Friday, May 22, 2015

Okasare Kenny 1-2: Sulpa

A little later than planned, but still technically the next day.  I think.

1-2: Sulpa

Heart thudding in his chest, Ken pushed the door open and stepped inside.  On the other side was a short corridor with a thick red drape at the end.  He remembered he was still wielding his sword and that marching into someone's front room with a drawn sword probably sent out the wrong impression.  He found a sheath attached to the belt around his waist and sheathed his sword.  He kept his left hand close.  The moment he saw a misplaced wrinkle or the slightest point of a fang this bad boy was coming straight back out again.

On the other side of the curtain was a luxurious waiting area.  The air was warmer inside and thick with a heady blend of incense.  The source of the heat was a large fireplace tucked into the far wall.  Jos sticks were positioned around the room and sent out hazy tendrils of perfumed smoke.  The floor was carpeted in thick furs and piled high with plump cushions in pastel shades of pink, red and purple.  An ornate hookah stood on a low table near the door.

Evidently they weren't kidding around with that partaking of pleasures thing, Ken thought.  Add a few dusky maidens dressed in nothing more than billowy see-through robes and he'd be able to fool himself into thinking he'd just walked into one of those decadent harem palaces of yore.

Currently it was a very empty pleasure palace of yore.  No dusky maidens in simmering gowns.  No grossly overweight, bald merchants ogling them.  No lantern-jawed heroic types being all manly while ogling them.

There was only Ken Parker-Stone, possible demon-slayer extraordinaire.

Hmm.  What did he do now?  Put his feet up and wait for the demon to come along and attempt to seduce him into offering up his throat?  At the moment there was a noticeable absence of both sexy seductions and throat attacks.

Silvery bells tinkled deeper in the building.  After a short pause a curtain on the other side of the room swished aside and a dusky-skinned, dark-haired maiden who blew away all of Ken's fantasy images of dusky-skinned, dark-haired maidens entered the room.

"Greetings, weary traveller.  I am Sulpa," the gorgeous dusky-skinned, dark-haired maiden said.

Okay.  This was sexy seduction and some, Ken thought.  She didn't really have to do anything.  Sex appeal oozed from her pores.

It also helped she was practically naked.  Or at least, might as well have been.  The billowy blouse and veils she wore were so gossamer-thin and transparent they might as well have not been there.  Beneath them her skin was the colour of creamy coffee and looked so smooth Ken felt a primitive longing to slide his hand over her curves.

And what curves she had.  Her chest and hips bloomed out in contrast to her slender waist.  She definitely had one of those improbable figures horny videogame artists liked so much, only it couldn't really be classed as improbable fantasy when the real thing was standing before Ken in the flesh.  It was flesh with next to nothing left to the imagination either.  Her dark nipples, clearly erect, were visible beneath her gauzy blouse.  The only part of her body not visible to Ken was the intimate part between her legs.  That was covered in a tiny triangle of darker material lined with filigree gold chain.

Her face was just as gorgeous as the rest of her body.  Black hair fell on either side in luxuriant waves.  Her lips were lush and achingly kissable.  Her most devastating feature was her eyes.  They were picked out in thick black kohl and smouldered as they stared at him with an intensity that made him feel like he was the sole focus of either a forever-burning passion or all-consuming hunger.  Or both.  Sulpa was not a woman who felt the need to hide her desires.

She also did not feel the need to hide what she really was.  Ken had expected to only see her demonic features when she transformed to attack him.  Sulpa entered the room already transformed.  She wore her demonic features out in the open.  Ken saw horns, wings and a tail.  They all had the same gossamer insubstantiality as the veils that failed to hide her flesh.  Her horns looked like they were made out of glass threaded through with twinkling stars.  Her wings and tail were the same.  As with Celestrico, Sulpa's additional features complemented and added to her exotic appeal.

Calm it, Ken thought.  Remember why you're here.

For all he knew, maybe she transformed from demonic to even more demonic when she got close enough to strike.

"Rest your weary feet, traveller," Sulpa said in a voice as smooth as a sensual caress.  "I will dance for you."

Ken settled down on one of the soft cushions.  Sulpa moved to an open area and began to dance.  Ken didn't know much about dance and couldn't identify what kind of dance it was.  Her movements were slow and languid, and seemed designed to show off the supple perfection of her form.  Gauzy veils floated around her in a hypnotic swirl.  Her wings, also see-through and delicately beautiful, functioned as additional veils sweeping and swirling around her gyrating form.

