Monday, July 20, 2015

SJWs Must Die!

Now that's a title that's going to get me into trouble if I ever have the misfortune of it going viral... :)

While there'll be some twonk somewhere that'll try and grab this as evidence of me giving out 'death threats' or some other stupidity, I'm actually writing about Eli Roth's forthcoming horror film The Green Inferno.  There's a news piece floating around about how Eli Roth's 'Green Inferno' devours the Internet's 'social justice warriors' and that caught my eye because of thoughts I've had on expanding the usual list of acceptable-horror-movie-victim tropes.

There have always been character archetypes in horror (especially slasher flicks) that exist for the audience to hate and cheer on their inevitable gruesome demise.  In any teen setting (which is most slasher flicks) you're likely going to get: the thuggish, bullying jock (plus cronies); the beautiful-but-vicious prom queen; the arrogant, amoral rich kid.  Over the next few years I think we'll see a new archetype added to that list: the sanctimonious SJW.

Now I imagine at this point some readers are going, "B-b-but what's wrong with social justice warriors?  They're good people.  They fight the good fight for the minorities and those without privilege."

Hmm, yeah.  It's complicated.  Social Justice Warrior (SJW) started out as a derogatory term, probably as an offshoot of Keyboard Warrior.  Then the meanings got murkier as far-right wingnuts started using it as a label for people they disagreed with and more moderately liberal folk started to embrace the slur thrown in their direction as a positive ("I am a proud social justice warrior/bard/etc").  Now SJW seems to be moving back to its original meaning as more and more normal folks experience bruising encounters on social media with the extremist element the term was originally coined for.

When I mention SJWs assume I'm talking about that extreme element - the people that clothe themselves in the language of social justice and use it as cover to engage in online thuggery (a good example of which can be found here).  I've been fairly open about my own distaste for this group of people and with good reason.  I'm a creator and while I'm fine with negative criticism, seeing concerted, organised attempts to shut writers/game developers/film makers down because someone didn't like the themes they were using or their personal politics make me very nervous.  While they're coming from the opposite ends of the political spectrum, SJWs are the Mary Whitehouses, Tipper Gores and Jack Thompsons of this generation with a slightly different paint job.

Which brings me back to character archetypes.  SJWs are the modern Stop-Having-Fun-Authority (as in you can't do x because it's cultural appropriation/triggering/offensive to people with skin as thick as tissue paper/insert buzzword of the day).  The Stop-Having-Fun-Authority is a typical antagonist in comedy (and sometimes an annoying obstacle in horror).  Typically they're a religious and highly conservative authority figure over-stepping themselves in order to play morality police.  With the declining influence of that group it wouldn't surprise me if we start seeing the overbearing morality police characters coming from the other side of the political spectrum. An enterprising comedy writer could definitely have a lot of fun lampooning that aspect of modern US college campuses.

It's something I've been musing about for my own stories.  Creating a truly awful character in the knowledge you're going to inflict a hideous fate on them is one of the pleasures of writing horror.  In the past I've used the usual tropes - the corrupt politician, violent thugs, the office sex pest, a group of obnoxious teens, a critic abusing their role for sexual favours - and I think there's potential to add various flavours of SJW to that list.  If only to make a change from the usual 'guy being an asshole to women and getting his comeuppance at vagina of succubus' story. :)

I did have a playful dab at it here, but to be fair the protagonist is rather mild and the only thing they're guilty of is naivete and foolishness.  (Not that I'm exactly known for showing mercy to the naive and foolish).

Given that most people's patience appears to be running thin on SJW nonsense, I'd love to nail that archetype correctly in a cosmic justice type story.  I think it will require a little more work to create a truly satisfying SJW asshole protagonist.  There are a few pitfalls to avoid.  In this case I think an ostensibly apolitical approach is correct.  "Haha, take that pinko scum for being a stupid libtard" will play well for a small audience and very badly for the rest.  Go for the character's actions making them an asshole rather than what they believe (or pretend to believe).

I'm curious to see what Roth does with The Green Inferno.  His previous movies (Hostel in particular) have been interesting in how he subverts the usual horror tropes in who gets killed and when.  The innocent virgin has about the same chance of surviving a Roth horror as the slutty-girl-who-sleeps-around character in a Friday the 13th film (basically, none).

