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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 28: Grangold Throne Room

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Are we excited?

When Toto Toro Resistance revealed the new major characters for Paradox, I was really looking forward to seeing what naughtiness the shikibus sisters got up to.  I was disappointed we never got a Lilith scene in part 1, but I think the wait is finally over.  We were teased with her showing up at Mephisto’s school (where we got cactus spine vagina instead), but I’m pretty sure she’s waiting for us upstairs for epic succubus sexy times a boss battle.

So let’s go!

Sitting on the throne is indeed Lilith.

Finally, we meet at last

She’s the one responsible for the magical field smothering the whole country under a blanket of lust.

Oh wait, actually she isn’t.  While we’re talking to her she reveals (as Alma Elma suspected) she doesn’t have the power to corrupt the whole country this way.

Huh.  Then who is?


Tamamo!?  I thought you were supposed to do the Big Damn Heroes moment on our side.  And why aren’t you sealed in your loli form?

Alice realises this isn’t her Tamamo.  This an alternate Tamamo from another reality that’s been consumed by darkness.

So we’re not fighting Lilith after all.  Awww.  New alt!Tamamo is fairly hot to be fair.

Boss battle time!

And by boss battle, I mean total curb stomp.  At least, unlike the Erubetie battle that caught me off guard earlier, we’re not supposed to win this one.

This is because it’s time for the real Tamamo to arrive for her Big Damn Heroes moment.

The real Tamamo

She breaks her seal to reveal her true form, completely surprising Alice in the process.  Ah, yeah.  Alice wouldn’t be aware of what happened in the original series.  Her tutor, Tamamo, is not a descendent of the six legendary demon spirits, she is one of the six legendary demon spirits.  She only walks around in loli form most of the time because the bulk of her power is sealed away.  However, she can break it for short periods and let her true power out.

Like now, versus her evil (more evil?  No, I think just evil.  Tamamo’s character has been fairly consistently “good” throughout the series) alternate reality counterpart.

While the two Tamamos slug it out, it looks like we get the undercard bout versus (yay) Lilith.

As befitting her status as a top succubus, Lilith is pretty strong on the pleasure side of things.  At any particular moment I think half my party was either seduced or helplessly writhing on the floor in the grip of orgasm.  Like Alma Elma, bring Lilith along to any social gathering for an instant orgy.

Her temptation attack is to shove Luka’s face between her big soft boobies.

Must... resist...

Not going to lie, was mightily tempted.  Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason, I neglected to save before this fight, like way back to before the sewer system level of neglect.  So, as much I wanted to forget everything and bury my face in Lilith’s more than ample bosom, I also really didn’t want to go back all the way to the beginning of the sewers.

(This becomes hilariously ironic for reasons you’ll find out about at the end of this post.)

Afterwards, I went and sought her out in the boss refight room on the second floor of Ilias’s temple for “safer” sexy times.  This time we let our face stay between her big soft boobs and she uses her succubus energy drain to suck out all our resistance.

Resistance (okay HP) declining rapidly

Resistance gone (there wasn’t much of it to start with, to be honest), she switches to sandwiching our cock between those big soft boobs.

It's in there somewhere

Lots of plump squeezing happens and in no time at all our “energy” is fountaining out all over Lilith’s splendid tits.

Lilith draining our energy (messily)

It’s all fun and games until somebody ends up a dried fish.

There was one odd thing that did happen in the rematch.  At some point Lilith randomly opened a conversation (as some bosses do, even if raising their affection is pretty much meaningless AFAIK) where she told Luka that her sister, Astaroth, rather fancied him, and what message would he like to send back to her.

Oh my.  I suspect Luka is going to get one hell of an epic fucking from those three in MQ:P [part 3].

But that’s way off in the future.  First there’s getting past this fight.  I’d like to say I used guile and tactics, but I suspect it’s probably because my Luka is around ten levels higher than he should be.  If you want to fight Lilith at a “fairer” level, I’d advise bringing a party of succubi with seduction/climax protection and levels in black magic (The pyromaniac imp, Rami, is probably perfect here if you’ve levelled her up enough).

After Luka defeats her, Lilith acknowledges he’s pretty powerful.  Not 100% on this as the machine translation seemed a little wonky, but she seems to suggest to alt!Tamamo that they should bring Luka on board with whatever long-term scheme they’re running.  alt!Tamamo isn’t so keen on that idea, so Lilith leaves.

While we’ve taken care of Lilith, unfortunately things are not going so well in the main event clash.  our!Tamamo can only break her seal for a short period of time and that time is running out.

That means it’s time for yet another Big Damn Heroes moment.  This time it’s Nero and Neris teleporting in.  They have no illusions as to alt!Tamamo’s power, so there’s no kidding around here.  They morph straight into their max-power forms.

Luka, your kids have grown up

Yeah, they’re blatantly Luka and Alice’s kids from an alternate (probably the original MGQ) reality.

