Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Literotica's Nude Day Contest Results

Are in.

I didn't place, but I think I came close.  I was on the site just as the results were announced (which tends to be important if you want to check scores as winners usually have their entrants bombed by jealous eedjits right after the announcement).  The 3 winners were all in the 4.83-4.84 range and I think my story finished up around 4.82-4.83.  So, close.

Closer than I was expecting to be honest.  Usually I have to throw in a nice ending and a satisfying twist like this or this to place.  "Night of the Nude Succubus Orgy" has 3 idiots who end up being very very lucky.  But it's good fun and I know the "nice-ending" fans have been a little under-served of late with all the grimdark H-space stuff.

The main purpose was to get back on Literotica, and that was achieved.  I'm hoping this will continue.  I have a story I didn't quite get finished for last Halloween and hopefully by next Valentine's Day I will have retrieved "The Heart Squad" from its current production hell.

And also, you'll notice on the right...

roughly about here if I got my placement right--------------------->
(Which I... uh... didn't)

...I have a link button to my Patreon.

Yes, I finally managed to set one up if you missed my announcement yesterday.

My Patreon page is here.

I'm going to be using this to fund things like writing the Literotica stories, the H-space monster girl bestiary shorts and the CYOA scenarios.

A big thank you to the people who are already backing me.

Today I've mostly been writing bouncy paizuri scenes with a lovely pink slime girl.  That CYOA scenario is back on the go, even if it has spiraled a little out of control.  More updates to come as soon as I'm nearer completion.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Many-Eyed Hydra finally has a Patreon

I've faffed around with this for a while, to be fair.

First up, I'm terrible at asking for anything, so writing what is essentially a begging "giz us cash" post is alien and uncomfortable for me.

Turns out a couple of big dentist bills on the horizon are pretty good for making one swallow his pride.  (I had a root ripped out today after the crown snapped off a few weeks ago.  Ow.  I'm not sure which is more painful - the pliers or the imminent damage to the bank account.)

Secondly, there was a smidgeon of doubt.  Last couple of years I've been a bit all over the place - The H-space monster girl bestiary stuff, the long (probably too long) Monmusu Quest: Paradox walkthroughs, the bits of novels you haven't yet seen because they didn't quite get there and are currently on hiatus.  I didn't want to open up a Patreon until I felt confident I could give people value for their subscriptions.

After publishing the "Escape the Arachne" CYOA scenario and finally getting back to Literotica with a 13K word monster short story, "Night of the Nude Succubus Orgy", I feel in a much better place productivity-wise.  Another story I got about halfway through before sticking on a backburner has recently popped up and punched me in the face with a "Finish me!"  One of the hopes I have with the Patreon is that it'll free me from thinking - "I can't do the short stories like before, I need to be writing novels and things I can put on Amazon for money," and I'll just get back to writing what feels right at the time (which usually ends up turning into a series/novel or short story collection anyway).

Finally, there was the fear.  Not starting up a Patreon is a bit like Schrödinger's cat.  As long as you haven't launched it, it can't actually fail.  Once you launch it, well... reality ensues and you have to face the prospect of it only making $5 a month.

Feh, if it happens, it happens.  No-one has an automatic right to be rewarded and recompensed for their creative endeavors.

(It would be fairly soul-destroying, though, so please support me if you can. ;) )

But we can swiftly move on past all that mewling.  I've finally got off my ass and got the Patreon up.  You can find it (and hopefully back me) here.

(Having a tooth ripped out does wonders for focus.)

Some nitty-gritty.

There is only one reward tier currently ($1).  According to Patreon this is taken out the moment you back me and then again at the 1st of each month.  I will add more tiers in future when I have a better idea of what I'm doing.

My plan is to give patrons early access to stories and CYOA scenarios.  As a test I've made available a later version of "Escape the Arachne" where I jiggled the math a little and added a "hard" mode (tests fail on ties rather than passing).

This will be my plan for future CYOA scenarios and regular (i.e. non-contest) short stories and serial chapters.  I don't plan to make any of these totally exclusive, mainly because it could come back to bite me in the ass if I really want to use a particular story in a future collection.  The period of exclusivity will likely be for a week before I post the story on Literotica or here.  For some stories it will be a lot longer as they won't be put on Literotica or the blog and instead will be earmarked for future ebook short story collections.

I'll probably also post snippets of various bit of works-in-progress.  Some might become something, some might not, but the individual scenes will likely still be enjoyable.  (I have a hot one with Nicole and Madam Voluptula having a lot of fun together lying on one of my hard drives somewhere.)

Anyway it's up.  I would love it if you could support me.

Also, as I'm new to this, I would love feedback on the page, tiers, etc.  If anything seems obviously broken, or awful and cringy, please let me know.  Expect the first couple of months to be a little amateurish while I figure stuff out.

I'm hoping this will motivate me to get some new fiction out.  It's about time I reclaimed Lit's Erotic Horror category...

EDIT: I've also added a handy button link.  It does appear to go to the right Patreon page through some black magic beyond my ken.  (I might be getting too old - I was convinced I had to hack the raw HTML in the button example somehow and yet it just goes straight where I want it to after pasting it into the blog's widget section.)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

New Story - "Night of the Nude Succubus Orgy"

Yay.  I made it.

