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Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 1

Hello and welcome to the Text Play of Monmusu Conquered World.  This is where I blunder my way through a Japanese monster girl hentai game with wit and – failing that – gratuitous screenshots of smexy stuff.  Obviously, as this series is going to feature a fair bit of erotic naughtiness, if you’re not 18 it’s time for you to scamper off to less salacious parts of the internet.

I’ve perpetrated this madness before as you can see here and here with Dieselmine’s Violated Hero series, and also an ill-advised and foolhardy runthrough of Monmusu Quest: Paradox that ended up being a little more epic in scope than I initially planned.  Monmusu Conquered World is the latest monster girl hentai game from Dieselmine.  From what I’ve seen it can be regarded as a continuation of or spiritual successor to their delicious (and frequently depraved) Violated Hero series.

Unfortunately, this time I’ll be having to make do without any machine translation as Windows 10 is a bit of a fussy bitch when it comes to letting text hookers work.  As I can’t read any Japanese apart from the memetastic and inevitable “Hora Hora”s, there may be a lot more blundering than usual.

(This also explains why I’m doing the Text Play for Monmusu Conquered World and not the higher profile Monmusu Quest: Paradox part 2.  That and I’d actually like to finish the novel I’m working on before the end of the year.)

Right, let’s fire her up.  Tissues and lotion at the ready (actually, can you forget I just wrote that).

There is a difficulty choice.  I’m going to take the wimpy Normal option here on the principle that any RPG trickiness will quickly prove insurmountable thanks to the language barrier.  The bulk of the game is RPG battles versus the various boss monster girls.  There is a game mechanic, talked about later, designed to make sure none of them end up being a roadblock.  Also, I’ve not tried it out to confirm it, but I suspect the higher difficulty level removes or tones down this mechanic.

After that there is the choice to see the intro or jump right into the game.  Skipping the intro gives a crazy movie-style trailer and summary of the intro, but we want to see the intro... I guess... not that I’ll be able to understand any of it.  There might be boobs though.

So, the story.

(Which, fortunately is explained in English on the product page of DLSite.)

I’m guessing we’re in some kind of generic mid-fantasy setting.  Humans don’t get art privileges in these games, so it’s silhouettes only for their sprites.  Everyone is minding their own business until monster girls descend and start snu-snuing everyone to death.

These look familiar...

Ah, I recognise these.  Dieselmine is re-using some of their old art assets.  The succubus and squid girl are from Violated Hero 5.  The harpy is from VH2, I think.  Randomly they then show a bit of artwork that was originally part of Milfy’s Bad End scene in VH2.

As an aside, Violated Hero 2 was translated into English by Dargoth, and is well worth a look.  You can find the translation here.

The hero - who we’ll refer to as Luka-clone from this point on, because some traditions must be maintained – is running away when a harpy ambushes him.  Either she knocks him off a cliff or tries to fly off with him and drops him.  The end result is the same.  Luka-clone falls from a great height and cracks his skull open.

The end.

Hmm, this story appears to be on the short side.

Oh wait, it’s not over.  Despite smearing his brains all over the rocks, Luka-clone wakes up in possession of a fancy magical sword.

At least it's not made out of melted angels...

And thus the greatest solution to Bad Ends being... well... the end.  We have been gifted with a magic sword that resurrects us after death.  That means all the enjoyment of hawt succubus sexy times without that awkward post coital death from exhaustion, fluid loss or having our soul sucked out.  Marvellous!  Now that is a fine way to integrate game play with story.

So begin the adventures of Stewart Peter Bate... wait, wrong story series.

The sword wobbles a lot.  I’m guessing it’s one of those fancy magical talking swords telling Luka-clone that he’s the chosen one to go off and fight the evil demon queen.  I’m guessing it probably neglects to tell him that he’ll probably lose his anal virginity along the way and will likely get eaten at some point, this being a Dieselmine game and all that.

The harpy comes back.  This is where Luka-clone gets to show off the hero power that will save the world.

This also seems very familiar...

Or maybe not.