They warn that letting out this much power will likely bring down the whole castle, so there’s nothing more we can do except leg it while the twins join forces with our!Tamamo.

Once the dust settles over the ruins, everyone is safely out.  Neris, Nero and our!Tamamo join us by the castle gate.  They survived, but alt!Tamamo managed to escape.  On plus side, so did Alma Elma.

(And Ilias, but I don’t think anyone cares about her.)

So that’s that.  A segment packed with juicy plot.  Six legendary demon spirits from another reality appear to be the power behind the shikibus sisters.  Where Black Alice fits in all this, I have no idea.  She’s always been one to run her own schemes.

For the moment, we appear to have fixed the Grangold situation.

And this is where the hilariously ironic part comes in.  So far MQ:P has been fairly generous with avoiding the typical Lost Forevers of other, more famous, JRPGs.  You’re always free to revisit previous locations in search of monster girls you might not have recruited yet.  Grangold castle – and its sewers – appear to be an exception to this.  As far as I know – and I might be wrong on this – you can’t re-enter the sewers or castle after the Lilith/alt!Tamamo battle.  So, if you want to recruit the cute fox girls and not-so-cute black golems wandering around these locations, you need to do it before confronting Lilith in the throne room.

Which means I’m going to have to go back to the save game before the sewer entrance after all.  Sigh.

See you next time (You’d better be worth it, cute foxgirl waifus…)

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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 27: Grangold Castle

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We are in Grangold Castle.

Mission: Assassinate Queen Ant and remove her malodorous control over the king and country to prevent a great war from engulfing the whole world.

Are we feeling heroic?  Let’s get to it, and not be distracted by the...

This was not the monster girl type I was  expecting...

...fluffy tail?

The wandering monsters in Grangold’s castle are all kitsune.  What are fox girls doing here?  I thought Grangold’s thing was ant girls and dolls.

Hmm, I smell shenanigans.

There are three brand new kitsune monster girls to play wi— ahem, fight.  Two of them are the 3- and 4-tail varieties we last saw as NPCs guarding the gate to the fox shrine in Yamatai village.

They seem to be ninja and samurai specialists respectively.

4-tail is the samurai.  She’s also accompanied by a little fox spirit type thing.  Her Bad End is to wrap a fluffy tail around our cock and shove it up into her vagina.  Samurai 4-tail likes it hard, rough, and very very fast.

The little fox spirit is worried she might be wearing out her future husband

She makes Luka come, come, and come again while screaming “more”, “more”, “more!”  I think you’re going to break Luka here.  The little fox spirit seems to agree with me as it(she?) warns the kitsune that she’s going to wear out her husband if she’s not careful.  Just one more then, fox girl says, before fucking out another ejaculation.

Miraculously, Luka manages to survive this hi-energy fucking.  His fate is to return to the fox village to become samurai kitsune’s husband.  I think that qualifies as a good Beyond the End, providing he gets in enough samurai endurance training to keep up with her.

3-tail kitsune belongs to the path of the ninja.  This means she’s learnt various forbidden vaginal arts and is eager to try them out on Luka.

The pussy of every kunoichi is a deadly weapon...

The first is some kind of squeezing technique.  We do not hold out very long against it.  The second is some kind of spiral technique, where the flesh of her vagina winds around our cock like a snake.  Nope, we don’t hold out very long against that either.  The third is a special tubular squeeze technique, where she uses her vagina to pump out the mind and spirit of her partner.

Uh oh, that’s the problem with MGQ ninjas.  Some of their forbidden vaginal techniques are succubus-level lethal.  Oh well, Luka.  At least it’s a good way to go.

Pump, pump, and then... release?  She could, but she lets her vagina relax and Luka’s cock slide out rather than pumping his life out of him.  Instead she takes him back to the fox village, where she and all the other fox ninjas can try out their sexy techniques on him.

Aw, how unexpectedly sweet.  Gor bless you, Tamamo, you’ve raised your fox gals well.

(Unlike some other *cough* elves *cough* races we could mention).

The third type is a more bestial type of Kitsune that looks like a mini-Nanabi.

We'll stick to the 3- and 4-tail kitsunes, thanks

I think we’ll pass on her bedroom moves.  We already have Nanabi.  The scratch marks sting like a bastard for days afterwards as well.

Now for the story.

The castle, weirdly, looks more like a prison with various people, including our spies, locked up in cells.  And what are all these kitsune doing here?  Is Tamamo behind this somehow?  That might explain why she’s in such a funk back in Yamatai village.  She might not agree with the orders to manipulate Grangold into going to war with everyone.

Going upstairs reveals what we already could have guessed.

Innocent and behind bars

Queen Ant has nothing to do with all this.  She’s also locked up in one of the cells.  She tells us that Lilith usurped her and is currently controlling all her ant daughters.  This is sort of expected, but then why the kitsune?

