Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Heart Squad (part 1)

This the story I wanted to enter into Literotica's Valentine's Day short story competition.  I didn't finish it in time and it isn't finished now.  I seem to have a problem finishing stories at the moment, which is rather vexing.  So, I'm going to do as what some nice soul in the comments suggested - start posting what I have as a serial here in the hope that will provide the impetus to get the rest done.  The first parts will be pretty slow with uneven breaks as this was originally intended as a 5-6K word short story rather than a serial with classic cliff-hanger hooks.

As a quick aside, I'm not going to abandon my current playthrough series of Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2].  Currently my write-up has caught up to where I am in the game and I need a bit of breathing space to get ahead again.  If all goes to plan I'll get back to it next week and run it alongside this.

The Heart Squad (part 1)

Piotr Kurtzburg didn't expect to receive cards and chocolates on Valentine's Day.

He certainly didn't expect to receive cards and chocolates hand-delivered by a statuesque bombshell of a model.

Her visit caused quite a stir in the office.  A six-foot-tall, jaw-droppingly beautiful woman walking around in nothing more than a longcoat and sexy lingerie was not a sight the average British office worker expected to see on your typical miserable and overcast February morning.

"Happy Valentine's Day from the Heart Squad," she said to Kurtzburg before handing over an oversized card and heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Dumbfounded, Kurtzburg just accepted them.  He was blown away by her appearance.

One.  She was really tall.  Taller than Kurtzburg's five-ten.

Two.  She was still perfectly proportioned despite her height.  She had a perfect feminine physique—full hips, fuller chest, and long long legs.  She also had big big hair.  It was red—flame not ginger—and complexly coiffured in a style Kurtzburg hadn't seen since the kitsch sci-fi films of the sixties.  Her smile revealed perfect white teeth.

Three.  She was clearly wearing nothing more than underwear beneath her longcoat.  It was pink, frilly and sheer enough for her nipples to be visible beneath.

That alone should have been enough to have her stopped long before reaching Kurtzburg's desk.  Except...

Four.  She had overwhelming presence.  This was the hardest to explain.  Not only did she look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, she also had this aura that flooded out of her and subsumed all around her.  She seemed the sort that had the chutzpah—and looks—to blag her way into anywhere.

What Kurtzburg couldn't understand was why she was here for him.

When he'd finally gathered enough presence of mind to stop gawping at her like an open-mouthed yokel, he said, "I think there's been some mistake."

"Are you Piotr Kurtzburg?" she asked.

Kurtzburg gave her a slight nod of affirmation.

"Then there's been no mistake.  Happy Valentine's Day."

For one awful moment, Kurtzburg thought she was going to perform a striptease for him right there and then and in front of the entire office.  Under other circumstances, Kurtzburg might have been okay with this.  He was your typical sex-starved male nerd and her body was extraordinary.  But not here.  Not with the whole office watching.  Not with his cheeks almost burning as brightly as her hair.

Instead she dipped her head forwards and kissed him on each cheek, continental style.  On the last kiss her head slid on until her sumptuous lips were level with his ear.

"See you later," she whispered.

Then she turned on the spot and walked away, leaving a very befuddled Kurtzburg standing there with his mouth open and holding a heart-shaped box of chocolates.  He was still surrounded in a cloud of her perfume.  Faint traces of it stayed with him for the rest of the morning.

to be continued

Monday, February 19, 2018

Hentai Game Review: Monster Girl Labyrinth

Dieselmine have a new Monster Girl H-game out, Monster Girl Labyrinth:

I must confess to being pleasantly surprised by this one.  (So much so, I felt motivated to write a review on it.)

I know, I know.  It's Dieselmine.  So many times their games have looked to have promise, only for them to half-ass it with some questionable design choices.

So it's a surprise to see them make a straightforward monster girl battle-fuck game that gets the basics right.

Yep, they put the animations in the right place this time.  Previous game Monmusu Conquered World had some nicely-drawn succubus/monster girl sex animations, but the actual fights were standard RPG battles and the Bad Ends were static CGIs.

