Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Is Away

I was hoping to prepare the final two bits on Monmusu Quest: Paradox in advance to post while I was away.  Unfortunately travel preparations and other stuff wrecked that plan.

I'll be back next Wednesday.


  1. Eh honestly, MGQ Paradox is kind of tiresome.

    I just looked over your months' litany stuff where it lists each post for each month and you've been doing this walkthrough for 9 months. Three-quarters of one whole year.

    You haven't even finished your Heart Squad thing due to this big walkthrough.

    Your story stuff, like the H-Space stuff or your Succubus Summoning stuff, is more interesting I feel

    1. Well, even though I would prefer some new stories over the walktrough (especially Heart Squad and SS), I still did enjoy the walkthrough. In the end it is up to Hydra what he is focusing on atm.

    2. Same here. There's very little of ManyEyedHydra's content that I don't enjoy, no matter the type. That said, when said bits pop up, I don't begrudge that they do.

      Way I figure it, it's an extremely lucky that so much of this author's content is in a range can enjoy, as there are a lot of erotica authors whose works I can't bring myself to enjoy and very few (comparatively speaking,) that I can. Happy coincidence that so many of said writers happen to write monstergirls in their works too...