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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Hentai Game Review: Mage Kanade's Futanari Dungeon Quest

I've reviewed a fair few Dieselmine H-games over the years, most prominently the Violated Hero series.  They were always light on gameplay and usually pretty good on art.  Nowadays they seem to be in a really weird place.  They probably have one of the most gifted smut artists/animators around, L Buffer, working for them, but don't really seem to know what to do with him.

Unlike its predecessor, A Lose Hero in the Castle of the Succubi, which was pretty much a glorified gallery where you walked from H-scene to H-scene, Mage Kanade's Futanari Dungeon Quest is technically a game, just about.  You have an attack button, a dodge button, and have to navigate fights and timed puzzles.

I'm not into futa, so originally didn't have much interest in this.  Then I saw some clips floating around on porn sites and was lured in.  What can I say, I have a weakness for sexy squishy slime girls.

They got me.  They knew my weakness...

The one area I'm sort of okay with futa is futa protagonists having their 'weak point' targeted by sexy (and importantly, non-futa) succubi and monster girls.  And in this, the protagonist is pretty much functionally a dude with how the various monster girls treat them.  I suspect the only reason they made the protagonist a futa is to double up on the ryona audience by showing a sexy chick with big tits getting slimed.

That's one of the features of the game.  There is a large panel on the right that shows the negative statuses currently affecting the protagonist.

I played this untranslated, so I'm not 100% on the plot.  A sexy female wizard chases a succubus to some ruins.  After entering she gets tricked and hit by some magic that gives her a cock.  Then she has to navigate her way past various erotic traps and monster girls that are bent on wanking her into a stupor.

Not the boooooobs!

The game is quite inventive on that, to be fair.  The first level has you trying to avoid gas and boob traps while fighting off disembodied wank hands and paizuri tits.  The second is full of lascivious slime.  The game gets across the theme of an erotic trap dungeon fairly well and the boss fights are pretty good.  By the 4th level it starts to become obvious the devs are running out of steam.  The traps and timed puzzles go away and are replaced with lazy battles versus hordes of horny bunny girls.  The 5th is a replay of the boss fights, but with the 'lead' succubus of the level involved directly.

As with a lot of Dieselmine games, there is a lack of ambition.  The early levels and boss fights are pretty good, but it's very short and feels more like a demo or proof of concept.

Art is variable.  The L Buffer animations are excellent as always.  I was less impressed with Bad End H-scenes.  The art on those was a little too cartoony and the proportions on some of the succubi ended up looking weirdly grotesque rather than sexy.

Sorry luv, you're just not my type.

As with most of the recent Dieselmine succubus and monster girl games, it's pretty much a showcase gallery for L Buffer's talents.  Those are good as always, but the whole thing is probably a little on the pricy side for what you get.  It's a shame Dieselmine can't seem to put those talents to better use.  Other devs would salivate at the prospect of having this sprite work in their games.

(If I could get a artist/animator as good as this to provide some graphics for The House of Hellish Harlots...)

The erotic traps are interesting, at least for the early levels.  I'm currently brainstorming a SexDungeon project for #Dungeon23 over on Patreon (and SubscribeStar).  This has given me a few ideas for things to work in, like the Boob "Wall of Death".  Mage Kanade's Futanari Dungeon Quest is maybe a little expensive for what it is, but it's fun and given me a few ideas, so checking it out was not a complete waste.

Beware the "Wall of Boob"...

Milking Farm is probably still the peak of the L Buffer/Dieselmine era, even if that also only had rudimentary run 'n' hide gameplay.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Someone made a hentai anime of Cornelica, Town of Succubi

While wading through the sticky swamps of 4chan I found a link to this:

(these hentai sites tend to be iffy on things - make sure adblock is on and virus shield is fully deployed! :) )

It's a hentai anime of Dieselmine's Cornelica, Town of Succubi game.

This was a game I ended up skipping.  If you're wondering why I don't cover Japanese succubus/monster girl H-games as much as I used to, the main reason is because successive Windows updates have completely borked most of the hooking and machine translation tools.  Unless I get around to learning to read Japanese, I can't really play these.  I did try doing a walkthrough of Monmusu Conquered World blind, but the results were a bit shit to be honest.

(although some have had translation patches - I really need to write about Shrift and Lust Grimm at some point)

Cornelica looked interesting, but Dieselmine did their typical Dieselmine thing of having the random encounters have the nice pseudo-animated (basic Photoshop puppeting at a guess) scenes while the main, named characters all had static-image Bad End scenes.  They did get this right with the following game, Monster Girl Labyrinth, which did have some delicious Bad End scenes, including the lovely boob monster girl who inspired the current story I'm working on (No, I haven't forgotten about it).

I did like the setting.  A town of succubi seems a fun location to work with and it's nice to see someone make an anime using the location and characters.  The big-boobed innkeeper succubus, the big-boobed temple succubus and the cat-eared shopkeeper succubus all get to fuck the hapless protagonist, much to the disgust of his succubus girlfriend.

Maybe I'll try the game out if I can ever get hooking and translation to work again (or get a new laptop with a non-shit version of Windows).

