Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 13

Time for more Monmusu Conquered World.  This is part 13 of the Text Play series I started back here.

Last time we...

No, stop looking at the jiggly jelly slime boobs.  We have a series to write.


No buts.  Sword out.  Fight properly.

Sorry, Slime.

Anyway, after a bit lot of slippery, bouncy slime titjob action, it’s time to move on.

The next run-and-dodge section is more of the same as the last one, but with a tedious boulder trick to slow us down and be even more irritating.

And then it’s time for the next boss – Alraune.

Flowers, lots of lovely... um... flowers

As with Slime, Alraune looks like the kind of generic monster girl fight you’d expect to encounter as the first or second boss.  It’s almost like we’ve had some kind of restart.

Alraunes are the classic plant monster girl and normally consist of a hot babe standing in the centre of a giant rose.  They crop up in mainstream videogames like Castlevania and Disgaea, and usually utilise status-changing pollen/perfume attacks.  Their H-game equivalents are the same, but with the addition of flowers (or vines) that are used for more... explicit attacks.

What's with the mushroom?

Alraune’s hair, with the vines and the big fleshy pink openings at the end of them, looks suspicious.  Might want to keep it in the pants here, Luka-clone.

Too late.  Alraune exhales a big cloud of poison gas over us and that’s it for the first fight.

The Bad End sees us trussed up in vines and suspended at convenient height for Alraune.

What does Alraune like?

Danger lurking bottom left...
Giving out nectar-infused handjobs it appears.  I’m not sure where it comes from, but she slathers plenty over our cock before starting to milk.

And rimjobs.  Her tongue goes right in the ass and has a little worm around.

I guess if you’re part plant, ordure is pretty tasty.  Being fertilizer and all that.

This is pretty nice, Alraune.  So when do we get to fuck?

Oh, you want us to fuck one of your weird hair tentacle things.  Um, okay then.


Slurp.  Slurp.  Suck.  Suck.  Gulp.

I guess we’re hero-on-tap, at least until Alraune drinks us all up.

Alraune is also following the same script as Arachne: Poison, Bind, Sex!

Her sex animation is attaching one of those vine suckers to our dangly bits and gulping away.  Only without any gulping, throbbing or bulges that indicate any suction is going on.  The animation is surprisingly stiff.  One of the highlights of Violated Hero 3 was when the Thorn-Pussy plant girl first unleashed her suction sex attack on the hero.  This animation looks like an obvious paper cutout moving up and down.  The recent Succubus Prison DLC has an additional tailsuck H-scene that shows how best to use limited animation for this type of scene (and boy does that succubus take her sweet time in sucking everything out of the hapless protagonist!).

Alraune ends up mostly a miss for me.  However, if the thought of having a tongue wriggling away in your ass melts you into a heap of happy neurons, Alraune’s little suspension play will likely hit all the right buttons.

Oddly, despite writing many smutty plant girl stories, I appear to have avoided covering the conventional Alraune.  Pitcher Plant girls, Venus Man-Trap girls, even... whatever she is.  Not carnivorous enough I guess (that says things about my psyche that are best not thinking too much about).  Hmm, I really should get that Black Poppy story idea written (it was supposed to be another H-space Bestiary short, but I think there’s enough to flesh it out into a proper short story).

That’s for later, and we're done for this episode.

Join us in a couple of days for part 14.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 12

Welcome to the continuation of my Monmusu Conquered World Text Play.  Monmusu Conquered World is a monster girl hentai game created by Dieselmine (the same people responsible for the Violated Hero series).  This Text Play series began back here.

Last episode some kind of plot point thing happened.  We beat Manticore in a dusty old desert temple.  Manticore must have been important as she got more than one sexual position in the Bad End scene.  Afterwards we jumped through some kind of swirly portal thing.

Yes, it’s all a bit vague.  I don’t have any machine translation at all this time around, which makes following the plot a bit on the hard side.

A Big Bad appears...

Oh hello.  Who are you and why are you covered in scrap metal.  Nice boobs though.

I’m guessing this is the character referred to as The Orte.  Apparently she’s covered in dark essence.  Again, I have no clue what her mythological precedent is.  Maybe she was the only survivor of the disastrous Machine-Girl-themed Violated Hero 6.  She’s important enough to feature prominently on the menu screen (dose boobies), so I’m guessing we’re not fighting her just yet.

And that’s more plot we’re not going to understand any time seen.  Good job we’re playing for the titties rather than story (although to be fair, some of the Violated Hero games do have stories that go beyond excuse plot, albeit not as detailed as Torotoro Resistance’s fantastic Monster Girl Quest series).

