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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 11

Descent into Tartarus I

This is a playthrough/guide of Monmusu Quest: Paradox I’ve been running daily for the past week or so.  The first part is back here.

Before we carry on – there is a new translation patch put out by Dargoth and friends.  I tried it out last night and it worked fine.  More of the skills and items have English translations as far as I can see.  So gratz to them for the hard work they’re putting in.

Now so far, anyone unfamiliar with the original series might be wondering where the reputation for crazy fucked-up Bad End scenes came from.  So far, with the exception of returning weirdos earthworm girl and leech girl, the monster girls have all been cute lolis and vanilla (by MGQ standards) beast girls.  That, my friend, is about to change.  We’re heading into Tartarus.

In the back story, the cataclysm that wrecked the world 30 years ago opened up seven pits, or holes, to a weird region they called Tartarus.  There’s a small hole in the south of the Ilias continent where some research-y types are investigating the phenomena.

One of the dudes gives a helpful history of the other Tartarus sites and which ones are currently being investigated.  The soldiers around the excavation site are less enthusiastic – “We’re all going to die.”

Might be a slight morale issue there methinks.

Tartarus is off-limits unless the main quest chain is followed.  We arrive there and look, it’s that damn White Rabbit.

She leaps down into the hole and we head off in pursuit.  Another allusion to Alice in Wonderland – Alice chasing the White Rabbit down a hole.

Oh hello.  Secret research lab type thing underground.  Are we still in JRPG-land or have we shifted into Resident Evil-land.  The floor and walls are all metal.

I think the region of cute monster girls has ended.  Now I suspect we’re going to get chimeras and Xelvy’s mechanical (yet queerly sensual) horrors.


And in case you were still unconvinced…

And also…

Now this is the MGQ world we know and love.  Hey, what are you doing hiding behind the sofa.  This is supposed to be sexy.  They just want to give you a hug with their… uh… pincers, and mechanical clamp things, and uh… many spindly leg things.

Yes, we should probably run.

Too late.

The first time I saw them I thought all the monsters were mechanical (or to use the Paradox race – Dolls).  This isn’t correct.  Only Jade, the girl with the cyclops eye and clampy arms, is of the Doll race.  She likes to use those weird limbs to clamp Luka to her and lather gel all over him while her specialized semen-harvesting unit gives his cock a nice suck.

Sully, the weird girl that looks like an upright shrimp or lobster, actually is some kind of shrimp or lobster girl.  Her race is Sea-Dweller.  Her pleasure attacks have a similar pattern to the infamous Crab girl of MGQ’s first series (I imagine she’ll show up later and will likely have plenty of fun dialogue).  She likes to clamp Luka and wash him with foamy bubbles.  I still haven’t seen her Bad End.  I got as far as seeing the temptation attack artwork and Nope!ed the fuck out of there.

Shestra, the girl in the dress with things we’d rather not think about hiding under the dress, is some kind of insect girl.  If you let her have her way with you or just lose, she’ll lift the dress up to reveal a bulbous abdomen with a rather squooshy orifice at the end of it.  During her Bad End she pins Luka to the floor and taunts him with how she’s going to suck him up and make him come with her ‘horrible’ insect orifice.

It’s certainly a novel take on paranormal BDSM.  D’you think it will take off with the Twilight/50 Shades of Grey crowd?

Oi, why are you quivering over in the corner?  This is still the tame stuff.  No-one’s tried to eat us for starters.

The first time I reached this area I found it a notable spike in difficulty.  The first fight alone nearly emptied the MP of both the main and backup priests I had in the party.  This was because I’d screwed around and tried to level up too many of the different monster girls I’d recruited in inefficient ways.  It was easier in the restarted game as I had a better idea of some of the Abilities/Items that speed up levelling.  At this stage I found the two best damage dealers were Barnny with the killer bow found in the tunnels to the Nameless Slums and Rami with the wand found in the iron mines outside Pornburg (both require a Level 6 Thief to unlock the chests).  Rami is probably the best choice here with her Lightning spell.

Navigating this region isn’t too hard.  Follow the White Rabbit through two levels, opening up the chests along the way, and eventually you’ll come to the mysterious door none of the researchers have been able to open.

