Friday, June 16, 2017

H-game Translations by =Together=

So I received an email that appeared to be a blatant plug for someone's Patreon.  After doing the obvious thing of immediately pressing delete...

"Translating Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~"

*pause deletion*

...after doing the obvious thing of reading and following the link to their Patreon, I decided to blog about it on the off chance of giving them a boost.

Here is a link to =Together='s Patreon site.  They look to be a two-person team working on fan translations of various low-budget hentai games.  Currently they're working on a translation for Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~.  You can also find updates on their progress at this thread on

I had a brief look at Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~ back here.

It looks like a typical RPG-maker RPG, but is actually more of a puzzle game where you have to escape a house occupied by a trio of succubi before they snu-snu you to death.  It's a pretty good game and has some of the best Succubus Bad End H-scenes I've seen in any game.  It's also very confusing and difficult to play without translation.

Readers may have noticed I don't blog about Monster Girl H-games as much as I used to.  Since upgrading my laptop to Windows 10 I've had a helluva game trying to get any of them to work with the usual AGTH/Translation Aggregator combo I use for machine translation.  I was only able to play Succubus Prison at all because I bought it early.  Versions over 1.00 don't work with AGTH at all (at least on my machine).  So I'm really happy to see someone is taking on an attempt to translate it.

The usual caveats with crowd-funding apply.  There are always going to be scammers or idiots that think they can remake Monster Girl Quest as Skyrim with a dev team of one.  Even projects with good intentions and sensible objectives can sometimes go awry.  So always be careful to manage expectations before putting up your hard-earned cash.

That said, an English version of Succubus Prison would be awesome.

One last thing.  Regardless of the form the translated files take, if you play it and like it, please be sure to support Tokinokogiri and buy their game.  I'd rather they were happy to see attempts to make their game more accessible to the Western market rather than actively trying to sabotage them over fears of piracy (cough ROBF cough).


  1. the artist is Shiki I think.... The artstyle looks similar to some of MGQ art

  2. Wish I could give you some real advice on the machine translation trouble.
    The only thing I can suggest is just trying to find a new one.
    I wonder why Windows 10 would cause such problems in the first place.

  3. Desert Eagle26/06/2017, 08:29

    Hmm. I'm curious about what their translation standards are. Which aspects of translation do they prioritize over others? Do they want to create high-quality translations or quickly translate as many games as possible? Their Patreon page doesn't explain these.

    That said, it's nice that their translations will be available for free. Well, they probably have to be - otherwise legal issues.

  4. Haha I mentioned this on the post of the drawing of nyte, the traslation seems to be pretty good from what they've done so far. I decided to support them on patreon because I have attempted learning japanese but it's a bit too different for me to wrap my brain around. Also you ain't losing out on much at 1$/month.