As can be seen from the list of entrants to Lierotica's Nude Day Erotic Story Competition, I did just manage to get my story in before the deadline (by about 45 minutes according to my reckoning - leaving it fine just adds to the drama).

Here is the direct link:

Night of the Nude Succubus Orgy

A bit about it.  I wanted to start with a traditional horror/ghost story opening going over the history of a spooky old mansion... and then it turned into a big old porn fest, probably one of the porniest stories I've ever written.  Oh well, I'll have to write that traditional spooky horror/occult tale some other time.

The opening is a bit long, cynically so.  There is a weird quirk to Literotica contests where it's better to have a reader give up half way through than have them read to the end and give the story an "ok" 4 out of 5.  Because of how the scoring works, it's better for a writer if they're given no score at all rather than a 4 (or lower).  Shorter stories have traditionally suffered for this in their competitions.  So stick with it, even if you don't care for the wobbly occult stuff, it gets a lot hotter and sexy later.

Another note on Literotica contests.  Please don't vote more than once or bomb other writers entrants.  One, it's not very sporting and two, Literotica has algorithms to spot that type of behaviour and the votes just end up getting scrubbed.

While I wouldn't recommend starting an erotic tale this slow, it was fun to play around with all the Crowley stuff.  Aleister Crowley is a real-life historical occult figure and tends to get name-checked a lot in this type of story to give them a pseudo-grounding in reality.  The indie adult game "Lust for Darkness" I talked about a couple of weeks ago clearly took some inspiration from Crowley's exploits.  A bust of his likeness can be found in the mansion and one of the books you can find mentions Crowley's Thelema religion.

Rather humorously, I botched my research and had to make some last minute edit changes as the original date I had for when the ritual took place was during a time when Crowley had already moved back to England.  The body double stuff is pure fiction on my part.

The succubi also developed stronger characters than I was expecting.  I'm tempted to use them again.  Maybe there's a full novel here once I include the other succubus scenes.  Obviously it will depend on how the story is received.  I enjoyed writing it, but that might not necessarily translate to people enjoying reading it!

If you did really like one (or more) of the succubi in the story, let me know in the comments below and I'll see if I can give them some more action in a future story.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Some good news, finally - a new Literotica story on the way

Some good news, finally, as the title says.

I've kept quiet about this one, mainly because I wasn't sure I'd get it finished in time and I didn't want to repeat what happened with "The Heart Squad" earlier this year.

Literotica is currently running their annual Nude Day Erotic Story Contest.  I thought I had a good idea for last year, then failed to finish it on time, because I've had a rough patch of struggling to finish stories.  I dusted it off for this year... and just about got it done, considering I posted it just now, about an hour before the contest deadline.

The main reason is I... uh... might have got a little carried away.  Normally I aim for around 6K words for a short story.  When I finished typing this up (in 3 days) it came to a whopping 13K words.  The succubi had a lot of fun in this one.

I don't know when the story is going live.  I think I entered it in time, but I have had a few problems with Lit randomly bouncing some of my recent stories.  It is is a little tamer than my usual death-by-sex stories, so I think it should be okay, but you never know.  There was a weird period where I did wonder if Lit had a rogue mod problem, so we'll see.

Anyway, if I do get bounced, I'll just serialize the story here.

Hopefully that won't happen and I'll put up a new post with the story link as soon as it goes live in the next day or so.

As my getting carried away put me under a little time pressure, I had to pause work on the slime girl CYOA for a couple of weeks to get this done in time.  To give an idea of how much time pressure - the first draft wasn't complete until Sunday, so I had to type up about 12,000 words in 3 days.  This does mean the editing window was much much shorter than I'd normally like, so there will probably be a few more typos and sloppy sentence constructions than I'd normally be happy with in the finished story.

Now that this is done I will get back to that slime girl CYOA.  I have a decent chunk of the 1st draft already written, but again, I might have got a teensy bit carried away with all the sexy action...

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Short updatery post

...because I've been a bit quiet here again.

So, I, uh, got more than a little carried away with the pink cushionblob CYOA.  I'm still trying to get a feel for the right amount of content in these.  In this case she gets up to a lot of sexy slimy fun outside of the 6 or 7 Bad Ends, which has made it a lot longer than I was anticipating.  Writing the first draft is definitely the slowest part and I'm waiting until that is done before popping up the Patreon and starting with the panhandling.

There is something else I'm in the middle of, but I'm going to keep it cryptic for now as I'm not 100% sure I'll get it done in time, which will necessitate it being pushed back a year.  After more than a few project trainwrecks recently, I don't want to get people's hopes up only for another story or serial to go over the side of a cliff in a big fireball.

I was also going to post a bit of politics (or rather anti-politics), but I'm getting the impression people are heartily sick of politics being rammed into their entertainment at the moment.  To be honest I think we only have to put up with it for another year and a half or so.  The previously unsinkable franchise, Star Wars, doesn't look in a good way at the moment, and that going down will likely trigger a seismic shift in the entertainment industry.

But fuck all that.  I'm here to write sexy (and occasionally horrifying) succubus smut.  There are some nice juicy things on the way.  And I'm hoping I'll be able to unveil them in the next week or so (or month, still kinda slow at the writing thing at the moment).