It's worth dissecting Deodato's classic horror, Cannibal Holocaust, at this point as this is the main influence to The Green Inferno.  The main characters in that film are so repulsive and what they do is so repugnant most viewers will be cheering on the cannibals way before the end of the movie.  A problem for a lot of horror films (as opposed to horror short stories) is forcing your audience to spend an hour-or-so in the company of utter assholes while they wait for them to meet their horrible ends can get a little wearing.  Cannibal Holocaust gets around this by running two story lines.  The moral centre, of sorts, to the tale is provided in the character charged with finding out what happened to the original film crew and returning with their footage.

From what I've seen and read so far, it sounds like the soon-to-be cannibal fodder in The Green Inferno fall more into the category of naive and stupid slacktivists than the vicious online thugs and bullies normally associated with the SJW label.  It will probably still be a lot of fun watching them all get eaten, though.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day available in Print form

A few months late, but it's here.

This is the physical copy version of my latest short story collection.  The ebook version did come out around Saint Patrick's Day a few months ago, but the print version ended up lagging behind for one reason or another.  This has now been fixed, so if you prefer to read my stories in physical book form rather than on an ereader, the latest collection is now available.

Here's the blurb:
Who is the lucky one - the man given sensual pleasure beyond his dreams, or the succubus that ensnares and drains him? 
Dangerous and delectable sirens abound in M. E. Hydra's sixth collection of horror erotica.  Within these pages you'll find thirteen tales that will tempt, tease, titillate and terrify.  Read and enjoy as dark temptresses weave their seductive webs and draw in their (un)fortunate prey. 
In "A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day" a down-on-his-luck gambler thinks his fortune has changed when a magical succubus comes to his aid.  A strange agency provides an unusual service in "The High-School Sweetheart Removal Agency".  A researcher has a dangerous and highly sensual encounter with an alien creature in "A Real-Life Goo Girl".  In "Number 66" an expat searches for an unusual girl in the fleshpots of Bangkok.  An accomplished thief falls prey to a shadowy guardian in "Rogue vs. Lamia".  A rich man gets the bigger dick he's always wanted in "Crabs", only to discover the treatment has some alarming side effects.  And finally, a young man gets a surprise when he tries to rape the wrong victim in "Joe Boyega Picks a Bad Night to Become a Rapist". 
They'll give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares...
The collection consists of 13 stories of sexy succubus/monster girl horror erotica.  Six of these can only be found in this collection while a seventh only appeared previously in a horror erotica anthology from eXcessica.

The print versions aren't big sellers for me, mainly because Print-on-Demand makes books considerably more expensive than typical mass-market paperbacks, but I always like to make a print option available if I can because I know some people prefer to own physical books over ebooks.  It's also a nice ego-trip for a writer to see their own books sitting on a bookshelf. :D

Anyway, sorry for making you wait so long for this, print lovers.  I'll try to make sure the print and ereader version releases are synchronised a little better for future books.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hentai Game Review: Sexy Girls Hunt

Okay, we have a slightly different type of monster girl hentai game to look at on the blog today.

Sexy Girls Hunt is a battlefuck game and the plot does feature a brave hero using his "weapon" to defend a kingdom from hordes of nympho succubi, but it's not an RPG-maker clone.  While it has typical JRPG elements – levelling up, top-down exploration, turn-based battles – the art style is different and everything is mouse-driven.  You move the character around by clicking on the screen with the mouse.

Sort of, but not quite a RPG-maker game

With the games with their own custom game engines there are sometimes problems with hooking text for machine translation.  I was able to mostly follow what was going on with AGTH, although some text is in image form (the manual, annoyingly), which rendered it impossible to hook.

A refreshingly non-shota main character this time

Let's start with the good.  This is a very pretty game.  It has some of the nicest artwork I've seen on a monster girl hentai game.  Not only that, but there is a ton of animation.  NPCs noticeably... ahem... jiggle when you speak to them and the battlefuck sex scenes are fully animated.  Picture a ROBF or Erotical Night, but with an art quality approaching the Violated Hero series.  These are some luscious scenes of succubus fucking.

