Tuesday, November 29, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Nuru Nuru Girl

Name:  Nuru Nuru Girl
Type:  Humanoid
Habitat:  Only seen so far in the inflatable cave system, an unusual structure discovered underground.

Close enough to human to be mistaken for one at first glance.  They resemble women of East Asian descent, with bronze skin and straight black hair.  As with other observed HSIOs, their features mimicking human sexual characteristics are highly exaggerated.  Their breasts are considerably larger than a typical human woman of their size, although in this case there is a functional reason for this as their breasts contain the glands that produce the copious amounts of lubricating fluid that give the nuru nuru girls their name.

Other divergent features include the hands and feet.  Their wrists and ankles are longer and allow their hands and feet a greater degree of rotation and movement.  The feet also have much longer digits, to the point they resemble a secondary pair of hands.

Attack Strategy:
The nuru nuru girls are named for the complex lubricant exuded by their skin and in particular their breasts and sexual organs.  This has a similar appearance and consistency to nuru gel, a product used in a special type of Japanese massage.

(I assume this is a sex thing.  My assistant was curiously reticent when pressed for further details.)

The lubricant is a complex blend of oils, enzymes and some compounds that defy chemical analysis.  Aside from its lubricating properties, the substance is also corrosive—but only to non-living fabric.  There is also a strong narcotic component that induces a euphoric state in the subject once absorbed through the skin.  The body-to-body massage a nuru nuru girl gives her victim is thought to aid in this absorption.  With their prey docile and non-resistant, the nuru nuru girl covers them with a fluid that softens human tissues while still preserving their intactness.  As of yet, we have been unable to duplicate this softening effect under laboratory conditions.

(Maybe it requires the unusual physical laws of H-space.)

Once her prey has softened to the point of liquefaction, the nuru nuru girl draws them up into her body through her vaginal opening.

Physically, the nuru nuru girls are no more strong or agile than a human female athlete of comparable size.  Their main threat is their secretions.  Unprotected skin contact results in a euphoric state that impairs mental acuity and combat effectiveness.

Thankfully, liquefaction of tissues only occurs after prolonged and sustained contact (and possibly only while engaged in physical copulation with the nuru nuru girl).  Smaller exposure to the lubricant appears to have no long-term deleterious effects, although it is advised to wash it off at the earliest opportunity.

Threat Level:

Some of my colleagues are excited by the pharmaceutical potential of the nuru nuru girls' secretions.  My personal opinion is that the lubricant will not behave in the same way under Earth's different physical laws.

Monday, November 28, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Nuru Nuru Girl

SGT Stewart Peter Bate was running with the others when one of the nuru nuru girls took him down.  They hadn't been that threatening when Bate and the others had first come through this way, but the men had had guns then and were still functioning as a well-drilled unit.


They were fleeing in panic.  Bate didn't have his gun.  He'd dropped it and left it behind, just like the others.  What was the point of having a gun?  They were no use against that... thing.  All they could do was run.

Run for their immortal souls.

The nuru nuru girls were one of the more human-looking hindigs.  They looked like pretty Asian girls, the type you might find in a seedy downtown rub'n'tug joint.  Except their hands and feet were a little too long.  And no Asian chick had boobs that big unless they were fake.  Neither did most other women either.

At first glance they'd looked so close to human their science officer, Briggs, had mistaken them for unfortunate wretches pulled into H-space by some weird unidentified inter-dimensional phenomenon.  He'd been very surprised when one of the girls had tackled him to the ground and leaked a clear fluid on him from her over-sized breasts that had melted his clothes away like it was acid.  Fortunately for Briggs, the corrosive properties had been restricted to his clothing.  The science officer had been none the worse for wear after they'd driven the girl off and helped him back to his feet.  If anything he'd been a little too good, a little blissed out as if he'd just taken a heavy dose of psych medication.

The explo team had carried on and...

Bate didn't want to think about that.  He didn't want to remember the cave, the thing in it... and he definitely didn't want to remember what it had done to Briggs.  All he wanted to do was run.

The cavern where they'd encountered the nuru nuru girls was strange even by H-space standards.  It resembled a giant inflatable, as if they were walking inside the world's largest bouncy castle.  The floor was a patchwork of bright, artificial colors.  It had even felt like they were walking on large, air-filled bladders—soft, spongy and yielding.