Throughout it all her dark, smouldering eyes remained fixed on Ken.  They, and the smooth economy of movement of her dance, ignited fires in his blood.

Remember what she is.

(might be)

Okay, so this was a lot stronger than flashing a bit of tit or ass.  Her dance mesmerised Ken.

He didn't realise how much she had captivated his attention until he realised she'd approached close enough to him for a perfumed veil to swish under his nose.  She danced closer still—bending her pliant body towards him.

She's going to fang you in the neck! a voice screamed at the back of his mind.

Panicking, Ken propelled himself backwards.  He failed to jump back to his feet and instead collided with the back wall, dislodging a piece of artwork from the wall.  He landed awkwardly on his ass, but just about managed to get his sword out of his sheath and wave it in the direction of the demonic dancer.

Sulpa stopped dancing and looked at Ken with a stunned expression.  Then understanding dawned on her face.

"You're here because Celestrico sent you, aren't you," she said.

She moved away and took a seat at the low table.

"What story did she use this time?  Let me guess, she told you I was an evil succubus that sucked the souls out of unfortunate travellers."

Sulpa sighed.  She gestured to the far side of the table.

"Come, sit down.  There are some things you should know."

to be continued...  (probably tomorrow, but also probably later rather than earlier)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Okasare Kenny 1-1: Sulpa

This is my experiment in live(ish) writing a new novel/serial.  It starts here with Chapter 0.

1-1: Sulpa

"Right, our first target is Sulpa the Succubus," Celestrico said.

"Target? You make this sound like an assassination mission," Ken said.

"Well, d'uh.  What part of 'slay the demon queen and all her vile lieutenants' did you not understand?"

"I know, but when you put it like that it sounds so... I dunno... cold-blooded."

"Oh don’t worry, it will be plenty hot-blooded enough for you when you're fighting for your life."

Ken wasn't sure he liked the smile Celestrico gave him.  He liked the prospect of 'fighting for his life' even less.  Whatever he'd been before he'd lost his memories, he was fairly certain 'fighting for his life' had not been an everyday part of it.  Once again he wondered how the hell he'd been selected for this crazy quest.

"A succubus?" he said.  "Isn't that some kind of sex demon vampire thing?"

He dimly remembered them from various fantasy-themed videogames.  They were usually demon women with improbably voluptuous figures and a predilection for wearing very little.  Sort of like Celestrico, now that he thought about it.

"That's right," Celestrico said.  "Physically Sulpa isn’t very powerful.  She will try and avoid a direct confrontation if she can.  If she's forced to fight, she will fall back on her charm and seduce skills to confuse and ensnare her opponent.  She's a succubus, so she can appear extremely tempting.  A strong-willed hero should be able to resist her wiles, though."

Assuming he was a strong-willed hero, Ken thought.  It was battle enough to avoid staring into the creamy pink chasm of Celestrico's exposed cleavage every time they talked.

"Overall Sulpa isn't very strong.  That's why I picked her as your first boss fight.  You should have no problems overcoming her."

Even Celestrico was using videogame terminology.  This world couldn't be as it appeared, Ken thought.

They had left the hill behind and descended down into a lush, fertile valley.  The air was considerably warmer and more pleasant down here.  Sulpa's 'lair' was an elegant house located on the side of a path that had broadened out into a road.  The building was positioned as though it was a roadside inn.  The d├ęcor spoke of another, less salubrious, function for the house.  Red lanterns hung from the eaves.  Fancy pink silks billowed in the heart-shaped windows of the first floor.

Yeah, had to be a whorehouse for sure, Ken thought.

"She tempts unwary travellers and feeds off their life force," Celestrico said.

"I see," Ken said.  "So she's like one of those sexy vampires.  She gives some poor sucker a flash of her ass or titties and then when they get close enough... rawr! she sinks her fangs in."

Celestrico watched his mime of biting someone in the throat with amused bemusement.

"Yes, but it's not that mouth you should fear," she said.

"So what's the plan?" Ken asked.  "I charge in there..."  He wanted to say 'guns blazing' and that reinforced just how wrong this world was.  If he knew what a gun was, why wasn't he carrying one of them around instead of this trumped up kitchen knife?  "...sword swinging?"

"No.  She'll see you coming and flee," Celestrico said.  "You'll need to turn the tables on her.  Make her think you're one of her usual victims so you can get up close and... rawr!"  She mimed stabbing someone with a sword.

"Sounds like a plan," Ken said.