Oh and this is animated as well

Now for the not so good.  There's not much to the gameplay during the battlefucking.  Combat is turn-based and controlled by running the mouse over coloured circles on the screen.  I didn't really spot any strategy here to be honest.  Most of the time I set the fights to auto and tried to make sure my main character was at least two levels higher than the random encounters (personally I found those lush lush sex animations more enjoyable on auto anyway).  For bosses you'll need to be a much higher level, but if you're stuck there's a consumable that can be bought (it's the very bottom one) that gives an instant win when used.

The map has five locations of increasing difficulty.  Everything is fully accessible from the beginning aside from the final location, which requires previous bosses to be defeated in order to advance through various gates.

The world map

Overall there are twelve monster types to fight fuck.  They're mostly your classic succubi, but there are a few other monster girl types thrown in as well such as slime girls, cat girls, dryads and elves.  Each has minor variations in hair colour and underwear, but their moves don't change.  There are two different sex animations depending on who is "attacking".

Additional hentai content is provided in the form of side quests and mini-games.  There are ten female side quest givers.  Satisfy their conditions and you'll be rewarded with a short sex scene with a little mouse interactivity.  The mini-games vary from standard tile puzzles, to an arcade "bullet-hell" sequence and a comically lewd version of whack-a-mole where you slap female asses.  Nothing too taxing, but drawn in the same lush and appropriately pervy art style.

Yes please.  The result doesn't matter

Overall I quite liked Sexy Girls Hunt.  The game is a bit short and not very challenging, but there is plenty of gorgeous H material to enjoy.  It's a simple sex game with delicious succubi.  Nowt wrong with that at all.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Shiborito in the Bag, part 6

"Don't suffocate him, Eunectis" Eryx said.

"I'm only going to give him a little kiss with my pussy," Eunectis said.

She squatted down and the light was shut out as her ass descended.  Cohen was enveloped first by the thick aroma of her sex and then the flesh of her ass as she sat on his face.  Cohen couldn't twist his head away.  She followed him, keeping her pussy pressed tightly over his nose and mouth.  Her felt the soft lips of her pussy brush against his face.  They gaped wide and the dark space was filled with the sinful perfume of her sex.  The scent rushed straight through his body and filled his straining balls.  Eryx pressed down with her thighs again the thick cream squished around Cohen's over-sensitized penis.  The sensations tickled up his shaft in moist waves.

Oh god, Cohen thought.

His balls clenched as though they'd been gripped in a fist.  His spine bucked and the most powerful ejaculation he'd ever felt erupted from his cock.  He gasped but not through lack of air—Eunectis had already lifted her smothering ass.  His body shuddered and convulsed uncontrollably.  That out of control train had smashed into a wall at the end of the line and was now so much wreckage.  His semen bubbled up out of his twitching erection like a geyser.  His own cream was mixing with the cream in the bag.

Eryx and Eunectis stood up off his wriggling form and stared down at him with sultry smiles.  Estrumpthia walked up to them, still pressing the rubber cup to her crotch.  Like the other two she'd changed, but her pale skin had a bluish tinge rather than red.  Like the other two she had horns, wings and a tail.

She looked down at Cohen and licked her lips.  "Mmm, the sight of a human thrashing around in helpless ecstasy makes me so horny."

She pressed the funnel-type adaptor at the end of the pipe tight to her pussy, squatted and pressed her hips forward.  Cohen heard a loud and strangely erotic liquid sound.  More soft cream flowed up against Cohen's body.  He groaned as his balls clenched and he emptied another thick stream of cum into the bag.  The ejaculation wasn't stopping.  He felt the pleasure spin on and on as a constant stream of semen flowed up his erection in steady pulses.

Estrumpthia removed the cup from her vagina and Cohen saw her labia were speckled with pinkish-white froth.  She unscrewed the funnel attachment from the end of the pipe and passed the pipe to Eryx.  The other girl screwed a nozzle attachment onto the end.  It looked like the end of a hookah pipe, but larger.

Cohen looked at the devil girls with fearful eyes.  It was getting harder to concentrate.  The sensations inundated his thoughts in the same way the soft cream surrounded his body.

"Wha...?" he muttered thickly.

His body was no longer his.  His hips kept twitching as semen poured out of him in an endless succession of spurts.

Eunectis crouched down next to him.  He saw her smiling face above the large round swells of her breasts.