I wonder if time travel might have been involved with the portal.  The first run-and-dodge section looks similar, as does the sex anims.  The sex anims are slightly different versions of the scenes from the first level – palette-shifted, or flipped, or tilted.

Another reason I think some time travel shenanigans might be involved is the first boss we run into is a blue slime.

Blue slimes are nearly always the first monster type encountered in any JRPG game that has them.  This was started off in the mainstream game DragonQuest and then continued by the more sexually explicit monster girl hentai games that ape mainstream classics such as Final Fantasy and Castlevania.  As boss number 11, Slime has showed up late to this party.

She seems friendly enough.

Maybe a little too friendly.

Hey, Slime, stop glooping me.

Nothing for it.  It’s time for another fight.

Or rather, another loss.  Blue slimes might normally be the weakest monster of any JRPG, but this Slime OHKOs us just like every other monster girl.

Time for a gloopy Bad End with Slime on top, and underneath, and all around us.  But mostly on top.

A comprehensive sex glooping

Um, please don’t eat us, Slime.  Or drink us, or whatever slimes do when they get to wrap up their helpless victims.

This one seems more interested in making us spunk.  Over and over again.

One thing I do like about this Bad End is that Luka-clone actually looks vaguely like a hero.  We’re ripped to fuck in this art.  Which is sort of keeping to how you’d expect a hero protagonist to look.  It’s also a little unusual for this type of game as some artists like to mess around with scale to make the monster girl look even more sexy dominant as she’s screwing the hero’s brains out.

Slime don’t need any artist tricks.

Slime gonna give you a delicious glooping no matter how muscular you look.

Gloop.  Gloop.  Splurt!

By the end she gets very jiggly.  And she never stops smiling sweetly.

Um, slime, you seem to be covering more of my body.

Once again, not being able to read the text and dialogue might be a good thing.  This looks remarkably similar to Erubetie’s first scene from Monster Girl Quest, and that did not end up well for our hero.

Oh well, the sword manages to extract us from Slime’s gelatinous grip for round two.

And speaking of gelatinous.  Wow.

Gelatinous pressure

That’s quite some big busty slime girl paizuri.  It’s animated and looks rather splendid.

(don’t digest my dick, don’t digest my dick, don’t digest my dick)

And again this is where I want to give Dieselmine a good slapping.  Ditch the auto-loss/auto-win nonsense, add the slime anim from the pointless run-and-dodge sections, maybe add another one or two sex anims, vary her sex attacks, animate each one, and you have an epic battlefuck fight that knocks anything from MGQ or ROBF out of the water.  It’s very typical of Dieselmine games.  The elements of quality are there, but they can’t ever seem to assemble them into a truly kickass game.

Enough ranting.  I’m just going to lie back and imagine big soft slime girl tits wrapped around and rubbing up and down my cock.

The real fight?

Yeah, yeah.  There’s no rush.  I’ll get around to it.


In a mo.

Or longer.  Like, half an hour longer.

Maybe longer.

Guess that will be it for the week.

I like slime girls (they might be my second favourite monster girls after succubi), so I have too many stories to list here (at least four or five in the H-space monster girl bestiary series already, although most of them don’t end well).  This chapter from Jackson in HRPG-World is a little more fun (really need to get back to writing that series) and there’s always the "Sandwiched by Slimes" novella, where I got a little... ahem... carried away.  A must-read for all slime girl fans.

Anyway, that’s enough blatant shilling.  Come back in a couple of days where I believe we’ll be getting our juices sucked by an Alraune (plant girl).

Friday, August 25, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 11

And we’re back for more Monmusu Conquered World action!  If you’re looking for the first part of this series, it’s right here.  The usual warnings about adult material apply.  If you’re squicked out by such things, now is the time to stop reading.

Okay, so we cleared out the sexy babes in the demon lord throne room.  What now?

There are the foxes in the desert.  Unfortunately, I’m running blind this time thanks to Windows 10 borking all my Japanese translation software, so I have no idea what their relevance to the plot is.

Little Fox gives us an utterly adorable Japanenglish “Bye-bye” before vanishing.  Yay, we understood something other than “hora hora”.  (And “shiborito”, there is always plenty of shiborito going on.)

Then we get to run-and-dodge through a largish top-down desert section.  It’s a completely wasted opportunity as Dieselmine decides to mark the change in location with... no new sex anims at all.

We do get new ones after entering what appears to be some kind of forgotten temple, including a blowjob from a monster girl with very unusual pupils.

