Monday, May 17, 2010

And the crickets did chirp...

Actually, the response was pretty good. I've got a winner and a character will wear their skin and name in the forthcoming (and much delayed!) Succubus Summoning 201.

Thanks for the emails and apologies to those that missed out this time. I might try and sneak the spare 'skins' in at a later date anyway ;)

Of course, in an ideal world, the chapter would already be out and available to read. Last week didn't exactly proceed to plan. Which is pretty much par for the year so far sadly. Work, blah blah, and other assorted feeble excuses. Need to get writing dammit!

And update this a little more frequently than once a week.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Who wants a cameo appearance in Succubus Summoning 201?

A daft idea, so please indulge me.

Succubus Summoning 201, or the continuing misadventures of Phil the warlock, is still going to happen. It's five months late I know, but it will happen. The original planned story arc needed a little tweaking as it was good on plot, but way too light on sex. Actually the original planned story arc needed a lot less planning and a lot more 'just write the goddamn thing!' But more on that later...

Anyhows, I'm deep into chapter one (it'll be out soon I hope!) and there's a supporting character and I had one of those silly brainwaves. Why not let somebody put their face/name onto this guy. (a guy this time round, sorry ladies - I'll try and open up something for you next time)

Before anyone gets too attached, this is a human character that isn't called 'Phil', so we can safely assume their chances of making it to Succubus Summoning 202 are fairly minimal. But if you'd like to read about your fictional likeness succumbing to a succubus then send me (manyeyedhydra at a brief description of how you looked/wanted to look at around age twenty and a name/nickname that doesn't sound out of place if a character uses it to introduce themselves at a fresher's fair (or equivalent). I'll use the first appropriate one that crashes into my inbox.

This is just a skin. The character will behave how I planned for them to behave and that doesn't include anything from their point of view. I thought it might be a cool thing to offer by way of an apology to the long suffering readers who've been waiting months for me to restart this series.

This is in no way a cynical attempt to test if anyone is reading this or gauge the level of interest in a followup to Succubus Summoning 101. No sir. Honest Guv.


I may regret this when I hear nothing but crickets chirping next time I open my inbox.

On the crappy legalese front to attempt to appease the people that exist purely to suck all the joy and fun out of existence, by sending me something, if I choose to use it, you're giving me consent to use whatever description/name you give me and forfeiting the right to sue my ass off for using this description/name in the highly unlikely event Succubus Summoning 201 becomes a major hollywood blockbuster. On a more serious note, Google is everywhere and this is a series that runs on an adult stories site, so bear that in mind for whatever name/description you'd like me to use.

Hopefully, this will give me some impetus to get the next Succubus Summoning arc kickstarted anyway. And if it turns out to be fun I may do something similar again in the future. Go for audience participation!

(I have a ghastly feeling I'm going to wish I'd never written this in a week's time.)