Briggs had said it must be artificial.  The first time through Bate had wondered who or even why someone would take the time to build this.  Especially here, underground.

The second time through he was more concerned with trying to keep his footing.  The yielding, pitching surface made running hard work.  Out of the corner of his eye he saw men slip or stumble.  The nuru nuru girls were upon them before they could get back to their feet.

Bate kept running.

The exit was maybe ten meters away when Bate felt a weight crash into his back and he fell forward onto the swaying ground.  The weight came with him, pinning him to the floor as it lay on top of him.  He felt wetness flood his upper back as if someone had emptied a jug of warm water over him.  Breast fluids from a nuru nuru girl.  He already knew it ate through clothes after seeing what had happened to Briggs.  Now it was happening to him.  He felt the cool air of the cavern against his back.

The exit was so close.  He could see it.  He tried to buck her off, but any force he generated was dampened by the yielding surface beneath him.  Another flood of warm liquid was poured onto his exposed back.


Bate stopped struggling.  He understood now why Briggs had looked so blissed out after they'd forced the nuru nuru girl off him.  The warm liquid felt like a miracle drug that soaked into his flesh and made all the aches and twinges of his back and shoulders melt away.  He felt the pressure of two soft objects against his back and realized the nuru nuru girl was lying on top of him with her big tits squashed against his back.

"Relax," she whispered, her lips close to his ear.

Her words slithered past his surface understanding and burrowed into deeper folds of his brain.  They triggered a pleasant static-like tingling on his scalp that tickled down his neck and spine.

Bate didn't resist as the nuru nuru girl started to massage him using her whole body.  She rubbed her big soft boobs all over his back as if they were sponges laden with warm water.  The fluids melted away more of his uniform until her naked flesh was rubbing directly against his.

His fear and the flight—all were forgotten and pushed aside.  The cave, H-space, went away with it.  He was lying on an air mattress by the side of a pool on warm summer day while a hot girl with big tits rubbed warm oil into him... with her body.  He relaxed and murmured his pleasure as she rubbed her big soft boobs up and down his back.  She lay on top of him and her hands glided across his shoulders and then down his arms, spreading relaxing warmth in their wake.  Bate wondered if she had a friend as it felt like a second pair of hands were rubbing down his thighs and the back of his calves.  Her touch was bliss.  His aches and twinges melted away beneath it.

The heat of her body—or was it her desire—lay over him like a warm blanket.  She whispered seductive suggestions in his ear and followed them up with cheeky thrusts of her hips against him.  The floor, soaked in lubricant, made squishing sounds as her weight shifted on top of Bate.

She sat up and her nimble fingers went back to work kneading the meat of his neck and shoulders.  Bate didn't resist as she slid an arm underneath him and turned him over onto his back.  Why would he?  It gave him a better view of her body and she was gorgeous.

Straight black hair curved around and framed an exotically beautiful face.  She smiled down at him over the soft rounded peaks of her big tits.  Her skin was a rich bronze in color.  Her whole body was slathered in oily lotion to the point it dripped from her in glistening strands.  She flopped down on him and rubbed those shiny boobs up his chest.  Bate lay back and let her pamper him.

There was one bit of tension she made no attempt to smooth away.  Instead she encouraged it by rubbing the smooth skin of her belly against his rampant erection.  Then, after sitting up, she coaxed him to maximum hardness with sensual strokes of her hands.  Bate's excitement grew as she lifted herself up over his hard-on and let the pink folds of her pussy rest against the top of his swollen glans.  Hot thick juices poured out of her vagina and dribbled down his shaft.

Put it in, he thought.

She obliged.  She pressed down, her labia parted around his cock and he entered her.  She was tight, but so wet he slid smoothly into her.  More fluids bubbled out and flooded down his shaft.  Their warmth seeped through his skin and coagulated in his balls.

She smoothly bounced up and down on his shaft.  Bate watched mesmerized as her heavy breasts swayed with her movements.  He didn't have to move as the inflatable-mattress floor rocked and bucked for him.  He felt the pressure of her tight pussy gently squeezing him.  Her vaginal walls massaged his member with the same care and attention her hands and breasts had given his body.

Massaged him until...

Bate let out a soft moan as his balls clenched, his cock throbbed and he emptied his seed inside her.  The nuru nuru girl flopped down on him at the moment of orgasm, covering him with her warm body.  The walls of her vagina pulsed in time to his own throbbing ejaculation, coaxing him first for more and then milking the last dregs from his spent cock.