Also locked up is Ilias and friends.  Get a fourth party member, Ilias.  She’s been forgotten and is on the verge of fainting.  Sigh, I guess we’ll have to rescue you.  Again.

Down the east stairs and back to the first floor is another familiar character behind bars.

Innocent (haha LOL!) and behind bars

Poor Alma Elma.  I guess that fight with Morrigan and Astaroth did not go too well.  They might have captured her, but Alma Elma tells us she put both Morrigan and Astaroth out of action in the process.  They’re off elsewhere recuperating.  Alice is surprised Alma Elma held her own versus two of the legendary succubus sisters.  The thing is, I don’t think anyone knows how powerful Alma Elma actually is, because she can’t be assed to fight seriously most of the time.

Thanks to her, we only have Lilith to oppose us.

Or maybe not.  Alma Elma thinks the magical “lust” field covering the kingdom is too much even for someone of Lilith’s strength.  She thinks there might be someone else, even more powerful, behind it all.

Uh oh.

(And again.  Why kitsune?)

The action skips back to Lazarus and Merlin, where they’re struggling with the altered King of Grangold.  And then a mysterious helper steps in to lend a hand.  Hmm, that looks suspiciously like Earth magic.  Has Tamamo finally emerged from her funk?

Come back next week to find out.

(Sorry.  I just couldn’t resist.)

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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 26: Grangold

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Bloomin’ Hell, the Marching Hills were aptly named.  That was one hard slog.  But we’re finally through the pass guarded by the golem army and into central Grangold, where the capital lies.

Before we get to Grangold City, there is another one of those camping night scenes where we can go around and talk to all the various storyline characters.  At this point we seem to have accumulated a fair few of them.

These camping sessions are getting crowded

Undine is imitating Lime as a joke.  Leave the poor country slime girl alone.  Eva talks a little bit about the succubus village.  Apparently she’s banned from returning there for some reason.  (The other comedy aspect to Eva’s character is how all the imps are determined to not end up like her.)

Mephisto has perhaps the most interesting snippet.  At first she acts the prim and proper schoolmistress, as if this nothing more than a school camping trip with unruly pupils.  It’s kooky enough to be likable.  Talk to her around the campfire and she gives a little bit more background.  She says she is helping out Luka and company to help out Grand Noah, because the Demon Queen ordered to help out Grand Noah.  Perversely, this help is now going towards stopping what’s happening in Grangold, which is also the cause of the Demon Queen.  Alice asks Mephisto if she’s okay with this obvious contradiction and Mephisto seems fine with it.

My reading comprehension of Japanese is non-existent, and so I’m incapable of picking up crafty nuance, but I wonder if Mephisto is using all this as a loophole to oppose a plan she disagrees with.  We already know the four heavenly knights aren’t happy with the orders they’ve been given and following orders that contradict the main scheme to the exact letter would be one way of rebelling without technically being seen to rebel.  I don’t know how accurate this is, as Mephisto also seems quite fanatical and not bothered by the resulting destruction all-out war would cause, but it would give her character a lot of interesting depth if this was the case.

Moving onto Alice, and she mentions that the cloud of magical “lust” smothering the whole of Grangold is beyond Queen Ant’s abilities.  She suspects the involvement of the Lilith sisters.  Then she teaches Luka an axe skill I suspect I will forget and never use for the rest of the game.

In the city the people are really suffering from the effects of the lust cloud.  Several have collapsed.  The party fools the ant girl patrols wandering around by pretending to also be under the influence of the lust cloud.

As with Goddard, there’s not a lot to be done here as all the NPC have been rendered mindless zombies by the magical influence.  The battle fucker is also locked in her house and refusing to see any visitors.  (This pleases Sonya as she does not approve of Luka frequenting these ladies.)

We need to meet another contact, who can be found in the bar.

As always, the pub is the place to go

In yet another twist, it turns out to be Lazarus.

The real Don Father

Lazarus is the real Don Father.  Merlin, who is also present, was only pretending to be in charge when we bumped into him in Grandeur.  Lazarus’s men have infiltrated the city and planted a bunch of bombs.  These aren’t targeted at civilians as Lazarus says they need to win the support of the populace after overthrowing Queen Ant.  The plan is to use all the explosions as a distraction and then infiltrate the castle through the sewers.

When you’re ready, go up and talk to Lazarus again.  He and Merlin will join the party and begin the quest.  Sonya asks if it’s okay for Lazarus to join in on all the adventure stuff considering his arm is busted.  He tells her he’s a gun specialist now.  As he says, it doesn’t take as much effort to pull a trigger.

NOTE: This is another ‘locked-in’ story quest.  Once you begin it you won’t be able to teleport and do other things until the quest is complete.