Monster Girl Labyrinth is more like ROBF.  The "fights" are more accurately described as fucks, and the monster girl is animated as she... ahem... battles to reduce your CP (or whatever the HP equivalent is) to zero.  The animations are fairly standard Photoshop-style puppeting, but it's effective and I've said many times before how much even a little bit of animation improves the H-scenes of these games.

The scenes are pretty good.  For most of the girls there appear to be two variants depending on whether your TP (gauge on lower right of screen) is positive or negative, and a third linking them together if you click yes when the monster girl offers to do nice things to you.

Taking the harpy as an example.  Her standard move is to rub your cock between her rather lovely butt cheeks.

Harpy foreplay (I think we can win this one)

Once she gets your TP below zero it's time for full intercourse.

Getting hot and heavy (We're losing...)

Sometimes she'll give you a yes/no option.  Selecting yes allows her to use a more extravagant "attack" that adds an additional cute little butt wriggle while she has you balls-deep inside her.

Oh fuck yes! (We lost)
(I may have conceded at this point).

Thankfully, there is very little stupid filler this time around.  All the girls get animated (and voiced) battle scenes, regardless of whether they're standard mooks or bosses.  Overall there are thirty separate encounters, which, while nothing compared to MGQ's massive monsterpedia, is still a decent amount for this type of game.

A delightful menu of depravity

The encounters vary in weirdness from more vanilla elves and wolf girls (kobolds) to... well...

Based on KC's Gazer, in turn based on D&D's Beholder (I think!)

If you liked Aradia from Monmusu Quest: Paradox, MGL also has it's own booby monster:

Falling into an actual literal booby trap

The other game art is pretty good as well.  Each of the regions you pass through looks fairly distinctive and I love the pixel art of the fast travel screen.  It gives me a real nostalgia vibe of old pixel platformers like Ghouls'n'Ghosts.

Fucking your way to the top, fantasy-RPG-style

Now for the not-so-good stuff.

The gameplay is, as typical for Dieselmine, fairly shallow.  I was unable to hook and translate the game, but was still able to breeze through it in around 4-5 hours.  Selecting basic attack and drinking a healing potion whenever your CP gets low will get you through 90% of the game.  It's also not always clear what's going on in the battles.  I get that I'm doing "damage" to them through numbers on the screen and their CP bar decreasing, but I don't have the faintest clue how it is happening.

At one point this review was going to be a lot different as for most of my playthrough the animations didn't work.  Then the game crashed and when I started it up again I realised what I was missing (as the giant slime girl inserted me headfirst into her pussy).

I can't comment too much on the story as I had to play through this one without machine translation.  I think the plot is you investigate some disappearances in your village, fall into a pit and then have to fight fuck your way through various monster girl territories to return home.  Along the way you bump into a cute witch and cute bunny girl and the main boss is some kind of fairy.

Also, the ending is not quite the ending.  Two of the monster girls (including the booby-trap girl) and a boss are post-credits content that can be found by selecting the 4th option on the menu after completing the game.

Overall, this is much better output from Dieselmine and close to what I want to see in a battle-fuck game.  I would put the animated scenes/battles as slightly above ROBF, but not quite up to the gorgeous shikibus in Succubus Prison.  It's a shame Dieselmine's recent track record has been fairly mediocre, as I suspect the game would have generated more excitement had it been made by anyone else.  I was very close to skipping this one altogether (as I did with Cornelica).  Don't be put off by it being from Dieselmine.  I think this one is pretty good.

Of course, if the reason you don't like Dieselmine is because you prefer more meat (i.e. a massive story like Monster Girl Quest, or fairly intricate RPG mechanics like ROBF and MQ: Paradox) on your hentai RPGs, this is not going to change your opinion.  It's still a shallow experience, but an enjoyable one.

I wouldn't mind seeing Dieselmine go back to the better Violated Hero games and revamping them with these newer animated battle-fucks.  Animated Milfy, ooh yes please.