He left Celestrico and walked towards the entrance to the inn-cum-brothel-cum-evil-succubus-lair.  What he didn't tell her was that he also had another plan.

As he tightened the grip on the hilt of his sword and approached the door he felt discomfort rise within him.  He expected that.  He was walking up to a house, sword in hand, with the sole intent of murdering someone inside.  If that didn't weird him out he'd be worrying about his mental wellbeing to be honest.  Whatever he'd been before that damn arch had eaten his memories, it wasn't a ruthless killer.  Every instinct told him this was wrong, a bad thing to do.

Unless, of course, Sulpa turned out to be the monster Celestrico had said she was.  He had no qualms about shoving his sword through her guts if it was that or let her rip his jugular out.  That was different—him or her, kill or be killed.

This was where his other plan came in.  It was the same as the other with one crucial difference—he wouldn't attack anyone inside until he was absolutely certain they were a threat.  He still didn't know whether he could trust Celestrico.  He wasn't about to attack of opportunity Sulpa only to find out he'd just run through an innocent and perfectly harmless young woman.  Nope, he'd wait.  The moment she went all Klingon-face and tried to fang him in the neck... that's when he'd shove his sword through her guts.

There was a sign above the door.

Rest a While and Partake of our Pleasures, Weary Traveller.

Yep, knocking shop for sure.

The door was slightly ajar.  He put a hand on it and his confidence evaporated.  Was he really going to walk into the presence of something that might tear his throat out at any moment?  Armed with nothing more than an overgrown penknife?  He definitely had qualms about that.  Lots of qualms.  Shit fucking tons of qualms.

Heart thudding in his chest, Ken pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Hmm, I think Kenny might have got his mythical monsters mixed up here.  To be continued tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Okasare Kenny 0-3: Celestrico

0-3: Celestrico

"I am Celestrico," the girl in blue said.  "I am to be your guide on this holy mission."

A down stroke of her wings floated her up off the rock on a gentle puff of air.  She gracefully landed on the path before Ken and gave him a little bow.

Ken blanched.  Definitely not human.  Not human in the slightest.

"My guide?  But aren't you... I mean... you look like a demon.  No offence."

Celestrico shrugged.

"It's the rules.  The questing adventurer must have a guide.  And you're going to need all the help you can get.  Standing in your way are thirteen of the most depraved and perverted beings in all creation."

Celestrico gestured to a thick expanse of cloud hanging above the path before them.  Hazy shapes formed in the mist like images projected onto a swirling screen.  He saw a parade of demonic figures flicker by.  It was a perverse assemblage of the grotesque and the arousing.  He saw gorgeous curves and the kind of kinky outfits normally reserved for hardcore German S&M porn.  Juxtaposed with that were body parts that were the wrong shape, in the wrong place, or in the wrong number.  Or even from the wrong species.  He glimpsed tentacles, a scorpion's tail, vines covered in thorns.  Some of what he saw was so alien as to defy all description.  The images flashed by too fast for Ken to get a good look, but slow enough to make a mark on his memory.  He might not be able to recall them now, but they would return to him in the deepest depths of either wet dream or nightmare.

The last was a looming shape as ominous as a thunderhead.  Ken saw nothing more than a black silhouette and yet it filled him with a sense of visceral dread.  And also—to his shame—a weird kind of perverse arousal.

"Wait, what!" he protested.  "I thought you said I had to slay the demon queen.  Who are all these others?"

And why were they all female?  And what the hell was this boner doing in his pants?

Celestrico sighed.  "You can't just walk up to the front gate of the demon queen and challenge her.  You won't stand a chance.  No, you must take out her lieutenants first.  That will level you up enough to be able to face her."

"Level me up?" Ken said.  "You make this sound like a computer game."

That was more evidence to Ken that this world was wrong.  He couldn't remember who he was, but he remembered a world of cities, technology and computers.  It was not a world where people used swords to solve problems.

"This is stupid," Ken said.  "Why send a single fighter instead of an army?  I'm going back to recruit more people."

Celestrico's eyes widened.

"You can't do that," she said.  "You're their chosen one.  If you turn down your calling they'll have you killed."

Fucking great.  How the fuck had he ended up in this position?  Surely he hadn't been dumb enough to volunteer.

"You shouldn't think so negatively," Celestrico said.  "I'm certain you were selected for a reason.  There are hidden powers within you.  And with me as your guide nothing will stand in our way."

"Why are you so keen?" Ken asked.  "Aren't you a demon too?"