Right, now that we’re on that path, it’s time to go to the entrance to the sewers.  They can be found here:

The secret sewer entrance

This is blocked off normally, but as we’re locked into the story quest, it’s open now and Lazarus leads us into the sewers through a secret door while bombs go off around the rest of the city.  The sewers are another dungeon location.  Again we get yet more of the ant and automata girls.  At least there’s one brand new monster – black golem.

A new doll to play with

Her “temptation” move is to open up her body and attempt to swallow Luka into it.

Um, can we stop playing now?

I think that’s less a temptation move than a grab and gulp.  And gulp she does.  Luka vanishes into her black stuff with only a forlorn wave of a hand to remember him by.

I don't like this game

MQ:P doesn’t always do a good transition from Loss by Temptation to Bad End and this is one of the more egregious offenders as Luka somehow ends up back outside black golem’s body for his finale.  I suppose that means she gets to swallow him again.

No, this doesn't make it bett-  Ooh, that feels good.

At least this time she’s nice enough to give us a big sloppy blowjob before absorbing us into her black interior.  No happy Beyond the End this time.  Her interior is her “reactor” and she’s powered by squeezing out the life energy of any man she absorbs.  alt!Luka gets a few euphoric orgasms before becoming a flat battery.

The tech down in the sewers is fairly advanced, but not as advanced as the secret lab.  Promestein speculates that they’ve been doing a fair bit of research into makina as well as magic.

Just as we’re about to leave the sewer, King Grangold puts in an appearance.  Alice notices he seems way too powerful for a mere human.  Merlin and Lazarus move to take him on and he promptly reveals his non-human nature by transforming into some kind of chimera.

A monster... dude?

What?  Monster Girl Quest has monster dudes now?

Lazarus and Merlin stay back to hold him off while we climb a ladder into the castle.  There’s no need to worry if you had them in your party proper as we’re followed up the ladder by one of those NPCs that act as a mobile inn/party change point.

And that’s that for Grangold and its sewers.  Next up we forge our way into the castle proper in an attempt to find out what’s up with the country.

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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 25: Marching Hills

<- Previous: Great Poison Swamp

After a completely arbitrary detour through the Great Poison Swamp in order to pick up Mephisto, it’s time to continue the journey to Grangold.  There’s the little matter of getting past that golem army.

Yep, I can see how this would be considered an obstacle

This is where Mephisto comes in.  So, what you got?

Mephisto performs some kind of magic ritual and all the golems crumble to dust.

Um, yeah.  That works.  I guess.


Then it’s a long and torturous route through the hills.  And I mean long and torturous.  I think it’s around 11 or 12 screens of JRPG maps.  I’m not sure what Toro Toro Resistance was thinking here to be honest.  Did this area really need 11 or 12 separate maps for what is essentially a straight path?

The maps alternate between underground and overground sections.  The underground sections are populated with the same ant girls, automata girls and paizuri dolls that showed up in Gold Fort, albeit in greater numbers.

Hint: you probably want to keep your more flammable waifus at home for this, as squads of four paizuri dolls are quite common and they have pretty nasty flamethrower attacks to go along with their big tits.

(For some reason I have a mental image of a paizuri doll firing out jets of flame from her nipples and it was so awesome I felt I had to share it.  There must be fanart of that somewhere, maybe in one of the 4chan /vg/ threads.  And if not, why not?  Get to it, art peeps.)

The encounters are different for the overground sections.  The one Grangold monster girl we haven’t seen yet, mud golem, finally makes an appearance.

Meme lovers rejoice.  The Maiden of Mud hath returned.

She will also likely be one of the most annoying wandering monsters you’ll have to face.  Best I can tell, she is completely immune to all the turn-one insta-KO strategies.  The Digestion status can’t be put on her, so the blobs can’t Blob Boa her.  She can’t be put in a trance, so the carnivorous plant girls can’t stuff her in their pitchers and be done with her.  I don’t think she can bound either, so lamias can’t use Swallow on her.  This just leaves regular damage and the enemies at this point have grown so damage-spongey, it’s a bit of a hassle.  I think I ended up running from her encounters unless I was trying to recruit her or get all her item drops.

The other two monster girl encounters are brand new harpies.

And something for the harpy fans...

Wing Harpy and Harpy Knight will likely be a welcome relief for those who prefer their monster girls to be of a more vanilla persuasion (especially after Plansect and Mephisto’s School of Nope).

So which one shall we have fun with?  Wing harpy’s wings do look rather soft and fluffy.  Now just to persuade the rest of the party to take a short break…

Her wings are very fluffy and she wraps her legs tightly around our back to hold us in place for the sexy times fucking.  Harpy pussies are tight and hers gets tighter until she’s coaxed us into emptying out a full load.

Do not disturb - Intense baby-making in progress

According to harpy law that now makes us husband and waifu, and she flies Luka back to the Harpy Village for more intensive baby-making.  Together, we have an adorable daughter and raise a happy little family (as well as having wild harpy sex every night).

