Friday, October 07, 2022

Art of Sapoonismenee Nerei (from House of Hellish Harlots)

Here is the second piece of art I had commissioned.

This is the soapy nereid, Sapoonismenee Nerei.  She is another of the harlots that can be found in "The House of Hellish Harlots".  Her speciality is soapy massages, but handle her with care!

The public demo is still text-only, but you can play it here.  Sapoonis was the first harlot added.  There have been a lot more since then (nearly 60!) and it's turned into a slightly more complex project than I originally intended.

The artist is again Marwmellow.  You can find more of their work here.

The money for the commission came out of my Patreon subs.  If you'd like to see more, or just want to support my writing in general, you can support me on Patreon.  And now also on SubscribeStar.


  1. I love the artwork. Though her boobs should be a bit bugger as she was described as having big tits.

    Hey Hydra, do succubi love Doggy style? I've noticed that many of your one shots and others don't use it much.

    1. What do succubi in general think of doggy style? Do they not like it because it would scare away the man because they see their demonic features?

    2. Is it true that a succubus would actually showed fear in scaring away a man they are seducing?

    1. Funnily enough, I mentioned similar points in Succuba's doggy-style scene in the recent HoHH update.

      There are probably succubi that like it. It's easy to default to the succubus on top and in control though.

  2. Awesome art man! A shame she kills you if you can't massage her boobs right. So are we going to be getting more monsters that don't fit in the House like Morticia Rose?

    Maybe an ugly demonic imp flirting with the succubi and they turn him down much to this annoyance or a female wrath daemon hanging out at the bar getting drunk and giving humans violent death threats (the joke is that she's actually "flirting" with them).

    1. Only one Morticia Rose type among the harlots. I want to avoid situations where even a knowledgeable player gets 3 options that are all death-only.

      Maybe I might add some other types to the background lore at some point (eg The Portly Gentleman's backers from the Dominion of Greed). The project has already grown a bit larger than I initially intended, so I want to just get the barebones stuff finished first.

  3. So I was reading Sweetheart Removal Agency and its been revealed that succubi can drain women. So did Nicole and Phil's succubi ever drained women in the past, or they haven't and prefer "man juice" over women?

    1. Prefer men, but would have definitely drained a woman or two. Unfortunately, I doubt I'd be able to do justice to a succubus-on-girl scene, so they have to background events. They do happen though.

  4. Love the tits but they are quite lethal! But I just realized that you opened another can of worms regarding the Huntresses.

    Diana will kill you with a "ghost gun" she summons if you hurt her hound and the other succubus huntress you just released has a rifle with runes in it.

    Now the question is what kind of magic are they using that allows them to use mystical guns? Will Phil be taught on how to summon a magic pistol?

    How about the two German men (the guy from Nazi vs Succubus and the other one from the Herbert's Summer House one shot) will they be able to use special magical guns?

    Is this the same rule of Verde just summoning a cellphone out of thin air?

    I don't know why you have the warlocks behaving like wannabe Harry Potter wizards with wearing robes and not using any tech, meanwhile you got succubi characters using phones, wearing modern clothing, and using magic guns. I don't understand.

    1. Depends on the setting. Magic is tricky. The warlocks of Succubus Summoning are a little technophobic (or believe their powers above such "toys"), hence robes and magic. Outside of Succubus Summoning I try to tone the magic level down as it's easy to "break" the universe/worldbuilding.

      The succubi also have their own preferences. Levka has her rifle. Another huntress might refuse to use anything other than a mystical bow and arrows.

  5. I think the site is eating my question, let's see if it works.

    Nice work as always Hydra. Just some questions, though. A few are abot HoHH and some are about Cibi Somnia.

    1. Are you planning on adding anymore harlots that are based around cuddling? I.e. someone like Cibi?

    2. If a person was more than just a bit of an ass, would Cibi just eat them with her true form, or try to keep going with the "act?"

    3. If someone drank five cups of coffee and brang the Black Rose to Cibi, would she eventually let them go ( either because of the bell or somehow being stalemated), or would she keep going until the poor sap either gets a heart attack or falls asleep?

    5. Can Cibi only get "sustenance" from eating people, or can she take someone's soul from sex as well?

    6. If someone was already close to death from something like Stage 4 cancer, would Cibi spare them the horror side of things / make it less scary?

    7. How fast does Cibi eat someone? Going off of how The Madam introduces Cibi, it seems like she takes her time..

    1. 1) Maybe. I try to cover everything and mix the elements around, so maybe another cuddly harlot that's less eldritch abomination.