"You're our little shiborito in the bag," she said.  "Estrumpthia has filled it up with her special vaginal secretions.  They've soaked into you.  You're coming out your life and soul, and we're going to slurp it all up in our lovely pussies."

Eryx squatted down on the other side of the bag and inserted the nozzle between the folds of her vagina.  Her abdomen gave a little flex and the pipe was sucked deeper inside her.  The noises started then—like thick cream being sucked up through a straw.  Cohen felt a strange tugging sensation focused on his crotch.

Eryx opened her eyes and sighed.

"Delicious," she said.

She handed the pipe to Estrumpthia, who also inserted it up into her sex.

"There's no need to be anxious," Eunectis whispered to Cohen.  "It feels nice."

The horrible liquid sucking sounds started up again.

Cohen didn't feel anxious.  Estrumpthia's secretions had soaked into his skin and coated his nerve endings in cotton wool.  He felt like he was floating in a warm fluffy cloud.  His writhing had quietened down to little twitches every time he released a spurt of cum into the bag.

It felt so good—warm and comfortable.  He was no longer sure if he was inside the bag or the bag.  He felt like he was floating around inside an outer skin of black latex—not solid or liquid.

Estrumpthia took her time with the nozzle.  She sighed in pleasure as her vagina clamped around it and she sucked up the cream in the bag.

It wasn't just the cream around him she was sucking, it felt like they were sucking up him.  He released his essence up into the bag and she drew part of it up into her body, leaving him diminished in the process.

And Cohen no longer cared.  The pleasure had overwhelmed and subsumed his mind.  All he cared about was the orgasm still rumbling through him, still coaxing his body to ejaculate more and more.  He lay back and floated on a cloud of pleasure as his life, essence and soul pulsed out into the bag.

The succubi passed the nozzle amongst themselves.  They sucked up the cream and essence until the bag began to deflate.  The black rubber crinkled up and subsided as the succubi sighed in satisfaction as they sucked more and more out of the bag.  The vac-bed wrinkled up and the man inside wrinkled up with it.

Eryx's vagina clenched around the pipe and drew out the last dregs with a ghastly slurping sound.

"A most satisfactory present from Ms Brite," she said.

On the floor the glossy black rubber sheets were wrinkled as they tightly wrapped a human form.  This human form also looked as though all the air had been pumped out of him.  A face that was little more than skin stretched over a skull stared out of a circular opening in the top sheet.  The shrivelled lips were stretched taut in a ghastly grin.

"And we even cured his anxiety," Eunectis said.


Friday, July 03, 2015

Shiborito in the Bag, part 5

"What's going on?" he asked.

Had someone changed the lights?  Erica looked different.  Her skin colour was darker, redder.

"Special sauce to marinade the meat," she said.

Esther moaned again and pushed her crotch forward.  How could she be producing all this?  It was up to his crotch and—

Cohen closed his eyes.  The warm creamy substance had enveloped his balls.  His erection, which had softened slightly as his unease had grown, sprang back to full attention.  The rubber top sheet of the vac-bed tented upwards with the throbbing bar of his hard-on.  The tenting grew less pronounced as more cream flowed into the bag.

It was over his chest now.  It surrounded his arms, it enfolded his hands and he felt it squelch between his fingers.  It drove his nerve endings wild.  It was like lying in a big bath of crackly foam with no water.  Cohen wanted more and more of it and Esther obliged.  Sighing and gasping in the throes of an orgasm that seemed to have no end, she pumped more and more thick cream into the bag.  Moments before, Cohen had felt like he'd been shrink-wrapped.  Now he felt like he was lying at the heart of a giant fluffy pillow.  The black rubber surface swelled up all around him.

Hot flashes pulsed through him.  They pulsed and pulsed and focused on his balls and penis until his whole crotch was glowing with warmth.  The cream slithered all around him and engulfed his twitching erection.  Cohen felt the urge to wrap a hand around his cock and rub the pleasant cream into his shaft.  He couldn't move.  Not because the rubber sheets were wrapped too tightly around him, but because the warm creamy substance had sapped all the energy right out of him.  It was like lying in a warm bed in an icy room and feeling too comfortable to move.  The vac-bed continued to swell up as more and more thick cream piled up around him.