Quick aside on other things.  Unfortunately I appear to still be in a state of complete disorganisation.  Expect things to be a little spotty here while I sort my shit out.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 46: Fairy's Isle


<- Previous: The Open Open Seas

It’s time to take the battle to the monster girl queens.  We’re starting with the Elf Queen for the simple reason the elf and fairy monsters appear earlier in the library than the other three races.  At this point, I’m not sure difficulty matters a great deal.  My Luka hit the level cap many blog posts ago and has mastered nearly every job under the sun.  I only put him in the party now as bait for some of the bosses (which is Luka’s one role in life, to be fair).

The Fairy Isle is just off the coast of Magistea village.  Weirdly, the wandering monster girls out the location are the generic late game encounters of vampire girl and tiger girl.

The dungeon location is the tree in the centre of the forest.  It’s split into three sections – south, north and central.  We enter in the south.  Going either west or east will lead to opposite ends of the north region.  The central region is accessed via vines leading down at the midpoint of the north region.

The dungeon is pretty by JRPG standards, but it’s also mazy, long, and a little tedious.  Unless you’re using the various instant kill combos (which are not guaranteed against some enemies), the fights are way more of a slog than they need to be.

I’m glad I didn’t devote a blog post to the monster girl invasion of each city.  As expected the monster girls hanging around this dungeon are the same new monster girls we saw menacing Grand Noah.

So we get muscly Elf Amazonesses (not entirely sure the ‘ess’ is necessary, game):

Right proper amazons for yer

Gigantic-boobed gigantic girls:

As big as your... you

Extremely stretchy Trick Fairies (you’ll figure it out) and Carbuncle:

A fairy and a... I give up, your guess is as good as mine

I have no idea what carbuncle is.  She has green fur, that weird red eye thing and an extremely suspicious pink orifice in her fluffy tail.

Unsurprisingly, her Bad End move is to vacuum up all of Luka’s cum with her fluffy, sucky tail.

When the fluffy tail fetish goes too far

Gigantic Girl is technically of the elf race.  When I checked her request moves back at the castle after recruiting her, I thought she’d be catering to the giantess vore fetish.  This appears to be a bug in the game.  Her request options are the typical “Predation” and “Predation?” as used for most of the more vore-y girls, but don’t correspond to her actual scenes.

The first is a rerun of her temptation move to bounce Luka around between her ginormous boobs.

Boing boing

The second is to use Luka as a makeshift dildo.

Good sex toys are hard to find when you're this size

Luka does come from this, but then he’ll come from just about anything.

Her giantess scenes will come as a pleasant surprise or disappointment depending on your own personal fetishes (I’m easy—show me big boobs and I’m happy).

The various elf and fairy NPCs we run into do not approve of Queen Elf’s aggressive campaign against the humans.  A possible cause of it is hinted by the elf NPC who can be found next to the vines leading down to the central region.  She describes it as a cloud of malevolent energy hanging over the island.  Or rather, centred on the world tree located to the northwest.

Is this more interference from the shikibus sisters?

The central region is a big lake with green walkways looping around to a central region in the middle.  This is where Queen Elf can be found along with various NPCs.

The centre of Fairy Isle

Currently the NPCs are hostile and refuse to talk to scummy humans.  A couple of them appear to be the blacksmith and merchant, so I suspect they’ll turn friendly and this will become another warp location once we’ve beaten some sense into Queen Elf.  You can also find Queen Fairy here.  She’s getting treatment for the beating we dished out to her in Grand Noah and will stay out of any more fighty stuff.

First, it’s time to take down the boss – Queen Elf:

Queen Elf

Queen Elf is an elf and the elves of MGQ are vulnerable to pleasure attacks.

Or you could just have Alicetroemeria double cast prominence until Queen Elf is crispy-fried...

(I really hope we don’t have to fight her at some point.  She’s only level fortysomething and still way stronger than virtually all my level 60 characters).