Luka can, just by touching it.  Which surprises Alice as it’s something a mere human adventurer shouldn’t be able to do.  And on the other side of the door is…

Well, we’ll find that out tomorrow.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 10

Pornburg and yet more Rabbits

This is a continuation of the walkthrough for Monmusu Quest: Paradox I started back here.  Yep, it’s going to be a long one.

ETA: Dargoth Translations has just put out a new English patch.  I think this is concentrating more on adding more game mechanics translations (so people can actually play the game) rather than H-scenes.  I haven't tried it out yet.  Will probably give it a look tonight.

After carrying out Amira’s mission to the Nameless Slums she’s now prepared to give us information on the White Rabbit Alice is chasing after.  Apparently there’s been a sighting of a rabbit in Pornburg down to the south-east.

Pornburg?  That name’s not suspicious in the slightest.

Pornburg is a colony of sexually-liberated types (translation: perverts).  Everyone is wandering around in their underwear.  The mayor lusts after Alice despite her being sealed in a little-girl form.  One of the houses contains Captain Scatological, who wants you to drink some very suspicious tea and wigs Sonya out so much she won’t let the party go back into the house.  Basically, if you hadn’t already seen the dubious Bad End scenes, five mins of wandering around Pornburg would be enough to let you know this is not a kid’s game.

The main quest component is fairly straightforward.  The rabbit is in the inn and once again it’s the wrong rabbit.  It’s one of the pink-haired rabbit girls that can be found roaming around this area (more on them later).  She says she might have heard of a white rabbit being seen around the excavation of the Tartarus pit, so I guess that’s the next destination.  But first Alice wants to go back to Iliasburg to show Amira her displeasure at giving out wrong information.

But before that there are other things to be done in this area.

A new job can be unlocked here.  Give the fortune teller on the hill overlooking the town a Hard Growth Wrist (not to be confused with Hard Job Wrist) and they will give you the certificate unlocking the Fortune Teller job.  The Hard Growth Wrist is the reward for surviving Stella’s (see Nameless Slums) handjob BF.

There’s another battle-fucker here as well.  One of the bunny girls (conventional rather than actual bunny girl, I think – so many damn rabbits running around this part of the game!) in the downstairs casino will give you a bit of frottage that will likely end up in making her fluffy tail sticky unless Luka is pumped up with HP bonuses.

There’s also a house containing an underwear thief.  From the explanation, if you level the job Unemployed up you’ll eventually learn a skill to steal monster girls’ underwear.  Don’t know much about this as haven’t levelled Unemployed up at all.

ETA (or rather correct): I've been told this is a mistranslation my part.  It's lvl 10 Flirt that learns the Shameful Theft skill.

To the north are some iron mines.  At the bottom of three levels a key item, Chunk of Iron, can be picked up.

There are also plenty of chests containing improved armour and weapons.  Of special note is the wand found in the blue chest.  This gives Magic a big boost and in the hands of a Magician like Rami will likely have her one-shotting any enemy with a weakness to either fire, ice or lightning for the next few sections.

There are three types of monster girl wandering around this region.  Two of them – rabbit girl and sheep girl – are new while the leech girl returns from the first series.

The rabbit girl is my favourite of the new monster girls seen so far.  To be honest the other ones had left me a little cold.  Bernie (or Barnny – although the translated spelling seems a little weird), the rabbit girl, is a lot more sexy than the other beast girl art.  She’s also an extremely useful addition to the party.  As a level four Hunter she has access to the skill Beast Killer.  That combined with the bow found in the chest in the tunnels to Nameless Slums means you have a party member that will likely one-shot most Beasts in the Ilias continent (and most of the monster girls in the starting areas are classed as Beast).

Enough of the boring game stats stuff.  What about the real things that matter?

Her Bad End scene is a footjob.  A little unfortunate as feet don’t hit my spots at all (My level of disinterest is so high it’s one of the few fetishes I don’t think I’ve written a scene for – will have to rectify that at some point).

The main difference between her low-happiness scenes in the castle is whether she’s barefoot or not.

However, get her up to 100 happiness and you can unlock her sex scene.