(As an aside, yes I know I went AWOL for a couple of weeks again.  This is what happens when you effectively live two lives and the other one has to take precedence for a short while.  Rather than post yet another not-update post I thought I'd post links to some sexy succubus snu-snu instead.) 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Hentai Game Review: Monster Girl Labyrinth

Dieselmine have a new Monster Girl H-game out, Monster Girl Labyrinth:

I must confess to being pleasantly surprised by this one.  (So much so, I felt motivated to write a review on it.)

I know, I know.  It's Dieselmine.  So many times their games have looked to have promise, only for them to half-ass it with some questionable design choices.

So it's a surprise to see them make a straightforward monster girl battle-fuck game that gets the basics right.

Yep, they put the animations in the right place this time.  Previous game Monmusu Conquered World had some nicely-drawn succubus/monster girl sex animations, but the actual fights were standard RPG battles and the Bad Ends were static CGIs.

Monster Girl Labyrinth is more like ROBF.  The "fights" are more accurately described as fucks, and the monster girl is animated as she... ahem... battles to reduce your CP (or whatever the HP equivalent is) to zero.  The animations are fairly standard Photoshop-style puppeting, but it's effective and I've said many times before how much even a little bit of animation improves the H-scenes of these games.

The scenes are pretty good.  For most of the girls there appear to be two variants depending on whether your TP (gauge on lower right of screen) is positive or negative, and a third linking them together if you click yes when the monster girl offers to do nice things to you.

Taking the harpy as an example.  Her standard move is to rub your cock between her rather lovely butt cheeks.

Harpy foreplay (I think we can win this one)

Once she gets your TP below zero it's time for full intercourse.

Getting hot and heavy (We're losing...)

Sometimes she'll give you a yes/no option.  Selecting yes allows her to use a more extravagant "attack" that adds an additional cute little butt wriggle while she has you balls-deep inside her.

Oh fuck yes! (We lost)
(I may have conceded at this point).

Thankfully, there is very little stupid filler this time around.  All the girls get animated (and voiced) battle scenes, regardless of whether they're standard mooks or bosses.  Overall there are thirty separate encounters, which, while nothing compared to MGQ's massive monsterpedia, is still a decent amount for this type of game.

A delightful menu of depravity

The encounters vary in weirdness from more vanilla elves and wolf girls (kobolds) to... well...

Based on KC's Gazer, in turn based on D&D's Beholder (I think!)

If you liked Aradia from Monmusu Quest: Paradox, MGL also has it's own booby monster:

Falling into an actual literal booby trap

The other game art is pretty good as well.  Each of the regions you pass through looks fairly distinctive and I love the pixel art of the fast travel screen.  It gives me a real nostalgia vibe of old pixel platformers like Ghouls'n'Ghosts.

Fucking your way to the top, fantasy-RPG-style

Now for the not-so-good stuff.

The gameplay is, as typical for Dieselmine, fairly shallow.  I was unable to hook and translate the game, but was still able to breeze through it in around 4-5 hours.  Selecting basic attack and drinking a healing potion whenever your CP gets low will get you through 90% of the game.  It's also not always clear what's going on in the battles.  I get that I'm doing "damage" to them through numbers on the screen and their CP bar decreasing, but I don't have the faintest clue how it is happening.

At one point this review was going to be a lot different as for most of my playthrough the animations didn't work.  Then the game crashed and when I started it up again I realised what I was missing (as the giant slime girl inserted me headfirst into her pussy).

I can't comment too much on the story as I had to play through this one without machine translation.  I think the plot is you investigate some disappearances in your village, fall into a pit and then have to fight fuck your way through various monster girl territories to return home.  Along the way you bump into a cute witch and cute bunny girl and the main boss is some kind of fairy.

Also, the ending is not quite the ending.  Two of the monster girls (including the booby-trap girl) and a boss are post-credits content that can be found by selecting the 4th option on the menu after completing the game.

Overall, this is much better output from Dieselmine and close to what I want to see in a battle-fuck game.  I would put the animated scenes/battles as slightly above ROBF, but not quite up to the gorgeous shikibus in Succubus Prison.  It's a shame Dieselmine's recent track record has been fairly mediocre, as I suspect the game would have generated more excitement had it been made by anyone else.  I was very close to skipping this one altogether (as I did with Cornelica).  Don't be put off by it being from Dieselmine.  I think this one is pretty good.

Of course, if the reason you don't like Dieselmine is because you prefer more meat (i.e. a massive story like Monster Girl Quest, or fairly intricate RPG mechanics like ROBF and MQ: Paradox) on your hentai RPGs, this is not going to change your opinion.  It's still a shallow experience, but an enjoyable one.

I wouldn't mind seeing Dieselmine go back to the better Violated Hero games and revamping them with these newer animated battle-fucks.  Animated Milfy, ooh yes please.

Quick aside on other things.  Unfortunately I appear to still be in a state of complete disorganisation.  Expect things to be a little spotty here while I sort my shit out.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 21

And (finally!) we’re on to the last part of my Monmusu Conquered World playthrough.  The first part was way back here.

We’re right at the end.  We just have Nia’s second form (mother, sister, daughter?) to defeat.

The absolutely, positively, final boss

The game does have an anti-frustration, come-back-stronger mechanic, which should make the third and subsequent battles a cakewalk.  Nia doesn’t seem to be having any of that nonsense.  On about the sixth or seventh attempt, her attacks are finally down to scratch damage and Luka-clone can finally become the hero he’s supposed to be.

