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H-space MGB Profile: Scarlet Imp

Name:  Scarlet Imp
Type:  Imp (Lesser Demon)
Habitat:  Mountainous and rocky regions.

In build and structure they resemble a human girl in their late teens.  In comparison to the succubi they look like young waifs, although there is no evidence they are the juvenile form of succubi.  This is likely the scarlet imp's mature form and they are a separate species.

Scarlet imps are named for their red skin.  They also possess the devil-like features of stubby horns, wings and a tail.

Attack Strategy:
Scarlet imps are lesser demons* and appear to be the common foot soldiers of whatever passes for a military in H-space.  While not averse to taunting opponents with obscene sexual suggestions, these displays lack the hypnotising power of more powerful HSIOs.  Instead the imps fight with melee weapons—commonly tridents.  The points of their weapons are coated with a drug that rapidly induces unconsciousness upon entering the bloodstream.  The scarlet imps fight to capture rather than kill and this is reflected in their tactics.

*I know some of you have problems with the use of the d word, that it has no place in science.  To this I say it's just an identifier based on their appearance, and already frequently in use amongst the men anyway.  The name doesn't have to have the same metaphysical connotations. Although sometimes I wonder...

Scarlet imps fight with conventional, if drugged, melee weapons and appear not to possess any exotic attacks.  This doesn't mean they should be taken lightly.  They are stronger and more competent fighters than their waif-like appearance might suggest.

They possess regenerative capabilities, but not as powerful as the more advanced HSIOs.  Most terminal wounds are just as effective on them as they would be on a human.

Threat Level:
Low (but don't be fooled by their appearance, they wield their unorthodox melee weapons with a great deal of skill).

If scarlet imps are foot soldiers, then who or what do they take orders from...

Friday, April 29, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Paizu Succubus

Name:  Paizu Succubus
Type:  Succubus
Habitat:  Unknown.  Likely urban, or whatever equivalent the HSIOs have for urban.

As standard for succubus-class HSIOs—a tall, busty and stunningly attractive young woman with additional non-human "devil" features of horns, wings and a tail.  In the paizu succubus's case the wings appear to be vestigial and incapable of flight.  Other identifying features include their milky-white eyes with no pupil or iris and large, prominent breasts.

Attack Strategy:
Succubi feed on sex.  Paizu Succubi specialise in mammary intercourse.  Exposure to human semen softens the skin of the intermammary cleft and the paizu succubus absorbs her prey's penis into her flesh.  Once the penis is absorbed the paizu succubus is able to trigger massive over-production of semen in her victim.  They absorb and store the fluids of their prey within their large breasts, which are capable of expanding to many times their original size.

We know paizu succubi allow lesser HSIOs to suckle and obtain nourishment from their breasts.  As of yet we haven't identified if this is a regular part of the food chain or done for other societal reasons.  We don't even know which occupies the higher position in the social hierarchy, although if I was forced to guess, I would say it is the paizu succubus.

Aside from their feeding habits, we know very little about this type of succubus.  They have never been encountered on the field of battle by our forces and as a result we know nothing of their combat capabilities or even if they engage in combat at all.

As so little is known about this type of succubus and their capabilities it is difficult to formulate appropriate countermeasures.  Instead I can only detail the standard warnings when dealing with H-space succubi.

Firstly be aware that they use their supernatural sex appeal to distract, confuse and sometimes even hypnotise.  Don't be fooled by their appearance.  The paizu succubus likely has similar regenerative capabilities to those observed in other succubus-class HSIOs.  They heal wounds extremely rapidly, making them much more durable and harder to kill than their appearance suggests.

Threat Level:
Not known, but likely high.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Paizu Succubus

She had the biggest pair of tits SGT Stewart Peter Bate had ever seen in the flesh.  It was unfortunate he was a POW and she his captor.

"Name: Frank Meyer.  Rank: Sergeant.  Serial Number: 531-07-0374.  Date of Birth: April 28th, 1990.  This is all the information I am permitted to give you.  I demand to be afforded the rights of a POW as per the Geneva Convention."

The woman with the massive mammaries looked at him and laughed.

Woman wasn't really the right word.  She wasn't human.  Oh, she had plenty that looked human, in particular that eye-catching bust of hers, but she also had milky-white eyes with no iris or pupil, a pair of horns curling down behind her ears, a black devil's tail with a spade tip, and a pair of vestigial bat wings emerging from her back that looked far too small to enable her to fly.  She wore an outfit that resembled a complex cat's cradle of black ribbons and was little more than lingerie.  It looked like something a street hooker would wear underneath a fake fur coat.  On someone else, in other circumstances, it might have turned Bate on.

Not now.  Not like this.  Currently he was imprisoned in a small square room with padded black walls.  He was naked and slouched on a couch that felt like leather but softer and squishier.  His wrists and ankles were bound with straps of the same material.

"Name: Frank Meyer.  Rank: Sergeant.  Serial Number: 531-07-0374.  Date of Birth: April 28th, 1990.  This is all the information I am permitted to give you.  I demand to be afforded the rights of a POW as per the Geneva Convention," he repeated.

"Why does he keep saying that?" another voice asked.

The tall, busty devil woman was followed into the room by a smaller, slender young women with the figure of a waif.  She wasn't human either.  Her bright red skin gave that away long before getting to her other devilish features.

The scarlet imp looked familiar.  She was the one responsible for Bate's capture.  He remembered her gloating smile as she'd got close enough to prick him with her trident.  The pointed tines hadn't penetrated deep, just enough to break his skin and get the drugs on their tips into his bloodstream.

Bate's explo party had been ambushed by hindigs.  Hard to believe what had looked like a bunch of schoolgirls in red paint had been able to take the squad down with such ease.  Everything had gone black the moment she'd stuck her trident in him and then he'd woken up here.  He wondered what had happened to the rest of his squad.

"It's human foolishness," the busty she-devil said.

"Name: Frank Meyer.  Rank: Sergeant.  Serial Number: 531-07-0374.  Date of Birth: April 28th, 1990.  This is all the information I am permitted to give you.  I demand to be afforded the rights of a POW as per the Geneva Convention," Bate said mulishly.

"Do you think we follow human rules and laws," the scarlet imp said.  "They have no meaning here."

"Are you scared we might torture you?" the busty she-devil asked.

Bate stared sullenly at the floor and said nothing.

"It's not what I'm here for," she said.

"Or me," the scarlet imp chirped.

The busty she-devil nudged Bate's knees apart and went down on her knees between his legs.  She swept her long wavy black hair behind her shoulders and undid her complicated bra.

"Like what you see?" she asked Bate as the shiny pink curves of her boobs fell free.

Bate did, if he was forced to be honest.  They looked human enough, being a luscious flesh-tone pink in color with slightly darker nipples.  Despite being enormous, there was no sag to them.

"They feel as nice as they look," the busty she-devil said and demonstrated this by flopping them down into his lap.

And Bate couldn't deny they did indeed feel as nice as they looked.  His cock was buried beneath soft, silky-smooth boobs.  She moved her upper body in a circle, rubbing her tits against his cock.  This triggered a pleasant feeling in his crotch and his cock started to stiffen.  As it hardened, his erection pushed against the pliant surface of her tits.

Bate watched her slutty display and wondered what they thought they were trying to achieve.

"This isn't going to work," he said.  "You're not going to get anything out of me."

The she-devil put a hand around his cock and started to lazily pump it up and down.

"We'll see," she said.