Being part rabbit, she’s… um… quite pneumatic in the whole up’n’down department.

Hmm, Lime’s 100-happiness scene and now this.  I think I can see what the creators are encouraging players to do.  That level seems to be where the good stuff is at – although how the hell it will work with some of MGQ’s more vore-happy girls I’ll be interested to see.  Maybe they spit you out before the digestive juices get too far.

Right we’re done with the village of perverts.  Back in Iliasburg we can now recruit Amira by talking to her.  It’s no great surprise to see she has no happiness-sex options.  Even MGQ has limits.  Instead she hangs around by the castle entrance and gives tidbits of information on where to go next.  From her I also saw that the Jobs max out at level 10 (assuming they all have the same number of levels) as she joins the party as a maxed-out level 10 Information Dealer (this job is unlocked after speaking to her on returning from the Nameless Slum mission).

Another of the loli bandits can also be recruited at this point.  Give Dragon Puppy the Lump of Iron and she’ll make an Iron Sword then join the party.  She can be found in the Blacksmith’s in Iliasburg.  Like all the loli bandits so far she comes with the Steal skill as standard and keeps it regardless of which job she’s moved to.  She’s also a freakin’ dragon, which means she’ll probably level up into a monstrous machine of mayhem at some point.

So many damn party options…

Tomorrow it’s time to enter the mysterious Tartarus pit in the south of the Ilias continent.

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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 9

The Nameless Slum and a lot of Rough

Part 9!  Yep, and I think we’re barely anywhere.  Why oh why did I say I was going to Let’s Play this.  Utter foolishless.  The start of the silliness can be found back here.

After picking up Vanilla and fulfilling the tasks for the Merchant job it’s time to get back on track for the main adventure.  This means going to the Nameless Slums to the west of Iliasberg and doing the investigations Amira asked of us.

The way to the Nameless Slums is through a tunnel to the south of the loli bandit hideout.

Ooh, new monster girl art.  Finally.

It’s a pair of new beast girls – a wolf girl and a fairly bedraggled rat girl.  Beast girls are weak to pleasure attacks as a wandering NPC informs us.  This is where Luka gets to put his pimp hat on and stand back while the imp crew reduce all his opponents to quivering orgasm with Melty Kiss.

The rat girl’s temptation attack is to flop on her back and say it’s the victor’s prerogative to violate her.

Yeah, right.  Like we’re really going to fall for…

Oh Luka.

In the tunnels we run into Ilias.  Alice makes fun of the fact Ilias has recruited a slime girl, a monster girl, to help her.  I’m getting a Pok√©mon vibe from this.  I wonder if the one you don’t choose at the beginning functions as the Rival did in that series.

Ilias also adds to the mystery of Sonya by telling Luka she shouldn’t exist and that he should watch her carefully.  Poor girl.  Being told by your own goddess you don’t exist is enough to give anyone complexes.

This is also where giving Lime the Hard Job Wrist accessory from the very start should pay off.  By now we’re able to open up the blue chest in the tunnels and it contains a very useful early-game bow.

On the other side of the mountains is a new settlement that wasn’t in the original series – the Nameless Slums.

It’s a grotty and skanky place full of thieves and uh… crack whores?

This is Stella, the BF opponent of this settlement.  She’s a little… um… rough.  I suppose some might be into that in a Posh-British-actor-in-the-wrong-side-of-town type of way.

Her BF speciality is the handjob and she squeezes Luka out with little effort.  At least it’s only 25G.  Oh, but her other stipulation is she gets to fill that bottle.  Uh oh.  Pump, pump, pump.

In the things-I’d-rather-not-think-too-much-about department, if you search Stella’s tent you’ll find a bottle of milk in one of the barrels.

No, don’t drink it Luka…

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over in the corner, barfing.

Okay, now it’s time to fulfil Amira’s quest.  This again involves talking to the right people in sequence, so pay attention.

First off you need to go to the tent next to the Inn.

This contains another bad girl, but she won’t co-operate when it comes to talking about the phoenix tail feather trade.

You have to go to the pub and speak to the guy on the end in all the black.

