Saturday, July 04, 2015

Shiborito in the Bag, part 6

"Don't suffocate him, Eunectis" Eryx said.

"I'm only going to give him a little kiss with my pussy," Eunectis said.

She squatted down and the light was shut out as her ass descended.  Cohen was enveloped first by the thick aroma of her sex and then the flesh of her ass as she sat on his face.  Cohen couldn't twist his head away.  She followed him, keeping her pussy pressed tightly over his nose and mouth.  Her felt the soft lips of her pussy brush against his face.  They gaped wide and the dark space was filled with the sinful perfume of her sex.  The scent rushed straight through his body and filled his straining balls.  Eryx pressed down with her thighs again the thick cream squished around Cohen's over-sensitized penis.  The sensations tickled up his shaft in moist waves.

Oh god, Cohen thought.

His balls clenched as though they'd been gripped in a fist.  His spine bucked and the most powerful ejaculation he'd ever felt erupted from his cock.  He gasped but not through lack of air—Eunectis had already lifted her smothering ass.  His body shuddered and convulsed uncontrollably.  That out of control train had smashed into a wall at the end of the line and was now so much wreckage.  His semen bubbled up out of his twitching erection like a geyser.  His own cream was mixing with the cream in the bag.

Eryx and Eunectis stood up off his wriggling form and stared down at him with sultry smiles.  Estrumpthia walked up to them, still pressing the rubber cup to her crotch.  Like the other two she'd changed, but her pale skin had a bluish tinge rather than red.  Like the other two she had horns, wings and a tail.

She looked down at Cohen and licked her lips.  "Mmm, the sight of a human thrashing around in helpless ecstasy makes me so horny."

She pressed the funnel-type adaptor at the end of the pipe tight to her pussy, squatted and pressed her hips forward.  Cohen heard a loud and strangely erotic liquid sound.  More soft cream flowed up against Cohen's body.  He groaned as his balls clenched and he emptied another thick stream of cum into the bag.  The ejaculation wasn't stopping.  He felt the pleasure spin on and on as a constant stream of semen flowed up his erection in steady pulses.

Estrumpthia removed the cup from her vagina and Cohen saw her labia were speckled with pinkish-white froth.  She unscrewed the funnel attachment from the end of the pipe and passed the pipe to Eryx.  The other girl screwed a nozzle attachment onto the end.  It looked like the end of a hookah pipe, but larger.

Cohen looked at the devil girls with fearful eyes.  It was getting harder to concentrate.  The sensations inundated his thoughts in the same way the soft cream surrounded his body.

"Wha...?" he muttered thickly.

His body was no longer his.  His hips kept twitching as semen poured out of him in an endless succession of spurts.

Eunectis crouched down next to him.  He saw her smiling face above the large round swells of her breasts.

"You're our little shiborito in the bag," she said.  "Estrumpthia has filled it up with her special vaginal secretions.  They've soaked into you.  You're coming out your life and soul, and we're going to slurp it all up in our lovely pussies."

Eryx squatted down on the other side of the bag and inserted the nozzle between the folds of her vagina.  Her abdomen gave a little flex and the pipe was sucked deeper inside her.  The noises started then—like thick cream being sucked up through a straw.  Cohen felt a strange tugging sensation focused on his crotch.

Eryx opened her eyes and sighed.

"Delicious," she said.

She handed the pipe to Estrumpthia, who also inserted it up into her sex.

"There's no need to be anxious," Eunectis whispered to Cohen.  "It feels nice."

The horrible liquid sucking sounds started up again.

Cohen didn't feel anxious.  Estrumpthia's secretions had soaked into his skin and coated his nerve endings in cotton wool.  He felt like he was floating in a warm fluffy cloud.  His writhing had quietened down to little twitches every time he released a spurt of cum into the bag.

It felt so good—warm and comfortable.  He was no longer sure if he was inside the bag or the bag.  He felt like he was floating around inside an outer skin of black latex—not solid or liquid.

Estrumpthia took her time with the nozzle.  She sighed in pleasure as her vagina clamped around it and she sucked up the cream in the bag.

It wasn't just the cream around him she was sucking, it felt like they were sucking up him.  He released his essence up into the bag and she drew part of it up into her body, leaving him diminished in the process.

And Cohen no longer cared.  The pleasure had overwhelmed and subsumed his mind.  All he cared about was the orgasm still rumbling through him, still coaxing his body to ejaculate more and more.  He lay back and floated on a cloud of pleasure as his life, essence and soul pulsed out into the bag.

The succubi passed the nozzle amongst themselves.  They sucked up the cream and essence until the bag began to deflate.  The black rubber crinkled up and subsided as the succubi sighed in satisfaction as they sucked more and more out of the bag.  The vac-bed wrinkled up and the man inside wrinkled up with it.

Eryx's vagina clenched around the pipe and drew out the last dregs with a ghastly slurping sound.

"A most satisfactory present from Ms Brite," she said.