Then she sighed and came.  Really came.  Her orgasm was a great shuddering quake that flooded his crotch with warm fluids and set her vaginal walls vibrating all around him.  Her big boobs, trembling under the same forces running through her, poured oily lubricant all over Bate until he was covered in a layer of clear gel.  He liked it.  He felt comfortable beneath it.  Relaxed.

The nuru nuru girl wasn't done.  That meant Bate wasn't done either.  Little bounces of her hips and squeezes of her pussy brought his cock twitchingly back to life.  From there it didn't take long for the wet friction of her tight little pussy to take him back over the edge.  He released another burst of semen inside her.  Much more this time.  Long.  Slow.  Relaxed.

The aftermath felt like nirvana—like she'd drawn out every bit of tension in his body until he'd melted into a warm, blissful puddle.

And like a puddle, once his muscles had softened too much to enable ejaculation, Bate's liquefying form was sucked up into the nuru nuru girl's vagina.  To Bate it felt like another, greater feeling of release.  Finished, her belly distended as though she was pregnant, the nuru nuru girl slithered back to her hole to quietly enjoy her claim.

Friday, November 25, 2016

H-space Monster Girl Bestiary Fan-art - Boob-Snake

I received this through email:

She's a boob-snake, one of my H-space monster girl demons.  You can read her story here and the profile to go with it.

The artwork is lovely.  I love the way her serpentine lower body is just breaching the surface.  It's as if she knows you've strayed too close and no longer cares about hiding what she is.

The artist is Yenn-Ash.  You can check out more of her work on DeviantArt here and her own blog.  I think she did a brilliant job with this piece and I hope my writing (and others) inspires her to create more like it.

Now to get off my lazy ass and get that next batch of H-space stories written and posted.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Monster Girl Games up on DLSite - Demon Angel Sakura vol.4, Drain Dungeon, Bifrost's Brothel of Mamono

Lorks o'Lordy.  You wait ages for a monster girl game and three come out on the same day.

First up we have Demon Angel Sakura vol.4.

Long time followers will be familiar with this series.  I've already reviewed vols 1, 2, and 3 on the blog.  This is the 4th and last entry in the series.

It's a 2D platform/action game where you control the diminutive Sakura as they fight off various hungry monster girls eager to eat him (her, them?).  The first two games were boss rushes.  The third added a lot of random mooks, each with their own animated Bad End scenes.  The fourth carries on the changes introduced in the third.

Oddly, it's not actually completed yet.  The creators fell behind schedule, but decided to release what they had with the final area (and 3 bosses) to follow early next year.  Despite this, there's still plenty of content with 3 bosses and 15 or so mooks.

I must admit Demon Angel Sakura never really turns me on that much.  Normally this would be a failing for an eroge, but I'm mostly playing to see what ridiculously over-the-top indignities are heaped on poor Sakura in the imaginative Bad End sequences.  The game rarely disappoints.

If you've ever fantasized about having a giant succubus fart in your face and then insert you headfirst into her pussy as a human dildo, this is the game for you.

What, did you think I was joking...?
I've already bought this one and will bring you all the vore-y details in a couple of days or so.

Next up we have Drain Dungeon.

I played this demo a few weeks back after seeing it mentioned on ulmf.org and it looked interesting.  It's a dungeon crawler, but with the dungeon abstracted to a linear sequence of left or right choices (similar to what Desire Dungeon did).

The main gimmick here is that the hero (i.e. you) is always reset to level one upon leaving the dungeon, so a trio of enterprising succubi strike up a deal to... um... "drain" those levels from you before leaving rather than letting them go to waste.

Yes, that kind of "draining".
The three succubi fit the usual range of body shapes, so you have the busty milf one, the slutty elder teen one, and the blatant loli one (who's probably the eldest of the three).  The loli is a bit too loli for my tastes, so that likely means a third of the game's H-content won't interest me.  The busty milf however...

Levels?  I'll get you levels.  All the levels you want...
The dungeon also has some additional H-content provided by various monster girl bosses.  I ran into and afoul of a slime girl in the demo.  The rest of the monsters were the standard stock RPG Maker sprites, so there is a danger the game might get too grindy and repetitive later on.

