Sunday, February 28, 2021

House of Hellish Harlots ver0.016 (Charms)

The new version of "House of Hellish Harlots" is available for patrons and can be found here:

Here's a list of the new features:

She's a new NPC that sells various charms to the player.

Charms last for the duration of a run (until the player dies or runs out of harlots).  They have a variety of effects.  The Buxom Lolibaba will give vague hints as to their use, but you'll have to play around with them to figure out what they do.  All but one have been implemented.  A lot of them are protective in nature but won't do anything for now as the abilities they protect against will be added with future harlots.  The other ones have a few interesting effects I hope you have fun finding out.  There are 36 in total.

Three new harlots have been added to the House.  They are:

Veronicalla - a squishy slug girl.
Asphya - an enigmatic harlot dressed fully in black latex and wearing a gas mask.
PĂȘl-O Sugn - A synthetic being that wants to give you a sexy bounce on her big rubber ball.

All 3 are oddballs this time around.  I'll try and mix in a few regular succubi/monster girls for the next release.

There have been quite a few of these.  The Portly Gentleman and Elegant Woman have been tweaked to bring their structure in line with the other NPCs.  I'm hoping this will finally fix the occasional infinite Action bug that leaked from The Elegant Woman.  I've also gone back and tweaked some of the older harlots to fit changes to The Portly Gentleman as well as interacting with the new charms.

And some notes: 

"Why doesn't Charm X affect Harlot Y?"
I'm still going through the existing harlots and updating them.  Some have been done, but I wasn't able to do all of them (hence why the remaining charm is only partially implemented).  There will be occasions where you might wonder why a charm didn't reveal a harlot's true form, or protect from an ability you thought it should protect from.  It's because I haven't updated them yet and it will likely be fixed in the next release.  Thankfully, it's only a small handful of interactions.

"The economy doesn't seem balanced."
Portly Gentleman payouts and prices of potions, charms, etc. are mostly back-of-an-envelope calculations.  This will be tightened up as I add more content.

I'm getting closer and closer to a public demo version.  The main NPCs and mechanics are all in place.  I need to add a few more 'real' harlots to replace the placeholders and flesh out some of the interior descriptions.  A couple of months at a guess.

The hope then is to get more people interested and maybe start think about adding sexy CGs and the like.