The filler gets even more tediously filler with some trivial puzzles.

Once that’s out of the way we get some ominous fx before 4chan’s (or is it 8chan) favourite monster girl, Manticore, puts in an appearance.

The meme arrives...

Kenkou Cross (of Monster Girl Encyclopedia fame) is to blame for codifying this one and the infinite tailpussy memes she spawned.  To be fair, shaggy fur, lion paws, scorpion tail, and demon wings aside, she’s marked improvement over the manticore male.

No wonder female manticores are so keen to capture human males

(If you remember where this picture is from, you are probably, like me, quite old.)

Manticore beats the snot out of us and continues to beat the snot out of us in the wordy bits that follow.  Way to confirm to stereotypes, Manticore.

After sufficiently tenderising us, Manticore climbs on top for a spot of 69.

Manticore 69

Just keep her happy and lick her pussy, Luka-clone.

Luka-clone, lick the pussy of the scary monster with lion paws.

The voice acting is pretty nice here.  The actress really gets into the slurpy sloppy blowjob sounds.  Manticore really seems to like sloppy 69.

Just keep licking and we might come out of this okay, Luka-clone buddy.

Manticore must be an important midboss.  She’s the first to transition into a second Bad End scene.  Now this one looks a little more uncomfortable.

This does not look comfortable...

Is there any reason to hold our legs up like that, Manticore?  I’m supposed to be playing cricket this weekend and you’re murdering my hamstrings.  Oh well, at least Monmusu Conquered World is a little gentler than the Violated Hero series that proceeded it.  If this was Violated Hero, Manticore’s stinger would already be in our...

So much for being tamer this time around

Goddamn it.

That would appear to be a scorpion stinger inserted into the rectum.  Turned on yet?

(Hey, didn’t you already have NĂ¿te do something similar back here)


“A little squirt of my special venom in your prostate and you’ll be coming for days,” Manticore says

There are easier ways of getting Viagra into the body

That’s more than a ‘little squirt’, Manticore.  Oh well, Luka-clone, looks like we’re going to be here for a while.

Her sex attack uses the same her-on-top artwork from her 2nd H-scene.  Except it’s animated.  It’s rather tasty indeed.

Oh why oh why didn’t you put these animations in the Bad End scenes, Dieselmine?  You’d be starting to approach Succubus Prison in quality if you did, and that is a damn fine succubus H-game.

Even after losing, Manticore still wants to fight.

Oi, we just had the RPG fight.  You lost.

Seriously, just cut it out, Manticore, we’ve got places to go, other sexy babes to scre... be utterly violated by.

Best I can discern, without being able to follow the plot at all, is that Manticore is the guardian to some kind of portal.  With her defeated, the portal is open and it’s time to head off to... who knows.

Come back in a couple of days to find out.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Succubus Summoning Art - Rosa

Yes, I know I was supposed to put a new part of my Monmusu Conquered World Text Play up today, but...

I went and commissioned another piece of Succubus Summoning artwork from the highly talented VezoniaArtz.  So how do we like Rosa?

I know I neglected her a little in Succubus Summoning 201 (It was a deliberate running joke).  I intend to make up for that when I get around to writing Succubus Summoning 301. ;)

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 9

We’re a day later than originally planned, but here it finally is, the 9th part of my Monmusu Conquered World Text Play.  Monmusu Conquered World is an adult (ie sex) game, so the usual disclaimers and warnings apply.  If you’re new to all this madness, the first part can be found here.

Last up we got sandwiched by the smoking hot boobies of Atomis, and a good time was had by all.

After defeating steam girl there’s some dialogue with a silhouette of an old git, which, of course, I can’t understand without any form of machine translation. Go away old git silhouette, we’ve got more hot monster girls to fu… um… fight.

The action cuts back to Ye Generic Demon Overlord Throne Room, where I assume Mosquina and Lamia are having the usual ‘the hero is stronger than we thought, I can’t wait to defeat him and screw his brains out’ conversation.

Then back to Luka-clone, where epic music plays in front of some kind of desert canyon backdrop.  I have no idea where we’re supposed to be and I’m not sure the game knows either.

To glory...?

We get some well-earned kip and then wake up to find Mosquina causing havok back in Ye Olde Medieval City.

Wait, aren’t we in a desert now?

The game does the equivalent of “fucked if I know”.  Sirens go off as it cycles through various backdrops.

We don’t even have to run through the silly run-and-dodge filler this time.  Mosquina, like her namesake, gets right in our face right from the get-go.

Nice... um... hat?