      2) Keep going with the act. They have to be asleep for her to 'eat' them.

      3) She has soporific powers that are reined in by The Madam's rules. If someone stays in her presence long enough, they will fall asleep. (Similar to how most succubi can charm people into being aroused).

      5) Unsure. She's a mix of lust and sloth daemon, so sex and them being asleep are needed.

      6) Would be the same. Comfortable cuddling to send them off to sleep. Nightmarish end afterwards. She is what she is.

      7) Probably not very quickly. The Madam knows her girls will be unavailable for longer periods if their 'guests' decide to stay.

  6. 8. Are you keeping the "eldritch horror" harlots at a mininum, or have you just been busy with other ideas?

    9. Is there any process you have in order to make the scenarios unique? I imagine it helps not being restricted to strictly humanoid demons.

    10. In-universe, do you think the harlots mostly keep to themselves or interact with one another regulary? Maybe they have breaktimes where they can talk shop with similar harlots?

    11. In-universe, do you think The Madam has some form of upper management, or just a bunch of contracts that keep the harlots in check?

    12. In-universe, do you think there has been a visitor at the house that The Madam needed to let live, regardless of the rules? I.e. a warlock belonging to a very powerful family?

    That's all. If you get to these, thank you for answering

    1. Haughty human: "You can't kill me, because [...]"
      Succubus: "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!"

    2. 8) I like the combo, so maybe some more. I still have to finalise the lore of the queens, and those are mostly lust daemons that are so powerful they will seem like eldritch abomination entities.

      9) An overactive imagination! :D Although I do know I tend to favour certain monster girl types (slime girls) and try to balance it out with other types (I like how the succufairies turned out, although I know they're not to everyone's taste).

      10) They interact and have their own schemes going on. That's been hinted at between Nicole and Inari. I'll probably make a few more stories that show similar interactions happening in the background.

      11) There is a hierarchy. I still haven't finalised a lot of the details to keep things open. It has some interesting politics going on. The Madam has rules but chooses to make it more of a game and give humans help rather than try to enforce strict discipline over her more rebellious harlots. The politics are likely fairly interesting. I'm hoping to give more glimpses of them with some of the side quest lines.

      12) That would make for an interesting story. Something like that is already happening with The Portly Gentleman. He has powerful demonic backers, but not powerful enough to negotiate to pull him out.

  7. Looks like somebody loves Cibi! Im still confused at how Hydra went about creating her. How did she go from sexy sheep girl to eldritch monster that eats sleeping humans?

    As for a human showing up at the House that is really powerful. I don't think they'll make it out. There are A LOT of daemons in there, plus Morticia Rose can just killed them.

    We haven't really came across any powerful human characters in both SS 101, H Space, or Nicole's world. Even the human warlocks aren't that impressive and must rely on throwing daemons at everything to win.

    Nyte easily killing two humans warlocks from a powerful warlock family and getting away scot free is very telling. (Even though Ntye was lying her ass off about "not causing trouble" because she killed a teen warlock through a test without hesitation)

    1. Blame Horror Head for Cibi. I'll add a cuddly friendly sheep girl... who is also one of the most terrifying harlots in there.

      The game can be won and people have. Raw power wouldn't help, but a savvy human with some prior knowledge would have an advantage. They would have to play the game to The Madam's rules though.

      Humans aren't powerful in those terms. They are dangerous in other ways. SS101 warlocks might seem most powerful as they can do magic, but they're also crippled by a shared delusion on the nature of their relationship with the daemons. Someone like Koontz isn't going to be throwing fireballs at anyone, but is far more dangerous in his influence and knowing how to get the daemons' wants align with his own. I'm hoping I'll show that in more detail with future stories.

      Phil's succubi have been blatantly lying about being 'regular succubi from nowhere important'. As mentioned above, what the warlocks think they know isn't always technically correct. I think the powerful warlock family is associated with the college closely enough to know how some things work and would have followed the official line that students dying to daemons is mostly the student's fault (one for thinking a 'toy' would give him control over a very powerful daemon, and the other for constantly picking fights with other warlocks). There is also an attitude that daemons are 'guns' in that setting and you don't blame the gun for the murder, you blame the person firing it. The sister mistakenly blamed Phil, but when she was killed as well the rest would have got the message and backed off.

      Nyte doesn't really lie (she's terrible at it). She didn't intend causing any trouble, but if challenged like that...