She lifted a boob up and rested it on the swollen head of Bate's erection.

"She's going to get plenty out of you," the scarlet imp said.  "She's going to get it all."

The busty she-devil wrapped two hands around his cock and pumped, stroked and twisted.

"She can use all her hooker's tricks on me," Bate said.  "I'm not giving you anything more than my name, rank and serial number."

Bate was actually quite hoping she'd use more of those hooker's tricks on him.  He wasn't going to tell them anything, but he'd enjoy whatever she did try to get him to talk.

The scarlet imp lay on the couch at right angles to Bate and rested her chin on her folded arms.

"Once Poripapilla has her soft tits wrapped round your cock you'll tell her anything she wants.  But, to tell the truth, it doesn't really interest us."

Poripapilla wrapped her warm breasts around his cock and plumped them up against him like soft pillows.  She let out a series of sultry oohs and aahs as if this was a performance in a porn movie.  Her fingers dimpled the smooth skin of her breasts as she rubbed them up and down Bate's erection.  She really had a monster rack.  Bate was no slouch in the trouser department, but when she plumped her tits together, the marshmallow-soft flesh swallowed up his ten inches in their entirety.

"Poripapilla is here to milk you," the scarlet imp said.

Bate felt the pleasurable friction as her boobs rubbed against him.  It was easy to work out what they meant by milk him.  She was going to keep titty-fucking him until he came.  What he couldn't understand was why they thought this was a big deal.

Poripapilla pouted her lips at him like an irresistibly slutty porn star.  She smooshed her tits up against his cock.  The soft flesh and smooth skin packed up close to his manhood and made it feel like he was moving back and forth inside a warm tight pussy.  Bate felt a tickly stirring sensation in his balls.  A few minutes of this and she was going to make him come.

Bate was okay with this turn of events.

Was this some weird cultural misunderstanding between humans and the hindigs of H-space?  Did they think this was a bad thing, that they were torturing him?  It felt like a cultural misunderstanding.  Maybe being jerked off and made to come by your enemy had some special significance—a source of shame, an admission of surrender—he didn't understand.

Bate wondered what he should do.  Should he play along, beg her to stop torturing him with her luscious big fluffy tits?  He didn't want to risk overselling it and tipping them off that humans didn't think big bouncy titwanks were that bad of a thing.

Poripapilla plumped her tits together a little more forcefully—a little tighter—than before and Bate's cock gave a little twitch.  Not an ejaculation, but a warning one was on the way.

Poripapilla's eyes brightened.  She stopped fluffing her tits up against Bate's cock.

"Ooh," she said.  "I feel wetness.  He's leaking pre-cum."

"Can I tell him?" the scarlet imp asked.

"Oh yes," Poripapilla said.  "I adore it when they try to hold back."

"Poripapilla is a Paizu Succubus," the scarlet imp said to Bate.  "Succubi drain men's essence with sex.  Paizu succubi specialize in using their tits.  They wrap those big soft boobs around a man's prick and soak up all his life and energy like a sponge."

"Don't make us sound so unpleasant," Poripapilla said.  "We're nice succubi.  We always give our lovers a chance."

"She needs you to come," the scarlet imp said.  "Your semen is the trigger her body needs to absorb your prick.  Then, once she's absorbed you, those big boobs will pump out all the life in your body."

"You make it sound so icky," Poripapilla complained.

She placed one arm across her boobs, holding them in place like a bar while she bounced them up and down in his lap.  Her other hand reached under and tickled the underside of his nutsack.

"Think of it as two lovers becoming one in an act of sensual union," she said.

"You're not my lover," Bate retorted.  "Whatever is happening here has nothing to do with love."

Poripapilla feigned hurt briefly before her full red lips turned up in a crafty smile.

"I like the defiant ones," she said.  "Their taste is so adorably spicy."

She jiggled her boobs around his erection.  The soft flesh pressing and rubbing against Bate's cock kept him hard.

"So, it's simple," the scarlet imp said with a malicious smile.  "If you want to live, don't come."

"And what do you get from this?" Bate scowled at her.

"I get first taste," the scarlet imp replied.  She kicked her feet up behind her like a giddy teen.  "As is my right, for I was the one who captured you."

This was crazy, Bate thought.  He must be dreaming.

Plump, plump.  Shake.  Squeeze.  Rub up and down.  The woman with horns kept plumping her big tits against Bate's hard-on.

It couldn't be real.  He was asleep and a nightmare had gotten tangled up with a wet dream.

"Is he coming?" the scarlet imp asked after a few minutes of Poripapilla squeezing and jiggling her boobs against Bate's cock.

"He's close," Poripapilla said.  "There's so much pre-cum oozing out of his cock it's making my boobs all wet and slippery."

"I bet it feels like a tight wet twat in there," the scarlet imp said.

"Yes, put your head back and imagine it's my tight wet cunt giving your prick a good squeeze."

Poripapilla pressed her breasts tightly together right on squeeze.  A shiver ran through Bate and a soft moan escaped his lips.  So close and yet according to them he couldn't—shouldn't—come.

"Make him come," the scarlet imp said.

The older succubus laughed.

"The little one is getting impatient.  I'd like to drag it out for longer, but we've been playing for long enough.  It's time you were milked."

She rearranged her breasts, pulling them apart and then wrapping them back around Bate's cock.  He caught a brief glimpse of his glans—swollen and red like a miniature apple—before it was smothered and buried in soft pink boob flesh.

Poripapilla wrapped her arms around her bust to hold her tits in place, then she started to bounce them up and down in Bate's lap.  Slow at first, but getting faster and harder.  Buried within, Bate's cock slid back and forth between her soft pillows of flesh.

Poripapilla's all-white eyes were bright as she stared right at him.  Playfulness was shed for crude dirty talk.

"Come," she exhorted.  "Make my tits filthy with your seed.  Spurt it all over them."

Bate writhed and squirmed on the couch.  It was like fucking, just like fucking.  And now he wanted to come, really wanted to come.  Like he was about to burst.

Poripapilla kept bouncing her tits up and down in his lap.  His cock slid back and forth between their silky-smooth softness.

He felt an ominous twitch.  Poripapilla homed right in on it.  She pressed her hands against her overflowing tits and squeezed the marshmallow-soft flesh around the sensitive head of Bate's cock.

No good.  It was like cracks appearing on a dam.  He couldn't hold it in any longer.

Aw, fuck it.  This was nothing more than a nightmarish wet dream anyway.  It was far too weird to be real.

"Come," Poripapilla demanded.  She squeezed.

That was enough to take Bate over the edge.  His body trembled with orgasm.  His hips bucked, his cock swelled and he emptied a big fat load in the warm, silky-smooth crevice between her tits.  He couldn't see any of it.  Poripapilla had glomped her massive breasts together and Bate's cock and issue were buried within.  His cock twitched as it poured more into her warm cleavage.

Too warm, Bate thought.  And it felt strange as well, like his erection was sinking into soft marshmallow.

Poripapilla gave an erotic sigh and pushed her tits down deeper into his lap.

"Oops, you couldn't hold it back," the scarlet imp said.  "Now her big tits are going to suck you all up like a sponge."

That was ridiculous, Bate thought.  And shouldn't this wet dream be over?  Weren't they supposed to end when you jizzed yourself?

Poripapilla gave a soft little grunt.  Her tits shivered and flexed.