While you can pretty much make any new monster girl by Cronenberging a hot babe with a random member of the animal (or plant) kingdom, mosquito girls have a trope codifier of sorts in the Mosquito Queen villain from One Punch Man.  Even though she only appeared for like 5 seconds before getting splatted up the side of the building, she went on to become popular Rule 34 material and I’m guessing was the inspiration for Mosquina here.  In this case, the artist (Setouchi, I think) has converted her proboscis into a cute strand of hair, which is sort of weird.  But it also could have been worse.  They could have left it as long sharp needle and stabbed it into…

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.  This is a Dieselmine game after all, the same people that made the Violated Hero series.  Best not give them any ideas, because they might… draw them.

Fight time.

Look at the boobies.  Just keep focused on the boobies...

Mosquina buffs herself.  Her second-round action sounds like she’s having an orgasm before obliterating us with 18835 damage.

“Did the Earth move, honey?”

Yes, you just hit us in the face with it.

Blimmin hell.  If that was her 'special' suck attack, I’m wondering if there’s anything left of poor Luka-clone.

How are we going to have a sexy Bad End now, Mosquina?  Erections need blood and you just sucked it all out of us.

Never mind.  I’m forgetting the number one superpower of all Luka-clones.  They never run out of the… ahem… creamier body fluids.

This is actually vanilla for this type of game

And Monmusu Conquered World is surprisingly restrained.  'Mosquito proboscis' and 'urethral sounding' (you probably don’t want that in your google search history) tend to go together like arachnes and bondage when it comes to hentai monster girls.

This is fairly normal sex (if sex with a six-foot-tall humanoid mosquito can be anyway considered normal.  It even remains fairly vanilla when Mosquina starts on the blood-drinking, as she tastefully sups away on the shoulder like a refugee from an old Hammer horror film.

(Wait, does that make me sound ancient?  Maybe I should use Twilight instead)

(Wait II, do the vampires in Twilight even suck blood?  Or do they just stand around all day being all sparkly and moody?)

So, no horrific impalements.  No sharp proboscii… proboscises… proboscides jabbed into soft parts of the human anatomy.  Are you feeling okay, Dieselmine?

Mosquina energetically sucks up two different flavours of bodily fluid.

A little too energetic as we get a lot of double suck action.

Whoa, too much suckage Mosquina.  We’re going to…

Mummification, the hidden hazard of the life of a monster girl hentai game hero...

Too late.  Luka-clone’s gone all mummy on us.  Still doesn’t stop him getting a last couple of big ejaculations.  Hidden power of all Violated Hero protagonists, as I said.

It’s a good job we have a magical resurrection sword.  A bit of hocus pocus, some bodily fluids restored from god knows where, and Luka-clone is back up for the ‘proper’ fight.

Which lasts for all of two rounds as Mosquina one-shots us again with her orgasmic suck attack.  You do know you’re supposed to let us have a chance second time around, don’t you, Mosquina?

It takes a fair bit of hitting the defend button in the unloseable fight to see Mosquina’s animated sex attack as she’s running the same attack script as Lizard Gal (what, you didn’t think we’d notice, Dieselmine?).  It’s worth the wait as we’re treated to an animated version of her Bad End sex.  It’s very… ahem… pneumatic.

Mosquina is quite vigorous.  Must be the benefit of an iron-rich diet.

Anyway, that’s enough fun.


Afterwards Mosquina insists on getting close and personal.

Look dearie, what part of Swat! didn’t you understand.  Luka-clone gives her a good swatting and that’s it for today’s episode.

We probably got off lightly there.  It could have been worse (a lot worse).

My round, I reckon.

Join us again on Monday Wednesday for some sexy snaky lamia lovin’.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 8

Welcome to part 8 of my Monmusu Conquered World Text Play.  The first part can be found right here.  Monmusu Conquered World is an adult game, despite the cartoony artwork, so the usual warnings apply.

Last time we took down the shape-changing doppelganger.

This time it’s the turn of the dark-skinned... sprite?  Cloud spirit?  I don’t know what exactly other than there seems to be a lot of... something... bubbling up off her skin.  Self-bukkake girl?

The guide refers to her as Atomis, a monster girl that releases steam.

(So that’s what it is.  There was me thinking it was...  Yeah, steam is better.  Less gross.)

This seems an unusual type of monster girl (strange to say in a game with a killer oil painting!) in that I can’t think of her normal-fantasy-monster analogue off the top of my head.  That makes me wonder if she’s based upon some type of yokai from Japanese folklore.  I know of the usual ones—the long-necked woman, yuki-onna, the woman with a mouth in the back of her head—but a yokai that releases steam from its skin, nope, drawing a blank there.  Any suggestions in the comments?