After being beaten, Nia gathers the gang and some magic happens.  I’d like to be able to tell you what happened, but I’m running on pure guesswork without translation.  I guess the invasion is called off as attention switches back to a normal fantasy world.  We get happy music and the silhouettes without art privileges seem to be celebrating.

But what about the brave hero that made it all possible…

The brave "sacrifice" of a courageous hero...

Well, I suppose nymphomaniac demon monster girls have to keep themselves occupied in other ways.  Some “sacrifices” need to be made.

And that’s that.

Overall, this was harder work than I thought it would be. The lack of machine translation was a handicap, even for a game as straightforward as Monmusu Conquered World.  To be fair, I should have anticipated this.  The Violated Hero series always occupied the middle ground between a Visual Novel and a (very) rudimentary RPG.  Take out the VN part, and you’re losing a good chunk of what the “game” is.

Many thanks to the people leaving comments shedding light on what was happening in some of the scenes.

I think in future, if I’m going to do series like this, it will be for games where there is more public interest, and where I have some form of machine translation in place.

So, how did Monmusu Conquered World shape up to its spiritual predecessor series, Violated Hero?

To be honest, without translation, it’s a little hard for me to offer an opinion and still be fair.  I can’t exactly judge plot or character depth without knowing the text.  The JRPG mechanics seemed overly simplistic, but that could have been how Easy mode was designed.

What I can talk about is the artwork and some of the games mechanic choices.

The artwork seemed a step back.  The different art styles didn’t mesh together very well.  I did like the sex animations, though, and wished the game had made better use of them.

As for the characters, I thought the first half was stronger than the second half.  I liked the spider girl, steam girl, painting girl and slime girl, and thought both the goblins and mermaids were adorably cute, even if adorably cute isn’t really a sexual turn-on for me. On the other hand, I only really liked Nia out of the endgame bosses and I felt they could have done with something like Violated Hero 2’s additional post-loss scenes to better distinguish them as more important characters.

The auto-lose-the-first-fight gimmick felt like one of those ideas that must have sounded better on paper.  I can get where they’re coming from – it does integrate the H-content better than the player having to choose to lose to get it – but it ended up being more annoying.

The dodge-and-run filler was total shite, but Dieselmine have never really found a good way to gamify the segments between each boss, so that’s no real change.  The sex animations for when you got caught made them a little more entertaining, but that vanished fast when they ran out of original snippets and started recycling them near the end.

The main problem for Dieselmine is that the original Violated Hero games (most notably VH2) came out after Monster Girl Quest had just hit cult success and there was an audience wanting more of the same.  Since then Monster Girl Quest has evolved into an intricate and complex JRPG, other series like ROBF and Succubus Rhapsodia have come out and done the same, games like Tokinokogiri’s Succubus Prison have really raised the bar in sexy-as-fuck succubus/monster girl Bad Ends, and Dieselmine’s games… haven’t kept up from what I’ve seen.

It was one of my frustrations with the Violated Hero series and now with Monmusu Conquered World.  It always feels like all the elements are there to make a really great cult H-game, but something is always botched, or overlooked, or undercooked, or otherwise not assembled correctly.

I’m planning to post my own thoughts on what I think the perfect “Violated Hero” game should look like as a sort of post-series segment this weekend.  Feel free to drop your own thoughts in the comments on that (or this) as I’m hoping it will be a useful article for any devs looking to make similar games (and it is great that a number of Western devs are building games to cater to this niche).

I hope you enjoyed this little playthrough anyway.  As always, if you enjoyed what you read, please check out my novels, short story collections and novellas.  I love writing about sexy succubi and monster girls.

Next up – Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2]!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 20

We’re getting to the end of my Monmusu Conquered World playthrough.  At this point I think we have only the final boss to face.  To go back to where it all began, go here.  If you’re not 18, go to the back button on your internet browser (you can come back when you’re old enough).

In our last piece we took down the second-in-command.  By a process of elimination I think that means we have only have the final boss left, although with Violated Hero games (Monmusu Conquered World’s spiritual predecessor), that’s not always the case.  Also, I don’t have machine translation, so I don’t really know what’s going on anyway.

Before the final encounter we have another run-and-dodge section through a typical RPG-maker map.  The sex animations if you get caught were pretty neat the first few times, but by this point I think these filler sections have well and truly worn out their welcome.  I think the game knows as well.  The last segment is pretty much an open space with lots of identical succubus minions milling around.  It’s not hard to navigate.

And then, the big boss.

The final boss

Her name is given as Nia in the promo materials.  I’m guessing she’s supposed to be some kind of female Satan.  She does have a goaty sort of appearance.

If we weren’t sure she was the big boss, being sent off to fight against a wooshy metaphysical backdrop of stars and constellations clues us into her being the baddest of bads.

Generic JRPG final battle background

Despite this, she fails to do what 90% of all the other monster girls of Monmusu Conquered World have done—OHKO is in the first, unwinnable battle.

Time to accept our horny punishment.

Our final "punishment"

I’m fine with this.

