Friday, January 31, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 16

The walkthrough of Violated Hero 4 moves onto the final area (we think).  And the usual warning – Violated Hero 4 is a sexually explicit eroge.  Please read no further if offended by such things.

First a little recap.  We beat Sharia, Lilith stole the powers of the demon god and then flew off to take her position as final boss of the last area.  Oh and there was no Bad End unlocked because I suck.  Or maybe Sharia’s idea of a sexy Bad End is to stamp on people’s heads and cast them down into the torments of hell.

Sharia, you’re one sick chick.

At least she’s on our team now as our intrepid ambulatory bag of concentrated semen heads off to the final-maybe-final battle.

Hmm.  Two wandering mook types this time around, or maybe another stats boost monster.

Into the final-maybe-final castle.

Didn’t I see you before . . . ?

Hmm, these scythe chicks are pretty hard.  She nearly kills me on her lonesome.  Thankfully I level up straight after, which saves me having to dip into my limited potion supply (just 2 super potions and no normal potions – the grind beckons.  sigh).

Okay fess up, VH4.  You sent the level designer home early.

And then it’s time to confront Lilith in her lair.

Luka-clone steps up and says he’s going to stop her.

How?  By making her sides split open from laughing too hard.

Lilith warns him of the consequences.  If he loses she’s going to fuck him to death or make him her pet . . . or something like that.  Oh well, some you win . . . and some you win.

It’s not all bad for our intrepid hero.  Former demon god Sharia is here to lend her power.

I don’t think it’s going to go down as expected.  I remember the title screen.  I see chains and much trampling of genitals in Luka-clone’s future.

The three demon king generals are keen to give Lilith a good spanking as well.

As I said earlier: Some you win . . . and some you win.

And then it’s time to battle.

Not sure I’m keen on the Lilith design with the single power eye and magical tail emanations all over the place.  Only 1500 HP, but I only have two super potions left.  Throwing the fight may not be necessary.

As Lilith is now the demon god she also gains the annoying demon god ability of pausing the battle for more posturing/monologuing.

She also heals herself to full as well.  That 1500 HP . . . it’s more like 3000.

Oddly, Lilith’s sex attack isn’t animated.  She asks if she kiss him there and then the spunk heart lights up with no indication of what Lilith was actually doing.  (I can take a good guess).  Even after all four light up I’m none the wiser to what’s going on.  Did the makers forget to add the last animations?  I still think the sex attacks are a wasted opportunity.  They don’t even KO us when the 4th spunk heart lights up.  No matter our current HP, it never drops below 1 from that attack.

Using the last super potion refills my stats and a couple more Sharia hits drops Lilith to the 2nd pause.  Uh oh, and after that pause Lilith’s HP is up to 2000.  With mine at 175 and no health potions left the tedious potion grind beckons.

The random number gods tease me with a sequence of Lilith missing or doing scratch damage and I get her down to about a quarter life before one of her killer moves finally connects.  One super potion short.  Which is a good sign as it means I won’t need to do too much grinding for potions.

And then . . .

Finally . . .

It’s time to be squeezed by Lilith’s intimate bits.

The first intimate bits appear to be Lilith’s rather sizable fun pillows.  As with Hisui – not seeing the Bad End of this.  Lilith gives him a good suck and tells him he’s going to be her personal semen doll.  So nothing’s changed there then.

And then for scene two it’s . . .

Missionary?  I suppose that is the exotic position in VH-world.

The scale is also a little weird.  At least Luka-clone doesn’t look like a chubby little child in this rendering, but the size difference between him and Lilith is a little odd.  Maybe monster girl means size amazonian+ in this setting.

Missionary doesn’t stay missionary for very long as Lilith takes her tail and – you guessed it – shoves it in our ass.  She sort of likes Luka-clone as she tells him to abandon his silly quest to save all humans and be her pleasure slave instead.

When you put it like that . . .

To seal the deal Luka-clone has to fill her uterus with cum.  He does that and still manages to make her look like the main event in a bukkake picture.  I can only assume the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen burst at some point.