After defeating Queen Elf, it’s time for the usual let’s-have-peace conversation.  Queen Elf claims she’s doing all this to protect her territory and race.  Alice calls her out for her isolationism—she never made any effort to sit at the table and talk to the other world powers.

Then there’s a twist.  Two emissaries of Queen Alraune—a walraune and dryad—teleport in.  Queen Alraune has gone over to Black Alice’s side, which shocks Queen Elf as Queen Alraune is supposed to be completely neutral on these matters.

“Black Alice is showing her hand.  How interesting,” says our Black Alice.

I’m really curious to see what happens when she and the other Black Alice finally meet.  What will we get—a grand loon off?

Anyway, it’s time for history to repeat itself.  In the original series we had to spring to Queen Elf’s defence right after beating her, and it’s the same here.  The plant girls think this is a good opportunity to take her—and us—out.

Walraune—“Ha.  You’ll be weak after that battle.”

Um Walraune.  You are a plant girl and plant girls are weak to fire, right?  So I have to ask: Did you not see the inferno mage double casting tier III fire magic?

This fight was not long and grindy.

Dryad watches the turn one incineration and decides she’d rather be elsewhere.

Afterwards Alice talks about the malign influence from the world tree that appears to be affecting everyone here.  Queen Elf casts some magic to purify the island and finally comes to her senses.  This renders all the NPCs friendly and they now serve up various bits of background information.

There is some talk about an elf princess in the mountain region in Yamatai.  She appears to be a bit of a shut-in and those elves don’t have anything to do with these elves.  I suspect we’ll not be seeing her until part 3, which is rather unfortunate as she’s the one holding the job change item to unlock the advanced hunter job.  Another elf tells us Queen Alraune is holding the job change items for Dancer and Minstrel.  Both the merchant and blacksmith are unlocked now, although the blacksmith needs raw prism material to unlock the next tier of equipment.  That can be found in the world tree.

Queen Elf and Queen Fairy will talk to us, but both are still bashed up to be recruited just now.  I think we have to go and deal with Queen Alraune first.

But before then, the game drops a few strong hints that we should go back to Grand Noah and collect a reward from Quuen Noah for pacifying the elves and fairies.  This is a good idea as Queen Noah gifts us the God Worker’s Soul.  This is the job change item required to unlock the advanced orator, doctor, chef and maid jobs.

This is also a surprise to me.  I didn’t think we’d unlocking the third tier of jobs until part 3.  I’m wondering what progression TTR is leaving himself for part 3—maybe the advanced monster girl race unlocks?

Anyway, that’s the Fairy Isle segment done.  Next up we’re off to the world tree to find out what’s up with Queen Alraune.

-> Next: World Tree

(Yes, I know my update schedule has gone a little haywire of late.  Please bear with me while I try to get my now very late Valentine’s Day succubus fuckfest story finished.)

Monday, February 12, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 45: The Open Open Seas


<- Previous: Demon War

After fighting off the four monster girl armies, it’s time to head to Grand Noah to plan out the next move.  That seems to be to take the battle to the four queens.  There is a slight problem with this.  We know where the mermaid and arachne bases are.  We don’t know where the elf/fairy and vampire bases are.

Ah, that would be because they’re on the other side of the big stone gate at the Navy HQ blocking off access to the outer ocean.  Queen Noah mentions she’ll have a word with the Admiral.  This opens the gate, which surprises me as I didn’t think we’d be entering that part of the world map until MQ:P part 3.

Before we head off to the great open ocean, there are a few bits of info to process.

There is more mention of the rainbow material required for the next upgrade.  That can be found on the elf/fairy island.  I also remember the machine/computer girl with a zillion Bad End CGIs from the original series being found there.  I wonder where TTR will fit her in with Paradox, or most of the chimeras from MGQ Chapter 3 (although I think most of us would be quite happy if he happened to forget about the catoblepas girl).

They also talk about Helgondo and the demon king castle.  Heinrich got there through a tunnel, which is now collapsed.  Alice tells us to research the orbs.  We have 2 of them already.  If I remember right, the four queens have the other four.