Hmm, those talons look way too pointy for me being comfortable with them being anywhere near my dick.

I suspect I might have used that joke last time as well.

Not really sure what happened, but give the premise and the amount of white stuff splattering the screen I suspect poor Luka-clone expired from terminal fluid loss.

Bad End.

Which isn’t permanent, because we have our fancy-dancy magic sword to resurrect us afterwards.  No more save scumming and the senseless deaths of many alternate timeline Luka-clones for us to get our fix of hot succubus action.

The harpy comes back and the second plot point mechanic reveals itself.  The harpy isn’t able to dodge everything at will this time and after Luka-clone clips her a few times she decides enough is enough and takes to the skies.

Not only does the sword resurrect our hero, but he comes back stronger each time.

So we’re basically Doomsday, and he was hard enough to kill Superman once.

And with that, I’ll end part one.  I’m planning to put out a new part every couple of days, with each focusing on one of the boss monster girls.

I don’t have a Patreon, tip jar or anything like that, so if you enjoy this series, please check out my books on Amazon.  They’re basically the same thing, but in English (and without pretty pictures... :’( )

To Part 2

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hentai Game Review: Monmusu Conquered World

I haven't blogged on monster girl H-games as much as I'd like of late.  Unfortunately, upgrading to Windows 10 utterly borked the software I normally use for text hooking and machine translation, and playing Japanese H-games without a glimmer of understanding of the text does make it harder to enjoy them.  As a result I didn't know Dieselmine were working on a new monster girl hentai game, so Monmusu Conquered World crept out and caught me by surprise.

Dieselmine are the people behind the Violated Hero series and they have a pretty decent track record when it comes to making games catering to the monster girl fetish.  I wrote about their previous games here, here and here, and was even mad enough to do full walkthrough series of VH4 and VH5.  Generally, Dieselmine tend to be weak on gameplay mechanics and strong on eye-candy when compared to other monster girl games like Monmusu Quest: Paradox and the ROBF series.  VH6 went a bit weird with machine girls to cash in on the KanColle craze at the time and I didn't really get into it.

Monmusu Conquered World has a different title, but it could just as easily continued the series as Violated Hero 7*.  It has the same structure of a series of sexy boss monster girl encounters with some fairly generic game mechanics padding out between them.  I'm guessing Dieselmine did the title switch to avoid sequel fatigue (6 wasn't very good IMHO) and timed it to come out to ride on the coattails of Monmusu Quest: Paradox part 2.

Given that I can't get any sort of machine translation to work at the moment, I initially expected this post to be another: "Hey, here's a new monster girl H-game that looks interesting.  Won't actually post anything of substance on the game because I can't read enough Japanese to play it."  Then I tried out the demo (which generously gives players the first two bosses - a gang of adorably cute goblin girls and an arachne with dubious table manners), realised I could actually "play" this to some extent, bought the game and have so far liked what I've seen.

The adorably cute goblin gang-bang squad in action

But that's enough preliminary flannel, let's talk about the game.

The plot seems to be the typical Violated Hero storyline of a "hero" taking out one sexy evil monster girl after another on his way to take down the demon queen.  I say "hero" because in these games you're normally playing some poor, hopelessly under-qualified lad spending more time being the sexual plaything of the demonesses rather than fighting them.

One of the weaknesses of the monster girl H-game genre is that to get to the sexy Bad End H-scene content (you likely bought the game for), you have to lose.  Monmusu Conquered World gets around this by adding a plot device to justify integrating all the Bad End scenes into the main pathway.  The hero falls off a cliff at the start of the game, but rather than dying he wakes up with a magic sword that tells him he's the chosen one to fight all the demonesses.  That goes about as well as you'd expect and he gets cum-sucked to death by the first monster girl he comes across (a harpy)... only to get resurrected stronger than before.

This follows through into the boss fights.  They all follow the same structure:

Round 1:  Hero deals 0 damage and usually gets one-shotted by the first proper attack (cue sexy Bad End scene).

Round 2:  Typical turn-based JRPG combat.  The player can win or lose depending on whether they can be bothered to use proper strategy.