Then it’s fade to black.  Not because Luka-clone is dead or being digested or drained, but because Lilith wants him to sleep and dream pleasant dreams of her.

Wait, we did lose that fight, didn’t we?

Then it’s the some time after cutaway.  Lilith beats up Sharia again.  Under Lilith the world has gone to pleasure and chaos with monster girls slurping up humans everywhere.  I think we all know who’s to blame for this little disaster.  Should have stayed at home, Luka-clone.

Lilith gloats over smashing even the gods and then heads down to the basement where . . .


You might have fucked up the entire world, Luka-clone, but it was worth it.

And much squeezing by Lilith’s intimate bits was carried out.  (and we’ll try to pretend those tail tentacles stretching Luka-clone’s intestinal walls aren’t really there)

And they all lived happily ever after.

The En—

What, you want the other CGIs.

Sigh.  Okay okay, I’ll see if I can unlock Luka-clone’s happy-happy, joy-joy harem ending next time.

Oh, the MEHydra vs VH4 round.  It’s a succubus, I’m pretty sure I have this one locked up.  Here’s a tag team of NĂ¿te and Physalia in case you have any doubts.

I’m not sure what the next post will be.  It’ll either be the Good End or maybe I’ll save that until last and see if I can figure out how to fill in the missing Bad Ends first.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 15

And now we’re getting into the end straight of my walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  Do I still need to put out warnings on potentially squicky sexual content?

Last off was a little bit of a disappointment as we reached the end of Lilith’s area only to find out she wasn’t interested in a fight.  Don’t worry, I’ll go back and pick up her Bad Ends after completing the first run.

Now it’s time to move onto the penultimate area and Sharia.

I should probably point out at this moment that I’ve never actually properly completed a Violated Hero game.  In the first something went screwy with the game mechanics as it froze up on the fight with the Dragon Girl.  In VH2 I couldn’t be bothered to go grinding for all the extra potions I needed after Xueli flattened me over and over.  And in VH3 I made my character so stupidly lop-sided I couldn’t even scratch one of the magic-attack resistant bosses.

This is not a good sign.  We might never see the happy happy joy joy harem ending and this could all be left open ended like a US sci-fi series cancelled on a cliff-hanger series ending (I fucking hate it when they do that.  At least Joss Whedon had the decency to give each of his Buffy series a tied-up finale just in case the series wasn’t renewed.  Unfortunately the TV channel execs grew wise to him and started cancelling mid-season instead.)

With that warning out of the way it’s time to plough into the “malevolent deity’s” castle.

Ooh a change of music and scenery.

And we’re fighting Gina. (genie?)

The fight ends up being messy as most of my harem’s attacks are dodged and I lose half my HP.  Not wanting to waste all my potions on annoying wandering mook fights I take the potion that seems to eliminate random encounters.

As it’s the last level it’s probably going to be long and complex and . . .


The level-designer coffee break strikes again.

And we’re at the throne room.

Sharia is waiting.

She mentions no human has challenged her in centuries.  She also notices Lilith hanging around and calls her out.  Lilith shows she means business by revealing some hidden power.

I still have the feeling Luka-clone is completely superfluous to this succession battle.  Sharia tries to intimidate him with her magic force, but it ain’t doing.  Because it’s time for the not-so final battle.

Oh, only 1500 HP.  We have super potions.  I reckon we can take this.

And yeah, it’s never just a final battle as Sharia pauses things halfway through.

And obviously she’s going to go all evolved, or One-Winged Angel, or . . .

. . . stay exactly the same with her HP back up to full.  That feels a little cheaty.

I knock her down to about 300 HP before there’s another pause.

Now Sharia’s really mad.  She’s going to get serious.

Nope, no weird transformations.  Still a demon girl with wings.  Even though she’s back up to full health again.

It doesn’t matter.  I keep bashing away with Lilith and this time there are no pauses before Sharia hits zero HP.