Bate jerked on the soft couch.  What was that?  It was like she'd found an invisible string attached to his vitals and was reeling it out through his cock.  It was far less painful than it sounded.  The opposite even.  There was a warm glow emanating from between her breasts that was transmitted and spread through his body until he was left in a state of blissful relaxation.  Her big boobs pulsed around him and it was like she'd grabbed the end of the string and tugged.

Bate let out a soft groan as another climax blasted through him.

Oh fuck, that felt so good.

And it wasn't stopping.  It was a constant flow of bliss pouring into her gently pulsing boobs.  The scarlet imp had been right when she'd said they were like a sponge.  It was as if the rest of his body was so envious of how good his cock felt nestled between her big soft boobs it wanted to join it and was mobilizing to do so.

Poripapilla's boobs swelled as she soaked up Bate's fluids.  Already massive to begin with, they expanded beyond porn plastic surgery size and into territories only visited by the febrile imaginations of frustrated hentai artists.  Their weight and softness overflowed Bate's lap.  His cock twitched and his eyelids fluttered in ecstasy as her poured more and more of himself into her.  He couldn't stop.  Didn't want to stop.

Bate's body withered and wasted as Poripapilla's boobs grew.  The last thing Bate saw before his vision faded to black was the scarlet imp approaching one of the grotesquely expanded boobs.  Her eyes gleamed like a junkie getting their fix as she battened onto an oozing nipple and sucked.

"This is...  I don't have words.  We've never had this level of insight into the hindigs—their community... organization.  This is exciting.  Really exciting."

"Doc.  A man died... was killed."


"Fuck.  It's easy to lose sight of that, especially when there's been so many.  I don't want to be like the other bastards, who treat men's lives as pieces to be pushed across a chessboard.  Never let me forget, Stewart."

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Succubus Summoning 212, part 5

And, a little later than planned, the final part of Succubus Summoning 212.

This is a continuation of my long-running Succubus Summoning series.  The first arc, Succubus Summoning 101, can be found at your nearest online ebookstore.  Previous chapters in the Succubus Summoning 201 arc can be found here.

Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4

Succubus Summoning 212, part 5

Darvill was not ready to depart this plane just yet, in a haze of bliss or otherwise.  The circle prevented the casting of new magic, but Darvill still had the protective anti-lust wards he'd carved into his arms after following Rowling's succubi into hell.  Their power had faded as his flesh had healed, but they were still there, waiting to be activated.  All Darvill had to do was bend one finger back to his palm, and...


There was a crackle of energy, the acrid stench of burnt flesh and the succubus jumped out of his lap like an electrocuted cat.

Not enough, Darvill thought.  Not powerful enough.  Flesh wards were powerful, but only when the cuts were fresh and bleeding.  His had had two days to heal.  The protective aura they granted him was as brittle as an eggshell.

The shocked succubus turned to him.  With her red eyes and face contorted in rage her daemonic nature was fully visible.

"How dare you," she hissed.

Her black nails were long and pointed like claws.  For a moment Darvill thought she intended to tear out his throat with a swipe of her wickedly-pointed nails.

Better that than her claiming his soul, he thought.

Then the daemon regained her composure.  Her face softened back to its original exquisite beauty.

"No, I must remember the teachings of Mother Diabolicia," she said.  "Pleasure is the one true path."

She gestured with her hands and Darvill's arms were yanked behind the chair and his wrists bound with tethers of shadow.  She placed a palm under her chin and blew him a kiss that expanded and surrounded Darvill in a warm cloud of scented air.  His lust wards crackled and shorted out.  The warmth settled in Darvill and concentrated in his loins.  An erection rose unbidden and tented the front of his trousers.

"Much better," the succubus said.

She stepped inside the circle and ran her fingers lightly up the underside of Darvill's bulge.  His manhood twitched and he felt slick wetness on the inside of his underwear.

No, the brutish chavs he'd been forced to grow up with were slave to their genitals.  Not Darvill.

The succubus slithered down between his legs.  Eyes fixed on Darvill, lips turned up in a sultry half-smile, she found Darvill's fly and unzipped it.  Her hand reached inside and extricated Darvill's erection.

"Yum," the succubus said.

She tilted her head down.  The helmet of Darvill's cock was enfolded by her hot tongue.  His dick twitched again.  Clear pre-cum oozed from the tip.  The succubus lapped it up and murmured her pleasures.

"You're a good student.  You deserve my luscious cunt."

She stood up and sat in Darvill's lap with her legs astride him.  Her exposed vulva was puffy and moist with desire.  Darvill felt the heat spilling out of her as she pressed the dripping flaps up against the swollen head of his erection.  His cock twitched eagerly.  It wanted to be inside.

Darvill didn't.  He knew what she was and what she'd do.

He was finding it harder to think.  His thoughts were slow and sluggish as if wading through thick fog.

Succubus charm magic.  He was lucky he could still think at all.

The succubus put her arms on Darvill's shoulders.

"In you go," she said.

The plump lips of her sex parted around the head of his cock and she slid down him like a pole, slowly easing him up into her warmth.  And she was warm, hot even.  And wet.  And tight.  Really really tight.  She took him all the way inside her and her fleshy walls closed around his penis like a fist.

Darvill let out a surprised gasp.

That felt... incredible.

Of course it felt incredible.  She was a succubus.  Sex was how they cracked men open to suck out the soul within.

Come on, focus! he yelled through the haze filling up his skull.  Think!  You're too smart to end up spurting your life and soul away up a succubus's cunt.

He caught the back of his shoe on the edge of the chair leg and slid it off.

The succubus kissed him lightly on his lips, his chin, his cheeks, the tip of his nose.  Her perfumed breath excited his nostrils and thickened the fog blurring his thoughts.  She moved her hips up and down sinuously, adding a little rotation at the end that dragged her vaginal walls against his foreskin and sent streamers of pleasure tickling down his shaft.

Darvill kicked down at the floor, stubbing his big toe against the hard stone floor and sending a bolt of pain shooting up his leg.  While the pain was good for shaking him out of the pleasant fug the succubus was smothering him in, it wasn't the reason he'd done it.

The succubus sighed and moaned in pleasure as she moved against him.  Her wet sex slid smoothly up and down Darvill's erection.  As his cock pushed up deeper inside her it came up against a soft knot of flesh that shuddered wetly in unwholesome anticipation.

Darvill banged his foot down hard on the stone floor, breaking his big toe and driving the nail back through his flesh.  Blood oozed out and soaked the tip of his sock.

The succubus continued to swing her hips back and forth.  Her sumptuous sex gripped and squeezed him.  Pre-cum flowed out of his twitching member in a constant stream.  An inner maw at the back of her sex sucked hungrily at his glans with each stroke.

Darvill kicked down at the hard stone floor.

More blood.  He needed more blood.  His sock was already saturated and dripping, but he needed more.  Darvill specialised in blood magic.  A trickle of his blood over the line would be enough to break the circle and negate its hold on him.

He smashed his foot down again.

Hot blood was sticky between his mangled toes.  It dribbled from his saturated sock and splashed onto the floor.

More.  He needed the blood to flow.


The succubus gave a louder sigh and sank all the way down in his lap.  Her inner maw parted around the outside of his glans and she engulfed Darvill's cock into a soft, muscular organ lined with hot juices.  That heat was transmitted to Darvill's member, and from there flowed down into his balls.

Darvill's foot stopped.  It hovered, trembling, a few inches off the floor.

The succubus wrapped her arms around him and pressed her naked breasts against his chest.  She kissed his cheek and then wormed her hot, dripping tongue into his earhole.