The biggest problem I found is that the game uses the Wolf RPG Maker system and that traditionally hasn't played very nice with text-hooking.  I like the premise and it looks interesting, but I'll hold off on getting it until I can find the h-code (or alternate text hooker) to make it translatable.

The third game out today is Bifrost's Brothel of Mamono.

This is a genre I don't look at too often - the brothel simulator.

The back story is that you've ended up in debt to the devil/some kind of succubus and have been whisked off to an alternate world to run a brothel in order to pay it off.  Unfortunately, AGTH failed to hook this one at all, so I wasn't really able to work out what was going on in the demo.

From what I saw the gameplay appears to be purchasing captured monster girls off slavers, breaking them in with various sex stuff and then pimping them out to clients to bring in the cash.

Aww, poor lickle Harpy.
Not my cup of tea to be honest, but it might be of interest to people who like their sexy monster girls to be served up without a side helping of femdom and potential death-by-snu-snu.  The art and UI looked fine from what I saw, although not being able to translate anything means I don't know how well the strategy/gameplay mechanics hold up.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Obligatory Post-Election Political Post

I've been off-grid for a few days. Did I miss anything important? /s

After the election result came in I did think about writing something.  It seemed like every other bugger was doing it.  Then I wondered if that in itself was a symptom of the problem.  I'm an entertainer.  I entertain people with filthy sexy stories of succubus porn.  You shouldn't give a shit what entertainers think about politics.

Then I saw this video and it sums up what I think far more eloquently than anything I could have wrote:

It's a comedy skit and Jonathan Pie is a satirical creation, but Britain has a long and distinguished history of letting their comics sneak out uncomfortable political truths and this is spot on.  Hats off to Tom Walker and Andrew Doyle for six minutes of glorious sweary brilliance.

It's what I've been saying for a while now.  Continually throw rocks at people in the middle ground and eventually they'll move over to the side not currently throwing rocks at their head.  And when elections are won by which side can most successfully overlap the middle ground...

I'm not going to lie.  I did derive some pleasure in watching some of the more horrible holier-than-thou types in the media (social and mainstream) go from smug confidence, to panic and then finally to full-fledged meltdown over the course of Tuesday night.  They'd earned that.  Less pleasant was seeing a lot of folks on my personal facebook, mostly decent lefties of the non-sanctimonious variety, be genuinely fearful about what the future holds.  I feel for them.

One thing I did think genuinely odious in the aftermath of the election was the number of "If you voted Trump don't read/watch/play my books/films/games" comments from people that really should know better.  Fuck that shit for the condescending bilge it is.  Every person's circumstances are different and I'm never going to begrudge you for voting for the candidate you think is personally better for you, even if it wouldn't be my choice.

I don't mind if you voted Trump.

I don't mind if you voted Clinton.

I don't mind if you voted third party.

Heck, I don't even mind if you didn't vote at all.  (To be honest, if faced with the choice between Trump and Clinton I'd have probably thought "sod it all!" and buggered off down the pub for a pint.)

Neither do I mind if you don't give a shit whether I mind one way or another.  As I said before, you shouldn't give a shit what entertainers think about politics.

I'm not you.  They're not you.

It was your vote.  Don't let any fucker try and guilt-trip you over how you used it.  They haven't lived your life.

And now... I guess we're in the Chinese definition of "interesting times".  On the plus side, the media were so horribly wrong about everything there's a good chance they were horribly wrong about Trump being the second coming of Hitler as well.  I think a lot of the energetic centipedes on reddit that voted for Trump, the human-shaped Fuck You! sign to the liberal media establishment, will be a little disappointed when Trump, the man, doesn't live up to their expectations, but that's a lesson we all learn about politics eventually.

In the meantime, there are some scared people out there and not all of them are obnoxious SJW shits.  If you were one of those that rode the big orange wrecking ball to see it smash SOCJUS political correctness to bits, remember and reassure the vulnerable.  Have their backs against the lunatic fringe of the other side when it slithers out of the rocks to take advantage of the current pendulum swing, and it will.  The right side of history is now you.  Be better.

As for me, I'll continue writing.

The new novel is progressing, if a little slower than I'd like.  There is a new batch of H-space monster girl bestiary stories on the way.