She gets on top for a bout of vigorous fucking that doesn’t stop until she’s completely plastered in white stuff from the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.  Losing has never felt so fun.

I suppose we should try to win, though, what with the fate of the world and all that riding on this.

And then she does this and…

A devastating special attack...

…whoops, we lose again.

Put it away, Luka-clone we have a world to save.  Think of all those unfortunate black silhouettes labouring away without any kind of art privileges.

After beating her there is a barrage of weird screen effects.

And your reward is…

The prize!


Ah, that’s why she only had one Bad End scene.  Nia has gone all one-wing-angel on us.  Or rather, lots-of-hair-and-eyes-in-places-there-shouldn’t-be-eyes angel on us.

At least, I think she might have transformed.  The face differs so much I’m not sure if it’s her or a sister or mother.

This is what happens when you try to do this without machine translation (never never again).

As with the original Nia, she likes to be on top.  So we have to go through all that sexy, being ridden to exhaustion thing all over again.  Saving the world is hard job Luka-clone, someone’s got to be the one ridden by sexy Satan until their bollocks are empty.

The onerous costs of being a hero

The shaggy legs and weird hair eyes don’t detract.  My attention is somewhere else for some reason.

Every time it looks like the screen is fading out, the action jumps back to her on top.  I wonder if she’s taking a page out of Gorgon’s book and trying to avoid the sword’s magic by fuckity-ever-after for all eternity.

It fails (Luka-clone’s heart probably bursts at some point).

She definitely justifies her End Boss status.  For a while I was wondering if the game’s come-back-stronger mechanic has been switched off as she effortlessly swats us aside for about four “unlosable” fights in a row.  It isn’t until about the fifth or sixth attempt that she unveils her sex attack—an animated version of her cowgirl end, which is pretty sweet.

But prevail we must… but that will be for next time.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 19

Welcome back to the (hopefully!) back on schedule Text Play of Monmusu Conquered World.  Monmusu Conquered World is an adult monster girl sex game made by Dieselmine.  The first part of my playthrough can be found here.

Last up we got eaten up like candy by a succubus.  This was rather disappointing if you were expecting smutty sexy stuff, although the succubus did make up for it by riding our brains out in the h-battle later on.

Anyway, she’s out of the way and it’s time to press deeper into the demon lord castle.  The dodge-and-run section this time is that ever-annoying JRPG trope – the teleport maze.  At this point the game appears to be out of original sex animations, rendering the segment even more tedious.

Scrap metal + boobies

After navigating that it’s finally time to fight the second-in-command boss, Ms Scrap Metal Tits.  Number 2, Ms Scrap Metal Tits, appears prominently on the menu page and to be fair, her boobs are bulbously beautiful.

Poster Girl

Her name is given as The Orte, and I’m going to have to call defeat on the origins of that one.  Is it an anime/manga reference?  She’s surrounded by a dark essence, apparently.

Her first Bad End scene will be very familiar to anyone that played through the original Violated Hero series.  It’s the classic VH femdom footjob.

VH Femdom Footjob Scene #7

Every VH game had one of the major Big Bads do this to the protagonist at some point in the game.  The pictures all have virtually the same camera angle and pose.

As with the giantess scene last time, this is a kink that’s outside my wheelhouse.  I’m not a foot person.  I feel a footjob is something I should bucketlist at some point, if only to see what the fuss is about.  But having my balls actually trod on, hmm, I think I can miss that experience with no regrets.

The Orte is one of the “generals”.  That means she gets a second scene.  The footjob is just the appetizer.  Now it’s time for the main course as she climbs on top while getting Luka-clone to press his hand against her big soft titty.

The main course...
This, I think, I can get along with.

At least I could, until I noticed something with the artwork that threw me out of the scene.  What’s going on with her left leg?  It looks like it’s been detached from her hip and bolted on to her pussy.  I’m not sure what’s happening here.  Maybe the artist planned for one angle on the legs and then changed their mind when drawing her midriff.  Or there are perfectly sensible storyline reasons for it to look like that (which I can’t read, as I don’t have translation for this game).  Or it’s just me.

Is it just me?

Does how her leg joins to her body look weird to anyone else?

Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that once noticed, become impossible not to notice.

Which is a shame as the scene looks decent.  The Orte fucks our brains out and keeps fucking while the black stuff surrounding her starts to creep down over our skin. us.  Welp.

Uh oh.

Too late.  Time to add being absorbed by darkness to the list of unusual ways for Luka-clone to die.

Does this mean we now get scrap metal nuts?

The resurrection scene starts off in darkness and for a moment I’m wondering whether we’re going to be hit by some plot-twist shenanigans, but no, we get resurrected and have the normal fight, just like every other encounter.

Her sex attack is an animated version of her second Bad End scene.  This means I can’t fully appreciate it as the wonky leg art is still bugging me.

Annoying really.  I like The Orte’s design and she does appear to be the quintessential femme fatale succubus-esque encounter.

Oh well, let’s see what the big boss has in store for us.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 18

Whoopsies on the bigger than expected delay.  I fully blame getting back into Monmusu Quest: Paradox (that Text Play is coming) and one of those rare weekends where I have to do non-writing work.  Anyway, Monmusu Quest: Paradox is for the future, we’re currently on Monmusu Conquered World and somewhere near the end (I think).