So, off to the open seas we go (warp to the Navy HQ and you’ll see the gate is gone, if you were wondering where to go).  This is a massive open area that encompasses the rest of the world map, although a lot of it is just empty ocean.

New area means new monster girls.  There are four new ones here, and they’re also all brand new rather than repeats from the original series.  (Presumably because we never went to the open ocean in the original series.)

Grown up lickle sea horse girl and... nope, nope, nope

There is a shy sea dragon girl.  She appears to be the intermediate stage between the cute lickle sea horse girls (I’d love to see someone make plushies of Arekishi’s cute creations and for them to be distributed and bought with people having no idea of their true origin) and Admiral Leviathan.  Despite their shy exterior, they are more than capable of making mincemeat out of any party once they start calling down Poseidon’s Lightning.

The other common monster girl is another type of sea anemone girl.  I think.  My university-level Biology is failing me on trying to determine which marine organism she’s been spliced with.  She’s also odd in that you’d guess she was another of MGQ’s many monster girls catering to the vore fetish.  She has an attack that gobbles up party members.  Her Bad End starts like this:

You dun fucked up, Luka lad

And moves onto this:

Yet another vore end...?

Normally this would be the point where Luka scoops his bones out of the puddle of his digested remains before heading down to Hades for reincarnation.  Except sea anemone girl doesn’t actually digest him.  She holds him inside while milking out all his semen forever more.  A nice vore end?  What madness is this.

There are two other new monster girls, encountered slightly less frequently than the other two:

She's very horny

Narwhal girl.

Manta bewbs

And manta girl

Manta girl is another Arekishi, hence the enormous boobies.  Her temptation move is to climb on top and squeeze out all of Luka’s seed with her soft, tight pussy.  Given that it’s Arekishi, it’s not a surprise to see her Bad End is a paizuri scene.  She wedges Luka’s cock between her giant tits and takes him for a swim.

Getting taken for a sex swim

Squeezed between those enormous boobies, Luka comes again and again.  Luka is not quite bottomless, so after she’s squeezed out all his seed all over her big boobs, manta girl swims him off into a future life as her helpless semen slave.

So where do we actually go in the open ocean.  And boy is it open.  There are quite a few new locations and little islands to find, and some are easy to miss.  I was anal enough to traverse the entire map, and I believe this a comprehensive list of all the places.

First up we have the missing monster queen bases.

I managed to miss the vampire base at first and then mistook the castle for the demon king palace in Helgondo.

Vamps r here

It’s a medium-sized island roughly north-west of Yamatai Village.  Most of it is surrounded by mountains apart from a cove on the west side.  We’ll be visiting there later when we go fight the vampire queen.

The elf/fairy isle is west and slightly south of Magistea Village.  We’ll be heading there next.

Elves and fairies

The world tree is on its own island slightly to the west of the elf island.

The world tree.  Currently not accessible

If you remember the plot of part 1, you’ll know we need to visit here in order to pick up a cure for Queen Harpy.  Unfortunately, this area is not accessible at this point as the entrance is blocked by a Walraune.

Also not accessible are the two northern continents.

Helgondo is surrounded by mountains.

No way through here

There is a small cove on the south shore where a boat can land, but as stated earlier, the tunnel leading into the interior is blocked by rubble.  As with the original series I suspect we’re going to need to summon the God Bird in order to fly over.

The snow continent is also surrounded by impassable mountains.  There is a tunnel entrance accessible on the north shore and this even takes us to a location screen.

The way into the snow continent... at some point in the future

But it’s all a tease.  As with the elf mountain near Yamatai Village, we can only go so far before being teleported back to the start.

Also close to Yamatai Village is this little conundrum of an island.

Unreachable, for now

Yup, we’re going to need air transport to check those two villages out.

In the middle of the big ocean, roughly north and in between the mimic island and world tree island is a very small island with a lost polar bear girl on it.