But obviously we don’t want to see the consequences of winning the battle just yet.  Time to save and then load the earlier save.  How will Luka-clone fare against the malevolent deity on his own?

Badly, obviously.

(5 damage)

As it’s the total shame loss we don’t even get a sexy Bad End.  Sharia tosses us into the pits of hell and Luka-clone is tortured for decades.

As with VH2, we’ll have to work a bit to earn our sexy Bad End at the hands of the not-so-final boss.

Losing after the first pause gets the bad Bad End again.  It looks like Sharia really wants us to work for our sexy.

And after the second pause . . .

Head stamped on.  Dozens and dozens of years of torture.  Plain End scene.

Do you even do sex, Sharia?

Guess it’s back to the saved game where we won and the inevitable twist where it turned out we didn’t win.

Oh we did win.  But then Lilith, who’s been running the whole coup all this time, steals Sharia’s power to become the new demon/god overlord.

The other devil kings look on in horror as Lilith claims the throne.  She was fed up with Sharia’s world as it was too well-organised and boring.  She wants a bit of chaos.  She wants to raise hell.  The world is going to burn, yadda yadda.

Not yet.  One man steps up . . .

Unfortunately it’s our faithful ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.  Lilith, tremble in your high heels.

Actually dude, I think she’s giggling.

Lilith buggers off to another castle and challenges Luka-clone to go after her.  I guess she still wants to play with her pet.

It’s not all bad as de-powered Sharia wants to sign up for the Lilith lynch mob.

Actually it is all bad.  Where the fuck is our sexy Bad End?  There wasn't one in the last post.  If I don’t put up any hardcore pics of smut this time around I'm the one that's going to get lynched.

I go back to my save game and try knocking her down to various life totals.

Head stamped on.  Dozens and dozens of years of torture . . .

Okay, what if we don’t raise a finger against her at all.

Head stamped on.  Dozens and dozens of years . . .

Sharia, you do like men don’t you?

Oh well.  I’m assuming there must be some trigger condition for her sexy Bad Ends I failed to trigger.  Another for the NG+.

Next time can we get some sexy pulleeze Violated Hero (totally claiming these rounds as MEHydra’s, BTW)?

Actually, I had a peek ahead.  We’re good.

Come back in a couple of days where we definitely, absolutely and finally will get squeezed by Lilith’s intimate bits.  Guaranteed.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 14

This is part 14 of my walkthrough of Monster Girl eroge Violated Hero 4.  The usual warnings apply.  If you’re under 18 or have stumbled here by mistake and are revolted by the thought of tentacles in the ass, please turn around and show yourselves to the exit.

Last time around we took down the 3rd of the devil kings, the tentacular Neptune Queen Selene.  That leaves just one devil king remaining and this is going to be a little awkward as she’s been following us around as a member of the party all this time.

Yes, it’s finally time to get squeezed by Lilith’s intimate bits.

First there’s the matter of recruiting Selene, which should be easy given the agreement she had with Lilith.  Oh, she wants a rematch - this time a one-on-one “dirty” match with Luka-clone.  By dirty she means hentai sex battle.

Hmm, I’m intrigued.  Maybe . . .

Lilith isn’t.  There’s a “malevolent deity” to battle.

Selene switches to serious mode and tells Luka-clone they don’t have a chance of beating Sharia.  She wonders what Lilith is up to.

Afterwards Lilith mentions the powers might have aligned to give them a chance.

And then it’s over to Sharia in the castle, who’s just noticed it’s gone quiet.  Oh dear, it sounds like her and Lilith cooked this up just to have a fun fight.

Back to the map screen and, hello, another arrow has appeared.

This opens up a third screen, this time with just two areas, one of which appears locked.

This first is obviously Sharia’s, but what about the second?  Does Violated Hero 4 have a secret enemy kept close to their chest, or is that the area the player needs to complete to get the happy happy joy joy harem ending?

Before that we need to do Lilith’s area to recruit Lilith, who is already in the party anyway . . .