For 20G he’ll give you a password.  Then you go back to the tent and rub the breast of the skanky girl in the red boob tube (don’t ask – it’s MGQ-verse).  She reveals herself to be Don Dahlia – the mafia-style boss of the Nameless Slums.  A few more questions and she sniffs out Luka and friends as the useless amateur sleuths they are.

The next step is to go down to storehouse in the south-east of the Nameless Slums.  The door is locked and you’ll see Don Dahlia walk down and enter.

You need to steal her key.  Fortunately there’s a thief back at the pub who’ll do this for a fee.

Sneaking into the store reveals some pots.  Don Dahlia comes in right after us and reveals the thing hiding in the sparkly pot is a baby phoenix.  We confront her and she sics baby firebird on us.  Boss fight.  It’s not too hard, although the inflammable Vanilla might go up in flames a few times depending on her level.

Baby phoenix’s temptation attack is to go defenceless and ask if Luka wants to rape her.  Yeah right, like we’re going to fall for that a second…

Oh Luka.

I was going to show the scene, but then realised that would leave me open to accusations of disseminating pictures of child abuse by the Perpetually Offended.  I suppose they have a point, the child phoenix does give us a thorough abusing.  (As with all of MGQs monsters, don’t be fooled by the baby-faced artwork – they’re all seasoned sperm extractors)

An interesting note – improving friendship does carry over after losses in boss fights.

Another note – what the hell am I doing raising friendship for a one-off boss fight with automatic recruitment right after?

Don Dahlia runs off, leaving the disposable phoenix behind.  Realising what she thought was friendship was abusive exploitation, Mini the Phoenix joins Luka’s rapidly expanding harem in the pocket castle.

...where Vanilla, the mercantile-obsessed vampire, tries to exploit her again until everyone shouts at her and she has to cut a fair deal.  This makes Phoenix Tail Feathers (the revive item) available from the castle item shop.  (to unlock it, talk to Mini in the castle with Vanilla in the party).

Don Dahlia now becomes available as a BF opponent, although you have to pay her a whopping 1500G (although this does at least seem to be a one-off payment).  She’s also much higher on the BF list of difficulty given it only takes two hits to empty Luka's HP gauge.  Her technique is armpit sex.

Wait, let’s pause here.

Armpit sex, is this actually a thing or something made up by crazy Japanese hentai game developers when they ran out of female body parts to insert a dick between?  Outside of the obvious fantasy stuff I like to think I’m a fairly broadminded, man-of-the-world sort of person and I must confess this is something I wouldn’t even think of.

Meh, maybe I’m not as experienced as I thought.

(How would you even go about asking…?  I mean…  How does it…?  Nah, best not to go there)

And that’s enough musings for today.  Tomorrow we’re off to Pornburg, and yes, it is as bad as it sounds.

(There is a ruined castle to the south of the Nameless Slum which I forgot to mention.  I don't think it plays much of a part in this chapter as there are no encounters and half of the colour-coded chests require high thief levels to unlock.)

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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 8

Unlocking the Merchant Job and Recruiting Half of the Loli Bandits

This is my continuing playthrough/guide to monster girl hentai game Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  The first part of the epic quest can be found back here.

Yesterday Paradox was in remake mode as we repeated the loli bandit storyline from the first series.  The difference this time around is that they’re recruitable.

Goblin girl is the easiest.  Talk to the grandpa in this house.

Then catch Goblin girl while she runs around by the fountain.

The next is the mercantile-obsessed Vanilla, the Vampire Girl.  But before then we need to unlock the Merchant job.  This involves visiting the hill in the desert region to the east of Iliasville.  Chances are most players might have already been there as the wandering monsters surrounding it are low-level slimes.  In my first, doomed, look at the game this region was the second I visited as it looked the second place to go based on the strength of the monsters.  It might be, but I didn’t seem able to unlock the Merchant quest until after visiting Iliasburg. (EDIT - You can and probably should do the merchant quest before fighting the loli bandits)

To unlock the quest you need to speak to the merchant NPC in the item shop in Iliasville.

Then it’s over to Talus Hills (which translates to the Hill of Cod through one of my machine translators).  They can be found here:

The guard at the entrance gives the helpful hint that mandragoras are weak to fire.  Mandragora was the first optional encounter in MGQ and had an annoying paralysing scream.  The hills are full of them.  With them are a brand new type of monster girl – a wee little dog girl.