If you still lose:

Round 3:  Cakewalk fight.  The monster girl likely only does scratch damage at this point and the player will probably win in three or four hits.

The positioning of the Arachne's abdomen and the poison status animation might be coincidental...

I like this.  No nonsense.  Monmusu Conquered World knows what most of the audience are here for and isn't afraid to just be a string of sexy Bad End scenes for people that want to experience it that way.  While I haven't had a chance to check it out, I'm guessing the higher difficulty setting is for players that want to be challenged by proper RPG boss fights.

However, the one problem with the always-auto-lose-round-1 approach is that if there's a monster girl where you don't want to see the sex scene, tough, you're going to see it anyway.  The plot demands it.

As with the Violated Hero series, there are some basic gameplay sections between each boss fight.  In this case they've gone with the stealth JRPG option.  The player has to run from one side of the screen to the other without being caught by the various roaming succubus sprites.  If the succubi do come into contact with the player sprite, a H-scene plays and the player has to struggle free before all their energy is drained.  It's not too challenging and even if the player runs out of energy and lives, choosing the continue option just puts them back to the start of the level (which aren't particularly long anyway).

Run past the succubi, pick up the treasure.  Easy enough.  Except... I have no idea what the treasure is or what's it's used for.

None of this is exactly revolutionary gameplay, but I don't think there's any shame in a h-game not trying to be anything other than an excuse to string a bunch of sexy content together.

The sex content in Monmusu Conquered World is pretty sweet from what I've seen.  There are the obligatory Bad End H-scene CGIs, which are nice, but in this case I think are overshadowed by the cut scenes when caught by the generic wandering monsters.  These are animated and look pretty damn hawt.

This is animated in the game.  It looks really good animated.

When they're not one-shotting the player in round one, each of the monster girl bosses also has an animated sex attack they can use.  This is not the first time Dieselmine has done this.  In previous Violated Hero games the monster girls had animated sex feeler attacks that looked okay for monster girls where you'd expect to see that kind of attack (Alraune, succubi with tailpussy) and really out of place for others.  Monmusu Conquered World fixes this by stepping up from generic feeler animations to proper animation loops of different sex acts for each monster girl boss.

Do you want to see yummy slime girl paizuri where you can see your cock through her big round transparent boobs?  This game gives you yummy slime girl paizuri where you can see your cock through her big round transparent boobs.  Better than that.  This game gives you animated yummy slime girl paizuri where you can see your cock through her big round transparent boobs.

This is also animated in the game.  It also looks real good.

And a whole host of other stuff as well.  

Monmusu Conquered World did really well here.  Most of the animated sex attacks I've seen look really good.  I've seen a number of monster girl H-games (ROBF, Succubus Prison) incorporate these limited animations and they add a lot to the games.

Monmusu Conquered World does the animated scene snippets so well it's a shame they didn't incorporated them into the Bad End scenes.  It's especially noticeable with bosses like the mermaid swarm where the Bad End CGI is a static version of their penis-licking attack.  Maybe animating the full picture takes too much work and only animating part of it doesn't look right.

The artwork is by a mixture of artists, most of which will be recognisable thanks to their work on other games.  Most of it looks good, but does have the same different-styles-clashing problem the Monster Girl Quest series has, which is surprising given most of the previous Violated Hero series was fairly consistent with the art (okay, the Bad End CGI art.  I remember the weird pixel art wandering mobs of VH1 and 2).

In Monmusu Conquered World even the artwork tries to have sex with you...

I haven't completed the game yet, but what I've seen so far seems pretty decent.  The price might put some people off as it's on the high side for this type of game.  Also, if you're expecting a complex RPG experience like ROBF or Monmusu Quest: Paradox, this game isn't going to scratch that itch.  It's fine for what it is though, and if you can machine translate/read Japanese to understand the plot and all the sexy taunts of the Bad End scenes, even better.

It's been a while since we last had a Let's Play-type series on the blog.  I'm thinking Monmusu Conquered World is simple enough that I might be able to do something with it.  Of course there will be a lot more guesswork than usual given I'm going to be completely blind on the text and dialogue, but we might still be able to have fun with it.  Watch this space!