Wait.  Are we sure this is the Bad End?

Oh well, I guess someone else will have to save the world.

I guess that falls to canon!Luka of this dimensional plane/reality.  Sorry bud, no happy harpy families for you.

At the end of this very long slog through the Marching Hills (that name seems appropriate now), we are faced with one remaining giant golem girl.

Like Mud Golem, but 'ard

She’s been upgraded to a full-fledged boss fight this time around, which makes sense.  It also ends up being a relatively easy boss fight as golem makes the foolish mistake of grabbing Luka early in the fight.  Luka-bait cheese is a decent strategy against most bosses, especially if he’s in a job that gives bonuses to HP.  While the healer concentrates on keeping Luka alive through escalating pleasure attacks the other two members have free rein to hit the boss with everything they got.

(This is another ridiculous one to visualise – a giant golem girl attempting to use Luka as a dildo while being blasted with various magic attacks.  Oh, if only Monster Girl Quest had the budget of a Skyrim or Witcher 3.)

With golem girl’s defeat that means we’re through the Marching Hills.  But before we return to the world map, the action switches to happenings elsewhere.  We’re taken to a cutscene where the forces of the alliance (coalition, or whatever it is) are marching directly on the King of Grangold.

Who are you again?

I feel like the character sprite should be familiar, but I really don’t remember much from this section of the original Monster Girl Quest.  Didn’t the original Arachne Princess try to eat him at some point?

I think she’d struggle this time around.  Something is not right with the king.  He takes a lance right through the heart and doesn’t even flinch.

I don't think he's human anymore...

He responds by obliterating most of the opposing army with lightning.  After that he mumbles something about “the queen is calling” and that he “must get back”.

A future boss fight?

We’ll see when we enter Grangold’s central region and the capital itself.

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H-space MGB Profile: Blue-Skinned Suckerboob

Name: Blue-Skinned Suckerboob
Type:  Amphibian
Habitat:  Wetlands.  Damp caves and tunnels.

An amphibian type of HSIO that looks like an attractive, voluptuous human woman with the skin of a frog.  Their skin colour—bright blue with mottled black blotches—makes it impossible to mistake them for a human being.  They secrete copious amounts of slime through their pores, which gives their skin a wet sheen as if they've covered themselves in oil.

They have other attributes that mark them out as non-human.  Instead of hair they have a membranous flap of skin that resembles a nun's wimple.  They have a short, stubby, wide tail that covers their ass.  Their hands and feet are webbed.

Attack Strategy:
The slime secreted by a blue-skinned suckerboob's skin contains several powerful psychotropic agents.  Exposure to it with naked skin will likely result in the subject being placed in a docile and highly suggestible state.  These substances can function as an aerosol if exposed to a concentrated dose, but the effect is much weaker than skin-to-skin contact.  In combat the suckerboob will attempt to bring as much of her body into contact with her opponent's exposed flesh and then wait for her psychotropic secretions to take effect and render her prey helpless.

Her 'mammary glands' are used for feeding and storage.  How she uses them depends on the sex of her prey.  For men, the suckerboob will suck his penis into her breast and stimulate them to ejaculation.  For women, the suckerboob will embrace them, wrap her nipple-mouths around their nipples and suck their milk.  The suckerboob's secretions also contain toxins that stimulate massive overproduction of either semen or milk, enough to empty her prey of all their bodily fluids.

(and soul?)

The psychotropic slime secreted by her skin is strong, but requires a degree of sustained skin contact in order to take effect.  Some people also appear to be immune to it, although as of yet we have not determined the cause of this.

Suckerboobs are still moderately dangerous without their mind-controlling slime.  Their appearance often catches men off guard.  They don't expect a voluptuous women of average height to be as fast, strong and agile as the suckerboobs are.  They can be challenging hand-to-hand opponents, and if they can get enough of a hold for their psychotropic secretions to take effect, they can win the fight in short order.

As with most earth amphibians, their main weakness is dry conditions.  Outside of a damp atmosphere their skin dries up.

(This is extremely painful to them and causes a great deal of discomfort.)

Threat Level:

Deceptively fast and agile, and with skin secretions that can render a person compliant and helpless if they come into contact with their flesh.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Blue-Skinned Suckerboob

"Left boob or right boob?" the blue-skinned woman asked.

Now that was a difficult question.  PFC Stewart Peter Bate couldn't decide between them.  They were both lovely, both perfect.  Her breasts were plump, round, lusciously swollen.  Each was topped with a perky nub of a nipple surrounded by a ring of darker areole.  The girl pushed them together, accentuating the deep cleft between them.   Her cleavage looked soft... inviting.

Bate ran a nervous tongue over his lips.  His mouth felt dry.

