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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 48: Mermaid Cave


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One rampaging monster queen down, three to go.

Next on the hit list is the mermaid tribe.  We already know where their base is.  It’s just to the west of Esta, here:

Mermaid base, surprisingly not at sea as you'd expect, which I guess makes it a good spot for a hidden base

Previously the cave entrance was blocked by a mermaid general and Luka was too gentlemanly to force his way in.  Now, with the Mermaid Queen in our sights, we get the option to fight our way in.

Fishy bouncers

Inside is a cave system filled with mermaids.  There are also some of the adorable ickle sea horse marines and sea slugs.  An NPC tells us that the pay isn’t very good in the navy, so some of them also work for the Mermaid Queen.  As far as I know, you still can’t recruit them if you chose the pirate route way back in the beginning of part two, which is a shame.

The other monster girls are the new mermaids we encountered while defending San Ilias.  The mermaid generals were an encounter in the original series.  The new fishy babes are Lorelei and Mermaid Knight.  Lorelei, as we found out in the invasion of San Ilias, gives a nice bubbly bath.  Mermaid Knight’s scene is a sloppy blowjob with plenty of saliva to perk us up into the right mood.

Who wouldn't turn down a sloppy mermaid BJ?

I suppose you could describe it as vanilla, but that will probably be a relief to those scarred by MGQ’s various angel and demon abominations.

The other NPC wandering around is El, the little mermaid princess.  We bump into her multiple times while walking through the caves.  She seems very conflicted about her role in the attack on San Ilias and is unsure of what to do.

I’m guessing no-one is pulling Queen Mermaid’s strings here.  She has a massive chip on her shoulder against humans as they murdered her love back in more barbaric times.  She didn’t need much prompting to join in on the attack on humanity.

You can encounter her in the centre of the cave system.

Queen Mermaid's location

She is also a returning boss from the original series.

Tragic mermaid back story.  Does not like humans.

Sure enough, there is no surprise boss to attack us after frying Queen Mermaid (she’s rather vulnerable to lightning).  She was happy for any excuse to bash humans.  Having resolved some of her crisis of conscience, El, shows up to try and talk her mother out of the bad stuff.  Queen Mermaid decides to call off the war and offer herself as prisoner on the condition that she and only she is held responsible for the actions of the mermaid race.  She also tells El to go along with us to learn to be a better future queen.

We are again the peace delegate and it’s off to San Ilias to present Queen Mermaid’s terms.  These are fine to Robo-Pope.  He’d rather form an alliance than punish her.  He also gives us a few rewards.  We get the Swift God’s Soul, which is the unlock item for advanced dragon knight, thief and ninja jobs.  I think.  He also hints of other goodies to be found in the makina workshop beneath his throne room.  It’s worth going down there as one of the engineers gives us the book to unlock the advanced engineering job as well as what looks like a multi-way rocket launcher.  That seems moderately unfair in a fantasy game.

Then back to Queen Mermaid.  She was fully expecting to be executed.  Alice informs her humans have gotten much better than they used to be.  This makes Queen Mermaid feel even worse for bringing up El the way she has.

We’re not quite done here as there is another long callback to events in the MQ:P [part 1].  You’ll remember that we’ve been carrying around a dried bit of squid that was the Queen of the South Seas temple until Astaroth sucked all her energy out.  Poseidoness couldn’t restore her, but suggested Queen Mermaid might be able to.  And here we are, talking to Queen Mermaid.

She does indeed have the magic to restore Kraken, who is very relieved to be returned to normal after many narrow escapes of nearly being eaten by accident by Alice.

Kraken, un-besquidded (and thankfully for her, uneaten by Alice)

She joins the party and suggests we go back to the North Sea Temple to recruit Poseidoness.  Talk to Poseidoness (Kraken doesn’t even need to be in the party) and she’ll join.  She also seems a bit gropy with her tentacles, much to Sonya’s disgust.  Alice tells her most of the deep sea monster girls are like that.

We’re a bit short of the smexy stuff, given that the only new monster girl is Mermaid Warrior, so here’s a pic of Kraken getting her tentacle grope on.

Sea monster girls like to get their tentacles in all sorts of places

Then back to Queen Mermaid for the set?

Nope.  Not yet.  She’s still concerned about El.  I’m guessing we’re waiting for the same quest unlock as with Queen Alraune, Elf and Fairy.

Anyway, that’s it for the frisky fishies.  Next up it’s time to take on the spider girls, where I absolutely won’t deliberately kick Luka into a web so a trio of delightfully kitsch spider girls can have their wicked way with us.  Ahem.

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  1. Recruit the GranGold King if you haven't already, he has something to say if you bring him to fight the spider princess.

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    2. ......does the word "spoilers" mean nothing to you?

  2. The makina doesn't end at the surface to air missile launchers.
    The final, currently inaccessible makina are a battleship that attacks from impossible angles and a... nuclear weapons platform. That one might be from the time when Ilias and Alice I were at war.
    In San Ilia, there was a dog and two kids. After the battle, only the dog is there.
    The part 3 announcement thingy was just a story sequel hook, by the way. Some new scenes for old monster girls were in the update though. The watermelon got at least two.

  3. Dude... you alive?

  4. I think the spiders got him...