*while editing this I realised I might be confusing dev and publisher here.  If the devs are different that would be a fairly obvious reason why this isn't called Violated Hero 7!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Strumpeta

Name:  Strumpeta
Type:  Lesser Demon
Habitat:  Rocky terrain, hills.

At first glance the strumpeta looks like an attractive naked woman with an athletic physique.  Their skin is covered in strange blotches and bands of darker colour.  It looks like body paint but is the strumpeta's natural skin pigmentation.  It would also not be strictly accurate to call this the strumpeta's skin.  Their outer skin is a transparent elastic membrane akin to rubber.  Until the strumpeta's true nature is ascertained, it would be easy to mistake their outer skin as some kind of kinky latex bodysuit.

Their true nature is revealed by their tail… or mouth.  The 'tail' is also composed of the same transparent flexible material.  The end terminates in a club-like structure that opens out like the bell of a trumpet to catch and ingest prey.  Their anatomy is rather unusual.  I was initially of the belief that the 'tail' was their mouth and the female form a lure.  Closer inspection, and dissection, revealed the female lure to be roughly analogous to human in anatomy, including a functioning mouth and alimentary canal.

I wonder if the strumpeta is some kind of symbiotic relationship between two separate organisms.  And if one of them might conceivably have been a regular human being at some point in their past.  Troubling.

Alas, the specimen was taken from me before I could carry out further tests.

Attack Strategy:
The strumpeta captures and ingests prey through her tail.  Being composed of a transparent rubbery material, it can be difficult to spot the tail in low light conditions, or even be aware the strumpeta is not human.  The strumpeta uses this to her advantage as she lures humans close enough to be captured by her tail.

The tail is surprisingly strong, being able to lift an adult human male off the floor and hold him aloft while gulping him down.

The strumpeta's outer layer is elastic and stretches out like a bag to contain captured humans.  To prevent her prey from suffocating the strumpeta will fill this bag with breathable air.  She needs her prey to be alive in order to have sexual intercourse with them.  As with most HSIOs, bringing their prey to sexual climax is an important part of the feeding process.

After sexual congress things get rather gruesome.  The strumpeta fills the bag with powerful digestive enzymes and dissolves her victim.  Our HSIO aides have informed me that this is a painless process, that both the air and fluids the strumpeta pumps into her bag are laced with powerful narcotics, and that the victim expires in a state of blissful nirvana.

I was privy to a… demonstration.  It was gruesome…  A vile perversion of the act of lovemaking.  Even now I wish I could flush what I saw from my memory.  I don't know how Stewart finds the strength to do what he does…

But I digress.

Gruesome mode of feeding aside, strumpeta's are not as fearsome combatants as other encountered HSIOs, as they primarily rely on ambushing single targets.  Despite this they should not be taken lightly.  They are fast, agile and extremely adept at catching people with their trumpet bell tails.

As strumpetas lack the special abilities observed in other HSIOs, they can be regarded as similar to conventional human combatants.  Their main weakness is the process of capturing and swallowing a man is time-consuming and leaves them wide open to other attacks while they're doing it.  For this reason they are unlikely to engage groups in combat and it is important not to get separated while facing one, as the strumpeta's strength and agility favours them in any one-on-one melee combat.

They possess similar minor regenerative abilities as other lesser H-space 'demons'.

Threat Level:

Monday, July 10, 2017

Succubus Summoning Art - Nÿte

I'm happy to share another piece of gorgeous Succubus Summoning art on the blog today.  This is VezoniaArtz's interpretation of Nÿte.  I think they absolutely nailed it.

This was my first time at getting a piece of art commissioned.  I really liked the Verdé piece VezoniaArtz did for Jude Duval and thought they'd be perfect for Nÿte.  It was a great experience.  VezoniaArtz was very professional, thorough and fast.  Highly recommended.