One lost polar bear girl (I thought she was a jellyfish girl)

I’m guessing this is connected with the snow continent, but doesn’t magically remove the blocking teleporter just yet.  However, the polar bear girl’s Bad End scenes are in the pics folder for the game, which suggests the snow continent will get unlocked at some point in MQ:P part 2.

Another small, easy to miss island is present in the north, between the vampire base and Helgondo.

This one is easy to miss

This is another cryptic location similar to the abandoned camp location found in the inner sea.  The only thing on this island is a stone monument.  It talks about some children that were lured away to a circus and some of their bones, but not all, were recovered later.  Very creepy, as Sonya puts it.  Maybe this is a reference to La Croix’s zombie queen circus, but I don’t remember her gobbling up kids unless her Paradox incarnation is a lot more evil.

Lastly, there’s the mimic isle, which—as the boxed girl told us in the lava mines—can be found east of the harpy village.

Mimic isle.  Perfect for grinding Job XP and small medals (or payback for all those times a surprise Mimic wiped your party)

The NPCs describe it as a paradise for mimics and where they hide from the outside world.  Every pot and chest is some form of mimic here.  This location seems here for grinding rather than plot.  It’s one of the few places where mimics spawn randomly, so this is where you can recruit them or fill out the gaps in your library if you haven’t already.  It’s also a very convenient spot to grind both Job XP and small medals (Hmm, I should probably go and cash those in with the medal queen at some point).

And that, I think, is everything in the open open seas.  Let me know in the comments if I missed anything.  Next up we’re off to confront the elf queen.

-> Next: Fairy's Isle

As an aside, I know people are concerned about this series and my original fiction being mutually exclusive, in that working on one prevents working on the other.  I’d like to reassure them that the Valentine’s Day story is still being worked on.  Perversely, I unblocked the moment I realised I wouldn’t make the deadline.  I now have 3.5K words typed up.  There are four hungry succubi in that story, so there is still a lot more sex to write!  I will try to get it finished and posted ASAP.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Update on Valentine's Day story

As you may have already noticed, I did not make the deadline of the 6th.


Still some productivity and deadline issues at my end.  Things I'm trying to work through.

Unlike last year (where this happened for both Literotica's Nude Day and Halloween contests), I'm going to carry on working on this story until it's done.  Ironically, the moment I realised I wasn't going to make the deadline was the moment I unlocked to get back to work on it again.  Ideally I'll have it finished by Valentine's Day, but given my current complete lack of reliability I'm not making any promises.

Patreon is obviously off the table for the moment.  I'm not going to ask for people's money until I'm confident I've resolved my current issues.

The plan is still to write myself back into form with short stories on Literotica.  That was what worked for Succubus Summoning 101 and 201.

Apologies and thanks for your patience and understanding.

Friday, February 02, 2018

Slight pause on Monmusu Quest series

I'm coming up to the deadline for Literotica's Valentine's Day competition.  I think I've got a sweet succubus story, but it's a little longer than I anticipated (four succubi, they all want their time in the limelight!).  So I'll be throwing everything at it to try and get it finished by the 6th.

I'll get back to regular posting as soon as the story is done.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 44: Demon Invasion


<- Previous: Succubus Village (alt)

We were in an alternate world, hanging out with one of the great heroes of the past (who coincidentally happens to be travelling with one of the worst villains) when we got a message all heck was breaking loose back in Luka’s world.

One harpy feather later and...

Our newest recruit

What is Black Alice doing with us?  She got sucked into the warp and followed us back into our world.  Fortunately, she seems quite tickled at the prospect of going up against the demon armies and joins the party.

This is probably for the best.  As a party member, she’s fairly OP.  Despite only being level 40 or so, she has access to the tier 3 Black Mage jobs and her trait is to double-cast black magic.  With the right gear and stat bonuses, she can dish out a helluva lot of damage.  So yep, it’s probably a good thing she pitched in on our side.

She is also a bit... not there.

I think someone recommended keeping her in the party for her comments.  I concur with this.  Alice is a fruit loop.  All hell is breaking out around her and she talks about tea parties (before dishing out five-digit damage double fireballs).