Ah, the third element of the dragonkin – ice.

Halfway through I realise I forgot to finish off Selene’s area.  It doesn’t matter.  I’m going to have to go grinding for super potions anyway.  I follow the path to the exclamation mark at the end and . . .

There’s no one home.

Well, we knew that anyway.  She’s already in the party.

Uh oh.  I have that ‘done things in the wrong order’ feeling.  Lilith mentions it is her area, and she might have enjoyed springing that surprise on us, but now the cat’s out of the bag it doesn’t seem worth it.

So no fight.

Which means no Bad End.

Hmm, looks like we’re going to have to wait a little longer before being squeezed by Lilith’s intimate bits.

Nothing for it but to 100% the areas visited so far.  While going through Lilith’s area I get careless and frozen solid by one of the dragonnewts.  I hit the continue option and then hit what I think is the status button to see if my level is still the same.  And . . .

You know that feeling when you play through most of a game without realising you’d missed something really obvious.

Amu is in this game!!!?

Amu was one of the generals in VH2.  I’d heard a rumour she was in VH4, but as the same people seemed to be saying she follows you around, I assumed they’d mixed her up with Lilith.  But no, she’s in the game and running some sort of potion store.  I’m not sure how this works being that I have no money and don’t know what any of the potions do anyway.

The first option gives me a super potion.  The second gives me 3 super potions.  That seems quite convenient given that they seem essential for the harder boss fights and Sharia is guaranteed to be a brick wall.

On the way out Amu knocks us out and then gives us a footjob after we wake up.  All part of the service.

And I guess that’s it for this segment.

Does this mean we don’t get to be squeezed by Lilith’s intimate bits?

Nope, guess not.


Oh well, onto Sharia and an inevitable sticky end.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Clitorides Awards

A link to the Clitorides awards appeared on the Literotica front page today.  It's a set of awards for the most popular erotic fiction found on free websites.  Any story from 2013 is eligible and they have multiple different categories (including Erotic Horror).  There are no prizes apart from bragging rights, but if it's popular I imagine the winning authors/stories will pick up some new readers.

If anyone feels like nominating any of my stories, here's a list of the new stories I put out on free websites in 2013:

Jackson in HRPG-World 2: Exploding Kiwis in the Nether Regions
Jackson in HRPG-World 3: A Sticky Starting Scrap
Jackson in HRPG-World 4: Bubble Bother (hmm, that reminds me.  I still need to put this up on Literotica)
Snared, Sucked and Slurped
Streetwalking with a Succubus
Succubus Summoning 203
Succubus Summoning 204
Succubus Summoning 205
Succubus Summoning 206
Succubus Summoning 207
Trent the Traitor

If you enjoyed any of these feel free to go and give them a nomination.  Likewise, if you have another favourite writer you feel deserves some recognition, go give them a nomination.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 13

And the Violated Hero 4 walkthrough is back to normal schedule.  Usual rules apply – bugger off minors and holier-than-thou thugs.

Today it’s the loving tentacles of Neptune Queen Selene.

First there’s the matter of recruiting angry Makina to the party.  How in the hell is that going to happen?  She’s Sharia’s loyal robot guard dog.

Oh, Lilith’s going to take advantage of her weakened state to charm her (as in the magical, You-vill-do-vat-I-say way).  If it works, it works.  I’m not sure I want to be around when she breaks it though.

A quick clean-up of Makina’s world and then it’s off to Selene’s domain.

Sigh, can you at least pick the pretty ones to palette swap, VH?

The random encounters are a lot more frequent now.  Practically every square has an ugly-cute goblin girl throwing her pussy in our faces.

I think one of the potions prevents random encounters, but I’m not sure which one it is.  The bottom left one doesn’t (I think it’s the bottom right as a repeat run to Bad End has no encounters).  I should probably check Dargoth’s translated version of Violated Hero 3.  I doubt the potion names and function will have changed.