I'm an entertainer.  Time to get back to entertaining.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Hentai Game Review: ViotoXica

This is another hentai game that caters primarily to the Ryona/Vore fetish crowd, but also has some content that might be of interest to Monster Girl/Succubus fans.  The makers, Xi, were responsible for the Viocide vore action game released a few years back.  ViotoXica is more of the same, but with a fantasy rather than sci-fi backdrop.  You play a magical girl princess attempting to escape from a castle full of monsters trying to eat her (and sexually molest her in their stomachs, because that... um... aids digestion or something...).

I wasn't able to get any translation for this as AGTH continues to implode everything it touches in Windows 10.  In this case it didn't matter too much as ViotoXica is an action game in the metroidvania vein.  The game has various upgrade paths for the main character as well as a shop system where you can buy extra sockets to upgrade weapons and armours.  This is more for higher difficulties though.  If you just want to play for the H- or rather vore-content, you can stick the game on the 'Super Easy' setting and breeze through fairly easily without needing to understand the more complex mechanics.

As with metroidvania games, a large part of the gameplay consists of finding the upgrades and keys to open up more of the map.  Upgrades include double-jump, high-jump, roll, and some kind of heat shield.  Even without knowing Japanese I was able to mostly figure out what was needed where without too many problems.  Up Arrow + Menu Button (V) to reveal the whole map is your friend when it comes to figuring out where to backtrack.  Although one improvement I would have liked to see is the colour-coding extended to front-on doors on the map as well as the side-on doors.  The one time I did get stuck was because I forgot about a locked red door on the top right of the map because it was one of the face-on teleport doors rather than a side exit.

I will commend Xi on their game-making skills.  The main character handles really smoothly and it plays like a good metroidvania game.  I almost regretted playing on Super Easy and therefore not needing to learn the nuances of the upgrade system, but then I remembered how terrible I am at 2D (or 2.5D) platformers.

One weird thing about vore games is YouTube appears to have less qualms about showing footage from them as opposed to something like Monster Girl Quest, which is theoretically possible to upload... providing you have plenty of black squares on hand to cover most of the artwork.  Anyway, there is a trailer for ViotoXica that provides a taster of the artwork, gameplay and (surprisingly good) music.

Now, onto the important stuff - the filthy snu-snu.

First off, this is a vore game.  That means a good chunk of the enemies are going to be worms, plants, frogs and the like, and they're not going to auditioning for an appearance in anyone's wet dreams anytime soon (unless those people happen have very... specialised tastes).  There are 13 enemy types total.  Six of those are what I would class as monster girls - two types of succubi, bee girl, arachne, sort-of-alraune and a butterfly demon girl as the final boss.

Most of the game is 2D (or 2.5D - some sprites look hand-drawn and others like 3D models).  Each enemy has a grab attack that will result in the main character being swallowed and a Game Over regardless of their HP total if they don't break out of it.  This is seen first as a 2D animation on the main game screen...

...and then, after the Game Over, the action switches to a much more detailed 3D clip of the heroine getting gulped up...

...and then bouncing around inside something's stomach with the obligatory ryona-style clothing destruction.

I'm not a hardcore vore enthusiast.  My interest lies in the overlapping Venn diagram of sexy monster girls being sexy-evil and dominant (in this case having a rather more literal interpretation of "I want you inside me" than most would consider comfortable).  For this type of game I'm looking for a bit of flirt from the monster girl before her victim goes down the hatch.  Or, failing that, scenes of such sublime ridiculousness (such as Demon Angel Sakura's giant farting fairies) I can have a chuckle and admire the creator's depraved inventiveness.

Viotoxica is a bit light on that.  The Bad End scenes are rather thrashy, with slobber flying everywhere as the magical girl princess gets gulped down.  The churning animations are also a little too exaggerated, unless one of the magical girl princess's magical abilities is to change into a big block of crystal after being swallowed.  Bear in mind this is a subjective criticism from someone on the borders rather than being at the centre of the target audience.  If you're more into the ryona side of things, these are not negatives at all.

Another disappointment was the sameness of the monster girl Bad Ends - monster girl opens out her tail or abdomen like a trumpet and hoovers up hapless magical girl princess.  It looks okay for the succubus-type monsters, but a bit ridiculous for the arachne.  The exception to this is the final boss.  I'm not going to spoil it here, but it was certainly different...

Overall I appreciated this more for the smooth gameplay than the H-scenes.  Worth looking at if you like your monster girls more on the predatory side.  Really worth looking at if you like a bit of vore or ryona.