Erica sat astride him, or rather sat astride the swollen bag.  He felt the pressure of her legs transmit through the bag and move the wonderful cream against his body.  He looked up at her through a haze of pleasure.

His brow wrinkled.  Something wasn't right.

Her pale skin was flushed.  No, it was more than that.  Her skin was red, deep red all the way through as though she was so full of blood it had leaked out underneath her skin.  And her eyes... what had happened to her eyes?  He looked up into black pits that looked as though they fell all the way into hell itself.  Were those...?  There were horns on her head and he watched as black bat wings unfurled behind her.

Hallucination.  He must be hallucinating.

"Comfortable?" Erica asked.

Her voice was wrong too.  There were weird inflections to the edges, like metal on metal.

Where was the panic?  Where was the anxiety?  Despite Erica's sudden, demonic change of appearance he felt relaxed and languid.  This was a total contrast to his brain, which was screaming wrong, wrong, wrong!

Erica bent over and hugged the swollen bag.  Her large breasts—uncovered now, nipples dark like dried blood—pressed against the rubber above his chest.  He felt the pressure come through the bag and thick cream.

"How does it feel—nice and creamy?" Erica asked.

She hugged the bag tighter and rubbed her pendulous breasts against the shiny black surface.

"Let me massage it into your flesh," she said.

She squeezed and hugged.  Her hips moved up and down as she ground her sex against the bag.  Her movements started currents in the substance that filled the bag.  Cohen writhed in helpless pleasure as the warm cream squished against his body.  He let out an involuntary moan as more hot flashes raced across his sensitised skin.  Thick currents stirred his throbbing manhood.  It felt like cream-covered fingers were tickling up and down his hard-on.

"He's nearly ready," Erica called back to the girl on the bed.  "One more squirt, Estrumpthia."

"Mmm, I'll give him a nice thick one, Eryx," Esther said, her voice also picking up strange alien cadences.

She let out another loud sigh.  The pipe vibrated.  More slippery cream—a thick bulge—slithered down the tube and mushroomed up around Cohen.  His eyelids flickered as more of the warm cream enveloped him.

"Feels nice, doesn't it," Eryx said.  "Like being wrapped in a giant wet womb."

She wriggled her body on top of him.  Her arms and thighs squeezed the swollen bag and he felt the thick cream squidge against his skin.  All of Cohen's nerve endings felt amplified, as if the slightest breath had the force of a bomb.  The devil girl on top of him pressed her waist down and her motions stirred the electrifying cream around his cock.

Fuck, he was going to come.  Really come.  Come so hard it would be painful.

"Yes, let it out," the devil girl writhing on top of him exhorted with a breathy sigh.  "Let it all out."

What was happening?  Cohen felt so good and yet weirdly wrong.  His body felt like a train accelerating down a track with no buffers.

"Need help?" Eunice said, her voice like blades slathered in honey.

Like Eryx her skin had darkened to a deep red colour.  She even had a devil tail.  He saw it as she stood over him.  He looked up into the moist lips of her sex and watched as they gaped open and shut like a mouth.

"Don't suffocate him, Eunectis" Eryx said.

"I'm only going to give him a little kiss with my pussy," Eunectis said.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Shiborito in the Bag, part 4

"And brilliant," Cohen continued.  "Who'd have thought it?  Here I am, shrink-wrapped like a turkey and I don't feel any anxiety at all.  Annette Brite is a genius."

Erica gave him a sly glance.  "She has her uses," she said.

Esther threw her head back and moaned.  Her body flexed and she pushed her hips against Eunice's face as the other girl continued to perform cunnilingus on her.

"I'm ready," Esther said, her voice breathy.  "Bring the pipe."

Eunice stood up and walked over to the hanging vac-bed.  She gave Cohen a teasing smile as she picked up the other end of the trailing air hose that led to the vac-bed.  Curious, Cohen watched as she pulled an object out of a box and screwed it onto the end of the pipe.  It looked like a mask, like maybe something a dentist might have given a patient to breathe from back in the old days.  Or possibly an athletic cup.  It had the same shape and was made out of black rubber.