And more artwork of hot succubi is always a good thing!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Strumpeta

PFC Stewart Peter Bate almost hoped there was nothing after death.  The prospect of standing before the pearly gates of heaven and answering "how did you get here?" with "I got sucked up by the trumpet tail of a swimwear model sex demon" was just too mortifying.

On the other hand, Bate really hoped there was something following on from this life because it looked very much like this world was done with him.

Muscular peristaltic contractions ran through the transparent tube, inching Bate deeper down it.  Only his feet and ankles were still outside.  Bate kicked them feebly.  Not that it had any chance of doing anything.  Despite looking like it was made out of soft clear rubber, the tube was powerful enough to lift Bate up off the ground and hold him there while she gulped him down.  His arms were pinned to his sides.  It was as much as he could do to keep moving his ribcage in and out to breathe in what little air remained within the tube.

Another muscular ripple jerked Bate a little deeper.  The process of her swallowing him was slow enough to give him plenty of time to contemplate on how he'd ended up in this horrible state.


That's what it was.

Stupidity on top of stupidity.

He'd signed up to join the army because he wasn't doing anything better with his life.


He'd signed up for this top secret assignment because it sounded exciting and made him feel important.


Not putting a bullet in this demonic bitch the moment he'd clapped eyes on her.

At least that last one wasn't totally on him.  He'd tried.  His gun had jammed.  And then her big trumpet tail had sucked him right up.

He hadn't seen the tail at first.  He'd seen a semi-naked woman flash by through the corner of his vision and his first thought was that it was one of the camp personnel.

Bate didn't know what she was doing wandering around in her underwear.  Sleepwalking maybe.  What he did know was that they'd told him it was dangerous beyond the perimeter.  Definitely not a place for a young woman to be running around in nothing more than her underwear.

He'd realized his mistake when he caught up to her on the other side of a large rock formation they'd been using to mark the edges of the camp.

"Miss, what are you doing out here?"

What he'd first taken for black bra and panties were some kind of paint or natural body pigmentation.  She had a similar bar across her big wide eyes that looked like exotic makeup.

He'd also got close enough to see she wasn't naked, although it was easy to make that mistake.  She seemed to be in some kind of clear latex bodysuit that covered her from neck to toe.  It was a weird bodysuit as it also appeared to have a tail.  Bate hadn't seen it at first as it was also made out of the same colorless rubberlike material.  The end terminated in a strange bulbous structure, like the club tail of one of those prehistoric armored dinosaurs.

"My belly feels so empty.  Would you like to fill it?" she asked as sweetly as if asking for a kiss.

The tail was clearly part of her body and not some kind of freaky cosplay.  That much was evident when it reared up over her head.  The end opened out like the bell of a trumpet.  Glistening strands of saliva crossed an aperture large enough to take in Bate's head, and maybe his shoulders too.

That had been enough for Bate.  He'd aimed his rifle at the hindig, pressed the trigger and...

...nothing happened.

Bate looked down at his gun in surprise.  That was time enough for the hindig to drop the flared opening of her tail over Bate's head and suck him up.

And now he was nothing more than a bulge of food passing down her tail on the way to whatever passed for her belly.  He wondered if her female form was just a lure and her real head and neck was the tail-like structure Bate was currently being slowly squeezed down.  At least he had a perfect view of the lovely swell of her ass.

In many respects that made it worse.

The hindig grunted as the flexible walls of her tail—or throat—bunched up around Bate and pulled him deeper into her body.

Did she have to make it sound so sexual? Bate thought.  It was so wrong.

The air had run out.  He was on the verge of passing out.  Dimly he became aware of his head pressing up against some kind of soft sphincter.  It opened up and Bate was squeezed between her legs and through into a flexible bag that hung from the front of her body.

The lack of oxygen kicked in and Bate drifted in and out of consciousness.  Dimly he was aware of movement.  Not that he should care about it.  It was too late.  She'd swallowed him, gulped him down like a snake gobbling up a live frog.

Eaten by a fucking demonic swimwear model, of all the fucking ways to go.

Life was fucking ridiculous, and then you died.

Or maybe not.

