla H-space monster girls on the way. I try to keep everyone happy if I can!)

    There's also a blink-and-you'll-miss-them cameo of a character that's present in another of my stories. I like to play around with burying references to my other stories.

  2. Great story, M. E., but one suggested correction. Mack makes the large tractors here in the US. I don't know if there is a similar company in Great Britain called Mach, though.

    1. I thought that was the idea lol

    2. Whoops. My Britishisms are showing. It is supposed to be Mack. I think I remembered the expression from a film, but forgot to check up the spelling. The dangers of trying to simulate a "voice" from a different country. If they were British squaddies it would have been "built like a brick shithouse" (or outhouse) and I thought this was the US equivalent for describing a big bastard.

      I'll probably make similar mistakes with US characters over and over, so if you see anything that makes you go "huh?", let me know as it likely means I left a Britishism where it didn't belong. :)

    3. No problem. Glad to help out a fellow writer, even if my muse has gone on a far to long of a vacation. Plus, it's not so easy to write now that I'm driving a truck similar to a Mack truck.

  3. Excuse me if that has been asked and answered before. What kind of time frame do you have in mind regarding wrapping up and publishing SS201 completely? I'd like to show my support by buying your sh*t.

    1. I'm avoiding timeframes on SS201. It's dragged on so long it's one of those things I'm going to keep chipping away at until it's done.

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  5. So is it Bate or Hoare, and does being his American change an axe to an "ax"? :D

    1. Yeah, there's something hinky going on with the character names. It is intentional ;)

      I try and use American spellings and sayings for American characters. Given that I'm a filthy limey, results may vary. :D

  6. OMG that was hot! Different but HOT!

  7. Amazing story!! You know, I've had some experience with sexu ladies in Austria. It was great and I want to return there in the future.