They were big.  Stripper big.  Big-as-your-head big.  So big you could nuzzle your nose between them and sink so deep you'd never come up for air again.  And Bate was fine with that.  He wanted to feel that silky-smooth skin against his cheek, feel their soft fleshy pressure on either side of his face, feel her rubbery teat between his teeth as he flicked it with his tongue.

Oh fuck, was he so turned on right now.  It was a good job he was naked.  His pants wouldn't have been able to contain the boner he had right now.  His current boner would have burst right out of them, or snapped in half trying.

Hey, when did he get naked?

Bate's brow furrowed.  He felt there was something he should remember.  It was one of those nagging little doubts that floats around but you can never quite pin it down.  Like thinking there was something you'd forgot while buying groceries at a store.  It kept fluttering out of reach in the back of his skull, avoiding his efforts to grasp it.

Fuck it.  Probably wasn't that important anyway.  Now what was important—her boobs.

They floated before him—big, soft, enticing.  Bate wanted to reach out and grab them.  Feel their weight in his hands, squeeze them between his fingers.  It didn't matter that they were blue.  It was the shape.  Oh God, that shape.

Please God, Bate thought.  Just one squeeze.

He reached out with open hands.

The blue-skinned girl batted them away with a giggle.  Her other arm wrapped under her ample bosom and held her breasts together.  She swung them out of reach of Bate's clutching hands.


She had big eyes with big black pupils that could swallow you up whole.  Such a friendly smile as well.  Bate wasn't used to that combination.  In the places he'd seen them, big round boobs like hers were usually accompanied by terse smiles and cold, hard eyes.  Grasping eyes.

The blue-skinned girl had such a friendly smile.  It made it easy to overlook the fact she had blue skin.  Or that she didn't have any hair.  Something hung down from the top and back of her head, but it looked like membranous flaps of skin.  It resembled a nun's wimple, except blue in color.  Blue like her skin, only darker.  There were strange blotches and patches of black skin visible on her naked body.  They kind of reminded Bate of the skin of a frog for some reason.  Her skin looked kind of moist like a frog as well.  Bate didn't mind that.  It looked like she'd slicked herself up with oil.  Slicked up her boobs so they were all shiny and glossy and oh fuck was Bate's boner so goddamn hard right now.

Bate was okay with her strange appearance.  She had a good reason.  She was an alien.

Oh yeah, right.  Bate remembered now.  He was on an alien planet.  It was so cool.

She was just your friendly blue-skinned alien babe.

That was right.  It was all chill. He and his buds hanging out with some sexy blue-skinned alien chicks.

Williams and Spann were standing over by the damp cave wall.  Crouched down between them with her back to Bate was another blue-skinned alien babe.  Her back was covered in blobby black squiggles.  Like someone had got blind drunk and tried to paint black lines down her back.  She had a tail—a wide, stubby flap of flesh that looked like a thick leather loincloth.  It covered the crack of her butt and most of the swell of her ass.  Bate thought this a shame.  From what he could see, she had a gorgeous peach of an ass.

From this angle it looked like she had a hand on Williams' and Spann's cocks and was alternating between blowing them.  Looked like it from Williams' and Spann's postures as well—muscles all tensed up, heads tipped back, eyes closed.

So lucky.

"My sister gets two because she's senior," the blue-skinned babe said.  "I could have had two as well, but he wasn't interested."

'He' was Sergeant Sullivan.  He was lying off to the side.  He wasn't interested because he wasn't feeling very well.  He was having a little lie down until he felt better.

Poor Sarge, missing out on all the fun, Bate thought.

Sarge's head lolled at a funny angle.  His tongue protruded from his open mouth.  He stared at nothing with glassy eyes.

The buzzing in the back of Bate's head grew louder.  He was sure there was something he was supposed to remember.  Man, it was really starting to bug him.

He jolted as the blue-skinned girl caressed his hip.  It was a pleasurable jolt.  Her touch felt amazing, even if he could see the webbing between her fingers.  She smiled at him coquettishly.

"You need to choose," she said.  "Right?  Or left?"

She lifted first her right boob, then her left.

It was a tough decision.

"Eeny, meeny, miney, mo..." Bate said, pointing at one lovely swollen globe and then the other.  "That one," he said as his finger ended up pointing at her left breast.

"This one?" the blue-skinned babe said.  She gave her left tit a squeeze with her webbed hand.

Bate nodded, a big shit-eating grin on his face.

She sidled up to him and rubbed her big soft boobs against his body as she lowered herself down to a crouch.  She looked at him with her big, moist eyes and pressed her left tit against Bate's rampant erection.  The pulpy soft flesh of her tit deformed as his iron-hard manhood pressed into it.  She wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and tugged on him while smothering the head of Bate's cock in her ample tit-flesh.

Big tits, so awesome, Bate thought.  Even if they were blue.  He reached down and fondled her other tit.

Still with her hand wrapped around the root of Bate's cock, the blue-skinned babe pulled her tit back.  The nipple inverted, became a rubbery ring rather than a nub.  The ring opened up to reveal a glistening tunnel of pink flesh.