"It's over," she whispered.  "Just let go and enjoy the final pleasures I can give you."

The walls of her inner sex wriggled lewdly around Darvill's throbbing member.  The muscular walls gave him a gentle squeeze.

Darvill's whole body trembled on edge.  His balls felt swollen, bloated and itchy.  He ached with the need to empty them into her.

No.  He was more than this.  Could be more than this.

The succubus sucked on his earlobe as she writhed against him.  Her scent filled and overwhelmed his senses.  Darvill's legs trembled and his toes curled as he fought to resist the urge to come.

"Still trying to hold on?" the succubus breathed in his ear.  "Time to end this."

The walls of her inner organ softened and then clenched around Darvill's cock.  He felt a strange, irresistible drawing sensation.  A dam broke within him and his thoughts were swept away by the force of the climax.  He let out his breath in a pent-up gasp.  His feet drummed against the chair legs and his hips bucked as he emptied great throbbing gouts of semen inside her.

"Yessss," the daemon hissed.

The same exultant cry echoed through Darvill's thoughts.  Trying to hold it in for so long seemed so foolish now as he gushed in a fountain of bliss.

The succubus's sex clenched and throbbed around his manhood as she swallowed his issue with muscular gulps.

More.  He wanted more of this.  Wanted to give her more.  Wanted the feelings, the sensation, the pure release of unrestrained rutting to run on and on and on.

She leant into him and he was enveloped by her heat.  She unfurled black bat wings and wrapped them around both him and the chair.  Within them her sex continued to clench, throb and gulp.  Slowly, with Darvill completely drowned in sensual ecstasy, she pumped out first his semen, and then his life and soul.

Then, the feeding over, she drew back her wings and stood up.  She kissed her finger and placed it against the withered lips of Darvill's shrivelled-up husk.

"You were a good student," she said with a luscious pout.

The other succubus popped the bubble of bliss she was using to imprison Darvill's daemon.  The poly-Oc stared mournfully at Darvill's wizened remains.

"Time to look for a new master," the other sitting succubus said with a malevolent smile.  "One with the wisdom to hide their strength from those who'd see it as a threat."

The poly-Oc glowered at them before vanishing with a pop of displaced air as it returned back to its own dominion.

* * * *

The door to the examination room opened.  A succubus stepped outside and looked around the room before her gaze alighted on Phil.

"Phil Rowling?" she said.  "It's your turn."

And that's that for Succubus Summoning 212, and Evan Darvill.

Next up is Succubus Summoning 213, where Phil is in danger (again!) of ending up as dessert.  My plan was to restart after a week's break and try a little harder to keep to a weekly schedule than I managed last time.  As with all things Succubus Summoning at the moment, expect schedules to slide.  If I have a good week and get 2K or 3K words ahead I'll start posting next Monday, if not, the Monday after.

Friday, April 22, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Great Fog Puffer

Name:  Great Fog Puffer
Type:  Demon (Command doesn't approve of me using this word, but I don't care, it's the only one that fits)
Habitat:  Unknown.

A large organism about seven to eight feet tall and fifteen to twenty feet long.  The torso and head are humanoid, resembling a naked woman of Amazonian proportions, but clearly not human as the fog puffer has red eyes, pinker skin and fleshy tendrils instead of hair.  The fog puffer's exposed vulva, while human-like in appearance, is considerably larger in relation to the rest of her body.

The fog puffer's bottom half is the stuff of nightmares, being a long hairless slug-like mass of soft pink flesh.  The most disturbing part are her legs, or should that be arms, as she drags her bulk over the ground using a row of human arms and hands that run along her sides like the legs of a centipede.

Some of my colleagues have been quick to dismiss these descriptions as hallucinations induced by the copious clouds of psychotropic 'fog' produced by the great fog puffer.  They haven't seen the more horrifying denizens of H-space.  I have, and can vouch that "like a jumble of human parts stitched together by a mad Frankenstein" is a more than adequate description of some of the horrors that can be found in this dimension.

I wonder.  If we were to go back far enough in scripture, would we find pictures or descriptions of the great fog puffer and other H-space horrors?  Did some find their way across the dimensional barrier to our world and become the angels and demons of our early religions?  Could they do it again...?

Attack Strategy:
The lower slug-like half of the great fog puffer is filled with large air chambers.  The fog puffer draws air into these chambers and seeds it with a complex mix of psychoactive compounds before blowing it out through their vaginal opening as a dense fog.  The drugs within the fog have an effect on human libido, raising it to the point where the affected person is overwhelmed and can think of nothing else but gratifying their sexual desires.  As a strategy it's disturbingly effective at incapacitating opposition.  Each fog puffer is capable of inundating a wide area and it only needed a small group of around five to ten to neutralise one of our forward operating bases.

While the fog puffer's vagina is considerably larger than a human's, they are able to contract the inner walls tight enough to be able to perform sexual intercourse with human males.  Although, as with most H-space denizens, the act of sex is used for feeding rather than procreation.  Some fog puffers engage in conventional intercourse, others open out their vagina wide enough to ingest their prey whole into their soft lower body.  Either way, the result is the same—the fog puffer's prey is subjected to massive sexual overstimulation and depleted of their life and fluids.

There is little for comfort here.

The fog puffer's psychoactive gases are just as effective absorbed through the skin as inhaled, which means gas masks provide little protection.  Our medical staff are currently trying to come up with an antidote, but this will likely take some time as the limited samples we've been able to obtain have proven curiously... resistant to analysis.

Even if we were able to negate their airborne psychotropic agents, great fog puffers possess similar regenerative capabilities as other succubus-class H-space denizens.  Given their size I estimate it would take considerable sustained firepower to take one out.

On a more positive note, the great fog puffers are large and slow moving.  We're not sure how they were able to approach FOB Helmuth unnoticed, but it likely involved the betrayal or elimination of one of our sentry outposts.  In future we will need to be more vigilant to ensure the tragedy of Helmuth is not repeated.

Threat Level:

Great fog puffers should be thought of not as exotic H-space organisms, but as siege weaponry for a military force that is utterly alien to us.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Great Fog Puffer

PFC Stewart Peter Bate was playing cards with PFC Ben Millard when FOB Helmuth fell.

They heard muffled shouts and cries first.  Then the unmistakable retort of gunfire.  The noises swelled and spread out as though they were coming from all over the base.  A junior officer banged the door open.

"Grab your weapons, we're under attack!" he barked in a near-breathless rush before running on to the next door.

"What the fuck!" Millard said.

"Under attack?  From who?" Bate said.

There was no one out here.  Okay sure, there were the hindigs, and they could be dangerous, but they didn't have any kind of civilization.  They didn't have the wherewithal to assemble an army.  At least that's what the scientists said.

Bate and Millard picked up their rifles and ran out into the corridor.

"Watch out for the pink fog!" a Special Forces guy built like a Mack truck yelled at them as he barreled past.  He had a gas mask in his hand and was trying to slip it over his mouth and nose.

"Hoare!  Millard!  Get over here!"

Bate turned the other way to see Squad Sergeant Ward waving them on to the exit.

"They're breaking through the south-west perimeter," he yelled at them before charging outside.


Bate rushed out into total chaos.  There was smoke everywhere.  It was thick and pink in color.  The enemy, whoever they were, had deployed smoke grenades to cover their advance.  Bate's visibility wasn't more than a few feet.

"You see anything?" he called out to Millard.  SGT Ward was nowhere in sight.

"Nope, nothing.  Wait... what the fuck?"

