Saturday, October 29, 2022

New Story - "In The Red Light Backrooms"

And the new story is up.  Literotica were quicker to approve it than I was expecting, which is great as it's in perfect time for Halloween weekend.  Here it is:

I was aiming for more conventional spooks and scares, so the dial of Erotic Horror is turned more towards the Horror/Weird end.  There is a nice succubus sex scene, so I didn't leave the erotica off entirely.  The story is inspired by the Backrooms stuff, but only the basic idea.  It's not intended to use, adapt or extend any of the existing lore.  If somebody wants to take the idea and run with it further, feel free (just age gate it appropriately!).

I hope you enjoy it.
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2022

New Short Story on the way - "In The Red Light Backrooms"

I have been working on a new short story for Halloween.  It was originally intended for Literotica's Halloween contest, but it ended up being a little longer than I anticipated (over 10K words) and I couldn't finish it in time.  It is finished now.

It's set in Amsterdam's red light district and influenced by the Backrooms stuff.  By influenced, I mean the first principles concept of someone clipping out of reality and being trapped in a weird place.  The Backrooms itself seems to be one of those big shared internet lore things (like the SCP foundation) and I know very little about it other than the general idea and some youtube short films.  It seemed a cool concept, and fired up the inspiration for this little tale.

Here's a teaser:

Damien Kane and Chris Abbott noclipped out of reality on an otherwise unremarkable summer morning at precisely 11:01.  The where from was a corner of De Walletjes, more infamously known as Amsterdam's main red-light district.  Damien and Chris were there—and let's not beat about the bush—to get laid.

As for the where to...

The corridor of doors stretched off into the distance before turning to the left.  Around that corner would be another long corridor of doors leading to another left turn.  Sometimes it would turn to the right.  Sometimes—more rarely—it would end in a T-junction.  It never opened back out onto the street outside.  If there was even an outside.

The corridor was narrow and claustrophobic, with a low ceiling.  The floor was covered in thick linoleum—mushy and slightly tacky.  The air carried the tang of stale sweat, cheap perfumes, and—beneath it all—a hint of something far less pleasant.  It called to mind sordid and illicit pleasures.  Illumination came from fluorescent tubes above the doors.  They washed everything in a wan glow—sometimes red, sometimes pink.

If the lights dimmed, you ran.

If the lights flickered, you ran fast.

Each door had a large glass window.  For most of them a red velvet curtain was pulled across to hide the room on the other side.  For some that curtain was pulled back to reveal a feminine figure dressed only in lingerie.  Always attractive.  Always sexy.  Never human.

Damien remembered the words of the Irishman.

"You have to pick a door, but it has to be the right door."

How do you know if it's the right door?

"Do you think I'd still be here if I knew that!"

Damien hadn't seen the Irishman in some time.  Maybe he'd found the right door.  More likely he'd walked through the wrong door and never returned.

Damien heard a wet snuffling phlegmy sound.  Far off behind him... for now.

Time to move on.

The story is finished.  I've submitted it to Literotica and it will probably appear there in a few days (usually about 3)

If you don't want to wait, I've already posted the completed story to Patreon and SubscribeStar.  Subscription to either is for the low low price of $1 per month and you'll also get a new "House of Hellish Harlots" update at the end of every month as well (two months before it goes live on the public website).

Friday, October 07, 2022

Art of Sapoonismenee Nerei (from House of Hellish Harlots)

Here is the second piece of art I had commissioned.

This is the soapy nereid, Sapoonismenee Nerei.  She is another of the harlots that can be found in "The House of Hellish Harlots".  Her speciality is soapy massages, but handle her with care!

The public demo is still text-only, but you can play it here.  Sapoonis was the first harlot added.  There have been a lot more since then (nearly 60!) and it's turned into a slightly more complex project than I originally intended.

The artist is again Marwmellow.  You can find more of their work here.

The money for the commission came out of my Patreon subs.  If you'd like to see more, or just want to support my writing in general, you can support me on Patreon.  And now also on SubscribeStar.

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Art of Sorpresa Ombra (from House of Hellish Harlots)

Let's start the first week of October with something nice.

This is Sorpresa Ombra.  She's one of the harlots that can be found within the "House of Hellish Harlots" (the public demo of which can be played here).  She specialises in smothering men between those lovely big boobs of hers.

The artist is marwmellow and you can find other examples of their work here.

After seeing how Queen Colubridis turned out, I ran a poll for patrons to pick the next harlot to have art created for and Sorpresa was the winner of that.  She turned out really nice, I think.  Sinuously seductive.

Saturday, October 01, 2022

Public Demo Version of "House of Hellish Harlots" Updated to v0.034

In a nice problem for a content creator to have, I have a couple of new(ish) things coming out at the same time.

First up, the last of my old collections, "A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day", is back up and available to buy as an ebook.  Check the previous post for more details on that.

Because it's a new month, we also have the regular upgrade to the "House of Hellish Harlots" interactive fiction project.  The public website version has been updated to v0.034.  This adds two new harlots:

Huntress Levka (and her 'hounds' Minyette and Zhopa)
This is Huntress 2.  When creating the 'wrestling' faction, I had the idea for a trio of huntress scenarios similar to the 3 Pels of the artificial being faction.  Like Diana, Levka wants you to 'fight' her hounds.  Unlike Diana, she has two of them.

The two 'hounds', Minyette and Zhopa, are primitive lust daemons (but still clearly sapient despite being used as 'hunting hounds').  I took a little inspiration from GW's Slaanesh demons for their design, but made them a little less spiky and also more explicit in what they can do.

Levka was originally a big muscular oni, but trying to write her with Russian 'hulkspeak' just didn't work at all.  I think the huntress lore I created with Diana seems to have been well-received, so it made more sense to make Levka a slightly wilder member of the same hunting manor.

Huntress Levka is intended as a Tier 2 harlot, but towards the bottom end in difficulty (round 6 or 7).

This is the dodgeball arachne.  Her scenario takes some ideas from the old "Escape the Arachne" CYOA, but is completely rewritten and with a different character.

She references quite a few stats, but it's mostly behind scenes.  She will probably be a Tier 1 harlot, but is borderline between Tier 1 & 2.  She has a few stat checks, but there are multiple ways to make them easier.

L'iaculatia was another weird one to type up.  On my side it looks like a ton of variations, but as the tests are done behind scenes, the player will mostly be reading and pressing continue.  I'm still iffy on this as a design philosophy.  It made sense for the early design, but the scenarios were intended to be a lot shorter.

You can play the public demo version here at

Patrons are two releases ahead.  I gave them v0.036 at the end of the month.  This only adds one new harlot, Succuba, but she's a very versatile succubus with 10 different sex scenes.  I wouldn't say she's 10-harlots-in-1 as her scenes are deliberately quite short, but at 9,000 words she's one of the longer harlot scenarios.

You can find the Patreon release here.

I also know some people won't or can't use Patreon, so I've also opened up an alternative subscription source at SubscribeStar.  This will receive the same updates and releases as Patreon.  The only exception is the polls, as I don't currently have enough subscribers to justify it (and will change the moment I get enough subscribers to justify it).

You can find the SubscribeStar release here.

And because this weekend isn't busy enough, I've also had some commissioned artwork come back.  Because I don't want things getting lost in a flurry of posts, I'll be showing that off next week.

I hope you enjoy the new HoHH release!