The first time around I pick the wrong path and although I can detour to the exclamation mark at the end, I don’t because it would mean I’d have to go through another two times to hit all the squares.  I’m probably going to have to do that anyway as I’m running low on potions anyway.

And then . . .

Selene.  No hiding or jumping out of shadows, either.  Get to the end and there she is.

Selene is very flirty.  She thinks we’re cute.  Or rather Luka-clone is cute.  I’m a fugly bastard with specs and a couple of extra pounds around the gut.  To describe me as cute requires staggeringly bad vision, staggering amounts of alcohol, or very dodgy drugs.

Selene wants to have fun.  Why fight when we can have fun.

Fun sounds fun, but in Monster-Girl-world octopoidal fun is sometimes followed by din-dins.  For one.

Selene seems to be the Milfy of this instalment.  And just as I’m thinking that, she moves in for the extreme close-up, just like Paola, the lamia with the extremely long tail in VH2.  Maybe her character is meant to be a cross between the two.

Extreme close-up distraction boobies.

Can’t type.  Distracted.

Lilith slaps us out of it.

Oh, this is fun.  Selene is the first of the three devil kings to annoy Lilith.  Unlike the other two, Selene is more than happy to play the seductive minx, more so than Lilith.  Plus she has bigger boobies.  I suspect our resident succubus and chief revolutionary might be a tad jealous.

This time it’s the inverse of the scene with Anua.  It’s Selene that suggests they fight, with Luka-clone as the spoils to the victor.  It’s a nice touch at establishing the relationship between the two and hints at what the makers of VH can do when they’re not Xeroxing their earlier – and other’s – games.

I think I like Selene.

Hmm.  Second thoughts.

My, what a toothsome . . . um . . . belly you have.

Selene has 1,000 HP – same as Anua, but less than Makina.  It makes sense that Makina is the more powerful of the three, but surprising that the doors are out of order.

The fight is the same as all the others.  Pump cum into Lilith’s tail, rinse, repeat, occasionally go to Anua for some variety.  Selena’s sex attack is a lighter coloured version of Octorith’s tentacle from VH3.  I manage to prevail with the use of only one super potion.  Rather convenient that, considering it was my last.

We’re going to totally lose against Lilith (yippee!)

But first there’s a little rewind to see what Selene’s lovely tentacles have in store for us.  Selene is clearly a weaker boss than the others.  Luka-clone manages to knock of 150 HP off before one too many tentacle slaps brings him to his knees.

Those are ominously squishy sound fx as she grabs us.

Ah, that’s not so bad.  Not a shark-tooth stomach mouth in sight.  (although I wouldn’t put it past VH to have it eating our feet while I type).

What follows is the typical paizuri + blowjob scene.  Fair play, Luka-clone, you must have some organ between your legs for it to be able to poke up out of her cleavage like that.  Selene is definitely not modest in the bra-cup-size department.  That might explain why Lilith and the others are so keen to keep him around after Bad Ending him.  (Apart from Karina, although technically she did keep all the digestible bits).

Selene is a definitely the sexy flirty tease.  She blows on our cock for a while, gives her tits a bit of a shake and . . .

Down with the mouth hoover.  Selene calls it her mouth pussy.  Given she has a shark’s mouth in her belly that might actually be anatomical fact rather than porn simile.  We get a sloppy, noisy blowjob that doesn’t look bad at all (unless that mouth stomach is gnawing away on our feet right now . . .)

Scene two is the standard tentacle molestation scene as drawn many times by Setouchi and others for Monster Girl Quest.

Funnily enough, I remember a campaign to raise funds for a marine biology cause by selling a book of tentacle erotica.  One of the marine biologists was baffled by the fetish and pointed out that squid and octopus tentacles are evolved to catch prey and some of the suckers even have teeth to aid in this.  He couldn’t understand the connection with sex and porn.

Rule 34, my friend.  Rule 34.

Let’s hope the makers of VH don’t find out about that suckers-have-teeth thing.  It might give them ideas and we’ve already had THORN PUSSY!