Bate woke to a hissing sound and the tickling sensation of air being blown past his ears.  He opened his eyes and his vision was filled with two big round breasts.  They were black as if painted with crude oil, but otherwise had an appealing swell and softness to them.  Bate got to experience that softness firsthand as hands gripped the side of his head and rubbed his face into the curvaceous mounds of flesh.

Was this heaven? Bate idly wondered.

His head was pulled back.  He noticed then there was a strange elastic membrane between the hands and the sides of his head.  He also saw the big tits throb in a way a woman's tits should not.  The nipples—if they were nipples—opened up and warm, scented air was squirted into Bate's face.

The perfumed breeze had a similar effect to spelling salts, but with none of the unpleasant pungency.  The scent fired up Bate's brain and jerked him back to full attention.  It also made his blood race as if he'd suddenly come into heat.

"Ah, better," the owner of the big round boobs said.  "You're such fragile things.  I thought you might have expired, and that would have made for a poor meal."

The hindig.

Bate remembered now.

He was lying in a bag of soft, elastic material.  The hindig girl was sort of in there with him.  Sort of, in the sense the membranous pouch was part of her.  It formed an extra layer over her skin, and Bate was inside her in the space between her body and this additional elastic layer.  She sat on top of him and straddled his crotch.  Both ends of Bate were raised by the membranous walls of the bag.  The only reason he was still breathing was because the bag had been pumped full of oxygenated air.

Pumped into here by her tits, he thought.

Hindigs were weirder even than what he'd heard.

The walls of the membrane were transparent and Bate could see his surroundings through them.  He was in some kind of cave lit up by candles.

The hindig had brought him here, but for what purpose?

She moaned in pleasure and clutched her big titties through the elastic walls of her pouch.  She squeezed and massaged them.  No scented air emerged this time.  Instead the nipples opened up wider and thick globs of a white paste-like substance fell down on Bate's chest.  The substance was hot.  Bate felt the heat against his skin as it soaked through his uniform.

It was doing more than soak through, it was burning through the material of his uniform as if the paste was some kind of caustic gel.  This should have concerned Bate more, but he felt weirdly lethargic.  And besides, he didn't feel any burning pain where the white substance came into contact with his exposed skin.  There was some heat, but it felt pleasant more than anything.

He also felt heat rising within him.  Whether it had been his face pressed into her soft boobs, or something in the perfumed air he was inhaling, or the way she was currently rubbing her crotch against him, Bate suddenly felt really turned on and in the mood for a good hard fucking.

She dripped more white globs onto him and then, moaning with wanton sexual need, she rubbed her naked body against Bate, smearing the white paste over both of their skins.  Bate was aroused enough to rub his hands all over her naked body.  He wanted to slide them over her back and put his arms around her, but could only reach her sides before encountering some kind of seam that prevented his hands from going any further.  No matter.  He was having enough fun fondling and playing with her big round tits.

"Oh yes," she moaned.  "That's making me wet."

Then she pissed in his lap.  At least it felt like piss.  Warm liquid flooded out of her sex and puddled around Bate's buttocks at the bottom of the stretchy bag.



Bate's erection rose up out of the wet ruin of his pants and underwear.  The hindig positioned her body over it and slowly eased herself down.  She let out a soft moan as she drew Bate's cock up into the snug clutch of her sex.  Bate moaned too.  Her vagina was tight and extremely juicy.

"Oh yes," the alien woman sighed.

She bounced up and down on Bate's cock.  Being inside this membranous bag added a lot more bounce to the experience.  The stretchy walls pressed all around Bate's naked form and added extra spring to his thrusts as he fucked the alien girl.

Oh yeah, Bate thought, feeling the wet friction of her pussy sliding around his cock.  Who'd have thought being swallowed up by her weird trumpet tail would have ended up like this.  Maybe he had died and this was some kind of heaven.

No, it couldn't be.  What they were doing together was way too dirty for any heaven.

Moaning and gasping in ecstasy, the hindig reached up and squeezed her breasts again.  Her tits disgorged more thick white paste over Bate, interspersed with more puffs of that delicious perfumed air.