Bate saw it too, but he couldn't be sure what he was seeing was real.  A naked woman towered above the drifts of pink smoke.  She was huge—seven feet tall at least, maybe more.  Physically she was built like an Amazon warrior of myth, with tits the size of basketballs.  Her size wasn't the only thing that marked her out as not human.  Her pale skin had a pink tinge, but it was an artificial hue of pink rather than natural flesh tones.  Her eyes were blood-red in color and instead of hair she had a cascade of fleshy tendrils the same color as her skin.

A hindig, the alien inhabitants of H-space.  Some of the more hostile ones were thought to be responsible for the occasional disappearance, but no one had thought they were capable of mounting a serious assault on one of the forward operating bases.

While the top half of her looked as though it had come from the furtive wet dreams of a horny pre-adolescent, the bottom half was pure nightmare fuel.  The smoke cleared enough to reveal her lower body was long and bloated.  It resembled a slug or giant fleshy grub.  Even worse, Bate saw her bulk was being dragged across the floor by a line of otherwise normal-looking human arms.  They rippled like the legs of a centipede and it was the juxtaposition of familiar human limbs attached to an alien body and being used in alien ways that made her appearance all the more disturbing.

Damn waste of a nice pair of tiddies, Bate thought.  He and Millard took aim, pressed the trigger...

...and nothing happened.

Fuck, he'd heard about this.  The physics of H-space were out of whack.  Electronics didn't work.  Sometimes even basic machinery failed to work and guns failed to fire.  He listened and realized he couldn't hear any sounds of gunfire at all.

This was bad.  Really bad.

The vast slug-like lower body of the hindig swelled up as she sucked in air through an orifice positioned where the vagina would be on a human woman.  She gave a low erotic moan, like a woman climaxing, and her lower body contracted back down to its original size as she whooshed out billowing pink clouds from her vagina.  She swung her hips in a lazy arc like she was dousing her surroundings with a flamethrower.

Wind tickled through Bate's hair and his vision was filled with thick billowing pink smoke.  The cloud enveloped him and he couldn't see a thing.

He knew he had to get inside, find another weapon—a fire ax, anything—to defend himself.  The problem was he had no idea where the entrance to the pre-fab sections of the base were.  He'd gotten himself turned around and lost in the pink fog.  He picked a direction and prayed it would take him back inside.

At the same time a powerful cramp in his groin doubled him over.  He remembered the Special Forces guy warning them about the pink fog.  Fuck, was it poison gas?

The fog cleared, but Bate wasn't sure his mind had.  He found himself witnessing a weird, nightmarish scene.  Two men were fucking on the ground.  Their eyes were bulging and veins stood out on their neck.  Both men grunted as the man on top forcibly drove his cock into the ass of the other.  The man on the bottom had a hand around his cock and was furiously jerking off.  Bate recognized the man on top as the sergeant.  But that couldn't be right.  The sergeant wasn't gay.  He had a wife waiting for him back home and she was fucking hot to boot.

Standing around them and watching was a group of red-skinned she-devils.  More hindigs.  Their gorgeous long-legged beauty was diminished by their red skin and the presence of horns, bat wings and slender black tails with arrow-point tips.  They were practically naked and wielded vicious-looking whips.  One turned her head in Bate's direction and he quickly ducked back into one of the thick pink clouds.

Hallucination.  That's what it had to be.  There was a hallucinogen in the fog and it was making him trip out and hallucinate demons.

He doubled up as another painful spasm racked his crotch.  It felt all tangled up and too tight down there.  He stumbled forwards and he fell onto his hands.

The fog partially cleared to reveal one of the great fog puffers right in front of him.  She stared down at him with a cruel smile on her sensual, full lips.  He saw how her female torso merged into the soft mass of flesh that made up her lower body.  Despite not having legs, she still possessed a vagina in the same place it would have been on a normal human woman, although it was considerably larger, even taking into account her greater size.  Her labia swelled back and forth as if her sex was breathing.

Hallucination.  Everything was a hallucination.

The hindig rubbed her hands on either side of her oversized pussy.  Her lower body swelled and then her vagina puffed out a thick cloud that enveloped Bate.

He doubled up with a pained grunt.  Too tight.  It was too tight down there.

A second languid puff of perfumed fog and Bate felt like his blood had been replaced by lava.

He had to relieve the constricted feeling in his crotch.  He squirmed in the dirt and tore down his pants and underpants, freeing his cock from the fabric that was strangling it.  Oh God, look at how it bulged, Bate thought.  The head was red and angry with swollen blood.

Bate was gripped by an overwhelming horniness.  His cock looked like it might burst at any moment.  He had to jerk one out.  He wrapped a hand around his swollen erection and tugged.  It wasn't enough.  He wanted—needed—to be buried in soft wet pussy.

"Aw, you look like you're struggling.  Would you like me to help you attain release?"

A melodious voice floated down to Bate and he looked up to see the hindig's face looking down at him between the hemispheres of her massive boobs.  He saw her gaping pussy.  The moist pink tunnel, pulsing with slow rhythmic contractions, expanded to fill his view until nothing else remained.

His cock ached with the desire to be sheathed in her flesh.  Only that would ease the pain he felt.  He looked up at her with imploring eyes.

She reached down and gathered him up into her embrace.  Her arms wrapped around his back and wedged his head between her massive tits.  Her lower hands gripped his ankles and pulled him close to her lower body.  She was soft down there, soft and yielding.  Bate's painfully throbbing erection was swallowed up in her oversized pussy.  The soft, padded walls contracted right down until he felt gentle pressure all around his member.  He gasped into her cleavage.  Yes, this was the relief he craved.

"You've built up too much pressure," the hindig cooed sympathetically.  "You need to let it out.  I'll help."

Her fleshy lower body swelled.  A gentle tugging sensation rippled up his shaft.  Oh yes, Bate thought.  His hips moved back and forth as her great pussy sucked on him.

"Release all that tension.  Breathe it out into me," she whispered.

Her body rose and fell like a great lung.  Each 'breath' sent fleshy pleasures rippling up and down his shaft.  Yes, Bate thought.  He was close... so close.

"Let it out.  Let me breathe it in."

She swelled.  Her pussy contracted around the base of his cock and a soft ring of smothering pressure climbed up his shaft.  Bate's whole body tensed in her embrace.  He moaned into her cleavage.  His cock swelled and he felt an indescribable wave of ecstasy as he pressed up against her and shot his load deep inside her.

And kept shooting.   Her soft, pulsing lower body gently milked out his ejaculate until his balls were fully drained.

"Now let me breathe into you," she said softly while stroking a hand through the stubble on the back of his head.

Her pussy squeezed down on his erection.  The swelling motion of her body reversed direction and Bate felt a weird but pleasant sensation—a strange tingling warmth as if she was blowing into him.  The warm breeze flowed down the inside of his cock and then billowed up inside his body.  It felt like he was being kissed on the inside by thousands of tiny luscious lips.

"Take my breath and now give me yours."

Her fleshy lower body sloshed and shifted.  Blowing became sucking and Bate was trembling helplessly as another orgasm burst from him.

Her great soft body, little more than a vast bag of corrupted air, squeezed again.  She filled him up and then washed part of the substance of his spirit out of him as she inhaled.  Bate was too caught up in another shuddering orgasm to notice.  All the heaviness and darkness was being drawn from him to leave behind nothing but air and light.