Celestrico flashed him a vulpine smile.  "I'm a demon with ambition.  Each high-ranking demon you slay creates an opening for others to move up the ranks."

So much for the holiness of the cause, Ken thought.  At least she was honest.  Knowing she had a sensible motivation for all this, even if it was selfish, made him more confident she'd do her best to help him.

Help him.  Did that mean he was really going to go through with this insanity?

Did he have any other choice?

His memory was fucked.  He didn't have the slightest clue what was going on.  Until he got a better idea he might as well follow her for now.

The fact she had the nicest ass he'd ever seen might have contributed to his decision.

"Okay, lead the way," he said.

"Not yet," Celestrico said.  "There are protocols we have to follow first.  What is your name, brave hero?"

"Ken.  Ken Parker-Stone."

"Mighty Kenny.  Your righteous quest to slay the demon queen and rid the land of her evil begins here.  May your bravery carry you through to glorious victory."

Ken was amazed she was able to deliver that with a straight face.

Next up, Chapter 1: Sulpa the Succubus...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Okasare Kenny 0-2: Celestrico

0-2: Celestrico

"I take it you are on a quest to slay the demon queen."

"I am?"

"Why else would you be carrying that?"

The girl with the blue hair nodded down at Ken's left hand.  He looked down and realised his hand was wrapped around the hilt of a sword.  The blade shone like polished silver.  The weight and balance was perfect for his hand, and yet it still felt out of place—a foreign object grafted onto the end of his arm.

Ken looked down at the rest of his body and saw he was wearing a light tunic cinched at the waist by a plain brown leather belt.  On his feet were a pair of open-toed sandals.

No wonder he felt cold.

"This doesn't feel right," Ken said.

His outfit seemed a little queer… archaic.  It was the kind of dress only worn by someone in an old-fashioned swords'n'sandals movie.  Was he in cosplay as well?

"Yep, it is rather stupid," the girl in blue said.  "Every so often the frightened citizens of the human lands nominate a brave adventurer and send them on a quest to rid the world of the malevolent demon queen."

"That sounds dumb," Ken said.  "Why send a single person?  Why not send an army?"

The girl in blue shrugged.  "Beats me.  It must be some silly prophecy or something like that."

Ken looked doubtfully at the sword in his left hand.  Did he even know how to wield it?

"I don't think I would have agreed to this," he said.

"No-one said they had to be a smart brave adventurer," she said.

She glanced away.

"Actually, that might be a disqualifying attribute," she said to herself.

Ken looked doubtfully at his sword and then at the girl with blue hair and horns.  She did look sort of demonish.  She had horns.  She had wings.  She even had a slender blue tail with a spade-like tip.

Her tail kept attracting his gaze and unsettling him.  It took a while to click why.  The tail was doing something no inert piece of cosplay should be able to do—it was moving of its own volition.

If her tail was real, then it meant those horns, wings and bright red eyes likely weren't costume either.  And if they weren't costume then it meant this situation was even more fucked up and weird than it first appeared, as there was a real, actual demon girl sitting in front of him.

And if she was a real, actual demon girl and he was on a quest to slay the demon queen...

"Um, are we supposed to fight or something?" Ken asked.

The demon girl rolled her eyes.

"Pulease.  Do I look like a fighter to you?"

She had a point there.  She did not look like a fighter.  Given the amount of flesh her costume was displaying, another profession did spring to mind.  Ken pushed that thought to one side out of politeness.  That didn't stop his imagination throwing together various explicit images.  He was a young, healthy man after all, and—demonic features aside—the girl with the blue hair was seriously fucking hot.

"I am Celestrico," the girl in blue said.  "I am to be your guide on this holy mission."

A down stroke of her wings floated her up off the rock on a gentle puff of air.  She gracefully landed on the path before Ken and gave him a little bow.

Ken blanched.  Definitely not human.  Not human in the slightest.

to be continued...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Okasare Kenny 0-1: Celestrico

And it begins, a new little writing project for here while I wait for my muse to come back on the other, more important, writing projects.

Okasare Kenny

0-1: Celestrico

...and emerged on the other side.

Ken Parker-Stone paused.  Whoa, what had just happened?

He was standing on the side of a hill, somewhere near the top.  High enough to scrape the undersides of thick, fluffy clouds.  Grey mist billowed around him.  The air was damp and slightly chill.  Weather-beaten rock formations loomed out of the fog on either side of a seldom-travelled path.

Okay, what the fuck was he doing here? Ken thought.