I think I can say I’m on team Black Alice at this point.

Originally, I was going to break this part into four posts covering each city, but I think it’s time we push on and get this series done before part 3 comes out.  Also, while there are plenty of new encounters, I’ve a strong reason to believe we’ll be seeing them as regular encounters in other locations (for reasons that will become clear later).

Right.  Grand Noah, San Ilia, Sabasa and Grangold are all under attack.  Technically, it doesn’t matter which order you do them in, and at one point I did get confused as to which was the first (I may have rushed to the other cities to see what new monster girls were around to “play” with).  The monsterpedia is fairly helpful here.  It lists the new monster girls in the order elves, mermaids, spiders, vamps.  So we’ll start with Grand Noah (which is where we warp to after the distress call comes in anyway).

Grand Noah is under siege by a combined army of elves and fairies.  The random encounters are various low-level elves and fairies we’ve seen in previous locations.  They’re still at the same level and therefore not really a problem.  Also present are various fixed encounters where the monster girl character sprite is visible and usually in the process of molesting some unlucky (or lucky) townsfolk.

The giantess girl in the town square is fairly hard to miss.

I wonder who we're supposed to fight...?

There is also a carbuncle girl (I’m guessing this is a fairy-tale reference) molesting a priest on the bridge to the coliseum.  These are one-time encounters.  There are also recurring encounters (respawns every time you come back to the city) with new girl Elf Amazoness and original series Trick Fairy.

I’m not going to put Bad End details here just yet as I suspect we’ll be running into these girls again.

Various routes, including the road to the coliseum, are blocked by mass fighting.  You’ll need to head towards the castle where you’ll find the androgynous-looking Queen Fairy marshalling her troops from behind the lines.

Sweet child of the 60s

Queen Fairy was a boss fight in the original series that specialised in sending various lewd plants into Luka’s pants.

The boss fight managed to drag out for an age because my party is effectively Alicetroemeria, Luka and a ragtag punch of other characters I’m running through the Maid job to pick up the value-oriented Job XP +50% ability.  After this I did some switcharounds because I didn’t want every fight to take thirty minutes with the risk of a party-wipe if they managed to nail the one character capable of actually doing anything.

What happens after beating Queen Fairy is a bit of a surprise to me.  In the original series she tag-teamed with Queen Elf and I was expecting that fight to follow this.  Instead Queen Fairy calls back her army and vacates the city.

Hmm, I suspect we’re going to have to track her back to her home turf.  That mountain outside Yamatai?  Although Queen Fairy and Queen Elf were located on their own island in the original series, if I remember correctly.

Anyway, that’s Grand Noah clear.  Time to move on to San Ilia.

San Ilia is under attack from the mermaids.  I think this is a slight change to canon as the mermaid queen attacked Port Natalia in the original series.  Once again the wandering monsters are various mermaids from previous locations.

The new encounters are the mermaid general from the original series and a new mermaid knight.  There is also a mini-boss encounter blocking off the route to whoever is leading the mermaid encounter.  This is new girl Lorelei.  She offers to give us a nice bubbly bath massage, which is rather tempting...

Bubble bath soapy massage?  Sign me up!

Oh well, that’s what save’n’reload is for.

Leading the army is the mermaid princess from the original series – El.  She gets blasted back by a cannon and we confront her in the central square.

The littlest mermaid

Alice knows her mother has a hatred of humans from a Little Mermaid thing that didn’t work out too well and is sad that hatred has been passed down to her daughter.  El wants to prove she’s good enough to be next queen, which means beating us and taking the city.

Beating El is enough to call off the assault.

Now I spot the trend.  The deputies are leading the armies while the real queens are being held back as the inevitable boss fights in their own bases.  Unlike with the elves/fairies, I know where that is for the mermaids.  It’s on the road from Plansect to Gold Fort.

That’s two cities cleared.  Next is Grangold and spiders.