Not my type really, but she might scratch someone’s itchy frontal lobes.

Her temptation attack is a sloppy blowjob with lots of tongue that carries on into the Bad End.  Then I think you end up sort of her involuntary master, or something like that.

One of the disappointing things about the demo was the only new monsters were her and the pink Bunni slime.  It didn’t bother me too much as I knew it was almost certain Toro Toro Resistance had created ridiculous numbers of new monster girls to play with anyway.  I’m not sure it sent out the right signal having so many repeats in the demo though.

Rami, the big-titted imp, is very useful in this area as her fire magic is good for setting mandragoras on fire and the dog girls – as Beasts – are vulnerable to pleasure attacks like the imps’ Melty Kiss.

Somewhere a little north of the entrance the lost merchant can be found flat on his back next to a mandragora.  Bless her, she says her scream 'accidentally' paralysed him and she’s staying with him to make sure no harm comes to him.  Or so she says.  She could have been fucking him senseless a few moments ago for all we know.  Giving the merchant Full Moon Grass (the paralysation cure) gets him back on his feet.

Back in Iliasville and the merchant gives us a nice reward including the certificate required to unlock the Merchant job.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to change Luka to the Merchant job.  It nerfs his attacking abilities, but most of the time Luka is either using Talk to recruit new party member or flat on his back underneath a horny monster girl (they nearly always target him for the dirty stuff).  Merchant has a boost to HP (good for the battle-fucks) and provides a nice 1.5x modifier to gold picked up after winning battles.

Forget all this violent adventuring malarkey, son.  Trading is where it’s at.

Now it’s time for the loli Vampire Girl.  She’s trying to sell her own wares in the item shop in Iliasburg.  As her wares are commonplace things like acorns, rocks and weeds, she’s not having much success.

It’s freshly-graduated-from-school-of-merchanting Luka to the rescue.  This is another quest.

Speak to the merchant NPC back in Iliasville.  He recommends going back to the Talus Hills and looking for a big beetle because… JRPG.  The big beetle can be found on this big tree in the west part of Talus Hills.

I don’t really know why big beetle, but after we take it back to Vanilla she’s able to sell it to some gullible local lad and this pleases her enough for her to join the party in the hope of finding more lucrative business opportunities.

Recruiting Vanilla also opens up the item shop in the Pocket Castle.  This is to the right of the main entrance.  Either Vanilla will be standing behind the counter or one of her bat minions if she’s currently in the party.

The selection in the shop starts off pitiful, but can be expanded by performing a series of missions for Vanilla.  They all seem to start the same way – have Vanilla in the party and buy something from her shop.  Afterwards she’ll tell you what she’s missing and where to go to find it.

The first expansion is adding Medicinal Herbs to the selection.  That’s done by taking Vanilla to the same NPC merchant from the merchant quest line above.

The second expansion adds abnormal status curing items.  Initially that involves talking to the same merchant, but then he sends us back out to the Talus Hills and the same mandragora as before.  Talk to her and Vanilla will cut a deal.

After that is Phoenix Tail Feather.  But first that involves…  Oh yeah, we’ll get to that tomorrow when we head off to the Nameless Slum in search of Amira’s information.

These missions require Vanilla to be in the party, but to be honest, she’s a surprisingly useful party member anyway.  She starts as Merchant, which gives the 1.5x bonus to gold found.  She also has the Thievery ability to nick stuff off enemies, which means she can fulfil the party thief role.  On top of that she has a number of magic and special attacks such as Lightning, HP Drain and even attacking multiple opponents with a flock of bats.  Coupled with the (presumably) high base stats of the Vampire race and she’s a lot in a single pint-sized package.  Her one weakness is she doesn’t like being set on fire, but that tends to put a crimp on the day for most people.

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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 7

The Loli Bandits Return

This is my playthrough and guide to Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  If you’re just joining now, the first part can be found back here.

Currently we’re searching for Amira, the wrong-way-round lamia, because she might have information on where the White Rabbit has run off to.  If that sounds weird, welcome to world of Japanese RPGs.

