Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 18

Whoopsies on the bigger than expected delay.  I fully blame getting back into Monmusu Quest: Paradox (that Text Play is coming) and one of those rare weekends where I have to do non-writing work.  Anyway, Monmusu Quest: Paradox is for the future, we’re currently on Monmusu Conquered World and somewhere near the end (I think).

So where are we – part 18 I reckon.

We’re near the end now.  Big Fox and L’il Fox have already been dispatched.  So too has the Queen in Yellow, Hastia.

We’ve still got a few more pointless run-and-dodge filler sections to navigate first.  I think at this point even the game is tired of them as this segment is a leisurely stroll past devil bedrooms.  They don’t even seem that interested in Luka-clone and as the game seems to have run out of original sex anims to tempt us with, neither do we.

Then… succubus.

Yay, succubus, I think...

I’m pretty sure she’s just another sub-boss rather than one of the plot-important “generals”.  I remember Violated Hero 5 doing this with the succubus-esque Nightmare appearing seemingly at random in one of the end-game sections.  Doesn’t really make much sense, but they promised us a “lewd demon”, so let’s…

Loli or starved?

Hmm.  Not really a fan of this artwork.  Sure, I like them busty, but I don’t think it’s requirement that a succubus needs a pair of melons attached to their chest.  In this case she doesn’t look so much flat-chested as withered.  Is that what happens if a succubus doesn’t get her daily feed?  Enquiring minds would like to know.

Maybe we should start a sperm drive for the poor lass.  I’m sure there would be no shortage of volunteers.

The game doesn’t even bother with the first pointless unwinnable battle, it jumps straight to the Bad End scene where the succubus…

Oh fuck.

…pops us in her mouth like a piece of candy.

Hmm, you know what I was saying about your breasts earlier, succubus…

I am truly, deeply, sincerely sorry.


I’m not sure whether we’ve been shrunk by magic or the succubus is really a giantess.  Either way, it’s the classic giantess vore scene.  The succubus gets us off with her big slimy tongue.  No real reason to.  I guess the “cream” gives a bit of tasty extra seasoning before the eventual gulp.

Down the hatch we go, Luka-clone.  Never mind.  The sword will…

…hey, do we even still have that magic sword?  I haven’t seen its graphic for ages.

You promised us a lewd demon, Dieselmine.

I think they’re trolling us, again.

I don’t mind vore.  I even dabble with it on occasion with my succubus and monster girl stories (okay, so maybe more than occasionally with the H-space stories), mainly because it plays so well with horror.  Not so much giantess vore, though.  That doesn’t hit any of my buttons, even if Karbo does draw some of the loveliest monster girls.

That plus the loli (sort of – it might be more accurate to call the artwork just straight-up strange) angle renders this a double miss for me.

For me, I should clarify.  For someone into the giantess fetish, this might be the scene that hits them right in the sweet spot.  That’s one of the great things about these games – they do try to cover a wide range of kinks.

One thing it did do for me was raise some interesting thoughts on the exclusiveness of some kinks/fetishes.  By exclusiveness, I mean the kinks that fall into the love or loathe category.  Taking giantess as an example.  Is it better to make a game with all giantess vore, or a game that covers it as part of a wide range of similar kinks?  For the all-giantess game, you know the audience is going to be really pleased with all the content, but that audience is likely to be very niche and consequentially small.  For the wider range option, you’re going to attract a wider audience, but the resulting game is going to be fairly diluted.  For example, if you’re only into the giantess vore side of things, is paying $20 for a game with 1 scene of interest out of 20 that appealing?

I suspect it comes down to the exclusivity of kinks.  Monster Girl Quest handled this with its vore toggle switch.  That way, the players that liked femdom monster girls, but really didn’t want their boner ruined by a graphic account of a starfish girl everting her stomach around Luka and digesting him to mush, could just flip a switch and not see that content.

(In care you're wondering – no, I don’t come with a vore-toggle switch.  I like my horror too much.)

Also, the creators of MGQ seemed to know which areas overlapped, and which didn’t.  So you might see Luka get eaten by a dragon with a sexy babe for a tongue, or wrapped in the stomach of a starfish girl, but you won’t see him get buggered up the ass by a big hairy bloke, or see Luka beat Alice black and blue with his fists and then throttle her.  Those audiences don’t really overlap (at least I’m fairly sure they don’t overlap!).

But this is too much digression (and another hint I probably should not have done this series without any machine translation).  I’m thinking this might be a topic for a future post.  Mapping out which kinks can or can’t co-exist would be an interesting discussion and possibly a useful resource for anyone thinking of making their own monster girl H-game.

Back to our Luka-clone-popping succubus and the question of whether she’s a giant or using shrinking magic is answered when we finally get to the real fight.  Her sex attack is paralyzing the player, putting them to sleep, and then riding the fuck out of them.

Succubus riding the fuck out of us

Now this is more like what I expect from a succubus.

Overall, Little Miss Succubus is a miss for me, but I’m not going to begrudge the game for including her.

Hopefully, we should now be back to the regular posting schedule, so I’ll see you again on Friday.


  1. I've been studying Japanese for a few years and based on my knowledge, the scene is actually set up as her putting you to sleep with her magic and invading your dreams, so she's not actually a giantess or shrinking you. The sword wakes you up. I happen to be one of those rare people this appeals to and while I enjoy the rest, this one was the most important reason I actually bought the game. I wish there were more all-vore/all-giantess games, but I can relate to the idea of diluting the game with scenes that only appeal to niche audiences. I'm not really a fan of other aspects of the giantess fetish like crushing. I also wish they had stuck to the formula and put the game-over scenes after the actual game overs... There's less thrill this way. I like to play through the game normally then come back and view the scenes in one go. I like your blog!

    1. Cheers!

      That explanation makes a lot more sense. I'm surprised I didn't think of it.

  2. yeah shes a Succubus(サキュバス is succubus written in katakana), no she not a loli but she's close. little fox and the goblins are lolis on the other hand.