The same happened with her other tit.  Bate was exploring the rubbery lip of the freshly opened orifice when his finger was drawn inside and sucked on as if a mouth had opened up in her tit.


Bate's brow wrinkled.  He'd never seen a tit do that before.

The blue-skinned babe caressed his butt cheek with a warm hand.  Bate looked down at the wet orifice that had opened up in her breast.  The pink interior contracted and dilated enticingly.  Bate was hit by a strong urge to put his cock inside.  He wanted to shove his dick into her tit so badly.

The blue-skinned babe put it in for him.  Still gripping the base of his cock, she pressed her boob forwards.  The dark blue ring of her nipple encircled the swollen head of Bate's cock.  She pushed her boob into Bate and he felt himself slowly sink into a tunnel of flesh.  Warm, tight, wet—just like teen pussy.  So much so that for a moment Bate thought he had sunk his dick into tight, wet pussy.  Then he looked down and saw his cock was buried up to the root in her big round tit.

That nagging buzzing started up again in the back of Bate's skull.

This wasn't the time for it, he thought, angrily shunting the nagging thoughts aside.

"Like that?" the blue-skinned babe asked.

Bate nodded.  "Tight," he grinned.

The soft flesh of her boob was packed all around Bate's cock.

"What if I do this?"

Her tit throbbed.  Bate felt the flesh move around him.  A tight ring contracted around the base of his cock and rolled up his shaft.  His cock was sucked deeper into her tit and squeezed by soft boobflesh.

Bate didn't answer.  His contented sigh was answer enough.

"Mmm, my big soft tit is going to suck out all your cum," the blue-skinned alien babe said.

He felt her other tit suck and pull on his finger.  He knew breasts weren't supposed to work this way.  They were supposed to be milked, not the other way around.  But it felt so goddamn good though.  Her big boob bulged and pulsed while inside a tight ring of flesh tugged up and down Bate's cock.

"Are you getting close?" the blue-skinned babe asked.  "You can let it out, if you like.  Just pour it all out inside my big soft boob."

She gave Bate's buttock a playful squeeze.  Her tit did the same to his cock.  Then she sucked him deeper.

"Ooh, you're close.  I can feel it," she said.

Bate's cock throbbed and twitched inside her.  Her boob tightened around it.  Its pulsations slowed down, became more deliberate.  A muscular ring of force ran up Bate's shaft.  Again.  Again.  Now squeezing the head of his cock before bunching back up around the root in preparation for the next long, squeezing stroke.

Bate couldn't hold on.  His body trembled.  His cock throbbed and spat a thick load of cum inside her boob.  That wasn't enough.  Her boob kept pulsing, kept squeezing, kept sucking another shot out of him.  Fuck, her tit was milking him.

"Yes, yes.  Pump it all out," she exhorted.

Yes, but who?  It felt more like her boob was pumping his cum out of him rather than him pumping it into her.  His ejaculation kept going and going, dragged out longer and longer by the pulsing suction of her tit.

Her boobs were amazing.  She was amazing.

Her friends were amazing as well.  Both Williams and Spann were still going—still twitching and coming—and they'd started way before Bate.

Hey, was Williams on a diet?  Bate didn't remember him looking this skinny.  Spann too.

The blue-skinned girl had a hand between each of Williams and Spann's butt cheeks.  She pushed a finger up, up into their anuses.  Both men jerked as if electrocuted.  And continued to slim right down before Bate's eyes.  Becoming skinny, then gaunt, then practically nothing more than skin and bones.  Williams collapsed to his knees with a rattling sigh.  Spann followed.  Both toppled backwards and ceased moving.

The blue-skinned alien girl stood up and turned around.  Her tits were no longer just big, they were monstrous—big wobbly blue balloons that sagged down almost to her waist.  They jiggled as if full of water.  And maybe something else.  The light was dim, but Bate would have sworn he saw the imprint of a hand pushing outwards.  Maybe the indentation of a face.

Bate couldn't ignore the buzzing in the back of his skull any longer.  He tried to pull away.  His blue-skinned babe grabbed his ass and held him tight.  Her fleshy tit clamped around his cock and sucked him back inside with a noisy squelch.

"Have you not finished yet?" the other blue girl asked.  "Others of their kind will be along soon."

"Give me a moment."

Her eyes were almost apologetic as she looked up at Bate.  Her index finger slipped between his butt cheeks, found his anus, and then pushed up inside.  His shock at the intrusion was short-lived.  The blue-skinned babe found a secret place within his ass and pressed.  A flood of white pleasure drowned Bate.  With her finger pressed up against Bate's prostate gland, she made her boob pulse faster and stronger around Bate's cock.  His ejaculation became a gush.  He rose up on his toes and groaned as he emptied his balls—his everything—into her pulsating tit.