On the floor the glossy black rubber sheets were wrinkled as they tightly wrapped a human form.  This human form also looked as though all the air had been pumped out of him.  A face that was little more than skin stretched over a skull stared out of a circular opening in the top sheet.  The shrivelled lips were stretched taut in a ghastly grin.

"And we even cured his anxiety," Eunectis said.



  1. Called it, Ms. Brite must be the evil version of Inari. While Inari protect and helps people, brite sends her minions to collect and kill people.

  2. Kind of a letdown that they did not dissolved and slurped him up completely, but instead he became a dehydrated corpse, as the setup was quite different this time.

    1. I don't mind going ickier on some endings, but not too often as it kills the erotica aspects for most readers. As always it's treading that line between erotica and outright horror :)

  3. Awesome story hydra!!! It has been a long time since you finished a story (no offence) and this reminded all of us just how awesome they are when you do :D keep up the amazing work!

    1. No offence taken. The 2nd quarter of the year has been a little messed up. This is even a new story - it's been lying in my stockpile for a while.

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  5. Mr.Manyeyedhydra can i ask you two questions? are still working on your text base? If so why not turn it into a visual novel. Check this out software out.
    An drawing shouldn't be a problem check this out to

    All i'm saying is you could easily make a ton of money if you made a Visual novel.

    1. Cool. I might give them a look. I've heard Visual Novels are deceptively more time-consuming to produce than they first appear. As soon as I've got things straightened out I'll go back to putting some time in on A Night with Ceptothorie

    2. That game has me more hyped that Paradox 2

    3. If you want to take a first look at VN creation, it rather recommend Ren'Py, since it's free. (Plus, I' don't think TB's click interface is too comfortable if you do more than playing around a bit.)

      About the time consuming part... The writing isn't any harder than for a normal story. Scripting isn't too bad either, once you're used to it.
      The problem to create a visual novel stems from the "visual" part. You either need to a) draw all art yourself, b) commision it to someone, who possibly has to be paid, or c) find some free to use graphics on the web that exactly fit what you want to use them for.
      Of course same goes for music/sound effects/voice acting (if you want to have that) etc.

    4. Mr.Hydra Do you have a steam account? Because i'm willing to buy this software as a gift for you. Check this out NEKOPARA vol.1 a visual novel cameout in Dec/30/2014 It hasn't been out for a year. Yet it 3rd place when it comes to total annual
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    5. It's okay. I'm more into succubi than catgirls (although I have an awesome catgirl story to write at some point).

      I'm very interested in doing a VN type game at some point. My plan was to cut my teeth on some smaller projects first so I don't rush in and find I'm out of my depth and end up failing to deliver, or deliver something that's crap.

    6. That the thing you don't have to do the catgirl was an example how popular a Vn that has a good storyline!
      You make great erotic horror stories with succubus.
      Now take your stories put it into VN format I bet you make it 2nd if not first in total ranking.uccubus! There little or no Vn on succubus. I'm not saying you should make Vn now or tomorrow. Do it when your ready or if you finish your text game hire someone on fiverr to make images for your character in convert your text game into a VN. But then again seeing how popular Fenoxo Corruption of champion and trial in tainted space,you might not really need to make Vn.

    7. By the way I meant that if you have a steam account,
      I wouldn't mind buying Tyrano Builder for you. Anyway do you what ever it books,text games,Vn,or whatever you share. I support you 100%

  6. Okay, Google has failed me.

    What does Shiborito mean, anyways?

    1. Japanese for Squeezed (I think - possible I got the translation wrong). The title is a play on "boil in the bag" ready meals.

  7. Considering these succubus brothels seem to kill their customers a lot, do they get investigated for missing person reports quite a bit?

    1. A couple of my other stories, "Slugjob" and "Ways to Break a Good Man 3", touched on that. People look into it. They go missing or are compromised.

  8. Great story Hydra. Thank you.

    One story that I think you could really bring to life and I would love to read about:

    Would you do a succubus vs a tentacle monster? I think that would be an interesting match-up.

  9. CivilDeviation11/07/2015, 23:15

    MGQ paradox 1.20 came out, shouldn't be long till there is an english patch.

  10. Just a idea but I was wondering if you would consider making a profile page for all your characters?

    I enjoy reading your work but sometimes when you ether reuse a character from another story or change there name from human to demon names I tend to get confused on who's who.

    Something simple like:
    Stories they have been in:

    You can however make this however you want but since it seems many of your stories are part of one or two universes it be nice to keep trace of all the characters you have made thus far.

    1. I might do. At the moment I like keeping some of the references a little obscure. It's something a little extra for the people that spot them ;)

  11. Hey, so I just wanted to say I really love your stories! I realize your'e quite busy, any idea when / if you might get back to the Succubus Summoning series? I really like the longer ongoing story format, I'm invested in the characters now I need to know what happens to them ;p

    1. I'm working on getting the "Sandwiched by" shorts series up and running on Amazon again. After that I'll be cleaning up the SS 201 chapters and assembling them into an ebook. Doing that should enable me to pick up the thread of the story back up and get the last couple of chapters finished.

    2. So basically quite a while. :(
      Can't wait to see what's happening. Been following this story for literally years.