The great fog puffer's gases were having a strange effect on his form.  They made his body soft, pliant and elastic.  She breathed deeper.  Bate swelled up with her gases and then emptied more of himself into her as she inhaled.  Her groans of sensual bliss joined Bate's.

It was time to finish it.  She gave a mighty exhalation and Bate swelled up like a balloon as she filled him with her corrupted fog.  The last of him came free with a muffled little gasp.  She inhaled and breathed Bate in.  Only his empty skin remained.  It fluttered against her until she drew it within her as if it was a piece of popped bubblegum.

She paused momentarily and shuddered with a satisfied sigh.  Then she crawled up to the main building of the base.  She filled the doorway with her lower body and exhaled.  Her pink fog billowed through the corridors and rooms and overwhelmed all it came into contact with.  Overcome by pleasure, the last pockets of resistance dropped to the floor and were unable to resist as the succubi came to carry them off.

FOB Helmuth fell.

"It's as we thought.  They are not random fauna.  They have structure, hierarchy, and organization.  And now they are at war with us, with weapons and strategy we've never encountered before and are poorly equipped to counter."

"What now, sir?"

"Command won't listen, there are vested interests at stake.  All we can do is keep cataloguing and hope someone comes around to realizing the foolhardiness of this campaign.  Before it's too late..."

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Back from Vacation

The title is fairly self-explanatory.  I had a great time out in Barcelona, although, as I was with friends, I found few opportunities to scribble away on current and new stories.

Now I'm back the plan is to get back to our regular scheduled programming.  I have a new H-space monster girl bestiary story ready to go out tomorrow as normal and I'll see if I can get the next segment of Succubus Summoning 212 up on Monday.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Tomorrow I'm off to Barcelona for a week.  Aside from checking out Gaudi's quirky architecture (including the never-to-be-finished cathedral) I'll be researching some of the less salubrious areas.  It's been a while since I've written any of the eurotrash-style horror sex stories and I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting settings to populate with lusty and dangerous succubi.  I'll also probably be enjoying myself, given that I am a person of low moral character when it comes to certain things...

My original plan was to have the week's chapters/stories posted in advance while I was away.  Unfortunately the advancing wall of death deadline has caught up with me.  Currently I have two H-space MGB stories ready but for an edit, but they're out of sequence and don't have profiles.  Along with them I have another two that are halfway through the 1st draft and the last segment of Succubus Summoning 212 is about a page or two away from completion.

I'm also looking at a pile of packing that needs to be done for tomorrow... so the writing stuff probably isn't going to get done before I leave.

What I'll be doing is giving this week a skip and using the downtime on flights and the like to see if I can fill up my notebooks with some tasty new fiction to type up when I get back (or while I have a quiet moment out in Spain).  Ideally, I would have preferred to have got the last part(s) of SS 212 up, so it would have made a natural break before getting stuck in to SS 213, but I'd rather do it properly rather than trying to rush the thing out before the taxi to take me to the airport arrives.

So I'm off to recharge the batteries and normal (okay better) service should resume next week.  See you then!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Latexian Scylla

Name:  Latexian Scylla
Type:  Scylla
Habitat:  Lake Latex

At first glance the latexia scylla looks like a beautiful noblewoman lounging on a floating circular platform.  The woman resembles, but is not human.  Her eyes are octopoidal and her ears are pointed and stick out from the side of her head.

The platform maintains buoyancy through a series of gas-filled bladders on the underside.  Hanging down from the platform are a multitude of black, segmented tentacles.  The tentacles terminate in a variety of different appendages and are likely specialised for different tasks.

While it looks as though the woman is wearing a full latex dress that covers the whole platform, in reality this is to disguise where her body merges with the platform, as the woman, floating platform, and tentacles are all part of the same organism.

Attack Strategy:
While the latexian scylla is capable of astonishingly quick vertical movement by regulating the contents of her gas bladders, they are not capable of rapid horizontal movement.  At first the latexian scyllas took advantage of our unfamiliarity with them in order to get close.  More recently they've taken to hiding their approach within dense clouds of ink.

When faced with a group of targets, the scylla first blinds and disorients them by spewing out copious clouds of black ink.  During the resulting confusion she snatches a man up in her tentacles and rises to an altitude where she can feed undisturbed.

The latexian scylla feeds by draining the energy and fluids of their prey.  This is done through a special suction tentacle they attach to the genitals of their captive.  While they're capable of generating a large amount of suction, the scyllas do not exsanguinate their prey, instead—as with other H-space indigenous organisms—the feeding process is unusual and complex.  They need us aroused, sexually, before they can feed off us.  Her powerful suction does nothing until she stimulates her captive to ejaculation.  Then it's as if a conduit is opened up between her prey and her, and she is able to drain them completely of their life and fluids in a few short minutes.

Some of my colleagues see the complex feeding behaviour of the H-space indigenous organisms—the way they seem to need their prey to be sexually stimulated—as a conundrum to be picked apart and dissected until science discovers the answer.  I do not share their enthusiasm or optimism.  Nothing makes sense from a biological perspective.  It's insanity... pure insanity.

Latexian scyllas are tricky to engage in combat.  Now that they know we're aware of them, they stay hidden within dense clouds of ink.  They are not impervious to bullets, but as with other higher H-space organisms, they are capable of rapid regeneration.  Eyewitnesses have reported seeing bullet-hole punctures in their air bladders close up almost instantaneously.  Despite this I still think the best strategy is to target the gas bladders with sustained bursts of fire.  Bring the scylla to the ground and then target the head.

Threat Level:

Personnel stationed at FOB Rigg have reported that the "ink storms" seen out over Lake Latex are becoming more frequent and severe.  This is a troubling development.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Latexian Scylla

PFC Stewart Peter Bate saw it first, when it was little more than a far-off speck in a sky filled with roiling pink and purple clouds.  They were walking across Lake Latex, that curious, seemingly natural formation that resembled a lake of shiny black rubber.  The name was misleading as the 'lake' was solid enough to walk upon.  The 'latex' part still fit, as the surface had a similar elasticity and spring.

"What do you think it is?" he asked First Lieutenant Kevin Wright, the squad leader.

The dot, clearly larger than a bird, was getting larger as it drifted closer.

"Could be one of the jellyfish girls," LT Wright said.  "They're common in this region."

"Yeah, I heard of them," Bate said.  "Also heard some of the men use them for R & R."

LT Wright snorted.  "Those degenerates would fuck a fish if they thought it would give them good head.

There was a pause while the lieutenant placed a hand over his eyes and squinted at the far-off object.

"The jellyfish girls aren't harmless, but they're not that dangerous either.  If she drifts too close we'll try to shoo her off and if that fails, shoot her down."

"And if our guns don't fire."  Bate had heard about that too.

"That's why we have these," SPC Jon Lehane said.  His biceps rippled as he showed off a long gleaming steel harpoon with a wickedly barbed point.

They continued across the lake and the object in the sky continued to drift closer, clearly on an intercept course.  Bate wondered what it was.  Tentacles writhed beneath it and an indistinct figure sat on top of it.

Frowning, LT Wright brought the squad to a halt.

"Not a jellyfish girl?" Bate said.

"No, this is something new."

The shape grew clearer as it drew closer.  Bate saw a pale-skinned woman lounging on some kind of floating platform.  Beneath the platform thick black tentacles coiled and writhed.

"Okay, listen up," LT Wright said.  "We have a possible first contact scenario here.  I want you all to be on your best behavior.  We're representing everyone back home.  Be watchful, but be diplomatic."