After giving us such a nice blowjob Selene thinks it’s only fair that we return the favour on one of her tentacles.  This gets considerably grosser when it starts spurting like a cock, filling up Luka-clone’s stomach with salty “brine”.

Oh Selene, and it was all going so well.

Then it’s back to the castle for the “several months later” precursor to her third scene.  In amongst all the subjugating of the hapless humans Lilith and Selene get very catty with each other.  Nope, our succubus does not like little miss squid at all, especially after she stole her favourite toy.  Selene likes to rub it in by mentioning how much she is enjoying her favourite toy.  I like her.

But not that toothy mouth thing.

It’s a little distracting.

Haha.  She summons Luka-clone to the throne room so she can fuck him in front of everyone and annoy Lilith even more.  Netorare, Violated Hero style.  Poor Lilith tries to make out he’s a toy she’s no longer interested in.  I don’t think anyone believes her.  Selene starts on top and it’s all going fine until she mentions she wants to make Luka-clone her female sex slave.

And we all know what that means . . .

Tentacle.  In ass.

I can actually fight this round in the MEHydra vs Violated Hero battle.  I have this spin-off from Succubus Summoning, which features a tentacle-type demon.  For a closer match there’s “Hugh, the Hero” in my last collection, A Succubus for Remembrance.  That one’s so close (yep, also guilty of tentacle in ass) I reckon this round is a tie.

Only one devil king left.  Next up Lilith and presumably much squeezing by her intimate bits.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 12

And back to ManyEyedHydra’s boss-by-boss walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  VH4 is a highly explicit and frequently squicky hentai game.  Consider this fair warning if you’re easily bothered by such things.

Last off . . .

Actually, let’s not go there ever again.  We have a nice saved game where Anua, the donkey-eared hyena thing was soundly thrashed and we can pretend that the . . . other stuff . . . never happened.

Okay.  Anua falls to her knees, Lilith reminds her of their bargain and because Anua lost, she gets to join the inevitable pile-on that will be inflicted on Luka-clone at the end.

After the fight Luka-clone remembers that little tidbit about Lilith being one of the devil kings and understandably freaks out.  Lilith pulls out the convenient “Because I was bored” explanation that seems to be Violated Hero’s goto for when powerful characters behave in a way that doesn’t make much sense.  Luka-clone is sensible enough to realise she could have killed him the moment they first met, so he might as well carry on going along with her for now.

(Hey, I wrote that story as well.  It didn’t turn out so well for the protagonist . . .)

And then it’s back to Anua’s territory to clear the other paths.  I thought I noticed something funky with the XP gain from some of the other areas.  I have a hunch there might be an XP penalty for letting the harem handle the fight and test it by letting Luka-clone fight all on his lonesome.  Surprisingly he wins.  Unsurprisingly my hunch proves incorrect.  VH doesn’t do complex (other than a tendency to make the last boss a ridiculous brick wall).

Then it’s off to angry Makina’s area.  Her wandering mook is another palette swap.  This time the weird frog rider.

I was going to bitch about them not even bothering to find a mook to match Makina’s computery/robot theme.  Then I realised that’s a little harsh.  The wandering mook designs are a significant improvement on past designs.  Especially when you consider this is what they looked like in the first game:

At the end of the path there are loud thudding sounds and a shadow falls over Luka-clone.  It’s Makina and she’s either a tank or piloting a big mech.

The conversation is fairly short and shouty because – as established through the game so far – Makina is permitted only one emotion and that is anger.  I’m still curious if VH4 has different introductory scenes depending on which order you fight the devil kings.  They could have written it so the scenes make sense regardless of order, but as Lilith is behind one of those doors that seems a little difficult to pull off.

Ah, this helps a little.  Makina is riding some kind of machine.

She also has 300 more HP than Anua.  Her attacks bring up targeting sights and other machine-type explosiony things.  None of which appear to do much damage.  I stick to the same plan of throwing all my SP to Lilith and drinking potions to top up when I’m out.

It’s all going well until my internet punks out.