On the bed Esther continued to frig herself towards orgasm.  Her moans and sighs grew louder and louder.  Behind her Erica continued to massage and play with the soft flesh of her boobs while kissing her on the back of her neck and shoulders.  Eunice held the plastic funnel thing a little way from Esther's vagina, keeping out of the way while Esther masturbated.  Cheeks flushed red, Esther nodded to Eunice and the other girl passed her the end of the pipe.  Esther pressed the black rubber object tight to her crotch, making the resemblance between it and an athletic cup even more pronounced.

What was going on here? Cohen thought.  It hadn't escaped his attention that the black rubber cup was attached to the end of the same pipe that led back to the bag he was currently sealed inside.  Was she going to squirt into it, or maybe even pee?  He'd told them he didn't want anything gross done to him.

Although he did feel a little thrill of excitement at the thought.

"Make it nice and thick and creamy," Eunice said, running a hand down Esther's pale arm.

"Mmm.  It'll be really thick and creamy," Esther said.  She writhed and pressed her hips up against the rubber cup between her legs.

Erica and Eunice walked towards Cohen with mischief in their eyes.

"What's going on?" Cohen asked.

Erica put a finger to her moist, bee-stung lips.

They were playing with him, that's all.  More teasing.

Cohen wasn't sure.  There was a prickly feeling on the back of his neck.  Some atavistic sense was warning him of danger in the same way animals knew to find shelter before a storm hits.

No, no.  It was more teasing.  They were just playing with him.

Esther gave a loud orgasmic groan and flexed her spine as she pushed her hips out with the rubber cup still pressed to her crotch.  Cohen heard an odd, thick, slithery sound—like thick mud moving through a pipe.  Esther sighed and moaned and her body trembled.  More liquid sounds vibrated down the pipe.  It sounded like way more than a little squirt of love juice, more even than a good hard piss.

And far far thicker.

Cohen should have been excited—sexually excited—at the sight of a hot girl obviously orgasming right in front of him, but that prickly sensation on the back of his neck was growing harder and harder to ignore.

Erica kissed him on the cheek with soft lips.

Hot lips.

And hot in the boiling-kettle sense, not in the XXX-strip-show-hot sense.  Almost hot enough to scald him.  What was going on?  No girl's lips should feel as hot as that.

Erica and Eunice gripped the sides of the vac-bed and lifted it up off the hooks suspended from the ceiling.  They laid him flat on the floor.

"Hey hey," Cohen said.  He tried to move his limbs, but his body was still vacuum-packed in place.

"Mmm, I'd like to sit on his face and smother him with my ass," Eunice said.

"And miss his sighs as Estrumpthia's cream fills his bag..." Erica said.

Over on the bed Esther gave another loud orgasmic cry.  Erica crouched down, turned a valve at the bottom of the bag and the corner swelled up as something rushed in.  Cohen's eyes widened as he felt a warm, moist and weirdly fluffy substance envelop his foot.  What was that?  It felt like the froth and bubbles from a bubble bath, but thicker—squishy like warm mud.  His toes squelched through it and his skin lit up with a pleasant tingling sensation.  Those tingles tickled up the nerves of his leg and nested in his balls.  He liked it so much he started wiggling his toes to repeat the sensation.

There was more.  The substance flowed down the pipe into the bag in a slow, thick wave.  Surely this all couldn't be coming out of Esther's pussy.  It wasn't possible.  The corner of the bag continued to swell and the foam rolled up past his foot and engulfed his ankle.

Cohen blinked.  More tingling pleasure pirouetted up his leg like crackly static electricity.  He wanted more, wanted to be enveloped in it completely, wanted to bathe fully in whatever it was.  But the hairs kept prickling on the back of his neck.  The storm was coming and the force would tear him to pieces.

He heard Esther give another orgasmic moan and then more of those thick, slithery sounds—like slime sliding down a pipe.  More of the bag filled out and that wave of tingling pleasure rolled up to his thighs.

"What's going on?" he asked.

Had someone changed the lights?  Erica looked different.  Her skin colour was darker, redder.

"Special sauce to marinade the meat," she said.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Shiborito in the Bag, part 3

"We've tied you up..." Erica started.

" we tease you," Eunice finished.

Erica and Eunice embraced and came together in a sloppy and extremely passionate kiss right in front of him.

Oh wow, Cohen thought.