Anyway, rather than launching straight into a fight, she leaves and it’s more run-and-dodge before we encounter her in a room with the same backdrop as the painting girl.

I’m not really sure what’s happening with the backdrops in this game.  There have been a couple of times when the character introduction hasn’t matched up to the combat background.  And in this case we appear to be fighting in a ruined temple.

It's not what you think it is...

I say fight, but we all know how it goes by now.  Atomis spends the first turn buffing her defence and then blasts us into unconsciousness with a jet of fire.  I guess fire makes sense given her whole ‘steam’ thing, but it is a little hard to get in the right mood when you’re all... crispy fried.

Hmm, yeah.  Belay that thought.

Two heated pillows for you, sir

Now that’s a nice pair of yummy boob pillows.  And given she’s probably hot in the physical as well as the figurative sense (one of these words could be literal, but that would just confuse 90% of the internet, including me) I imagine that would feel rather pleasant.

Mmm, nice hot cushiony boobs wrapped around our erection.  I think I can live with this Bad End.

Although, in this case, it’s probably a good thing I can’t follow the text or dialogue as about halfway through it looks like steam is either coming out, or going into our erection, and neither seems... pleasant.

“It’s nothing to worry about, honey.  I’m just boiling the sperm in your testicles so it comes out as lovely steam.”

Um... thanks Atomis.

Oh fuck it, as long as you’re going to smoosh those lovely big tits around my cock, I think I can take a little bit of parboiling.

In the rematch fights I was expecting her sexy-smexy attack to be an animated version of her paizuri.  Which would be awesome, to be fair.

Instead the game surprises me with an animated PoV cutaway of her riding us cowgirl style.  This is a pleasant surprise as it’s also pretty awesome.

Hentai RPG fights are way better than normal ones...

I don’t know what kind of fantasy monster you’re based on, Atomis, but I think I like you.

Unfortunately, there are only so many times you can be ridden to paizuri heaven, so eventually we have to fight properly and dispatch steam girl.

Do I have any steam girls for you?  Mist/smoke girls maybe.  There’s... yeah, you probably don’t want that one, or this one to be fair.  There’s a succubus mistweaver somewhere in here, if I remember right.  And there’s also [redacted].  I think you’ll all really like [redacted], but I need to finish the goddamn novel she’s in first.

Next up I think we have Mosquino, the mosquito girl.  Hmm, that’s probably not going to go too well.  Find out next time.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 7

It’s time for more Monmusu Conquered World.  We’ve had goblins, spider women, lizard girls, mermaids and... a painting.  Um, yeah.  Anyway, usual warnings about Monmusu Conquered World being an adult game apply.

After beating the Grand Odalisque it appears we’ve advanced enough in the plot to get the obligatory throne room scene where the next squad of sexy monster girls discuss how best to give our hapless hero a good hard fucking.

That backdrop looks awfully familiar...

Um Dieselmine, you’ve used that exact same backdrop for the demon lord throne room for the past four games.  Sort it out!

The seduction squad this time around contains a lamia, a mosquito girl, some kind of dark-skinned air spirit and a silhouette.  I’m not counting Squid Girl.  She’s just filling in for someone that’s off sick for the day.

The mosquito girl and lamia look to be Setouchi creations.  I like Setouchi’s work in the Monster Girl Quest games, but it doesn’t seem to fit as well here.  That art style clash problem I guess.

One of them, the silhouette, wanders off down a corridor.  She’s a silhouette, she’s a squid, she’s a silhouette (brain anyone that starts singing that Splatoon jingle).

I think she’s Doppelganger, based on the fact that the Japanese for Doppelganger appears to be Doppelganger according to the spoken dialogue.

There are some more dialogue sections with silhouettes in Ye Olde Medieval city.  I don’t really know what’s happening, but at a guess I suspect the shape-changing Doppelganger is impersonating Luka-clone to sow some chaos.

We have another run-and-dodge section through a woodland (with no new sex anims, sadly) until a confrontation at a pool with the same backdrop as the Doctor Fish encounter.

A silhouette appears.  Hey, nostalgia for Violated Hero 1.

Art privileges - denied

Then some sort of change takes place and she gains art privileges.  It’s boss number 6.

Is that meant to be our face?

According to the blurb she’s a monster girl that wears your face.