Wow Makina, that really is dirty pool.

Okay, Violated Hero 4 isn’t an always-online game (After the massive public beatings handing out to Diablo 3, Sim City and the Xbone, hopefully developers/publishers will decide to leave that term back in 2013, preferably in an unmarked grave), but my machine translators require the internet.  Feels apt that the internet connection would flake out while fighting the computer/machine girl.  Anyway, a swift hammer to the router (card-carrying IT professional, we’re allowed to do such things) and we’re back just in time for the tentacle attack.  Oh, this is a new one I think – some kind of fleshy, veiny thing.

The battle gets a little tricky in the middle as the random number gods start throwing up 100s instead of 1s.  I manage to pull through, but burn up virtually all of my potions in the process.  With Makina defeated we . . .

Oh yeah.  That’s not why we’re here is it.  Rewind!

Luka-clone on his own does about as well as you’d expect a wimpy masochist dude to do when charging a humongous mecha with naught but a sword.

(null damage)

After the fight Makina scoops us up and gives us a look I don’t like at all.  This is going to be painful isn’t it . . .

Bzzt.  Bzzt.

Ow.  Ow.  Ow!

Time for the electroshock-induced ejaculations.

Part of the reason this is a day late is because I was going to write a long screed about not posting the following pic because it’s a little too shota-ery.  Personally, I’m here for the big-boobed and sexually femdom monster girls, as I assume most of you reading are as well.  Sadly there are also plenty of holier-than-thou thugs that love taking things out of context to justify them getting off on self-righteous rage, and I didn’t want the risk, however small, of them causing any potential real world hassles with their online thuggery.

But then I realised that’s how they win.  That’s how they censor you.  (and why anyone who says Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Reprisal is a complete and utter moron to not realise the latter is an exemplary tool for crushing the former.  If you consider yourself a liberal and have ever used that wretched “Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Reprisal” meme, go hand in your liberal card and go over to the other desk where those nice men in black uniforms and skull insignia have some big black boots for you to try on.)

So fuck that and fuck them.

As we continue on a reminder that

a) The main character is stated to be an adult.
b) It’s fantasy.
c) We’re here for the boobies.
d) It’s A Fucking Cartoon!
e) What part of “It’s fantasy” did you not understand?

And rage over.  Makina’s angriness must be contagious.

Either that or all those electric shocks have frazzled my brain.

Makina shocks Luka-clone a lot and then slurps up his cum in some kind of fleshy tentacle housed in a metal tube.  I skip through this one pretty fast as the art has veered too much into shota protagonist having nasty stuff done to them rather than big-boobed sexy monster girl doing naughty stuff to me.  Plus, Luka-clone’s getting in the way of seeing Makina’s magnificent tits.

Onto scene two and that’s much better.

Makina has some ass.  But remember she’s also a fully-formed woman with personality (even if that personality is just anger).  There’s lots of femdom taunting while she rides Luka-clone and it’s all vaguely vanilla.

Apart from when a metal tube goes up Luka-clone’s ass.

Actually that probably is vanilla in VH-world.

Then it’s back for the palace for the “a few months later” scene.  Lilith asks after Luka-clone (Aw, she really does care) and Makina tells her she has him incorporated within her machine.  Lilith decides against seeing as she doesn’t like cold, unwelcoming metallic things (sniff, she doesn’t care that much).  Sharia’s still bored and decides it’s time to start a war with the gods for shits and giggles.  Makina is very excited by the prospect and calls on her installed bag of ambulatory semen to charge her up.

And then it’s welcome to the machine.

 Makina climbs on top of Luka-clone and rides away while his arms and legs are clamped immobile.  Oh dear, Makina wasn’t kidding about that being integrated into the machine part.  Circuits start growing across Luka-clone’s body.  Such a control freak, Makina.

And thus Luka-clone was incorporated into the machine of Fortress X.

Could have been worse.  Nobody pissed in our mouths this time, I suppose.

Next up it’s time to experience the loving tentacles of Neptune Queen Selene.