So where are we – part 18 I reckon.

We’re near the end now.  Big Fox and L’il Fox have already been dispatched.  So too has the Queen in Yellow, Hastia.

We’ve still got a few more pointless run-and-dodge filler sections to navigate first.  I think at this point even the game is tired of them as this segment is a leisurely stroll past devil bedrooms.  They don’t even seem that interested in Luka-clone and as the game seems to have run out of original sex anims to tempt us with, neither do we.

Then… succubus.

Yay, succubus, I think...

I’m pretty sure she’s just another sub-boss rather than one of the plot-important “generals”.  I remember Violated Hero 5 doing this with the succubus-esque Nightmare appearing seemingly at random in one of the end-game sections.  Doesn’t really make much sense, but they promised us a “lewd demon”, so let’s…

Loli or starved?

Hmm.  Not really a fan of this artwork.  Sure, I like them busty, but I don’t think it’s requirement that a succubus needs a pair of melons attached to their chest.  In this case she doesn’t look so much flat-chested as withered.  Is that what happens if a succubus doesn’t get her daily feed?  Enquiring minds would like to know.

Maybe we should start a sperm drive for the poor lass.  I’m sure there would be no shortage of volunteers.

The game doesn’t even bother with the first pointless unwinnable battle, it jumps straight to the Bad End scene where the succubus…

Oh fuck.

…pops us in her mouth like a piece of candy.

Hmm, you know what I was saying about your breasts earlier, succubus…

I am truly, deeply, sincerely sorry.


I’m not sure whether we’ve been shrunk by magic or the succubus is really a giantess.  Either way, it’s the classic giantess vore scene.  The succubus gets us off with her big slimy tongue.  No real reason to.  I guess the “cream” gives a bit of tasty extra seasoning before the eventual gulp.

Down the hatch we go, Luka-clone.  Never mind.  The sword will…

…hey, do we even still have that magic sword?  I haven’t seen its graphic for ages.

You promised us a lewd demon, Dieselmine.

I think they’re trolling us, again.

I don’t mind vore.  I even dabble with it on occasion with my succubus and monster girl stories (okay, so maybe more than occasionally with the H-space stories), mainly because it plays so well with horror.  Not so much giantess vore, though.  That doesn’t hit any of my buttons, even if Karbo does draw some of the loveliest monster girls.

That plus the loli (sort of – it might be more accurate to call the artwork just straight-up strange) angle renders this a double miss for me.

For me, I should clarify.  For someone into the giantess fetish, this might be the scene that hits them right in the sweet spot.  That’s one of the great things about these games – they do try to cover a wide range of kinks.

One thing it did do for me was raise some interesting thoughts on the exclusiveness of some kinks/fetishes.  By exclusiveness, I mean the kinks that fall into the love or loathe category.  Taking giantess as an example.  Is it better to make a game with all giantess vore, or a game that covers it as part of a wide range of similar kinks?  For the all-giantess game, you know the audience is going to be really pleased with all the content, but that audience is likely to be very niche and consequentially small.  For the wider range option, you’re going to attract a wider audience, but the resulting game is going to be fairly diluted.  For example, if you’re only into the giantess vore side of things, is paying $20 for a game with 1 scene of interest out of 20 that appealing?

I suspect it comes down to the exclusivity of kinks.  Monster Girl Quest handled this with its vore toggle switch.  That way, the players that liked femdom monster girls, but really didn’t want their boner ruined by a graphic account of a starfish girl everting her stomach around Luka and digesting him to mush, could just flip a switch and not see that content.

(In care you're wondering – no, I don’t come with a vore-toggle switch.  I like my horror too much.)

Also, the creators of MGQ seemed to know which areas overlapped, and which didn’t.  So you might see Luka get eaten by a dragon with a sexy babe for a tongue, or wrapped in the stomach of a starfish girl, but you won’t see him get buggered up the ass by a big hairy bloke, or see Luka beat Alice black and blue with his fists and then throttle her.  Those audiences don’t really overlap (at least I’m fairly sure they don’t overlap!).

But this is too much digression (and another hint I probably should not have done this series without any machine translation).  I’m thinking this might be a topic for a future post.  Mapping out which kinks can or can’t co-exist would be an interesting discussion and possibly a useful resource for anyone thinking of making their own monster girl H-game.

Back to our Luka-clone-popping succubus and the question of whether she’s a giant or using shrinking magic is answered when we finally get to the real fight.  Her sex attack is paralyzing the player, putting them to sleep, and then riding the fuck out of them.

Succubus riding the fuck out of us

Now this is more like what I expect from a succubus.

Overall, Little Miss Succubus is a miss for me, but I’m not going to begrudge the game for including her.

Hopefully, we should now be back to the regular posting schedule, so I’ll see you again on Friday.

Friday, September 08, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 17

The Monmusu Conquered World series continues.  We’re into the “generals” now, so I think we’re (finally!) approaching the end.  (The journey began back here in case you’ve only just tuned in now.  If you’ve only just tuned in now I should also warn you Monmusu Conquered World is an adult game and you should press the back button on your browser right now if offended by such things.)

