Saturday, January 04, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 2

This is a continuation of the Violated Hero 4 walkthrough started here.  VH4 is a sexually explicit hentai game.  As before, if you’re likely to be offended by such things or under 18 years of age, please deploy the back button of your browser and read no further.

Last time around we let Luka-clone attempt to take on the Tentacle Girl, Igin, by himself.  That did not go so well.  Tentacles might have been inserted in places we’d rather not have tentacles inserted.

Now for round two and an explanation of combat.  The combat options are the icons down on the bottom right.  They are:

Blue sword – Luka-clone’s attack (this seems very weak)
Violet star – Lilith’s attack
Pink heart – Special monster girl attack (we’ll get to that in a tick)
Green eye – Shows opponent’s remaining HP
Red boot – Escape (normal mooks). Selecting this against bosses is not a good idea.
Orange bottle – Use item.

The pink heart option is a new addition for VH4.  Select this and one of your monster girls will wank you off, get a facial and then reward you for your cum by blasting the opponent with a strong attack.  In this case it only takes 2 hits to take out Igin.

After the fight I jump up to level 3 and get the opportunity to increase my stats.  After the disaster of VH3 I take the wussy option and spread the 6 points equally.

After her defeat Igin decides to join the party as long as Luka-clone lets her use her tentacle arm to suck out some cum every so often.  This is presumably not a problem because Luka-clone is not a real human.  Like all VH protagonists he’s actually an ambulatory bag of concentrated semen shaped like a man.

Having the defeated bosses join the party is a nice change.  In previous VH games winning against bosses sometimes ended up with the sexy monster girl brutally slain, which took the buzz off for some players.

Ooh, cutaway scene.  It’s off to the Demon Lord palace.

It looks like VH4 is following VH2’s pattern of a Demon Lord with 3 generals.  In VH2 they were a lamia, slime girl and a very odd spider-crab thing.  This time around we have:

Anua – an Egyptian-themed dog centaur type thing
Makina – a machine/computer girl
Selena – an octopus girl with big bazungas.

Out of them I think I prefer Selena (I reserve the right to change this opinion if she tries to eat me).  None of them are a patch on Milfy, the lovable glob of goo from VH2.

Makina sounds angry about something.  All that metal must chafe the tits.

And then it’s time for the Big Bad to make an entrance.

Her name appears to be Sharia.  My translation software can’t seem to make out whether she’s a ‘genie’ or ‘malevolent spirit entity’.  I’m going to go with succubus.

Makina continues to be very angry about something.  I’m guessing she’s Insector (the crab girl general from VH2) ver2.0.  So far the plot looks like a rerun of VH2.  Sharia (clearly Xueli ver2.0) is bored and wants to let Luka-clone run around for a bit.

And it’s back to Luka-clone in the spooky wood.  Spooky wood section 2 has opened up, but before we go there we’ll go back to section 1 and clear off the squares we didn’t walk through last time.

This time I run into a girl riding a frog thing and rather embarrassingly it kills me.  Oops.  Luka-clone, you suck.

Ah that would be because the button I thought confirmed my stats upgrades actually cancelled them.  Sorry there, Luka-clone buddy.  My bad.

The other route reveals a chest.  A couple of run-throughs later and I’ve unlocked all the wandering mook types, jumped a couple of levels and found a bunch of potions.  I have no idea what any of the potions do.

Then I find out all those run-throughs were a waste of time as the first wandering mook I encounter in the next section is the one that took me about five run-throughs to find in the last section.  In fact all the wandering mooks look to be the same as in section 1 (goblin girls and frog riders).

Waiting at the end is boss 2 – an Alraune (Lorre).

As an interesting factoid, Alraune comes from German myth (It’s German for mandrake).  They were believed to grow under gallows from the semen released by hanged men.  It’s the title of a 1911 book by Hanns Heinz Ewers and the book has been made into a film multiple times.  I’m not sure where the modern incarnation of a pretty girl growing out of a giant rose first appeared (Castlevania? Disgaea?), but they’ve been a staple creature in monster girl circles ever since. 

I leave the fight mainly to Luka-clone and predictably he gets slapped down.  I’m starting to think the sword button is actually the ‘defend’ option (you know, the button players select when they want to lose slowly) for this game.

And it’s time to crash straight into the big fluffy airbag of Lorre’s boob for the Bad End.  Those vines look prickly, but I’m sure she’s a lovely girl really.  She’s talking about love and . . .

Oww.  Watch it with the thorns.

And now the description's talking about blood and . . .

Ow ow.

Cue lots of strangling sound fx.

Lorre H-scene 2 doesn’t look so bad.  It’s her straddling Luka-clone on top of her rose in the classic Alraune pose.  But . . .


Ow ow ow.

Again VH, again . . . ?


I did think about playing a game of ‘Can MEHydra match Violated Hero?’  But shockingly, despite writing a few stories about dangerous plant girls, I’ve never written one featuring a classic Alraune.  I guess that means VH takes this round.  Plus, THORN PUSSY!  Even I’ve not dared to go there, yet . . .

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find some sticking plasters.  Join us again for part 3 and hopefully a less prickly monster girl.


  1. again awesome :D cant wait for more :D p.s mate i've been reading your stories for a while now so cant wait to see more :D

  2. This is perhaps more entertaining than playing these personally. :-D

  3. Having now seen this scene translated, it's honestly surprising how loving Loree is despite the sadism of the scene. She's honestly one of the friendliest VH girls when it comes to what she says to Luka-clone, reveling in him being a masochist because she found someone who actually enjoys her way of showing "love," i.e. finding pleasure in pain. She outright says she wants to stay with him for life, hers and his, that they'll be the best lovers in the world, etc.

    Still, nothing can convince me somebody could stay hard for long with thorns cutting into their penis, let alone having one go into the urethra. Even if they are just scratches, if nothing else I think the blood loss would weaken the erection. Can't say for sure though, I don't think I've ever even had a cut on mine before and I am not inclined to find out what it's like.