The alien drifted closer.  Assuming she was an alien.  Aside from an unusual skin tone that seemed a little too pale, she looked human in all other respects.

"That means no itchy fingers on triggers," LT Wright said.  "No one, I repeat no one, is to open fire unless I give the order.

The squad leader held up his hand in a gesture of peace as the alien hindig floated up to them.  She stopped in front of them, hovering about eight feet off the ground.  Behind her the flat glossy black expanse of Lake Latex stretched away to the horizon.

Close up it was clearer she wasn't human.  Her skin was too pale and had a blueish tinge rather than the pink tinge of human flesh.  Her brown eyes looked more like the eyes of an octopus with their horizontal black bar pupils.  Her ears were also long and pointed, and stuck out from the side of her head like the ears of a fantasy elf.

A real-life alien, in the flesh, Bate thought.

"I am Lieutenant Kevin Wright," LT Wright said.  "I represent both the United States government and the people of planet Earth.  Who do I have the honor of addressing?"

The alien woman lounged on a circular platform.  A collection of shiny black airbags swelled and contracted on the underside of the platform like great black lungs.  Bate wondered if they were what gave the platform its buoyancy.  Also hanging from the underside were a proliferation of thick black tentacles.  They were segmented, and coiled and uncoiled like a nest of giant earthworms.  Some tapered to a tip while others terminated in strange organic structures—some bulbous, others gaping orifices—each seemingly designed for a different task.  All appeared to be covered in the same glossy black rubber as the surface of the lake.  Even the woman.  She wore a tight black bodice of the same material that billowed out below the waist into a dress that was large enough to spill over the edges of the platform.  The way the shiny material emphasized her bust and showed off her cleavage reminded Bate uncomfortably of kinky film clips he'd seen on the internet.  These were not thoughts to be thinking in a first contact situation with an alien race!

"I am Vampuum," the floating hindig replied.

Bate was shocked that she could not only understand English, but speak it as well.  LT Wright didn't seem fazed by it, almost as though it was expected.  Bate wondered if their squad leader had access to additional intel the common grunts didn't.

"It is an honor to meet you, Vampuum," LT Wright said.  "My government is interested in forging mutually beneficial relationships with the peoples of this world.  Can you direct us to the nearest population center and seat of authority?"

"Oh, I'm not interested in that," Vampuum said.  She looked over each of the men.  The tentacles beneath her platform writhed and coiled in a way Bate found weirdly hypnotic.  "I'm wondering which of you delectable morsels I should pick to suck all the juices out of."

Fuck, Bate thought.  Hostile.

The men didn't need instruction from their squad leader.  They were already swinging their guns in the direction of the alien.  Too slow, though, too slow.  At the same time, two of the tentacles, each terminating in a strange mouth-like structure, pointed in their direction and belched a thick cloud of black ink over the squad.

Everything went dark.  Bate couldn't see a thing.  He heard gunfire and shot in the direction he thought he'd last seen the alien girl.  Had they hit it?  He heard no confirmation, no cry of pain.

Probably not, he realized with dread as he felt something, or rather somethings, coil around his limbs and body.  They were muscular and powerful.  Bate's weapon and pack were stripped from him, his arms were pinned to his sides and his legs bound together.  He was yanked off his feet and felt a strong upward force as the hindig rose like a weather balloon.  Bate burst through the top of the black cloud and watched in horror as the ground rushed away from him.

They'd never find him, he thought as the dense cloud of ink receded to a small smudge.  The men were already shrinking to less than ants.  Even if they thought to look up, Bate would be just a dot in the sky to them.

The hindig reached her desired altitude and stopped.  Bate stopped trying to struggle free of her tentacles.  Now he was praying she wouldn't let him go.  Falling from this height would be like jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

She looked him over.  One of her tentacles slid beneath his top and tore it open to expose his chest.  Another tentacle—Bate had a horrible feeling that the tentacles, and the platform, were part of her body—slid across his pecs.  The slender tip tickled against his nipples as Vampuum's eyes shone with unhealthy lust.

"Very agreeable," she said.  "Very agreeable indeed."

What did she want with him?  Down on the lake she'd said she was going to eat one of them up, but up here there were different hungers burning in her eyes.

"Don't do this," Bate said.  "There will be repercussions.  My government won't stand back and tolerate acts of aggression against its representatives.  It will mean war between our worlds."

Vampuum laughed airily.  "Such things don't concern me."

Her tentacle hooked under Bate's pants and ripped them open to expose his genitals.

"We exist to seduce and suck.  You exist to be seduced and sucked."

Her tentacle slid between his thighs and tickled the underside of his nuts.

What the fuck?  Did she want to... fuck him?

Vampuum smiled coyly at him.  She pulled down her shiny black top to expose her tits.  They were a nice pair as well—big, round, firm.  She placed hands under them and proffered them like a greengrocer showing off his proudest wares.

"Are you not seduced," she said.

Nope, Bate was definitely not seduced.  Being a mile up in the air with only the tentacles of an over-amorous alien between you and splattery death on the ground far below didn't really set the right mood.

Vampuum laughed.  "I see not.  Oh well, seduction was never one of my strengths.  No matter, once I have you in my suction tube you'll give me everything.  They all do."

She shifted position on the platform.  A bump rose beneath the black rubber and burrowed towards Bate as if there was a giant snake or worm under the sheet.  It was another segmented tentacle, larger and thicker than the rest.  It emerged at the edge of the platform and reared up before Bate like a venomous snake.  The tentacle terminated in a black bulbous structure that looked like it was made out of an artificial substance—rubber—rather than flesh.  A cushioned donut at the tip ringed a narrow opening moist with transparent oils.  For all its artificial appearance, the opening pulsed and gaped like a living orifice.

Bate did not like the look of that.  He started squirming against his tentacle bonds.  To no avail, the alien girl coiled them tighter until he couldn't move at all.

The bulbous suction cup attached itself to Bate's crotch.  The bulb swelled and Bate's penis was sucked inside.

"We'll start gently," she said.  "Your pricks are fragile until they get a little blood inside them and we wouldn't want to tear it off by accident."

She said it with a malicious sparkle in her eyes, as if she knew she could say whatever she liked to freak him out and it wouldn't stop her from getting what she wanted.

Her suction cup molded to the contours of his crotch and formed an airtight seal.  His penis was stretched out within the bulb and blood flowed down into it in an autonomous response that had nothing to do with Bate's current arousal, or rather lack of it.

"You can't do this," he protested.  "This is..."  He couldn't even bring himself to say it, or was even sure it applied.

The hindig lounged back on her platform and toyed with her naked breasts.

"You're not on Earth now, silly human," she said.  "This is the Dominion of Lust.  These are our skies."

"Why war?" Bate said.

"War?" Vampuum laughed as if she thought it ridiculous.

The soft rubbery bulb throbbed between Bate's legs.

"Mmm, you're getting harder.  You should start to feel pleasure now."

Yeah, Bate felt pleasure.  Her weird tube thing was sucking him off.  It didn't matter.  It wasn't the warm mouth of a cute girl and neither was it a moist tight pussy.  He knew it was some weird alien suction tube thing, and because he knew it was a freaky alien suction tube thing, there was no way she was going to...


Vampuum smiled.  The black suction bulb pulsed more strongly.  Bate's cock swelled within it and pressed through the center of a plump donut of soft material.  Wet with lubricant, the inner ring pumped up and down Bate's shaft as the bulb swelled and ebbed around him.

"We feed on your pleasure... your sexual energy," she said.  "And you're all so eager to give it to us."