After sending the Family Fox packing, we’re back to more pointless run-and-dodge.  There’s a doorway leading to the shopkeeper (that I’ve never felt the need to buy anything off, because I chickened out of selecting ‘hard’ difficulty for a game I had no translation for).  Hmm, she appears to be hiding out in a luxurious bedroom this time around.

Oh, I wonder what that new option on the menu i—

Additional services are available at this shop

Oh.  Yeah.  Why was I even surprised?

You’ve come a long way, sorceress girl from Violated Hero 1.  (And I suspect Luka-clone also comes a long way, or would if her throat wasn’t in the way.)

At the end of the corridor we run into weird slug/tentacle/too-many-damn-eyes girl.

She seems very very angry for some reason.

Um, hi...?

I suspect her design is a nod to the King in Yellow, what with the tentacles, yellow cape and being named Hastia (Hastur).  All very Lovecraftian, or rather Robert W Chambers-ian, as the King in Yellow was his creation and preceded Lovecraft’s work by a decade or so (Lovecraft liked it).  Most people might remember it nowadays as the bait that fooled people into thinking a police drama was going to be more interesting than it ultimately was.  (The first season of True Detective is still pretty damn good, but ultimately never had the balls to fully peer behind the veil, as I’m sure most horror fans were hoping it would.)

Anyway, back to our little hentai game.  Hastur.  Tentacles.  What could possible go wrong?

We probably don't want to lose this one...

Let’s be honest.  The Violated Hero series was famed for being a little... shall we say... weird.  Monmusu Conquered World has been restrained with the last few scenes.  Not wanting to worry you or anything, Luka-clone, but this one might be rough.

I think reality has been twisted...

Oh, she just wants us to lick her clit.  Uh, that’s fine, I guess.  Unexpected.

Hastur is very talkative for an eldritch abomination.  Even more so when Luka-clone starts gently nibbling away on the sensitive parts of her nether regions.

Hmm, you seem a little more adept at this than I would have expected, Luka-clone.  Did you get up to stuff before going off on your adventures?

It doesn’t take long for Hastur to hit orgasm and this time it’s Luka-clone getting a facefull of sex juices.  That’s a novel twist from the norm.  I suppose it should be expected from an eldritch abomination.  They do like to twist reality after all (although this might be too far).

But there is the second scene.  Prepare thyself, Luka-clone, for tentacle...

Reality has definitely been twisted

Oh, she just wants to get on top and ride us cowgirl style.

This is too much.  I don’t think I can handle this much... normalcy.

“What’s the matter, darling?  Are you having that little problem again?”

“It’s all those eyes.  Can’t you shut them or something.  It’s very off-putting?”

Hastur does wrap her tentacles around us to give us an extra little squeeze, but, surprisingly for this genre, the tentacles stay mostly to themselves.

Hastur’s sex anim is also unexpected.  All those tentacles and eyes, and her scene is an as-vanilla-as-they-come blowjob.  I suspect Dieselmine is deliberately trolling us here.

I wonder what Lovecraft and others would have made of their creations being used in this way.  Absolute shock and disgust, I imagine.  Apart from Clark Ashton Smith.  I suspect he’d have found it hilarious.  Seems that kind of dude from his writing.

Tentacles, tentacles.  Anyone want tentacles?  I have tentacles for you.  Come on.  Who can resist two gorgeous scyllas in a bubbly Jacuzzi?

Is that just Ms Scrap Metal Boobs left now?  We’ll see next time.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 16

The Monmusu Conquered World Text Play continues (if you’re new to this madness, the first part can be found back here).  Will we finally get to fight one of the major bosses this time?

After defeating ghost girl, the action switches back to Generic Evil Throne Room Backdrop.  In there we have Ms Scrap Metal Boobies, Big Fox and Suspiciously-Young-Looking Fox, and... what appears to be a slug eating a blonde-haired girl.  Oh, for the days of Violated Hero 2 with the bubbly Milfy and that dirty snake girl minx.

Monster girl or monster eating girl?

Anyway, they do battle council stuff while Luka-clone looks for a kip on dirty mats in a cave somewhere.  Flesh Golem returns.  Again, I realise the folly of trying to do a series like this with zero machine translation.  If you know her relevance to the plot, please enlighten me in the comments below.

After a short bit of dialogue, she goes off running through Ye Olde Medieval Towne with sirens blaring in the background.  With Doppelganger, I could make an educated guess at what was going on.  At this point I don’t have a clue – the first stages of invasion?

It means we have another run-and-dodge segment through the tough urban streets.  The highlights of this part of town are having our face smooshed between two enormous boobies, or having our dick slapped.  Personally, I know what I prefer, but I won’t judge you if you like the other.

Then we enter the castle and the music goes all end-of-game dramatic.  Don’t try pulling that on me, game.  We haven’t fought one of the “generals” yet and I’m sure there’s at least four or five of them.

Talking of generals, here’s the first – Big Fox and Please-Don’t-Get-My-Blog-Pulled-For-Dubious-Content Fox.

Big Fox and L'il Fox

And this time we’re fighting.

Fox tag-team

I’d like to think of this as Big Sis Fox and L’il Sis Fox, but according to the product blurb they’re Mama and Daughter Fox.  Which is sort of icky, maybe.  I mean, is it technically incest if you engage in a lurid threesome with a pair of smoking-hot identical twins?  Asking for a friend.  What if it’s mother and daughter?  What if the mother and daughter [redacted] [redacted] and [most definitely redacted]?

