Saturday, April 02, 2016

Interesting succubus animation from Setouchi - Move it! Succubus Junior

Here's an interesting little thing I saw on DLSite by Setouchi Seiyaku.

Setouchi was one of the artists on the Monster Girl Quest series.  They also put out doujins on a semi-regular basis featuring characters from MGQ (The Beyond the End series) as well as other monster girls and sexy succubi.  (I did read somewhere that Setouchi and MGQ creator Toro Toro Resistance are one and the same person, but I don't know how true this is.)

This differs from Setouchi's usual stuff in that they've put an animation together.  The teaser video of a succubus tailjob looks tempting and extremely Setouchi/MGQ-esque.

(I've tried to embed the video below, which was an interesting exercise in faffing around and may have come out borked for some/all browsers.  A better version can be seen here if this is the case.)

I did pick up the whole thing, but to be honest it comes across more as a proof of concept or work in progress than a finished product.  There is no sound or voice acting and the animated clips are quite short.  Also, while there are text scenarios to go with the animations, LiveMaker didn't play nice with my text hooker and dropped so many characters that following the dialogue was impossible (if anyone knows the correct AGTH hook I should be using to fix this, please post it in the comments.)

There are five scenes in total - Paizuri (titwank), blowjob, come-in-face bukkake, tailjob, her-on-top sex.  Probably not quite enough to justify the $7 price tag (which I feel harsh saying because I know people that work in animation and it's a fuckload of work to make those pictures move), but interesting in potential future prospects.

Monster Girl Quest is already pretty damn good, but a Monster Girl Quest with proper animated sex attacks and Bad Ends...

I hope the talented folks on the island of cool things get around to working on something like that.  In the meantime I look forward to seeing what future animated endeavours Setouchi comes up with... but sound effects and maybe voice acting next time pls. ;)


  1. Wonderful!

    Also have you heard of the brand new succubus hentai called Marshmallow Imouto Succubus? It may be only fifteen minutes long, but it's pretty awesome. You'll be surprised at the end.

    1. Cool. I'll have to check that out.

    2. Cool. I'll have to check that out.

  2. Desert Eagle04/04/2016, 16:46

    The moment I saw that animation uploaded on Setouchi's Pixiv account, I rushed to DLSite to buy the game.

    I realized before buying that I wouldn't really be buying something complete. I just wanted to show support. I want Setouchi to do more stuff like this in the future.

    1. I did the same tbh. I'd love to see animations like those incorporated within a game like MGQ.

    2. I did the same tbh. I'd love to see animations like those incorporated within a game like MGQ.