The black airbags beneath her platform swelled as her suction tube continued to throb away around Bate's cock.  He felt like he was plunging back and forth into the most deliciously tight ass you could imagine.  It took all of his self-control to fight back the urge to fill the pulsing rubber bulb with his cream.

"You can try to hold on as much as you like," Vampuum taunted.  "I'm still going to pump you dry."

Another tentacle, this one terminating in a slender tip rather than a bulbous suction cup, slithered between Bate's buttocks.  It wormed up into Bate's ass.  His sphincter clenched and tried to repel the invader, but the tentacle, slick with lubricant, burrowed deeper.

"It's all about giving the right spot a little tickle," she teased.

She held up a finger and made a little flicking gesture.  Within Bate's body the tip of her tentacle flickered back and forth against his prostate.  A warm wave of pleasure flowed out across Bate's body and was drawn into the tube sucking away at his crotch.  The tight inner ring pumped harder and faster up and down his shaft.  Bate felt little warning trembles in his knees and all over his body.  Fuck, he was going to come.

"And then..."

Vampuum put her finger between her lips and sucked.

The black airbags beneath her platform swelled up.  The rubber suction cup contracted around Bate's genitals and he gasped as the force gripped him.  Too much.  Too much.

And then...

Oh fuck yeah.

His cock swelled and he emptied the biggest, most satisfying load of cum he'd ever deposited anywhere.  The ecstatic release of orgasm shuddered through him as she sucked out the contents of his balls.

Fuck, you got me, bitch, Bate thought.  Not that he minded too much.  It might be a freaky alien suction tube thing, but it was a fucking awesome freaky alien suction tube thing that gave out the best blowjob Bate had ever experienced.

He relaxed in the grip of her coils.  Maybe this wouldn't turn out so bad after all.

The tube kept sucking.

"I'll take it from here," Vampuum said, her eyes as cold as the bluish tinges to her skin.

Bate twitched in her tentacles.  Fuck, he was still coming.  How?  It was like she was pumping it out of him in a constant pulsing stream.  The black balloons beneath her platform kept swelling like bellows as she sucked.  The tentacle within Bate's ass pressed on his prostate like it was a button and semen kept pouring out of him.

Lost to the sensual ecstasy of the release, Bate writhed and squirmed in her tentacles.  Too much.  He couldn't stop.  The flow wouldn't stop.

Where was it all coming from?  His balls had to be drained by now.

A glance down revealed the horrifying answer.  The skin around her black suction cup had an unhealthy gray pallor and was starting to shrivel.  Not just there.  His arms were wasting away.  As were his legs and chest.  Wasting away.  All of him wasting away.  He glanced at Vampuum with fearful eyes.

Vampuum sat on her platform and regarded him with imperious grace.

She sucked and sucked as Bate jittered helplessly in the grip of a never-ending climax.  His body shriveled and withered away as she pumped out all the fluids within it.  Then, having sucked Bate completely dry, she released his empty husk and let it spiral down to the surface of Lake Latex far below.

* * * *

Jesus fuck! SPC Stewart Peter Bate thought as the mummy fell out of the sky and crashed into the yielding black surface of Lake Latex right in front of him.

Fuck, that had scared the shit right out of him.  Just like one of those cheap horror jump scares where the rotting corpse springs right up in someone's face.  This poor bastard looked in no better condition than those schlocky horror movie props.  The flesh was desiccated, as if the corpse had been lying out in the desert for a couple of years.

Uh oh.

Bate noticed something familiar about the mummy's torn jacket.

A check of the dog tags confirmed it.

"Sir, I've found Tovey... I think."

Sunday, April 03, 2016

More animated monster girl sexiness - Monster Girl Island

And while we're still on the subject of animated sexy monster girls, it would be very remiss of me not to talk about Monster Girl Island.

Monster Girl Island is a monster girl hentai game in development by Redamz.  Their site is here.

I heard about them a while back, but somehow managed to get confused on their web page and loaded a demo of another game and then thought I'd somehow already played the demo whenever I heard the game mentioned.

Obviously I hadn't played the demo, as I would have remembered a superb animated slime girl sex scene (and in English to boot).  It's very very good as you can see below (Jump to around 16-17 mins for the start of the smexy stuff).

(I found this on PornHub and embedded it here.  Link to original source in case the embedding fucks up.  Credit goes to Redamz for creating the scene and ValwinMedia for creating and uploading their livestream of the demo.  Hopefully neither will mind me using it here to showcase the game, but if you do, let me know and I'll take it down)

The demo (which can be downloaded from their site from a link just below the banner if you want to try it out yourself) features a bit of scavenging on the beach for some items followed by that glorious extended sex scene with the purple demon slime.  On the game front, I found the movement and item management very clunky, but that's understandable for an early demo and less of a priority for a sex game.

The number one thing a proof of concept for a hentai game needs to do is demonstrate the creator can deliver hawtness, and the purple slime girl scenes succeed amply on that front.  I suspect this is what people were hoping to see from the ill-fated Monster Girl Quest 3D project before it became apparent the creator was totally out of their depth.

Happily, Monster Girl Island looks a lot more promising, although the usual caveats for games in development apply.

If you like what you see enough to want to consider helping the developer out with funding, a link to their Patreon is here.

(As an aside $4K+ a month on their Patreon!  Damn. I'm definitely in the wrong creative discipline! :D ) 

Anyway, looks damn good so far.

Friday, April 01, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Jelloid Squeezeball

Name:  Jelloid Squeezeball
Type:  Slime (Artificial?)
Habitat:  Underground Caverns

Looks like a statue of a naked buxom woman sculpted out of transparent blue material sitting on a ball of blue jelly approximately large enough to contain two adults.

Despite being composed of blue jelly-like material, the jelloid squeezeball doesn't appear to share the same plasticity of form observed in other slime girls.

Attack Strategy:
They are largely immobile and pretend to be inanimate sculptures.  When touched the jelloid wakes up and lets out a cry that both wakes up nearby jelloids and scrambles the sense of balance of every human within earshot.

The jelloid catches any human that falls onto her and draws them into her ball of jelly.  The wall softens when she is absorbing her prey and then returns to a composition similar to tough rubber once they are inside, trapping them within her.

As with other H-space indigenous organisms, the jelloid is able to hijack human physiology and trigger a massive overproduction of seminal fluid.  We're currently not sure how they do this.  One theory is a toxin secreted by the jelly that is absorbed through the skin.  The jelloid then uses her female form to stimulate her captive to sexual climax over and over, draining all their bodily fluids in the process.  These fluids are stored in a reservoir chamber at the base of the globe.

Earplugs negate most of the jelloid's disorienting cry.  As the jelloids are largely immobile, not getting into physical contact—or better still, not getting close enough for physical contact—is the best course of action.

While jelloids share some properties with slime girls, not having the same level of plasticity opens up weapon use previously considered ineffective for this class of organism.  Low calibre bullets are still ineffective, as there are no vital organs that can be targeted and the puncture wounds are quickly healed.  However, bladed weapons such as axes or machetes should work as the jelly is relatively soft and the jelloid appears to have a much slower rate of regeneration.

Threat Level:
Low.  (unless you're a goddamn idiot that can't keep your hands of her titties)

Of more concern is what the jelloid is.  Based on descriptions and observations they seem less a naturally-occurring organism and more a carefully-engineered trap.  But for who, and for what purpose?  There are disturbing implications here of a greater intelligence within H-space that we have yet to encounter.