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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 11: Minotaurs' Labyrinth

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The initial plan was simple.  Win the Queen’s Cup in the coliseum, get permission to visit Esta, investigate the Tartarus region near it.  Except the queen would rather we investigate Mephisto’s school of magic before then and we can’t even get out of the door without Caesar and Arthur throwing more quests our way.  Alice suggests we sort the other problems out before investigating Mephisto and having seen the artwork of the girls waiting for us at the school of magic, I’m down with that.

First up we’re on the Case of the Missing Minotaurs for Caesar.

This involves some amateur sleuthing in Grand Noah.  First, we need to find a contact in the pub.

Where to find the pub

The contact you need to speak to

He sends us to the minotaur girl working at the blacksmith’s.

The next contact you need to speak to

The minotaurs have all received invitations to a party in a ruined castle to the north.  She can't go because she's too busy at the moment, so she gives us her invitation.

Sounds suss.  They’ve probably been lured into a trap.  We’d better go investigate.

Before then, there’s another little side errand.  Papi can be taught how to make dragon scale gear by the blacksmith.  Before the Queen’s Cup he was too distracted by the upcoming tournament.  That’s over, but the blacksmith still wants something tournament related.  He’ll train Papi so long as we bring him back a Fighter’s Badge from the coliseum.

Essentially this is an introduction to another one of those shiny distractions JRPGs like to add in.  You can fight in the coliseum for prizes.  There are three modes – regular, tribal, survival.  Tribal imposes race-based squad restrictions and with survival you keep going until everyone is knocked out.  Something to come back to and investigate later.  For now we’re only interested in picking up the Fighter’s Badge and for that you only need to win the first round of regular.

It’s not hard.  You fight two slimes, two lizard girl thieves and a sea horse marine squad.  Badge earned, take it back to the blacksmith with Papi in the party and he’ll teach her how to make dragon scale gear.

That out of the way, it’s time to find those missing cowgirls.

To get to the castle ruins we need to go through the cave system to the west of Grand Noah.  The monsters here are the same as in Fossil Mine, with the addition of a new lamia type that I’ll talk about in a later post as she also shows up in the caves to Yamatai (I might have done some scouting ahead).

Route to minotaur party location

There is a minotaur girl by the exit.  She’s excited at the prospect of going to a sukiyaki party, whatever that is.

Leave the caves and turn north and you’ll come to a ruined castle.

The minotaurs' labyrinth

On trying to enter it you’ll be greeted by a sprite of an attractive minotaur lass with a scary big sword.

This party has a bouncer.  You need the invitation to get past.

She’s the gatekeeper to stop entry to people that might be tempted to forgo the plot and go where they please in search of sexy new monster girls (like I said, I might have scouted ahead).  However, if you’ve spoken with the blacksmith minotaur, she should have given you her invite and that will allow you to enter this location.

It’s a sukiyaki party (whatever that is).

Minotaurs are tucking into a feast and seem in a festive mood.  This has all been put on by a mysterious benefactor.  They can be found up on the top floor (can we say boss).

So what the fudge is sukiyaki.  To Wikipedia!

Okay, so it’s a traditional Japanese dish of sliced beef.

Wait.  Sliced beef?

Looks around at all the big busty minotaurs tucking into their beef stew.


Ahem.  Sorry.

The minotaur girls don’t seem particularly bothered.  The minotaurs of MGQ-world have a liking for beef that is a little... unnerving.

To be honest, I’ve never understood why minotaurs in fantasy have typically been portrayed as voracious carnivores.  Bulls eat grass.  Okay, so there is that guy from the classic myth, but you’d go a bit funny in the head as well if some nutter locked you in a maze for aeons.

This location is similar to the towers of the previous game.  All the wandering monster girls are variants on a type, in this case minotaurs.  The ‘classic’ minotaur returns from part 1, although she’s a little under-levelled for this location.  Joining her is the High Minotaurus that greeted us at the entrance as well as two new types:

Misstauros and Genitauros.

Cow girls, lots of cow girls

Misstauros seems to be the aunt figure.  Lose to her and she’ll take you off to be milked with her hands, mouth and finally between her big tits.

Who's getting milked now

She also has an additional sex scene you can request back at the pocket castle.  As with all things Xelvy I wonder if she’s going to go all The Thing on us at any moment, but the scene is mostly vanilla aside from the luridly coloured internal shot.

Genitauros seems to be the machinery loving rebel child.  I wasn’t too interested in her normal sprite as she looked a bit too butch for my tastes, but her sex scene is actually pretty good.  She gets on top and practically smothers Luka with her tits while giving him a good humping.

Can't... breathe...