Huh?  Why the fuck would anyone want to fuck someone with their own face?  Even if you weren’t as fugly as me, wouldn’t it be... well... weird.  (I’m envisioning porn films as shot by Aphex Twin, and that’s not exactly getting my pecker eager.)

Rule 34 I guess.  If that is your fetish, you are a stunning and brave individual, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

(And that’s not sarcasm.  As long as it’s not strangling non-consenting individuals, I’m not judging anyone’s fetishes.  Mine are bad enough as they are!)

Okay, so the fake fight predictably starts with a OHKO and it’s time for sexy Bad End.

I think we might have pulled something, like everything...

Hmm, that looks really uncomfortable with the legs pushed back like that.  Various muscles in my legs are twinging in sympathy.  Oh well, Luka-clone is a brave hero-type.  Suppleness is probably in the job description.

(Plus he’s pixels.  Pixels can take whatever is thrown at them.)

I’m also wondering if I might have got the “Doppelganger wearing your face” thing wrong.  The different hair colours might be a strong clue.

Doppelganger is pretty vigorous on the whole sex thing.  I’d say like a bunny, but I think even bunnies would look at that and think, that’s a bit too quick, mate.

Slow down, Doppelganger.  You’re going to...

Did something just burst?

Eep.  I don’t think that’s an ejaculation.  I think Doppelganger might have just ruptured him.  Poor Luka-clone.

Despite this, there have been worse Violated Hero ways to go.  (trust me on this!)

In the ‘real’ fights her sex attack is just as vigorous.  Do you have habit you’re not telling us about, Doppelganger?  A bit of a penchant for the nose candy...?

Anyway, by the time of the third fight it’s time to put a stop to her nonsense.  Sorry, Doppelganger, but I’m just not that into me.

Shape-changing doppelgangers?  Do I have any stories about doppelgangers and shape-changing shenanigans?  Oh wait, there was that one where [spoilers].  It’s in this collection if I remember right (as well as plenty of other sexy succubus and monster girl stories).

To part 8!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 6

We’re at the end of the second week of our Text Play of Monmusu Conquered World.  The whole thing started back here.  Last time we were dragged into a pond by a bunch of over-amorous mermaids.  Lots of licking was involved.

With a short pause to shake ourselves dry, it’s time to carry on the epic quest to...

Um, Magic Sword, what exactly were we supposed to do again?

That’s what happens when you can’t be bothered to learn how to read Japanese.

Wandering away from the ruined town we come across a cut-scene where a monster girl is harassing some normal humans.  I’m guessing they’re normal humans as normal humans don’t have art privileges in this game.  The monster girl is the squid girl from VH5.

We know who you are

It’s cute how they think blurring her face out will stop us noticing the art re-use.

(To be honest, I don’t really have a problem with the re-use of previous content in places like this.  It’s not exactly essential to the plot and there are plenty of new monster girl characters to perv over.)

I'm not sure what happened in this scene.  At a guess I think it’s supposed to show Luka-clone’s hero powers growing as he saves a group of female villages from some slimy hentai tentacle action.

Then we’re off to a random castle.  Why not.

Another run-and-dodge section gives some brand new animated scenes.  Which are pretty neat.

Hmm, this is screwing with the whole dodging thing.  Gotta fuck ‘em all I guess.

Apart from this scene where she’s giving our cock the pimp hand.  I think I can do without that one.



There’s more running and dodging inside the mansion.  At one point I get a weird bug that knocks me into a wall, which looks pretty bad as I can’t get out.  Fortunately, the same succubus obligingly bumps into me and knocks me back out again.

After more ducking and diving we escape into a room with a very large picture on one of the walls.

A totally not suspicious painting

Hmm, that’s not suspicious at all...

Don't ask

Yes, that is us, fighting a painting.  Dali would approve.

I’m not sure exactly what happens during the fight, but it looks suspiciously like the painting knocks us out with a fart.


You win this round Monmusu Conquered World.  I’m not even going to bother trying to contest it.

The Bad End is pretty sweet.  The Grand Odalisque is on top of us with her lovely round butt cheeks wrapped around our erection.  It looks rather tasty... just don’t look down at the bottom right.  That would appear to be our head being absorbed into the painting.  It looks rather painful.

Dat ass (Don't look down at the bottom right corner...)

The painting wins and a solo nude ends up being a pair of lovers.

Are we art now?

(Are we really that short – dang these artists with their inconsistent portrayals of age and appearance.  Luka-clone will probably look like Conan with washboard abs in the next scene.)

That’s some Twilight Zone-type shit right there.