He looked behind him.  The path carried on beneath a worn stone archway that stood alone on the side of the hill.  Whatever structure the arch had once belonged to had long since fallen to rubble.  It stood alone.  Its stones had been scoured by the elements and were covered in lichen.  The whole arch listed to the side like a battered hero—mortally wounded yet defiantly refusing to fall.

The mist was thickest beneath the archway.  Ken couldn't see through to the other side.  The same thick fog shrouded his own memories.  He tried to recall how he'd got here or even what he'd been doing moments ago.  Nothing.  The fog between his ears was just as impenetrable as the fog beneath the arch.

At least you still remember your name, he thought—Kenneth Parker-Stone.  And who are you and what are you doing here, Ken Parker-Stone? he thought.

He turned away from the arch and saw he was not alone on the path.  A few metres further down an attractive woman in bright blue clothing sat on a flat rock next to the path.  She spotted Ken and gave him a friendly wave.

Ken waved back.  He walked down the path towards her.  Maybe she knew who he was.

Maybe she'd also been brought here mysteriously, same as him.  She certainly wasn't dressed appropriately for hiking up the side of a hill.  She looked like she'd just stepped out of a fancy city-centre party, possibly one with a fetish bent.  Her long, frizzy hair was dyed bright electric blue in colour.  As bright as her hair was, her outfit—what little there was of it, as it was skimpy and covered little of her flesh—was brighter still.  Shiny blue rubber was stretched taut across her chest and formed a V as it covered her crotch and little else.  She wore thigh-high boots and elbow-length gloves made out of the same glossy material.

She must be freezing, Ken thought.  Much of her cleavage was showing as was a circular patch of her flat stomach.  As good as it was at emphasising her gorgeous figure, it was not an outfit for hiking up hills on a damp, chilly day.  Not that she seemed bothered by the cold air at all.

Ken paused as he approached her.  There were horns growing out of her voluminous electric-blue hair.  They were long and swept back in an elegant curve like the horns of a goat.  What he first took to be a coat or cape resolved into folded up bat wings—dark blue in colour—behind her back.

Was he dreaming and her some fantastical manifestation of his sleeping imagination?

And a fucking smokin' hot manifestation at that.

No.  The mist might have leant his vision a dreamlike haze, but all his other senses told him this was real.

A word for her appearance entered his mind—cosplay.

What she was doing in cosplay on the side of this forsaken hill was anyone's guess.

What he was doing on the side of this forsaken hill was anyone's guess.

"Um, this is going to sound really weird," Ken said.  "Do you know me?  You see, I think I might have slipped and banged my head.  My memory is all messed up and I don't remember how I got here or what I'm doing up here."

"That'll be the arch," the girl in blue said.

Ken noticed her costume also extended to contact lenses that made her eyes the colour of glittering rubies, or freshly-spilled blood.

"There's enchantment on the stones to cloud the memories of all who pass beneath," she explained.


"It makes you forget," she elaborated.

"Forget what?" Ken asked.

Why would he want to step under an archway that made him forget?  What was it he wanted to forget?

Why was he even taking her words at face value when they were obviously crazy?

"It's a purification ritual," the girl continued.  "It's to remove all impurities from the mind so there's nothing for her to latch on to and exploit."


"It's the first step for all embarking on a quest to slay the demon queen."

Her words weren't getting any less crazy, Ken thought.

"I take it you are on a quest to slay the demon queen."

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Introducing: Okasare Kenny

Coming soon on this very blog:

Okasare Kenny

Ken Parker-Stone is on a quest.  That’s what Celestrico, a sexy devil girl with blue hair and bat wings, tells him.  She’s his faithful guide on a holy mission to slay the demon queen.

Ken doesn’t trust her.  This world feels wrong.  It feels like a videogame.  Worse, it feels like a hardcore Japanese hentai videogame.  Ken needs to find a way out.  This won’t be easy.  Standing between Ken and the exit are thirteen of the most depraved and perverted monster girls in the universe.  And they want to do some very bad things with Kenny.  Naughty things.  Perverted things...

Slight change of plan.  I was going to jump back into the world of Jackson in HRPG-World, but this idea has been straining at the back of my head for a while.  Rather than fight it, I thought I’d let it leap, gibbering, into an unsuspecting world (and at the moment I’m up for trying anything to get back to a regular writing schedule).

This is my attempt to out-Violated Hero Violated Hero.  Or even out-Xelvy/Delphinus Xelvy/Delphinus.  Let’s see what the little black cells can come up with when given free reign.