Incest/Taboo porn has always seemed a bit weird to me.

(Says the guy who once wrote a story where a demon ate a man’s girlfriend, shat her out and then forced the still-sentient faecal matter to fuck her former boyfriend to death.)

(What, you thought I was joking.)

So, mother and daughter.  A bit squick, or no different to fucking a pair of hot sisters at the same time?

(Again, asking for a friend. Honest.)

Then there’s the age angle.

“Are you quite sure you’re of legal age, L’il Fox?”

“I’m 473. And my mother is 1,032.”

“Shush dear, I’m not a day over a thousand years old, and I have the tits to prove it.  Why don’t you feel for yourself?”

Fox spirits, sigh.

That’s quite alrigh...  Goddamn it Luka-clone.  What have I told you about touching the boobs of strange kitsune women.  Don’t you remember what happened last time?

Yes, I am talking about the “fluffy tail” incident.

It’s better to imagine the preliminary to the Bad End happening that way than what we get – a predictably unwinnable “fight” ending in another OHKO.

Then it’s time for some multi-fox mama-and-daughter fox action.  Mama fox rubs her curvaceous bum against our erection while Baby Fox gets in between and starts sucking.  Yeah, I figured all that innocent-baby-face stuff was an act.

Baby-faced, but most definitely not innocent

After getting Luka-clone primed, L’il Fox gets out of the way so that Mama Fox can sit... where it feels rather nice.  L’il Fox turns her attention to our nipples while Mama Fox bounces up and down.  After a bit of up’n’down, Mama Fox gets off at just the right moment for L’il Fox to get a full facial.  As she’s a centuries-old kitsune (probably), L’il Fox doesn’t mind.

I think they’re slurping up your energy again, Luka-clone (Or chi, or ki, or whatever it is that kitsune gobble).

Mama-and-daughter foxes are the first of the designated “generals”.  That means they have two-scene privileges.  And the second scene is...

Definitely not innocent...

...a rather pleasant fox sandwich.

Has Mama Fox’s boobs got even bigger?  They do look like rather soft and comfortable pillows to lie upon.

L’il Fox preserves her pretend virginity by attempting to get Luka-clone off with a bit of intercrural action between her thighs.

Or maybe not.  Naughty L’il fox.

Luka-clone still makes a big mess of her dress because he is the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.

For the follow-up (i.e. non-OHKO) fights, their animated sex attack is Mama Fox bouncing away on Luka-clone’s cock with L’il Fox watching on intently.  What a lewd pair.

Do I need to even tell you at this point...?

Again, I’d love to be able to actually read the dialogue as after their defeat they get all sad-faced before (I think) teleporting away.

Not a bad scene.  Loli Fox and the Mama’n’Daughter angle might make it a little too uncomfortable for some folks (me included), but at the end of the day it’s just pixels.  I’m here for the boobies and Mama Fox has me amply covered in that department (I suspect literally as well, should she so desire).

Hmm, Kitsune.  Another “classic” monster girl.  I was trying to think of any kitsune stories I might have written and then remembered I’d been sneaky wi—

I have not written any stories with kitsune in them.

Huh?  Strange.  I dunno what came over me there.

Oh well, that will do for now.

To the next part.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 15

Blimmin’ Hell.  What is this, week 6 of my Monmusu Conquered World Text Play?  (It might have been a mistake doing this…)  Never mind, here’s where the insanity started.

We’re still not even on the final bosses!

With Monmusu Conquered World the distinction seems a bit blurry compared to Dieselmine’s previous Violated Hero series.  The Flesh Golem girl we fought last time had two Bad End scenes and I thought she was just another standard boss.

The two fox sisters show up after the fight.  Again you’ll have to excuse my lack-of-a-clue as to what’s going on as I don’t have machine translation for this series.

(Then why did you try to do this series anyway?  That is a question I have been asking myself…)

I think Luka-clone might have got bonked on the head.  We wake up in that same rustic room with all the cobwebs.

From there it’s more run-and-dodge filler.  Nominally, the sex anims are all new, but they’re basically variations on one’s already seen.  The slime girl one is still pretty nice though.

I wonder if Luka-clone is as lost as I am as we end up on the shore of a lake, seemingly slashing at empty air.

Another scenery change and is this the time we get to fight Big Fox and L’il Fox?

Nopers, it’s time for a walk through a graveyard instead.  There are zombies, but they seem more interested in eating ass than brains.  Gorblessyou, H-RPG world.

The long way around to eating braaaains

I mean, if we weren’t in a hentai game, this backdrop of wooden crosses might be a little intimidating.

When did we leave the sex game again?

(I’d make it terrifying)

In such charnel surroundings, it shouldn’t be that surprising that our next opponent is a spooky ghost girl.  I’m more scared by the art style clash to be honest.

A little too bright for a ghost girl?

After our predictable OHKO, it’s time for a spot of spectral 69 as Ghost Girl wants us to get a good sniff of her pussy.  Or make use of our nose in rather creative ways, it seems from the artwork.  Can you still breathe down there, Luka-clone?

Spectral 69, yeah yeah, baby!