Oddly, I’m trying to think where the idea for the painting girl might have come from.  Monster Girl Quest has the paintgeist of course, and that likely inspired Monmusu Conquered World’s Grand Odalisque.  But this is the sort of idea that must have shown up in an old creepy horror tale at some point and it’s bugging me that I don’t know the ‘classic’ source.

Back to the game, and you’ve got some work to do here, Magic Sword.  We’re paint.

No problem at all as Luka-clone gets ripped right back into our world for the rematch.

I don’t think the painting girl liked that.

As with the arachne fight, the Grand Odalisque fight also shows hints of really getting the flavour of a femdom monster girl sex fight, but is let down by the generic JRPG combat system.  Painting girl has a magic attack that does a fair bit of damage.  She also has a sequence where she binds the hero, puts them to sleep and then starts bouncing away on their cock with dat lovely round ass.  The little animated scene is great and again I wonder why they didn’t incorporate it into the Bad End scene.  I really like this blurring between the RPG fights and the sexy Bad Ends (which games like ROBF and Monster Girl Quest do so well) and wish the game did it more often and with less obviously generic JRPG implementation.

Anyway.  Yummy is yummy, but we have a world to save.

Round 3 we go invulnerable enough to enjoy that bouncing ass... a few more times than might be entirely healthy.  All good things must end and the deadly(ish) painting is put away for good.  Time to move onto the next monster girl boss.

As always, if you’re enjoying this series, please consider picking up some of my books.

I’ll be back on Monday with part 7.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 4

Time for part 4 of my Text Play of Monmusu Conquered World.  The usual warnings about adult content apply.  Last time out we had a dinner date with an arachne... that didn’t go so well.

Now, probably a little slimy after our tour of the arachne’s stomach, it’s time to continue the adventure.

The next section is another dodge-and-run through a ruined village.  There are a couple of new sex animations if we get caught, including a very bouncy pair of boobies.

Boing boing!

I like these little animated snippets.  I’m not sure the game is making the best use of then, given that they’re thrown into the random generic filler segments, but they’re still quite nice.

One of the wrecked houses has a different kind of sparkly outside the door.  This leads to a cutscene of the wrecked interior.

This is where I again must apologise for playing this without any form of translation.  At a guess, our hero is finding somewhere quiet to sleep for the night.  A sprite of an open book is shown.  I don’t know whether it’s something we’ve found, or some kind of diary or similar keepsake Luka-clone is carrying around with him to remind him of the good times before the monster girls invaded and sucked all the juices out of everyone.

Your guess is as good as mine...

If someone does have an idea of what’s going on in these segments, please post in the comments below.

After another run past horny succubi, we’re out of the village and onto the grassy plains... where we run into boss number 3, the lizardman (or should that be lizardwoman/lizardgirl?).

Cute, but the change of art style is jarring

Oh boy, does that art style clash with everything else.  This is a similar problem to Monster Girl Quest (even more pronounced in the follow-up Monmusu Quest: Paradox).  Nothing wrong with the individual pictures themselves, but sometimes the different styles clash, which can be jarring.  Strange, because Dieselmine’s previous monster girl eroges were much more consistent in art style (If you ignore the silhouette and blown-up pixel art nonsense of the early games).

I’m not sure where the trope started, but lizardgirl monster girls are always proud, elite swordsmen for some reason.  I think we try and get by without a fight, but there she is, back in our damn face again.

Okay, ‘ave it, bitch!

Predictably, that doesn’t go so well.  Lizardgal takes a turn to buff her attack and defence, and then twats us for over 4000 damage.

Ow, that probably hurt.

Lizardgals also have long slimy tongues according to typical monster girl lore, so for her Bad End scene we are treated to a big sloppy blowjob.

Slurpy suck time

Wait, what is that hand doing near my balls?

Ow.  Ow.

A little less on the crushing sound effects, please.

Ow.  Ow.

Look, I know you’re meant to be cum-squeezing monsters from wherever, but can you please stop squeezing my testicle like it’s the bulb of a pipette.

Luka-clone expires from excessive ex-spermination.

She squeezed us like an orange.  A career singing classic AC/DC beckons.

This time I manage to beat lizardgal in the ‘proper’ RPG fight.  Which is also a little annoying as I didn’t get to see her sex attack.

For a while I wasn’t sure she had one.  One of the downsides of Lizardgals being a proud warrior race is they tend to be more enthusiastic about hitting folks over the head with steel objects than getting down’n’durty with the smexy stuff.  After leaving Luka-clone to be slashed about for a while I determine that Lizardgal’s sex attack is an animated version of her blowjob.