As I’m going to try to pin myself to a daily schedule in the same way I wrote my Let’s Play series of Monmusu Quest: Paradox I reckon the pressure and strain will induce the required level of insanity after a couple of weeks.  Should be fun.

ETA: And the first part is now up 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Monster Girl Hentai Game Round-up: May 2015

Unsurprisingly, the focus of my attentions has been on Monmusu Quest: Paradox for the past couple of months.  Now I've completed that I thought I'd take a very brief look at the all the other monster girl hentai games that had the misfortune of coming out around the same time.  I don't know which, if any, of these I'll take a more detailed look at, but they're the ones that looked the most interesting when I did a quick search for either "monster girl" or "succubus" on

Peniban Quest

Get your tags sorted developers.  This didn't show up in my "monster girl" search but has been on my radar for a while as a few people have brought it to my attention when it was both in development and then when it was released.  From the artwork succubi look to feature and from the description there also look to be plenty of sexy Bad Ends where a hapless hero is sexually dominated by hawt monster girls.  The usual filth we like to cover in other words.

Definitely looks interesting.  Another RPGmaker-type game, but the artwork looks good.  There are CGI sets floating around on the net in the usual places if you want to look.  From those it looked a bit more heavily BDSM-oriented than similar games.  That will either be a turn-on or a turn-off depending on tastes.  My own tastes on BDSM usually fall like this - the typical dominatrix look is incredibly sexy, but I get bored very quickly if the activities (flogging, bondage, humiliation, etc) are substituting for actual fucking.  I don't know where this game falls on the humiliation vs. actual fucking scale.

I'll probably give it a look anyway.  If it's really funny/sexy/interesting I might Let's Play it.  In the blurb they mention about 20 hours play, which is a light snack compared to MQ:P.

Card Quest 2

This one has also been on my radar for a while.  It's not the usual filth as it features a female protagonist and is heavier on the vore than actual fucking.  I'm a big fan of Camel's artwork though.  They've created some sexy (if more-than-a-little carnivorous) monster girls in the past, and this looks like more of the same.

The original Card Quest was also a perfect example of how to abstract game mechanics when you have limited resources.  Whenever I think about the doomed Monster Girl Quest 3D project I'm tempted to discipline its developer in the same way as discipling a puppy after it's just crapped on the carpet - rub their nose in CQ screaming, "This is how you do it when you don't have the resources of a massive software house, fool!"


An action platform game in the vein of Ghouls 'n Ghosts.  The player controls a succubus as she blasts and fucks her way back to the top.  It's a pixel sex game and the graphics looked fine from what I saw in the demo.  A reviewer at Lewdgamer didn't think too much of it though.

Whenever I see a game like this I always wish I was controlling a hapless hero being jumped on by hordes of sexy succubi and other monster girls rather than being the succubus.  It's another taste/turn-on vs. turn-off thing.  I doubt I'll pick this one up. but it might be of interest to some of you reading.

Monmusu Big Breakout

This is a point'n'click game I think.  The player is a helpless mage left behind at the mercy of three different monster girls and has to solve the puzzle of how to escape their clutches.  The concept sounds interesting enough although I didn't really have a clue what was going on in the demo.  Art seemed fine.

The Demon Returns! Being A Hero Won't Exempt You From Ruin

Monster Girl Quest was such a big success every protagonist in a monster girl hentai game has to look like Luka now, I guess.  This one promises lots of dominant monster girls and a big focus on paizuri (titty wanks).  I know nothing else about it other than it looks like another RPGmaker clone.  Looks okay (and just okay) from the art and sounds like it has a variety of enemies from the description.

Glyde in the Age of Dream Demons

Another RPGmaker game, another Luka-clone protagonist.  It's a battle-fuck game and one of the things I like the sound of is that coming isn't automatically game over.  I like it when games put the sexy stuff in the fights rather than just in the Bad End on losing.  Unfortunately, the artwork doesn't really impress and I didn't find the demo that enticing.  If the writing's good and inventive it might be enough to overcome any deficiencies in the art department (games have managed it before).

Rakuen Iseki no Limulilim

There's also another game out from the same people that made the excellent Paradise Fortress of RePure Aria.  I'm not sure this game has anything to do with succubi, monster girls or sexy Bad Ends. If it's anything like it's predecessor it will likely have gorgeous pixel art though.

This what I thought looked interesting.  I'll see if I can get some detailed reviews of some of these up in the next week or so.  If there's anything I've missed (likely because it isn't on, let me know in the comments below and I'll see if I can find it.