Then, spent in one single white-bright moment of overwhelming ecstasy, he toppled over backwards and expired.

The blue-skinned girl rubbed a hand over a breast grown bloated to five or more times larger than its pair.  She stood up and shared a passionate kiss on the lips with the other girl.  They were joined by a third, also with monstrously large—full—blue breasts.  Together, the trio snuck away back to their secret waterways.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 24: Great Poison Swamp

<- Previous: Goddard

At the moment we’re chaining our way through various contacts as we look for ways to bypass the various defences of Grandgold.  Alma Elma got us through Gold Fort.  Nero gave us a device to switch fast travel back on and also pointed us on in the direction of the next link in the quest chain.  I have no idea who our surprise contact is this time, but we need them to get us past the golem army guarding the route through the marching hills, and they’re currently hiding out in the Great Poison Swamp.

The Great Poison Swamp is a big purple lake just north of Goddard.  The entrance to the location can be found here, on the south shore:

The swamp is big, but this is the only entrance

As with everywhere else they’ve been encountered, the purple tiles are poison swamp tiles and do damage every time they’re walked over.  This damage isn’t particularly high and can’t even kill a character as it stops once the character reaches 1 HP.  You might want to keep at least one eye on it as it would be slightly awkward to get ambushed in the middle of the swamp and then find out your whole team is starting the battle on 1 HP.

Also in keeping with the rest of MQ:P part 2, a new location means all brand new monster girls.  Three of them, to be exact.

The ghoul girls are another wolf-pack encounter, as they come as a trio and are recruited as a trio.

Lost ghoul gals - looking for a loving home

They seem to be upgraded versions of the zombie girls.  Personally, I’ve never seen the sex appeal in rotting zombie girls, but given some of the other things I write about, it would be rather lacking in self-awareness on my part to get all critical about it.  I’m sure there are plenty of necromantics out there who’d love to give these poor girls a loving home.

I’m less sure on the warmer.

Technically an undead girl, I think

She’s another, specialised, type of undead.  She was revealed as a new encounter way in advance of part 2 coming out, so anyone following the game’s development will remember her, as well as her rather unusual Bad End.

Probably best not to think too hard about what's happening here...

Um, yeah.  Apparently it does make Luka come a lot before he suffocates to death.

Rather amusingly, both undead recruits have additional lines of dialogue with Chrome back in the pocket castle.  Warmer disapproves of Chome’s rather poor hygiene while the ghoul girl squad responds to Chrome’s outpourings of admiration by trying to eat her.

The third new encounter is brom girl.

The slime girls are toxic...

She’s a type of slime girls that’s extremely poisonous.  Her Bad End is to dunk Luka in her gelatinous body and wrap his genitals up in poison slime.

Splodge, splodge, splodge...

Again I feel ‘poisonous’ might have a different meaning in MGQ-verse as the effect of smothering Luka’s sex organs in ‘poison’ slime is to cause him to fill her jelly body with tons of spunk.

(I’m not one to talk.  I wrote most H-space toxins to behave this way because... fun.)

But that’s enough poison jelly baths and heads inserted in places heads shouldn’t be inserted.  We should at least try and find our contact.

It’s Mephisto.  You can find her on a ridge of stone rising up out of the marsh somewhere to the north.

Why the fuck are you hiding out here, Mephisto?

This also raises some questions.  Such as: Why did you make us trudge all the way through this toxic swamp when you could have just as easily joined the party back in Grand Noah?  We could have avoided all this dicks-dipped-in-poison-slime and heads-inserted-in-places-heads-should-not-go unpleasantness altogether.

“I have a nice bath prepared for you at the castle where I’ll splodge all my lovely tingly venom into your cock.”

“Shh, now is not the time, brom girl.”

Mephisto might not be trustworthy in the slightest, but she tells us she can get us past the golem army blocking the way through the Marching Hills.

This, I guess, is also where we officially get to recruit her to the ‘harem’.  Talking to her in the pocket castle reveals an additional menu option.

Mephisto has two forms – mage with tentacles, or giant demon lamia.  Selecting the new option allows her to switch between forms.  Functionally, she seems to be two characters in one as she has a different trait and request moves depending on which form she’s in.

The giant lamia request move is similar to her Bad End.  I don’t think we need to see that one again.

Her mage request option features a brand new H-scene where Mephisto takes Luka to her school, binds him to a desk with magic, and then lets her pupils use him for... um... educational purposes.

Taking up Mephisto's offer of additional tuition might have been a mistake...

There is a fish girl (sahuagin), alraune and fairy.  All three are fully devoted to their ‘education.’

Yup, probably a mistake... (you don't want to know what she does with the other stem)

After a few extracurricular lessons, it’s time to continue on our journey and find out what Mephisto can do about those pesky golems blocking the way to Grangold (the city).

-> Next: Marching Hills