The first dungeon to visit is the hideout of the loli bandits.  That’s a cave to the north-west of Iliasburg.

Across the bridge to the west and the slime girl encounters change to earthworm girls.  One of these wiped my party when I wandered a bit too far north at the start of the game.  Now I’m levelled up and geared up for them not to be a problem… until one asks Luka if he’d be more comfortable with her slippery body wrapped around him.

Oh Luka…

She winds her slimy tail around his cock and plays with it until he comes.  Then, in the Bad End, the end of that tail opens up and gives Luka a good slimy suck until he’s empty.  It’s the same Bad End as from the MGQ series as far as I can see.

When you recruit her the earthworm girl can also use that attack on enemies and it looks as filthy as you’d imagine.

The first time I played through this section I’d completely missed the end of the Amira quest chain.  On entering the bandit hideout the first thing I saw was an ominous row of grave markers.  It looked even worse after I’d explored the caves and found no sign of the bandits.  Had they been offed in this alt universe and replaced with the adorable imp squad?

No, turned out I hadn’t spoken to the right NPCs.

This time Goblin girl is hanging out at the entrance.

The others are waiting inside.

Tiny Lamia

Vampire Girl

And the Dragon Puppy.

The loli bandits were popular characters from the first MGQ because they were cute, adorable and their role in the story did a lot to show that, despite ostensibly being a sex game, MGQ was going to have a real story and not just a bit of filler to pad out between sex scenes.  In Paradox the story is the same as before – the bandits, crying and snivelling, are taken back to Iliasburg to face justice.

As with the original MGQ series, the townsfolk take pity on the loli bandits and give them all jobs.  In the original series this scene did a lot to establish Luka’s motivation.  He’s not a hero off to slay dragons and fill his boots with gold coins.  Co-existence is his goal and over the course of his adventures he proves this by resolving conflicts between humans and monster girls in the towns and villages he visits (which pays off magnificently in the third chapter).

The scene doesn’t work as well in Paradox.  One, we’ve already seen it before.  And two, the Paradox universe is different to MGQ – monster girls and humans are already co-existing to some extent, so it means less for the townsfolk to take the wayward bandits in.  I’m wondering if Toro Toro Resistance should have varied this section to show the differences between the two universes, but to be honest I can’t think of anything that works.

The loli bandits all have Bad End sex scenes as with the original.  To be honest I never bothered with them back then and not now either.  Didn't fit the characters in my thinking (and loli has never been my thing).  The beauty of the MGQ series as a whole is that it tends to a wide range of kinks.  Bored with the cute and fluffy stuff so far?  Don’t worry, there will probably be some crazier and more sadistic stuff coming along later.

As a reward, Luka and party get a free night to stay at the swanky Sutherland Inn.  There are no sexy bits with Alice this time around (probably a good thing given the current body she’s in).

Tiny Lamia is working there as a maid.  You can ask her to join the party but she refuses as there’s too much work to do as the usual harpy staff are all missing.

Amira (the regrettable wrong-way-round lamia from the first series) is roaming around outside.  One thing I have been impressed with so far is the artwork used to personalise the smaller sprites.  With most RPG-maker clones it tends to be very generic.

Talking to her gives you the option to either cut her or ask her name.  Cutting her apparently murderates her, and is a Bad Idea.  (all the guides warn not to select the first option as it kills her)

Must… resist… taking the first option.


No, it’s okay Amira.  No fucking way am I spending hours wandering around aimlessly again.

Amira wasn’t kidnapped.  The bandits just stole the trash can she was sleeping in and chucked her away when they realised (no-one wants the unfortunate lamia).

She’s a snitch or information dealer and offers to sell information on the whereabouts of the White Rabbit for an eye-watering 1500G.  It’s best not to pay her and instead select the third option (negotiate) as this opens up a quest line in the Nameless Slum, a village to the west.  She wants information on an illicit trade in phoenix tail feathers (an item used to revive knocked out characters).

But before we head off there are a couple of quests that will enable us to recruit some of the loli bandits.  I’ll go through those tomorrow.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 6

Iliasburg and Looking for the Snitch

This is part 6 of the playthrough of Monmusu Quest: Paradox I started back here.