Faster and faster she rode him.  Bate was bounced around inside the bag and churned around with the paste from her tits and the copious fluids leaking from her pussy.  Together with the dissolved dregs of Bate's uniform—and probably his sweat and pre-cum as well—the liquids formed a messy slurry at the bottom of the transparent pouch.

"Yes," the hindig girl said.  "I'm going to come... going to come so much."

So was Bate, if the steadily rising pressure in his balls was anything to go by.

The hindig switched position.  She moved her legs forwards and crossed them behind Bate's back, coaxing him to penetrate her even more deeply with his manhood until it felt like every millimeter had been gobbled up by her wet, hungry sex.  She leant forwards and hugged Bate's upper body through the elastic membrane.

Their two bodies were pressed too tightly together for any kind of thrusting motion, but none was required.  Her vagina was moving all on its own.  It throbbed, squeezed and tugged on Bate's cock.  The stimulation was intense.

Too intense.

"Coming," Bate murmured into her soft cleavage.

His manhood throbbed and his hips flexed against her as he shot a great flood of semen inside her.

That flood was nothing but a trickle compared to what came out of the hindig.  She gave out an exultant cry.  Her vagina convulsed around Bate's still-throbbing member and she released a torrent of her ejaculate into the bag.  This was beyond squirting.  Bate was soaking in her warm issue.  There was so much it was gradually filling up the bag.

The throbbing walls of her vagina set Bate off again.  Her pussy clamped so tight around him it felt like she was sucking his seed out of him.  Then her sex dilated and another torrent of warm fluids surged past his sensitive cock.

God, just how wet was she?  The stretchy bag was filling up.  It was ridiculous.  The water level was already climbing up past his nipples.  It smelt pretty rank as well—a potent mélange of sex and less pleasant bodily fluids.  The puffs of perfumed air from her tits barely masked it.

It felt okay though.  Like lying in a nice relaxing warm bath.  It was the perfect thing when basking in the pleasant post-orgasmic aftermath.  The elastic walls of the bag made it even better.  The shifting and swaying motions sent warm currents tickling around Bate's body.

Maybe it was a little too relaxing.  Bate felt a little strange below the neck.  Or rather, it seemed like he couldn't feel some parts of his body at all.

The hindig placed her hands on the stretchy membrane and pressed Bate's face into her tits.

"This part's not so pleasant," she whispered down to him.  "Just focus on my lovely big boobs.  It won't take long."

They were lovely soft tits, Bate thought as he rubbed his face against her silky smooth skin.  Big, round, and so, so soft.  Soft like her luscious vagina wrapped around his cock.

Hmm.  Why couldn't he feel that anymore?  Had he already lost his erection?  He had emptied a big load into her, he supposed.  It would take a while to recover.  In the meantime he'd soak in this lovely warm bath.

The hindig held Bate's head against her breasts as the rest of his body fell apart in her digestive juices.  His neck detached, leaving his head behind as the rest of his body slumped to a sludge at the bottom of her stomach bag.  The hindig continued to rub his face into her soft cleavage.  Finally she released his head and let it fall into the rest of the soup.  The flesh and soft tissues dissolved and a skull slowly sank to the bottom.

With a luxurious sigh, the hindig drew the soup of dissolved flesh into her body.  The bones and other indigestible matter she excreted out through her tail onto a charnel heap at the back of her cave.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Succubus Summoning Art - Verdé 2.0

Jude Duval/Luded Wolf has been busy again and commissioned another piece of Verdé, this time from VezoniaArtz:

Verdé is a nature gal.  Her garden is so lovely you might just end up staying there forever...

Love this piece.  It reminds me of old fantasy art cards.  VezoniaArtz's style is really suited for dark fae type creatures.  You can check out the rest of their gallery on DeviantArt here.  I'm tempted to see how busy they are and whether they might be interested in doing a few more pieces like this of gothic succubi and other monster girls.  Any suggestions for H-space girls or other characters people would like to see done in this style?

Thanks again to Jude Duval for commissioning these pieces.