  8. I've noticed that Mr Hydra isn't really specifying at how tall the succubi are. Like is Verde 5'10 or 6"2? Same with Nicole, how tall is she? And Nurse Honey, Ntye, Cerluea. Including the harlots as well like the lovely Nerei here.

    Hydra I know you like femdom, so does height matter to you? Is a taller girl more attractive?

    1. I prefer tall, but it's not a massive consideration.

      I'd have to check my description notes. I think I might have been asked this in the past. I think Verde is around average height. Nyte is slightly taller (but seems more because of how intimidating she is). Then maybe Rosa with Nurse Honey being a taller milf-type. (Cerulea is however tall she wants to be) I'd have to check back through past descriptions to make sure I'm not contradicting myself.

  9. Personally, I think Nyte being so angry when she saw Phil nearly dead from the spider girl daemon makes her stupid and hypocritical. What the hell did she expect what was going to happen for killing a warlock in the school belonging to powerful warlock family? Is she so arrogant and invincible that she didn't think no one will go after Phil?

    I really would have liked to see how things would have went down if she was there in the office with Phil talking to the Headmaster warlock instead of Verde.

    1. Nyte has a weird moral code. She wasn't annoyed at the attempt being made. She was annoyed they sent an arachne. Using such a powerful and efficient killer on a newbie warlock student was an affront to her weird sense of 'fairness'. If it had been a low-level succubus, she wouldn't have minded. It would have been up to Phil to defend himself, but to send an arachne he had no chance of fighting off (at the time) made her angry.

  10. I like how Nerei shows disgust if you choose hard liquor at the bar to further cement the fact that she's a being of pure fresh water that will find other liquids mixing with hers to be gross. A good attention to detail Hydra to point out that fresh water can easily be diluted by other liquids.

    I've noticed that you don't really give freckles to the succubi. Why is that?

    And I'm not SJW, but when will you have the succubi appear as other races of women? You know? A succubus can appear as a black woman with a big booty. So far, the only lust daemon that appears to be black is Sister Squeeze because of the way she speaks and because of her dreadlocks.

    I am confident you can write one well, just as you have written "Asian monster girls" like Sasori Oiran and Nooru.

    1. Freckles haven't come up as distinguishing feature... yet. I tend to default to more ethereal, vamp-esque standards of beauty. I do like to vary the lust daemon harlots, though, so there's probably room for a freckly farm-girl cowgirl, or something similar.

      (I'll try not to turn her into a horrifying eldritch abomination again, like Cibi).

      Race is usually a tricky subject, so I try to sidestep it when I can. The harlots are supernatural beings from another dimension so the human concept of race is irrelevant to them (even if they might look as though they've come from specific parts of Earth).

      I do try to include everything though. The harlots already come in a wide range of skin tones, but probably won't 'map' directly to any recognisable type of human because they're not human. (eg Alsharajea is the big booty anal succubus, but has the traditional deep red skin of a devil).

  11. It would be interesting if the succubi ran into a powerful human warlock. Nyte says that a weak master is no use to a daemon, so if Nyte, Verde, Rosa, and Cerluea meet a really powerful human, would they try to persuade the human to form a contract with them?

    Would Nyte be thrilled with fighting and/or seducing a human that could give her trouble? She did say that she didn't want to seduce and kill Joey Chalk because he's too immature and its a rookie warlock.

    (Funny how a daemon has standards and doesn't want to molest a little kid. Or maybe Ntye only finds adult human man appealing. Succubi do have tastes. Like Nicole preferring to fuck nice guys)

    1. They've found one with potential, he just doesn't know it yet... ;)

      (Phil is an unreliable narrator with regards to his own ability. He finds it hard, so assumes he's bad at it.)

      Nyte loves a good fight. She didn't want to fight Chalk because she knew she was so far above his power level it wouldn't be 'fair'. But if challenged directly, she feels duty-bound to accept, except there was no way that was ever going to be a 'fight'.

      Succubi have differing tastes, or specialisations.

  12. Oh Hydra, you got to check out this funny succubi video out on YouTube. Its called "DnD Enlightenment: Succubus Edition" by a YouTuber called Solus Astorias.

    It will make you laugh, will show what enlightenment a succubus would have (Chaotic Good, Neutral Evil etc) and you'll love the designs of some of the succubi and might inspire you to maybe make a harlot based on it.

    Tell me what you think! :D

    1. I think I've seen it. Is it based on a baalbuddy webcomic? Fairly funny idea. :)

  13. Sorry. I mis spelled it. It's "DnD Alignment: Succubus Edition"