It wasn't a quick peck either.  Their hands roamed over each other's bodies as their lips locked and their tongues tangled.

"Don't leave me out," Esther said.

She sat on the glossy black bed at the back of the room and kicked off her white stiletto heels.

"Of course not," Eunice said after breaking her amorous embrace with Erica.

"Don't go anywhere," Erica turned and said to Cohen with a smile that indicated she knew perfectly well he couldn't.

Cohen attempted a shrug.  It was about all the movement he could manage at the moment.

Grinning from ear to ear, he watched as Erica and Eunice walked over and joined Esther on the bed.  Were they really going to put on a show for him?  It looked that way as Erica and Eunice sat either side of Esther.  Esther turned to Erica and their full lips came together in a kiss.  On the other side Eunice left a line of kisses down Esther's neck.  Her hand pawed at and squeezed at the considerable bulge of Esther's breast.  The girls started to moan and sigh as they got more into it.

Esther switched her attentions to Eunice and their lips met in another frenzied bout of kissing.  The hands of the girls slid over and fondled each other's bodies.  Cohen, suspended in the vac-bed, watched with mounting fascination.  He'd never seen anything like this before, not in the flesh.

They peeled off the shiny rubber layers of their clothing, like presents unwrapped on Christmas Day long after the children had gone to bed for the night.  Esther's vinyl bra was first to go.  Cohen's smile grew broader as the pale mounds of Esther's chest became visible.  They were an impressive pair—big and firm.  Each round mound was topped with a pointed nipple surrounded by a pale pink disc.

That was some pair, Cohen thought.  Erica and Eunice seemed inclined to agree.  Their heads bobbed down and Esther tipped her head back and sighed as Erica and Eunice flicked her nipples with moist tongues.

Cohen watched them wishing he could join in.  He supposed that was the point of the tease.  Cohen squirmed as his swelling erection slid up against his belly.  He would have liked to wrap his hand around it, but the vac-bed allowed no movement.

The three girls were really into each other.  Things were getting well and truly XXX-rated on the bed.  Erica and Eunice briefly stood up to remove their shiny panties and fishnet stockings.  Esther didn't need to do the same as Erica and Eunice removed her clothes for her.

Now that all three were fully naked, Cohen was staggered by the perfection of their bodies.  Top porn stars didn't look this good.  What were they doing here, in some shitty little back-alley BDSM dungeon?  He wondered how much Erica had meant when she'd said "that costs extra," because he'd definitely pay if he could afford it.

Erica and Eunice returned to the swollen goodness of Esther's boobs.  The sucked on her nipples with sensual lips while their hands rubbed against the mound of her pussy.  Esther gave out a series of short little gasps as nimble fingers crept between the folds of her labia.

Cohen was hard enough for the enveloping rubber sheet to feel uncomfortably tight around his straining erection.  If only he could reach his cock.  That was the point though, to keep him frustrated and let the sexual tension build and build.  It was effective.  Having his body constrained like this would normally set off his anxiety.  Thanks to the girls' little 'show' he was too distracted.

Eunice went down on her knees between Esther's legs.  She buried her face in Esther's crotch and worked her tongue against the other woman's pussy.  Erica stood up on the bed with her legs apart and posed for Cohen as Esther tilted her head up and lapped at her sex.

"Like the show?" Erica asked Cohen.

"Loving it," Cohen called back.  "You know, I thought she was mad when she suggested this.  When I went into her shop looking for something to calm me down and relax me I thought she'd recommend some herbal bath, or maybe a massage.  Instead she suggests I visit a dominatrix dungeon instead.  Crazy."

Erica sat behind Esther.  Her hands massaged the creamy curves of Esther's breasts while the other girl twisted her head to the side to kiss her.  Eunice continued her merciless attack on Esther's pussy with her tongue.  Both Erica and Eunice focused their attentions on the girl between them without thought to their own pleasure.  Red flushes blemished Esther's otherwise pristine skin and her thighs trembled as her resistance crumbled beneath their ministrations.

"And brilliant," Cohen continued.  "Who'd have thought it?  Here I am, shrink-wrapped like a turkey and I don't feel any anxiety at all.  Annette Brite is a genius."

uh oh, it wasn't Inari that sent him here.