Saturday, January 11, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 6

This is part 6 of my walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  As it’s a sexually-explicit hentai game, now would be a good time to leave if you’re under 18 or easily offended by such things.

Last time up we ran into Reria and Ruria, the bizarre siamese cyclops twins at the end of the second area.  After throwing the fight I returned, summoned Lilith and . . .

Oh wait, Lilith flew off somewhere.  That’s okay, I’ve got the other four girls.

Lose.  Lose.  Lose some more.

Hmm, I guess Lilith the succubus is a little bit more powerful than the others.

Finally I bash the gothic lolita, siamese twin, cyclops, hypnotic-eye, many-fetishes-stitched-into-a-Frankenstein’s-monster-body Reria and fucking Ruria.  They do the typical gothic thing of wanting to die in overly dramatic fashion.

Can we kill them?  We don’t need them.  I already have a big harem.  Busty probably counts for three on her own.

But of course Luka-clone does the Luka-clone thing and preaches about the dream world of humans and monster girls living in harmony.  Reria and Ruria decide to tag along.  I think it’s because they’re turned on by the thought of Demon Lord Sharia tearing them and this ragtag bunch of misfits to shreds.

And then it’s back to the palace and angry Makina.

Sharia casually mentions she’s played with the human (by play she means stamp on his cock until he weeps).  Makina gets all shouty and the other two generals slap her down for daring to question the motives of the demon lord.  You’d think they’d be more supportive of her criticism considering they’ve just lost two areas and their leader is acting like a kook.

Gamely, Makina tries again and gets the death glare from Sharia.

Makina is genre-savvy enough to know creators like to have their Big Bads randomly slay a subordinate to show how badass the Big Bad is, because she shuts up.

Oh hello, that’s where Lililth went

It transpires, unsurprisingly, that Lilith is the 4th devil king general.  The others have a go at her for being flaky and never filing her reports.

I’d keep a closer eye on her.  She’s planning a secret coup.

Okay, not so secret as she admits to following Luka-clone around and helping him out (so she can add to her growing army of death boobs).  The others want her punished, but the Demon Lord is a kook and bored.

Oh, so you’re letting Luka-clone ripen.  At least that’s the excuse she gives Sharia.

She’s going to knife you in the back when you’re not looking, Sharia.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Then it’s back to our intrepid ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.  The third area, some kind of ice cave, is now open.  But before then I do the 100% thing and follow the other path to a chest at the end in section 2-2.

Then it’s time to put on the woolies and head off to area 3.

 Ooh, VH is definitely getting better with the wandering mooks.

I must have gotten distracted somehow as she ends up braining us with that big club.  Ho-hum, back to the start of the level.

And then normal service is resumed with VH’s wandering mooks.

“I made a jacuzzi out of this spider-flea thing’s brain.  Want to hop in?”

Um, I think I’ll pass.  Karina, eat it.

And then guess who’s back.

It’s okay Lilith.  We only died like six times while you were off hobnobbing with your demon king buddies.  See this lump on my head.  A skinny blue chick with a huge sod-off club whacked me on the head.  What gives?  I thought you monster girls were all about the fucky-sucky, not vicious head trauma.

Lilith tries to tempt Luka-clone into being her fuckslave.  Unfortunately, Luka-clone has built up some resistance and turns her down.  She then tells him to watch out as the monsters here are stronger.

Hello.  Lump on head.  Skinny blue chick.  Huge fuck-off club.  Message already delivered.

Lilith rejoins the party and I move on to the . . .

Well actually I don’t.  I decide to experiment with the potions.  The first resets all my stats.  In the middle of a battle.  The second teleports me out of the area.

Undaunted, I keep quaffing away and I think either the 3rd or 4th potion I try eliminates wandering mook encounters as I walk all the way to the end without being molested.

And it’s time for boss number 6.

This would be Snake Demon Echidna.  Echidna usually crop up in monster girl bestiaries as a more powerful version of a lamia/naga.  This stems from Greek myth where Echidna is known as the Mother of Monsters.

Somehow that fearsome moniker got applied to this . . .

. . . which is basically a hedgehog that lays eggs.  This only goes to show Biologists have a sense of humour, even if no one else understands it.

Echidna (that appears to be her name rather than her species) looks pissed off and muscular.  Uh oh, muscular and the lower body of a snake.  I foresee broken ribs in Luka-clone’s future.  Or maybe she’ll squeeze him so hard cum will jet out of his nose.

I feel quietly confident for this round of the “Can ManyEyedHydra match Violated Hero” fight as I have this little tale in my corner.  Let’s see your worst VH!

The first scene doesn’t look so bad.  Echidna flips us upside down, immobilises us with her coils and then starts to masturbate Luka-clone.  For a moment I’m thinking Luka-clone is about to get a bit of anilingus, but no, it’s the tail, and it goes deep.

Then it gets a bit strange as semen starts welling up out of Luka-clone’s ass and he complains about his belly being filled with hot cum, but Echidna doesn’t seem to be describing it as coming from her.  Maybe Luka-clone really has nothing for insides apart from concentrated semen.

And then a fade to black, some strangling sounds and it’s time for scene 2.

Ah there’s the snake tongue.

It’s a fairly standard lamia Bad End with added masochist whimpering from Luka-clone.  Echidna does a bit of crushy-crushy with her coils.  She also does a bit of crushy-crushy with her pussy, to the point where our urethra closes and we can’t come.  Being a masochist wimp Luka-clone begs for her to let him come and eventually, after fucking him for a while, she relents and white stuff splatters the screen.

Somehow Luka-clone manages to get through the Bad End uneaten and with no bones broken.  I reckon this round’s mine.

Can I continue this late rally?  Come back for part 7.