Again the random encounters are various spider girls from MQ:P [part 1].  There is a new type wandering around with their own map sprite (and also fighting the golem in the town centre).  They are a group of very kitsch arachnes drawn by the same artist who did the succubus harem.  I like them and like their Bad End and will be sure to show it off when we “lose” to them in the arachne base.

The deputy boss fight is more like a deputy boss rush as we fight first the tsuchigumo and then two of the arachne lord from the original series.  Unlike the elves and mermaids, the spider queen is here in person.  But we don’t get to fight her.  After we defeat the arachne lords, the spider princess shows up at the entrance to the castle.  She’s looking for the King of Grangold, who isn’t in the castle because it got blown up in the fight with alt!Tamamo.  The king is currently in his temporary warehouse HQ.  He emerges to blast away a few of the rank’n’file arachnes.  This draws the attention of the spider princess, who jumps over for their epic boss battle.

Hey, star of the story over here.  Shouldn’t you be fighting us, Miss Muffet?

We get another new spider girl to fight against instead – Atlach-Nacha.

A titty spider to go with the titty flies?

Woo, Clark Ashton Smith ref.  Atlach-Nacha was the spider god in one of his weird stories – “The Seven Geases”.  That story can be read here, but I wouldn’t get your hopes (or other parts) up.  Atlach-Nacha is male and conventionally monstery here.  A gender-flipped version did show up in an Alicesoft visual novel (that was porny).  Funny to see a Cthulhu mythos monster (that isn’t Cthulhu or a shoggoth) show up in such things.

I did have a “The Seven Geases” porn-parody type story/novel on my todo list.  Maybe that could be the original fiction serial I follow this series with?  (Spider girls, snake girls, one huge slime girl, plus one hapless protagonist.  Probably good for a laugh.)

Goddamn it, so many ideas.  So totally disorganised when it comes to writing them.

Anyway, back to Atlach-Nacha and... that’s a lot of tits.

Despite the fearsome name, she doesn’t even get proper boss music.  She does have a lot of tits, though...

She exploited our weak point...

I don’t think Atlach-Nacha is meant to be any kind of boss.  If you fight her properly rather than throwing the fight to see what she does with those many tits (she uses them to squirt aphrodisiac silk around Luka until he’s all cocooned up and spurting his life away in her cunt), you’ll find out she’s vulnerable to status combo tricks like trance/intoxicating pitcher and can be beaten in one turn.

In keeping with the previous two cities, we don’t get to fight the queen of the race as Spider Princess calls a tactical retreat.

That’s three cities clear.  We also get a new recruit as King of Grangold joins the party afterwards.

Last is Sabasa.  I’m a bit hazy on this one as I did bits of it out of sequence.

As you enter the city, Sara will run off citing a need to defend her people.  We have to take the slow way through Sabasa fighting vampires along the way.

Or rather, one vampire, as the only non-Loli-Bandit vampire we’ve seen so far is the generic vampire girl found in Grangold Desert.  She is joined by other non-random encounters – Conquista and Vendetta.  Later on we also get the Setouchi-special Elder Vampire.

There are two mini-boss fights required to free Sabasa.  Carmilla and Elizabeth show up from the original series.

Do you think they'd say yes to a threesome?

Carmilla is fought at the half-way point, which unlocks the way to fight Elizabeth deeper in the city.  Elizabeth has Sara trapped by what looks like a horde of vamps.  She taunts Sara by telling her she’s going to enslave the whole country.  At which point Sara reveals her heritage as the daughter of the sphinx.

Oh hello, does that mean we’re going to get Succubus Sara.

Oh yes.

That's the Sara we've been waiting for

After blasting away the minion vamps, she rejoins the party for the boss fight.  Again it’s like the previous three cities.  Defeat the lieutenants and the invasion is called off.  I guess the game is saving the vampire queen for the vampire base, wherever that actually is.

That’s all four cities saved.  So it’s time to return to Grand Noah to plan the next move... which we’ll do next post.

But before then, we might as well get to know Sara’s new succubus body better.

Totally worth a trip to Hades

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