Friday, May 27, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Bubblegum Blobgirl

Name:  Bubblegum Blobgirl
Type:  Slime Girl
Habitat:  Underground caves.  Ruins.

An amorphous pink blob with the ability to take on a facsimile of human form.  As with the other H-space slime or blob girls, the form most often taken is that of a naked and alluring human woman.  This is not a disguise as such—the blobgirl is unable to accurately replicate features such as eyes and hair, so they resemble more a clay sculpture of a human being and are unlikely to be mistaken for the real thing unless in exceptionally poor lighting.  The real purpose is to distract and sometimes even arouse potential prey.  For this reason the blob girl usually takes a form that looks like an exaggerated sex-fantasy ideal of the feminine figure, with very large breasts being a common feature.

Unlike some of the other slime girls that have been observed in H-space, such as specimen HA-001 and the pink cushionblobs, the bubblegum blobgirl is completely opaque.  In colour and texture they resemble pieces of bubblegum, hence the name.

Given their viscosity, stickiness and ability to partially adopt human form, I wonder if it would be better to classify bubblegum blobgirls as a primitive type of mimic and an offshoot from the main branch of slime girls.

Bubblegum blobgirls vary in size from small ones about the same size as fully-grown human to much larger ones about the same size as a truck.  The larger ones are capable of manifesting multiple humanoid appendages to 'play' with any men they manage to capture.

There are also rumours of much vaster blobgirls inhabiting the deeper caverns.  So far this hasn't been confirmed, but would be rather worrisome if true.

Attack Strategy:
Bubblegum blobgirls are extremely sticky.  Any person coming into contact with the surface of a blobgirl will become stuck and unable to pull away while the blobgirl slowly enfolds them with her amorphous body.

Bubblegum blobgirls do not consume their prey like an earth amoeba or even the blob monsters of tacky horror films.  The fluids they secrete around trapped prey are not digestive acids but a complex blend of hormones that are absorbed through the skin.  These substances subtly hijack parts of the subject's biochemical processes as well as massively over-stimulating the libido.  The blobgirl uses her soft sticky body to excite the sex organs of her victim and induce in them an unnatural state of hyper-arousal where they ejaculate continuously without being able to stop.  This continues until her prey is drained of all fluids.

This feeding pattern has been observed so many times and in so many different HSIOs it would be a mistake to continue to think of it as unusual at this point.

In the open bubblegum blobgirls are very slow and easily avoided.  They are much more dangerous in confined areas with low lighting where they can creep up on men undetected or even lure them by assuming the form of a 'perfect sex fantasy'.

Conventional weaponry is once again extremely ineffective.  Bullets don't penetrate far through the blobgirl's sticky mass and it is uncertain if there are even vital organs that can be targeted.  Bladed weapons get stuck in the blobgirl's sticky body and expose the wielder to a greater risk of coming into skin contact with the blobgirl and getting trapped.

Fortunately, the blobgirls don't appear to like extremes of cold and heat, and some of our soldiers have found flamethrowers to be particularly effective in driving them off.

Threat Level:

At least the ones that have been observed.  If the rumours of considerably vaster blobgirls inhabiting the deeper caverns are true... well let's just hope they stay there...


  1. I have to wonder what the Threat Level rating would be if the researcher had encountered a vaster blobgirl...though considering they likely could engulf the entire exploration party in a single lustful wave...

    I do wonder if even regular succubi are wary of the fauna in their world getting the better of them. While succubi are usually intelligent, I imagine some of these creatures are just driven by blind lust and would stimulate anything they can overpower.

    While I doubt Nyte would even think twice about a regular blobgirl, what if a regular Paffo-Paffo Succubus accidentally stumbled on an underground blobgirl lake? One misstep and she could end up being sucked into the perpetual orgy of mindless bubblegum.

    1. My idea is that they won't prey on each other for the simple reason that they're all manifestations of one gigantic consciousness, which is the H Space itself. At least that's what would happen if I were writing this story series. No doubt Hydra has his own ideas.

  2. If they have gigantic hentai boobs I'd be totally safe. Not my kind of thing at all :D

  3. Hope to see more slime Girls. Check MGU when you have time plz.

  4. I love these but please get us some more. These goo girls / succubus are amazing. I've already read everything I can find that you have written.