Which also makes me wonder why they didn’t just add that animation to the Bad End scene?

Anyway, that’s enough of Lizardgal.  Time to move on.

Oh, there’s still the game of which is the most depraved – manyeyedhydra vs Monmusu Conquered World.  Hmm, what lizard girl stories do I have?  Oh, there’s this one.  Yeah, I think I win this round.

As always, if you’re enjoying this series, please do me a favour and consider buying one of my books.

To part 5!

Friday, August 04, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my Text Play of Dieselmine’s Monmusu Conquered World.  Last time we fell foul of an adorably cute goblin gang-bang squad and a good, if exhausting, time was had by all.

Once they’ve been chased off, with some surprisingly cute expressions and bops, it’s onto the next run-and-dodge section.  A couple of new sex animations have been added to the fairy, spider and cowgirl scenes of the first section.  I was thinking of hanging around and letting the succubi catch me so I could see them, but in a display of comic ineptitude, managed to misjudge where the level ended and ran straight through into the next cut-scene.

Straight into the arms and many legs of an arachne, or spider girl, as it happens.

Rather sensibly, even with a magical sword, our hero decides to leg it.  Our new admirer is not so easy to shake off and she keeps bouncing into view until the inevitable fight happens.

The first fight is auto-lose, but it plays out surprisingly logically and is a pretty good bridge between an auto-lose fight that has the illusion of interactivity and a Bad End with no interactivity.  The arachne always follows the same sequence – she poisons the player, inflicts a bind on them, and then initiates a sex attack (animated) that results in the player being reduced to zero hit points after ‘popping’ one turn later.

It's bad form to squirt poison all over someone on a first date

That’s the quintessential arachne scenario right there.

“Mmm, I’m going to fill you full of my aphrodisiac venom, cocoon you up in my lusciously soft silk, and then you’ll be helpless while my delectable, tight little pussy slowly sucks out all your juices.”

Unfortunately, the game creators are trying to play this scenario out with what I’m assuming is generic, off-the-shelf RPG-maker software.  It goes so far – the poison attack lines up the poison status change animation with the arachne sprite so that it looks like she’s squirting it out of the spinneret at the tip of her abdomen.  Which sort of works, if your imagination is kinky enough.  What doesn’t work is the follow-up bind attack.  For this it looks like they’ve taken the closest match – paralysation.  But unfortunately, paralysation is usually represented by electricity in most generic JRPGs, and that doesn’t seem quite right unless she happens to be little miss electro-spider.  The sex attack is a close-up insertion shot.  Unfortunately, as with most Japanese H-things, pixilation obscures a fair bit of it (although it’s still pretty nice).

Anyway, enough analysis.  Back to the story!

The arachne squirts poison at us, ties us up in sticky silk and then forces us to have sex with her.  Other than these minor quibbles she’s probably a lovely date.

The Bad End has Luka-clone bound up like a puppet and bouncing away on spider pussy.  As Bad Ends with scary spider women go, it doesn’t seem so bad.

Arachne's love spinning their own love seats

The scene is also a little familiar.  Luka got bound and fucked the same way if he lost to the Spider Princess in Monster Girl Quest, if I remember right.

Oh, but in that scene, after she had sex, didn’t she...

Yes, you can't see his legs.  No, you probably don't want to know where they are...


So, it’s a dinner date, and not in the good way.

Hmm, this will be a challenge for the resurrection capabilities of our magic sword.  Thankfully it’s up to the task.  The arachne gets a massive dose of indigestion and regurgitates us right back up again.

(Yes, this is still a sex game, in case anyone was wondering.)

I don’t think she’s too put out by this turn of events.  It means she gets to fuck us and eat us again.

Which she does.  I probably should have made some effort to learn the RPG battle mechanics.

Round 3 is back in idiot-proof mode.  Three solid hits with the sword is enough to send her packing before her devilish vagina slurps us up again.

Normally, when writing up let’s plays of weird Japanese monster girl H-games I like to play a game of which is the more depraved – the game, or my stories.  With the old Violated Hero games it used to be a challenge, but I’ve written a year-and-a-half’s worth of H-space shorts since then... ;)

If you like arachnes and would like to peruse further ‘educational’ literature, this chapter from Succubus Summoning might hit the spot.  And if you like that, you might want to check out what L’mactia’s two sisters get up to when given a man to play with in my novella, "Sandwiched by Spiders".  And nobody gets eaten (okay, swallowed).

Well, it didn’t take long for Monmusu Conquered World to jump right into the weirder kinks.  Let’s see what they have in store for us next.