Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Shiborito in the Bag, part 3

"We've tied you up..." Erica started.

" we tease you," Eunice finished.

Erica and Eunice embraced and came together in a sloppy and extremely passionate kiss right in front of him.

Oh wow, Cohen thought.

It wasn't a quick peck either.  Their hands roamed over each other's bodies as their lips locked and their tongues tangled.

"Don't leave me out," Esther said.

She sat on the glossy black bed at the back of the room and kicked off her white stiletto heels.

"Of course not," Eunice said after breaking her amorous embrace with Erica.

"Don't go anywhere," Erica turned and said to Cohen with a smile that indicated she knew perfectly well he couldn't.

Cohen attempted a shrug.  It was about all the movement he could manage at the moment.

Grinning from ear to ear, he watched as Erica and Eunice walked over and joined Esther on the bed.  Were they really going to put on a show for him?  It looked that way as Erica and Eunice sat either side of Esther.  Esther turned to Erica and their full lips came together in a kiss.  On the other side Eunice left a line of kisses down Esther's neck.  Her hand pawed at and squeezed at the considerable bulge of Esther's breast.  The girls started to moan and sigh as they got more into it.

Esther switched her attentions to Eunice and their lips met in another frenzied bout of kissing.  The hands of the girls slid over and fondled each other's bodies.  Cohen, suspended in the vac-bed, watched with mounting fascination.  He'd never seen anything like this before, not in the flesh.

They peeled off the shiny rubber layers of their clothing, like presents unwrapped on Christmas Day long after the children had gone to bed for the night.  Esther's vinyl bra was first to go.  Cohen's smile grew broader as the pale mounds of Esther's chest became visible.  They were an impressive pair—big and firm.  Each round mound was topped with a pointed nipple surrounded by a pale pink disc.

That was some pair, Cohen thought.  Erica and Eunice seemed inclined to agree.  Their heads bobbed down and Esther tipped her head back and sighed as Erica and Eunice flicked her nipples with moist tongues.

Cohen watched them wishing he could join in.  He supposed that was the point of the tease.  Cohen squirmed as his swelling erection slid up against his belly.  He would have liked to wrap his hand around it, but the vac-bed allowed no movement.

The three girls were really into each other.  Things were getting well and truly XXX-rated on the bed.  Erica and Eunice briefly stood up to remove their shiny panties and fishnet stockings.  Esther didn't need to do the same as Erica and Eunice removed her clothes for her.

Now that all three were fully naked, Cohen was staggered by the perfection of their bodies.  Top porn stars didn't look this good.  What were they doing here, in some shitty little back-alley BDSM dungeon?  He wondered how much Erica had meant when she'd said "that costs extra," because he'd definitely pay if he could afford it.

Erica and Eunice returned to the swollen goodness of Esther's boobs.  The sucked on her nipples with sensual lips while their hands rubbed against the mound of her pussy.  Esther gave out a series of short little gasps as nimble fingers crept between the folds of her labia.

Cohen was hard enough for the enveloping rubber sheet to feel uncomfortably tight around his straining erection.  If only he could reach his cock.  That was the point though, to keep him frustrated and let the sexual tension build and build.  It was effective.  Having his body constrained like this would normally set off his anxiety.  Thanks to the girls' little 'show' he was too distracted.

Eunice went down on her knees between Esther's legs.  She buried her face in Esther's crotch and worked her tongue against the other woman's pussy.  Erica stood up on the bed with her legs apart and posed for Cohen as Esther tilted her head up and lapped at her sex.

"Like the show?" Erica asked Cohen.

"Loving it," Cohen called back.  "You know, I thought she was mad when she suggested this.  When I went into her shop looking for something to calm me down and relax me I thought she'd recommend some herbal bath, or maybe a massage.  Instead she suggests I visit a dominatrix dungeon instead.  Crazy."

Erica sat behind Esther.  Her hands massaged the creamy curves of Esther's breasts while the other girl twisted her head to the side to kiss her.  Eunice continued her merciless attack on Esther's pussy with her tongue.  Both Erica and Eunice focused their attentions on the girl between them without thought to their own pleasure.  Red flushes blemished Esther's otherwise pristine skin and her thighs trembled as her resistance crumbled beneath their ministrations.

"And brilliant," Cohen continued.  "Who'd have thought it?  Here I am, shrink-wrapped like a turkey and I don't feel any anxiety at all.  Annette Brite is a genius."

uh oh, it wasn't Inari that sent him here.


  1. It's that chick that got the other guy killed, also looks like Erica and Runice have a new friend, I guess this Esther is gonna be accompanying those two from time to time. Back to the Annette lady, she's a succubus herself isn't she and she wants his soul just like the last guy. Cohen is as good as dead now.

  2. CivilDeviation01/07/2015, 16:21

    Here I thought it was Inari until you said otherwise... yup, he's dead.

  3. I was pretty sure it was Annette regardless, she's the one who sent Erica and Eunice after the guy in Safe Sex. Figured Inari wouldn't use the same pair.

  4. Oh, aren't they just playful? :)

    Yay, Annette really is a genius. She ain't a succubus, only human but she definitely knows what she wants. I remember what she did to that reporter who went to investigate her :)
    So yeah if she wants his soul, she'll have it. Annette always gets what she wants :)