Okay, so this is starting to resemble that Dark Souls 2 playthrough by a (semi-)famous youtuber where they were still stuck in the tutorial area after five episodes.  This time we’re definitely going to Iliasburg.  Look, we’re heading over the bridge.  We can see it there to the north.  It will only…

Then everyone stops for nightfall.

This is another opportunity to fill in more of the background.  Sonya talks about the time she was lost on the slime mountain and cornered by two slime girls that didn’t know what to do with her either.  Alice talks about history, confirming Ilias was probably sealed about 30 years back.  She also repeats the events of the original MGQ series by teaching Luka the Demon Decapitation sword skills.

At the entrance to Iliasburg we’re met by another new character – the White Rabbit.

“Were you expecting Granberia?  Sorry it’s me.”

Hmm.  There are far too many characters that know far too much about what happened in the last series.

The rabbit is here, she says, to guide the monster lord and everything is a bit wibbly-wobbly and timey-wimey.  She refuses to change Alice back as she likes having a cute little rabbit chase after her.  (Hmm.  Alice chasing a white rabbit, I think I might have heard this story before…)

Luka also has a scary vision of Granberia (in the original this was where he first met her).  There’s definitely some weird alternate universe stuff going on.  On the storytelling side I think it’s quite gutsy of Toro Toro Resistance to play around with these alternate realities as it assumes knowing the MGQ story to get the most out of it.

After tricking the party into beating up a hapless alternate-reality Bunni slime, the rabbit runs off and leaves behind the Key to Hades.

This opens the mysterious door that only Luka can see on the second floor of the temple.  So far its purpose appears to be to allow the player to replay boss fights.

Then it’s shopping time.  The regions are all massive in this game for some reason.  Iliasburg is no exception.  Even the posh inn is as big as a freaking castle.  There’s no church, but talking to a travelling preacher and selecting Pray will return the player here if Luka succumbs to the wicked wiles of any of the roaming monster girls.  In a nice touch there’s an NPC at the entrance who can teleport the player to wherever they want to go in the town.

From the snippets of gossip we hear while wandering around it seems like there are similar choices on where to go as the previous series.  Some bandits (likely the loli bandit crew) are causing problems.  Their hideout is out west.  Out east is the harpy village and in keeping with the alt universe slant it sounds like something is wrong with the harpies.  North is Iliasport, but I wouldn’t recommend going there just yet.  I tried that and Luka ended up taking an early bath in a Rafflesia Plant Girl.


Time Stop.

Nope, that’s not Nero.  That’s hours-in-the-future me calling back to stop this quest becoming the meandering disaster that happened in that other timeline.

Right, pay attention to this next bit unless you want to wander around aimlessly wondering why the hell the story won’t advance.

In Iliasburg you have to try and hunt down Amira (the joke lamia character with halves switched – her name is the kanji for lamia reversed).  This is required to turn the later quests on.  I could say something derogatory about the design, but to be honest trying to pander to gaijin idiots who can’t read Japanese probably wasn’t high on the developer’s list of concerns and neither should it be.

You need to talk to the information dealer guy to the right of the entrance.

Then the little girl in the fountain.

Then the NPC in the Blacksmith’s (shop with a hammer icon).

They’ll send you to the weapon shop where another NPC will tell you Amira went gambling to try and raise some money.

The gambler is in an alley to the north of the shop.  He’ll tell you Amira lost and in a fury went down to the temple in Iliasville to change jobs.

Iliasville is where we need to go as well.  Talking to the head priest (he’s the guy you go to when you want to change a character’s Job) gives a line of dialogue revealing Amira was here, but went back to Iliasburg.

After that and it’s back to Iliasburg to talk to the information dealer we spoke to at the start of the chain.  He reveals Amira has been kidnapped by the bandits and their hideout is in some caves to the west.

Now the rest of the game can continue… tomorrow.

Oh wait.  I appear not to have mentioned any sexy stuff in my walkthrough of a sexy game.  Iliasburg has a BF opponent – Claire.

You won’t beat her (yet), but you will get a blowjob (mainly text only) H scene that will likely end up this way: