Monday, March 05, 2018

The Heart Squad (part 5)


A shape flowed out of the darkness and stepped in front of him.  It was the tall and busty flame-haired woman.  She was still wearing nothing more than a longcoat over frilly pink lingerie.

Had she been waiting out here all this time?  She must be freezing her nips off, Kurtzburg thought.

If she was, she gave no outward sign.  She greeted Kurtzburg with a breezy smile.

"Mr Kurtzburg, we never realised you had to work so late."

She glanced up at Kurtzburg's floor, where everything was in darkness.

"You must have been so lonely, working up there all on you own.  You should have let us know.  We would have come up and kept you company."

A stretch limo—sleek and gleaming white—pulled up alongside them.  The back door opened and two excitable women leaned out.

"Hello, Mr Kurtzburg," they said in unison.

Both looked younger than the flame-haired woman and were just as attractive.  He recognised them from the pictures that had been sent him.  In person they exuded a strong aura of wanton sexuality.  They seemed like the type of girls that did anything and everything.

"I think there's been some mistake," Kurtzburg said.  "You have me mixed up with someone else."

"You are Mr Piotr Kurtzburg, of..." the flame-haired woman reeled off Kurtzburg's home address and even his date of birth for good measure.  "I don't think there's been any mistake."

Nope, that was rather... specific.

"Why me?" he asked.

"Someone thought you deserved it," the flame-haired woman said.

That didn't help Kurtzburg at all.

"What did you think of the chocolates?" she asked.

"Um, I didn't... um... eat them.  The QA women shared them."

The woman looked disappointed.

"Oh well, can't be helped," she said.  She smiled.  "Their husbands and boyfriends will be in for a good night tonight.  What about you, Mr Kurtzburg?  Are you ready to embark on a night of unadulterated passion and hedonism?"

She held out her right arm, simultaneously blocking Kurtzburg's path and directing him in the direction of the back of the limo.  The two girls, all smiles, beckoned him to join them on the back seat.  A third girl regarded him with sultry interest from an open window.  Wow.  They'd looked attractive enough in the pictures, but were even more gorgeous in the flesh.

Kurtzburg was tempted.  Sorely tempted.  But...

...this was way too good to be true.  There was no way it could be legit.

"I don’t think I can get into that car with you," Kurtzburg said.

"Aww," the flame-haired woman said.  "Don't be so uptight.  Those inhibitions aren't healthy.  Come with us.  We'll help you lose them.  It will be fun."

She moved forwards to caress him.

Instinctively, Kurtzburg stepped back.

"Sorry, I think this is all one big misunderstanding.  You have the wrong guy.  No-one would arrange all this for me."

The woman placed a hand on her hip.  Her lips pouted in irritation.

"My, you are an awkward one."

Her sensual lips turned up in a smile.  Her eyes twinkled.  For a brief—split second—moment, Kurtzburg would have sworn he saw a pink flash.  Then...

...Kurtzburg was sitting on the back seat of a luxurious stretch limo surrounded by four gorgeously uninhibited young women.

What the hell.  You only live once, he thought to himself.

to be continued...


  1. Nothing good comes from the phrase Yolo nothing.

  2. Well, this could be a not so bad thing, but should be interesting.

    1. Edit: I do hope that the releases with action, as it were, will be a bit longer than the fragments so far

      It is fine if they aren't, this is your story after all, and you are posting as you can, but I have learned and observed that ending an action scene of any type in the wrong place can kill the flow of a story, it could be even more dire in this case considering the fragmented releases.

      It would be unfortunate, and I am sure many others would share such a sentiment.

    2. The intro wasn't initially planned as a serial, and given my very spotty productivity, I want to keep posting frequently, even if it is shorter 500-word or so chunks. This is all build-up and I can just about get away with it. I will not be doing the same when we get to the action. If it means I have to skip a day, I'll skip a day, but I won't break up the important scenes.

    3. Thank you, your work was my introduction into into erotic literature. A simple curious Google search and boom.

  3. Personally I like the serialization as well. Ofcourse getting a full story would be amazing, but like this we get something to read every 3ish days and Hydra has more time to finish the story as well.

    Regarding the story itself: It is good so far. The intro was/is interesting and the cuts dont really take away from the build-up.

    The only thing that sucks for me is the fact that Kurtzburg is probably going to survive. At least that is the feeling I have right now. Many ppl are fine with that, I guess. But for me a succubus is pretty much deadly. Nurse Honey would be the perfect example.

    1. The way i see it, this could go either way, honestly.

      There have been more than a few MEH stories where it looked like the character would survive, only for some reason outside their control, an action they did or did not take earlier in the story, or something in their past, before the story.

      The earlier in the story thing could be choosing to not partake of the chocolates and share them, the before the story could be relating to his boss or the people she got fired or such.

      There are so many possibilities about how this could go, and there are hints that just add onto the possibilities.

  4. This is building up well. The possibility that his co-worker is conspiring to promote herself at his expense adds spice. My only disappointment is that the succubus used mind control to get him into the limousine. This is a fateful moment in the plot and to my mind the protagonist should be the architect of his own demise. He needs to be tempted in there against his better judgement somehow for it to be truly sexy. Now if one of the girls in there said her hard-drive needed de-fragging...

    1. I think one of them would offer to defrag his hard drive, instead.

  5. I like how this is turning out! looking forward to more!