Hmm.  Is this a ghost girl or a succubus?  Having our face stuffed in pussy brings the little man to attention (as it would) and rather than keeping up her end of the 69, Ghost Girl drops a magic circle on our erection instead.  "Energy Drain" is mentioned.  Uh oh.

That's not your mouth

It doesn’t take long before the white stuff is fwooshing out of Luka-clone’s cock.  I don’t think that’s just semen, mate.  I think that’s our energy fwooshing out as well.  That’s why you shouldn’t seek carnal knowledge of ghosts, Luka-clone.  They’re just energy-hungry vamps who are only interested in your life force.

Fwoosh, fwoosh.

Um, we’d better stop fwooshing or… never mind.

Bad End.

The real fight has Ghost Girl blast us with dark energy.  When that fails to work she binds us, puts us to sleep and then smothers us with her pussy.  I don’t think that finisher is allowed by the WWE.

Time for more fwoosh.

It’s not a bad encounter despite the art style.  But then my love of succubi-type monster girls means I tend to go weak at the knees at the mention of “energy drain”.

Having all your energy sucked out will do that.


Anyway, time to exorcise this ghostly bitch and move on.

Whoa, luv.  This is just a harmless snu-snu game.  There’s no need for that overly dramatic death wail.  It might get me wondering how Luka-clone is dispatching his opponents and I don’t need the guilt trip.

(Although I wouldn’t exactly blame him.  Being swallowed whole or having all the blood sucked out of your body isn’t exactly good for the mental state.)

As always, if you like this series, please consider picking up one of my books.  There will be some new fiction coming out soon.  I’ve been using this series as a screen while I catch up and finish some of the multiple (too many) writing projects I’ve got on the go.

For the next part, go here.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 14

The blind Text Play of Monmusu Conquered World continues.  The madness began back here.  There are slightly more bosses than I was expecting.  The Violated Hero blueprint used to be 10 regular bosses and 5 bigger bosses.  We’re on part 14 and other than a blink-and-you’ll-miss-her appearance from The Orte (whatever that is), the only bigger bosses we’ve seen are big and little fox.

After a poisonous (literally) date with Alraune, it appears we are still in the forest of somewhere else.  The run-and-dodge filler sections through the forest are starting to get a little stale as well.  Nothing new to see here before we’re back in Visual Novel mode and...

Where exactly did you get those hands?

Flesh Golem.

Not sure why she’s showed up in the forest.  You’d think graveyards or scary gothic castles would be more her thing.  Or maybe I’m just unfairly stereotyping her and stitched-together zombie girls like nothing more than kittens and long walks through nice nature spots.

Obviously not, as right away she wants to get down to bludgeoning us with those... what’s with those crazy hands anyway.


And then...

Where did you get those boobs!


Unsurprisingly, she’s on top.  Monster girls always like to be on top.

Flesh golem must be more important to the plot than I first thought.  She gets a second CGI with a cutaway internal shot.

You get a special prize if you're able to fill it

So is this the subgame where Luka-clone has to completely fill zombie girl’s womb with white stuff.  He can probably do it.  It’s the hidden superpower of all Luka-clone’s after all.

But no.  It’s starting to leak out.  Zombie gal is playing with it between her fingers.  You’re losing it, Luka-clone!

Where did you get those hands anyway, Ms Frankenstein’s Monsteress – a bear?  Weren’t there any good pianists available?

Luka-clone’s bottomless balls superpowers fail him as we fail to completely fill Zombina’s womb.  So we have to fight her again.

And again.

And again.

Um, Ms Flesh Golem.  You do know this is a sex game.  How about some snu-snu instead of *bonk* hitting us *bonk* over the *bonk* head with those ridiculously oversize paws.

I think she’s following the Lizard Gal program as it takes a while before she decides to knock us to the ground and start riding away.

Once again, the lack of any machine translation is jiggering this up.  I read on one of the threads that Flesh Golem is a pretty sweet character, and a good candidate for a few people’s fave waifu despite her ugly-cute stitched together appearance.  And I know she does show up again later.  Unfortunately, I have nada on the dialogue front.  From the artwork I get she has big hands, big boobs and a nice smile.  That is one of the downsides of playing these games blind when you can’t read Japanese.

(On the translation front, the good news is that I’ve managed to find a version of ITH that does cooperate with Windows 10.  The bad news is that whatever engine Dieselmine uses remains resolutely unhookable.  I have got it to work with other games though, including the big one – Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  Not promising anything, but there might be another really crazy Text Play series coming to the blog at some point in the future...)

As for the Dieselmine vs manyeyedhydra competition, zombie girls aren’t really a thing in my repertoire.  I don’t really do the undead stories for some reason.  I think the only conventional vampire character I’ve written (unless you count blood-sucking boobies) was a comedy character in a Disgaea parody.

Given how I think, this might not be a bad thing.  I mean if you’re writing zombie horror, it has to be gross and gory, otherwise what’s the point.  Same for the sexy horror stuff.  If the zombie cheerleader isn’t trying to erotically asphyxiate her partner with her own large intestine, you’re not trying hard enough.

Yeah, I should probably stick to the succubi...

That’s it for this week.  Come back next week for more... tasteful... erotic stuff (maybe!).