High minotauros makes use of minotaurs being 7ft+ in MGQ-verse to cater to femdom infantilization fetishes.  So much so, that I’ll leave off posting the pics, as – without context – they might look little dubious, and I'd like to avoid having my blog shut down.  Her scenes are a nursing handjob with lots of big boob suckling and a missionary scene where ‘big sis’ wraps a leg around you to keep you in place.  If you like the idea of being pampered like a baby by a big (and we mean big!) strong ‘big sis’, you’ll likely adore Carol’s request scenes.

Before reaching the boss there’s a surprise encounter on the steps to the second floor.  We bump into Sun Wukong, who Alice warns us is a reincarnation of a famous powerful demon (I’m guessing she’s a gender-flipped version of the Monkey King).  She’s here to fight the demon responsible for all this, so I mistakenly assume she’s an NPC until she attacks us

The Monkey... Queen?

Lose to her and she creates two copies of herself and treats you to a one-woman orgy.

If you win, she blames it on eating too much and runs off.

Well, that was all a bit weird and unexpected.

The big boss (and she is big!) is up on the top floor.

Big boss fight ahead

She’s the demon cow queen and she’s huge, and not just in bra size.

Demon cow queen is definitely one for the BBW lovers

Her plans are not, as we feared, grinding minotaurs up to feed other minotaurs.  With all the turmoil going on, she wants to assemble her own army, and has been luring all the minotaurs here with promises of plenty of food.  Beating her knocks those plans on the head.

Demon cow queen won’t join the party at first.  I did think this was a similar scenario to the slug queen in that we needed to raise the affection of one of her minotaur minions high enough to get the item to recruit her.  It’s actually a little bit more specific than that.

Remember the minotaur hanging out by the cave exit on the way here.  If you give her 10 sukiyaki, she’ll give you a Horn of Friendship.  Take this back to the Demon Cow Queen and she’ll join the party.  The sukiyaki can be picked up as a fairly common drop from the various minotaurs in the labyrinth.

Give her 10 sukiyaki to receive the item to recruit Demon Cow Queen.  Let's not think too hard about where the sukiyaki came from...

Which again raises awkward questions about feeding minotaurs to other minotaurs...

Demon cow queen only has one request move back at the castle.  You know I said she was a big girl...

Insert own comedy 'boing' sound effects

Demon cow queen is massive.  For her request scene she pops Luka in her cleavage and jiggles us around until we make a mess everywhere.

That’s this area cleared.  Caesar will join the party permanently afterwards.  Plus, we’ve also gained a few big-titted cow girls to keep us company when the nights grow colder...

The only remaining loose end is Sun Wukong.  She doesn’t join the party after being defeated or even give us a quest to fulfil to recruit her.  She just buggers off.  I was worried I might have missed something until I remembered she was one of Alice’s reincarnated demon queens from the cut scene in the puppeteer’s tower in part 1.

That knowledge provides a bit of extra context to make sense of all this.  Demon cow queen is assembling her own independent army.  Black Alice sent monkey gal to fight and usurp her in order to bring that faction over to her side.  I’m guessing we’re going to run into Sun Wukong again, likely with friends.

Anyway, I think we’re done here, so it’s time to turn our attentions to Arthur’s problems.

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  1. Giant Woman!

    Also not really surprised with the whole Minotaur eat beef bowl thing. Fish eat fish so why not minotaur eat cow?

    Seriously speaking though, sukiyaki is delicious... and now I'm hungry...

  2. Cow Demon King is also translated as Ox King if your wondering why Sun Wukong was there.

    also Luka's looking buff in Cow King's scene (not Heinrich buff but buff)

    1. Ah, more Journey to the West references.

      I prefer buff Luka. It emphasises the sexy dominance of the monster girls more if they're dominating a badass hero (and it makes it harder for the unpleasant moral busybodies that infest online spaces to kick up a stink and misrepresent the series as something else).

      Saying that, I think Cow Queen might just be a little too much woman for me to handle. ;)

  3. What are the main 4 characters do you keep in your party and what job do you have them run? I just started part 1 a few days ago and wanted to get an idea of what would be good to run in my party.

    1. Varies. I was trying to unlock all the item drops and steals, so I mix and match a lot to stop characters getting over-leveled.

      You can't go much wrong with the early imp trio of Rami, Remi and Rumi. They make a fairly balanced party and - as imps - have access to various pleasure attacks that obliterate the beast girls that are the most common enemies in the early part of the game.

      Mostly it doesn't matter as long as the party is fairly balanced. I think the game is set up with the expectation that most players will just run with their favourite girls.

  4. Does Misstauros have a spanking attack, or does she only spank Luka during the rape scene?