Thursday, December 01, 2022

House of Hellish Harlots v0.036

It's time for another release. The public website version has been updated to v0.036.

You can play it here:

This only adds one new harlot, but she's a special one.

Most harlots only have one sex scene. Succuba was the poll winner of old placeholder names that people wanted to see given a full scenario, so I wanted her to be a little special. As a result she has 10 separate scenes. However, these are fairly short. This fits her in-game lore as being a little too 'efficient' a succubus. Outside of the game lore she serves a mechanical purpose of being another way for players to convert spare semen to coins without worrying too much about getting their soul sucked out. (This will become more relevant once I start opening the demo out to more rounds.)

Patreon and SubscribeStar are 2 releases ahead. They got v0.038 last night. That adds the fitness-freak energy bunny harlot, Leppi Navitas. It also (finally!) adds Amoura D'Coeur's long-awaited repeat scenario (where she's considerably more dangerous). Succuba also gains repeat visit functionality, but that's just a minor mechanical tweak that has no changes to her core scenario (she's not one to remember the men she has fun with!).

(Obviously, if you like how the project is going, I'd appreciate some support there!)